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Author Topic: [Open Request / Idea]: Sell-able Colonies  (Read 740 times)


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[Open Request / Idea]: Sell-able Colonies
« on: January 11, 2020, 07:38:36 PM »

I have an idea for an interesting mod, but have no modding experence, so i'm going to leave it open for a potential new or experienced modder to pick up as their own, Details below:

Desired Compatibility:
Nexerelin / Player Station Construction

Mod Idea:
This mod would allow you the ability to buy colonies from other factions for (1 mil credits x the population of the planet)
eg, 3 mil for a population 3 planet, 4 mil for a population 4 planet, exc. (which would mean that even the smallest of colonies would still be 3 mil since colonies start out at size 3)

to keep things open i think it would be best to not require the player be commissioned by the faction, BUT instead require a relatively high standing with the faction, like +50 or +75


Bonus Idea: this isn't by any means a needed part of the mod, but an interesting bonus idea for a big modder looking for more of a challenge could be to give the ability to sell colonies too, presumably your commission holding faction would periodically contact you about buying one of your private colonies through the intel screen, for the same price as the above buying price (1 mil  x size, which is fair since a colony definitely takes a lot more than that in total over time to develop) to which you could either:
Accept: The colony changes to their hands and you get the appropriate amount of cha-ching wired to your account
Deny: No mood penalty with the faction, just nothing changes


anyway i'm interested to see if anyone decides to pick this up as it's something i've wanted for awhile now, a more peaceful alternative to invading stations with Nexerelin
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