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Author Topic: [Mod Request] Better Ship Damage  (Read 748 times)


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[Mod Request] Better Ship Damage
« on: February 03, 2020, 10:34:20 PM »

I have an idea for a possibly very interesting challenge mod, but it would probably be rather technically challenging and need an experienced modder to accomplish it, i'll roughly outline the ideas here:

+Bring back the old vanilla mechanic of weapons being randomly lost when ships are disabled
-- Give a chance to salvage lost weapons with the rest of the salvage after combat
-- Make the chance to lose a weapon increase based on how much damage a particular part of the ship took, the more damage the higher the chance, of course built in weapons can't be lost, but an interesting idea could be giving a chance to make built in weapons that take heavy damage "inoperable" requiring the ship to be restored to fix them, but i'm not sure how possible this is
-- Make hull mods that add extra armor to the ship or weapon mounts decrease the chance to lose weapons
-- Certain D-Mods increase the chance to lose weapons, Possibly even making a new D-mod specifically for this as well

Possible Bonus: reincorporating the old vanilla mechanic of needing to board certain ships with marines, again i'll layout some ideas for this but my idea is that this would be only some of the time, not all of the time like it used to be, and that chance increases the larger the ship it is (since presumably a larger ship would have an easier time still having some living crew on it):
-- More Marines = Good, Marines available are based on half the crew capacity of the ship  used to board with
-- Give the option to hard dock or launch from a distance just like old vanilla, launch from a distance is the safer option, but less likely to succeed unless the ship has a ground support package. Hard docking has a chance to disable or destroy ships of the same size or smaller, larger ships would only be disabled (seriously how does a frigate exploding annihilate an entire capital ship?!? that always bugged me)
-- Only ships of the same size or smaller are efficient at boarding the target ship, using a ship bigger than the target accrues a penalty unless the ship has a ground support package
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