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Author Topic: Capture ship hulls - without d-mods.  (Read 400 times)


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Capture ship hulls - without d-mods.
« on: February 20, 2021, 04:06:11 PM »

Currently, mercantile fleets will transport mothballed ships between worlds. My intuition was that, by raiding one of these fleets, I could capture brand new ships without d-mods. After all, I can just shoot the escorts and then gather the spoils, right? However, the only way to capture the hulls is to disable them like normal vessels.

I propose that, instead of mothballed ships being deployed, they are automatically counted as losses and presented in the recovery screen. This will provide an interesting new reason to raid convoys. The player would have the opportunity to, for instance, intercept convoys going from industrial worlds to military bases and capture a new ship. I think this would also provide an another potential mid-game experience; one more focused on privateering than colony building. 

As an extension of the above, there is potential for a mission or intel event for capital hulls. e.g. The Hegemony is moving a new Legion between planets, and Tri-Tachyon wants to capture it while maintaining plausible deniability.