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Author Topic: [0.95a] Another random SWP  (Read 19093 times)


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Re: [0.95a] Another random SWP
« Reply #45 on: December 07, 2022, 03:06:44 PM »

lovely, was using you ballistics quite often would love to see 900 range arbalest version to match the set. Think mallet at 2k dmg was fine for a reloadable can always adjust OP cost (8/4) to make it more attractive, Long Tom could use proj speed bump to 1100 to match the range or perhaps bit more, 30OP dont make it that attractive and not too keen on it having more dmg/dps, hastings could use flux rebate as it is completely useless vs any armor/hull (0.8?, would go even 0.7 but thats just me)

Waiting for proper faction release, deutchland looks great!


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Re: [0.95a] Another random SWP
« Reply #46 on: March 10, 2023, 05:17:15 PM »

Ok guys, I heard you.


Added the Vektor: a new sort of SO oriented large weapon, absurdly high DPS, but crappy armor penetration.
Added the Graviton Pulser: ammo based kinetic beam with EMP.
Added the Avalon: a hightech gunship with emp, low dmg output but very tanky.
Added the Thunderbolt (LG): a tough short range gunship.
Added the Darter: reloadable kinetic missile. Decent burst, but fragile projectiles.

long tom: OP 30 -> 28, Dmg 400 -> 600, EMP dmg 0 -> 300, Cooldown 2.67 -> 3.333, Projectiles are a lot less accurate now. New SFX and VFX.
hasting: energy/shot 10 -> 8.
tyrfing: energy/shot 375 -> 360, Cooldown 1.25 -> 1.2,  Range 800 -> 900
scorpion: flux/shot 400 -> 500
pilum rockets, small and medium: renamed to Voulge Rocket, halved the base ammo and missile hit points.
reloadable atropos small and medium: halved the base ammo, slightely reduced OP cost.
reloadable atropos barrage: OP 20 -> 24

Ascalon wing: now uses fortress shield right after the strike
Talisman wing: removed the salamander, changed the vanilla vulcans for a modded version with 1/2 of the DPS and more range. Polished the sprite.
Thunderbolt wing: Adjusted some stats, overall a buff. New sprite.
Gunther LG -> hullmod now reduces the flux generated by weapons by 10%. OPs 80 -> 85
Gunther LP -> removed the bultin hammer, now there is a small composite mount. OPs 60 -> 65
Graf Spee -> armor 1200 -> 1400

Adjusted most of the ships variants.
Changed some weapons SFX.
Added muzzle flash VFX to most weapons.

 Should be safe to update.

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