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Author Topic: Weapon suggestions  (Read 169 times)


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Weapon suggestions
« on: November 23, 2020, 05:02:55 AM »

So I'm just wondering if a few weapon ideas could be added to the game, might make things more interesting, might not.

the option for weapons to have a "focal point" of some sort, the focal point would be the distance where damage is maximum, and then it would drop proportionally as the distance gets farther from the focal point.   This allows for two extremes and variations in between.  One extreme is that you could have weapons that deal max damage when point-blank and then deal less damage up to max range. Second extreme are weapons that deal max damage at max range, and then less damage the closer the target is.  And then of course any variation in between where the focal point could be set between the min and max range.

instead of a focal point, allowing defined "range bands" between the min and max, and the damage done in each band, say.. for beams,   or.. maybe there's a special missile or projectile that loses potency the longer it has been travelling, would mimic the effect while being easier to do?

Maybe I just haven't seen it in game yet, but some kind of AOE burst coming from the ship might be an interesting weapon type, like an energy wave rippling out or something, it would be set with different angles, like.. 360 would be a wave that expands out as a circle from the ship, 180 degrees would just be coming out from half of it, etc. Maybe it would be too chaotic with the battles i've seen so far in the game being fairly closely bunched with friend and foe that the changes to ship AI might make it not worth the time, but it's an idea.