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Author Topic: pirate activity impact on colonies  (Read 565 times)

Blurple Berry

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pirate activity impact on colonies
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:16:45 AM »

how do i mod the negative modifiers (stab,accessibility,etc) that the tag "pirate activities" has on my (or anybody elses) colony?
like, what is the name of the file(s) with those values?

i really hate how the game forces you into conflict with the pirates #notmysandbox
severe impact on colonies is okay but a reasonable "live and let live" approach should be viable

--- edit

for anybody who is interested

i found the under starfarer.api/*/impl/campaign/intel/bases
from my limited understanding of code i derive that there is no floor to the stab and access penalties
the game will just increase the penalty value until the colony is at 0 stab and access

   public void setParam(Object param) {
      intel = (PirateBaseIntel) param;

   public void apply(String id) {
      float accessibility = intel.getAccessibilityPenalty();
      float stability = intel.getStabilityPenalty();
      String name = "Pirate activity";
      if (accessibility != 0) {
         market.getAccessibilityMod().modifyFlat(id, -accessibility, name);
      if (stability != 0) {
         market.getStability().modifyFlat(id, -stability, name);

   public void unapply(String id) {

is there a way to implement a floor for the penalty value?
i mean not dynamic/based on the current colony status - a hard limit so to speak, like max stab penalty is 5 for example

sadly i have no idea how to do that - i can only "fix" the colony values ... if that is even how that works

--- edit 2

seems like i can't even do that
not smart enough, damn  ;D
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