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Author Topic: for people that want to use remnant and derelict ships :)  (Read 253 times)


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for people that want to use remnant and derelict ships :)
« on: November 28, 2020, 05:04:16 PM »

i've been always trying to find a way to use them in the game but sadly i couldn't find anything on this site like for exemple there were mods for blueprints for them but they were all taken down and other people just kept asking for their blueprints.

so, i went on an adventure to find a way to use them and i finally found it.

i don't know if this is the right place to post this but whatever for now i just want to help people with the same problem as me

so first go to your starsector folder (of course), then starsector-core/data/world/factions and then open player.faction with notepad++ or just notepad but i recommend notepad++

it might look like there's alot of stuff there but calm down it's pretty easy what you have to do there

press ctrl+F and search for these things:
"knownShips" - important one

under these things you'll see "tags":[],
add this between the "[]"
 ["derelict", "remnant"] -copy and paste if you must

so it will look like this: "tags":["derelict", "remnant"],
it should be the same for all the other ones
oh and the priority stuff you can do the same too but that means the ai in your faction will prefer to use these ships instead of others (they'll still do use other ones but less frequent)

and well do the same with "shipsWhenImporting"

and you should be good to go

little cheat if you want too:
at the end of the file there will be a thing like: "factionDoctrine" - ctrl+f if you can't somehow find it
that's the stuff you normally see in the command screen, here you can edit all you see there without the limits, like have all your officers be the best, have alot of ships and make the ships almost perfectly - remember this is all for your ai ships from your faction just in case telling ya that

edit at your own risk but it should be pretty easy to pick up and understand

but yeah the important part is up there the last one is your choice really

so good luck making a new ai war out there commander and i'll try to keep in touch incase i missed something or if there's a question and sorry if i made any mistake :(

oh and a little update the derelict mothership will appear too but the ai won't be able to use it and neither will you it's just invisble and you'll get nothing if you get it through custom production (i didn't test with the other ones yet but i believe it might be the same story, the other one's meaning on the same tab as the mothership)
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Re: for people that want to use remnant and derelict ships :)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2020, 05:08:19 PM »

You don't need to mod it.

The upcoming 0.95 patch allows your character a way to capture the [redacted].
Funny how much stuff you can get done while waiting for the update...


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Re: for people that want to use remnant and derelict ships :)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2020, 05:09:35 PM »

no i know but we don't know exactly when the update will drop so i'm just giving people the chance to play with them before the update drops ya know