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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Author Topic: [0.95a] Pulse Industry  (Read 168064 times)


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Re: [0.95a] Pulse Industry
« Reply #90 on: June 24, 2021, 09:25:52 AM »

Download the mod v1.1b

For check update:
Version Checker

This small update is here for remove Minster of every Bounty fleet or combat fleet. It can appears, but now, found one will be really rare. It has be moved to civilian or personal fleet because well, this is not a fully combat ship.

-Remove the Minster of the fleet and move it to civilian and personal fleet.
-Nerf the shipsystem of the Minster to a 30 seconds reload and removed the 3 ammo.
I am pretty bad on english. So, sorry in advance.

Gladiator Society
Add battle options on Com Relay/ Framework for modders for add their own bounty.

Sanguinary Autonomist Defectors A fan-mod of Shadowyard.
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