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Author Topic: Autofit automation  (Read 461 times)


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Autofit automation
« on: February 06, 2020, 02:50:05 AM »

At any moment when docked at station allowing cr-loss-free refit, player can initiate autofit pass for all managed ships according to following rules:

- Each ship can be linked to autofit template OR set unmanaged.
- Autofit template can be set as default for hull type.
- Ships not matching their current template display warning in fleet/refit lists. 3 states: not outfitted/ partial fit (autofit pass was applied to ship, but did not reach exact fit)/ exact fit.
- Updating autofit template allows to update all linked ships by initiating autofit pass. Their status drops to 'not outfitted' (since there was no autofit pass with updated template).
- Any story-point spending (to make a hullmod built-in) by autofit needs to be confirmed by player. With even larger warning for any attempts to remove built-in hullmods.
- Autofit pass can be configured whether stored/bought weapons are used, whether to accept partial fits (or just leave as is), whether to touch story-point hullmods.
- Ships are processed in fleet/refit list order.
- (optional improvement) Failing autofit pass can create exact list of lacking weapons to allow queuing their production of in 1 click (assuming you have blueprints).
- (optional improvement) A ship can queued to be produced with all weapons needed for it's default autofit template.

What good it does:
- Easy management of large lategame fleets
- Removes at least one obstacle towards massing smaller ships being a viable tactic.