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Author Topic: [0.95a] Kyeltziv Technocracy [1.02]  (Read 3664 times)


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Re: [0.95a] Kyeltziv Technocracy [1.02]
« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2021, 05:10:54 PM »

 Imo the fusion buster group of weapons don't match the faction whatsoever and seem lackluster/useless with the limited testing ive done with them

The Thap missile family need a bit longer range and for the AI to treat them like salamanders and fire them on CD while dropping their damage and upping the EMP might be better overall

The Pereskia is too much OP for what it does while the limited hangar space means it isnt as viable imo also the helianthus needs a bit more to be worth the OP so i would put a thap on it to help it disengage after a bombing run (use after it fires its full barrage so the flares only help it run away / other bombing runs

I would love to see cruiser or bigger size cargo/fuel ships in the factions theme as I love the look overall

The Galvanic family of weapons are super interesting if you have a line ship to shoot over while they hold the enemy back but the faction doesn't really have that imo

love the idea of a drone focused faction that doesn't just use them to swarm but support each ship for their role in the battle

Overall love the faction and great work making them.

don't take my minor critiques as me not liking the faction and i still haven't done full playtesting with everything in large battles yet either

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