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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Planet Search Overhaul (07/13/24)

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Author Topic: [0.97a] Secrets of the Frontier (0.14.2) - indev campaign mod  (Read 290029 times)

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[0.97a] Secrets of the Frontier (0.14.2) - indev campaign mod
« on: August 04, 2019, 01:34:17 PM »

Secrets of the Frontier is a mod focused on narrative content around several Domain-era AI experiments conducted in the Persean Sector. It also adds additional content to the game's tactical layer through more scenic environments and new combat objectives, and adds a simple station-building mechanic to the campaign layer.

This mod is still in active development, and is not complete in terms of features or narrative. It's comprised of several modules that can be individually toggled on or off. The mod is best experienced on a normally-sized sector without Nexerelin's random sector option.

Click the big banner to download. Requires LazyLib, GraphicsLib AND MagicLib.

All of the current modules in the prerelease can be added midway through a campaign and still function (encounters typically generated at the start of the campaign will spawn in immediately)
Turning off Watcher Beyond the Walls mid-campaign may cause issues.

If you find any bugs, do mention them to me!

Secrets of the Frontier is currently my main modding focus but despite that, a full release is most likely far off. Teasers may end up posted here.

Required mods:

Highly recommended mods:
Combat Chatter - this mod's unique officers come with special chatter!

Secrets of the Frontier comes as several modules that can be individually turned on and off, listed:
Watcher Beyond The Walls: Adds narrative content including quests and special encounters centered around a set of Domain-era AI projects.
- Make contact with the Dustkeeper Contingency, a sect of rogue guardians trying to save humanity.
- Befriend Sierra, an interdimensional AI companion with a penchant for music and dance.

- Currently features the following quests/encounters:
- A Promise
- A Memory
- Wayward Star

- Hope for Hallowhall
- Legacy of Hypnos

Tactical Expansion: Enhances the combat layer of the game.
-Adds two new objective types, the Emplacement/Siegeworks Uplink and Hyperwave Transmitter, alongside their Remnant versions.

-Visual enhancements to battlefield backgrounds, including visible jump-points and multiple planets.

-Context-based battle generation. Some aspects of combat such as objectives change depending on where you're fighting.

Frontier Development: Adds a constructable orbital habitat to stable locations that grants a hazard reduction to in-system colonies.
-Can be upgraded into an outpost, which acts as a low-hazard colony but loses the hazard reduction and has a soft-cap on its growth.

Screenshots - Spoiler Free



Screenshots - Spoilers
(subject to change)
Thought I was going to leave this outdated forever? Here's a sneak-peek of what's has arrived and what has come in prereleases 13 to 15.

Glory to the Contingency. Only by our sacrifice can humanity arise from its dark age.

Extreme neutrino signature detected...
Parsing incoming message...


VERSION 0.14.2
- Hallowhall points for station kill is now based off the station type killed (orbital stations give 60, battlestations give 120)
- Reduced Hallowhall points for colonizing (150 > 75)
- Hallowhall points for handing in AI cores is now capped at 240 total
- Player can now restore Hallowhall's astropolis to function at a high material cost (acts similarly to a Frontier Development outpost but without Cramped Quarters)
- Inadvertent now offers a Dustkeeper version of the custom production contract "mission"
- Reduced Dustkeeper faction reputation mult for AI cores (2x > 1x)
- Seraph's personal fleet now spawns from Holdout, not Hallowhall
- Pushed Mia's Star random spawn slightly further away from the core, increased radius of hyperspace that is cleared out
- Added option to mention Diktat commission as Seraph bestows her quest
- Luddic purifier raid during Hope for Hallowhall now spawns from a LP colony if there are no LP bases in the sector
- Inadvertent's probe deployment mission now possibly interrupted by Pathers, rather than pirates
- Dustkeepers are now OK with the player taking over/salvaging objectives at stable locations if they have at least a size 4 colony in that system
- Generic Dustkeeper recruits now appear in comms directory very frequently while available
- Reduced the number of gamma cores in player colony Proxy fleets by about half
- Increased the number of weapons available in Forgeship Surplus by about 3 weapon types per reset

- Dustkeeper warminds will now betray the player in combat versus non-burnout Dustkeepers
- Dustkeepers have slightly better officer quality and fleets with especially good officers also properly roll for more oldguards (e.g Blithe and Wendigo will have oldguards with some regularity), oldguard ships now use Dustkeeper names (ODS, not DSS)
- Anamnesis: increased Terminators in wing (2 > 3), engagement range (0 > 4000), reduced refit time (20 > 10), decoy flares from pods now belong to the ship, reduced charge regen time (25s > 20s), drone lifetime (40s > 30s)
- Cyberwarfare Protocols no longer cools down while overloaded, and cannot be used while overloaded or venting, rewrote skill quote
- Added Kotter's Cutthroats (from Die By The Sword) as a pirate fleet in Askonia (lol)
- Demoted Affix-Courser to Annex-Courser (RIP, purely visual tho and for Lore Reasons)
- Changed Annex-Wendigo's post to match Courser's
- ODS Northstar II (Barrow's Repose-class) now spawns as a derelict after combat rather than being recovered normally
- Repose no longer explodes into little pieces for dramatic effect every time it is disabled
- Dustkeeper fleets are now pickier about the fights they take (removed "engage at even strength" flag)

- Added an amusing and kind of pathetic bar event after Sierra abandons your fleet post-satbomb
- Added a little teaser thing that appears after completing Wayward Star (not retroactive if already completed: can use "sotf_dev wsrm" command)
- New Sierra convo: "High Rep", which unlocks "Concord - Soulbond"
   - Kindred souls find themselves drawn together in battle across time and space
- Concord - Fervor: phase dive no longer interacts with Phase Anchor's once-per-battle dive rule
- Concord - Wispersong: new icon, old icon now used by Serenity augment
- Added a couple of variants to Sierra's greetings and "no thoughts" responses
- New Sierra thoughts: "Fought Burnouts", "Rain"
- Minor rewriting of the ISS Athena interaction to somewhat lower nonsense phase babble
- Wayward Star: star system is now called "Wayward Star System" (was: "? ? ?"), Vow now starts at 70% CR (was: 50%), intel item now ends after winning the fight
- Fix Sierra's torpedo hit text popup being too small
- Player is now asked to confirm if they want to reject Sierra during A Promise

- Dotty's banishment text is now "Dotty was banished" (was: "Figment banished")
- Reduced Edict Stormblaster value (12500 > 8000) and increased rarity score (2 > 3)
- Keeper/Cavalier and all Proxy droneships can now be reverse engineered and duplicated using Industrial.Evolution

- Fixed Hallowhall proxy patrol boon removing itself instantly when applied
- Fixed Inadvertent's probe delivery spawning the probe/unlucky scavenger even when failing it
- Fixed Mia's Star initial hassle not being disabled on all fleets after player successfully completes it
- Fixed Wendigo encounter not triggering properly after using Courser Protocol
- Fixed Eidolon not properly captaining the Vow during Wayward Star
- Fixed being able to gift markets to Dustkeepers in Nexerelin
- Fixed Sierra's gate conversation not triggering
- Fixed Sierra's salary not having proper text colors (quoted non-purple Sierra dialogue? literally unplayable)
- Fixed broken tooltip for cheated-in Hellion's Hellhide (and generally cleaned up the tooltips of hidden skills)
- Fixed RAT cores appearing duplicated while handing in cores to Inadvertent

VERSION 0.14.1
Amongst other miscellaneous things:

- Player is now periodically pursued by a certain wintry hunter while Dustkeeper Hatred is active
- Raiding Holdout returns Remnant/Dustkeeper droneships very, very rarely now, and never station blueprints
- Can no longer ask Dustkeepers to join a Nexerelin alliance
- Can now give AI cores from Random Assortment of Things, Tahlan Shipworks or Appro-Light to Inadvertent
- Add High Gravity to Gor's Little Lie

- Fixed probe naming during Inadvertent's deploy probe missions
- Fixed Pather bases giving negative Hallowhall points
- Fixed Diktat kills appearing as Pather kills for Hallowhall points
- Fixed various dialogue bugs in Hallowhall
- Fixed Sierra text purplification during lab data convo
- Fixed broken memory flag from Hallowhall player proxy bonus
- Fixed Seraph not properly removing her fleet's flagship when recruited, and also respawning when recruited
- Rescuing Nightingale now properly nulls her fleet to prevent the quest restarting

NOTICE: Requires a new save or one not already running Secrets of the Frontier (including if you are running the beta release of this update!!!)

- Updated for Starsector 0.97a
- Added a new main-menu mission, "Die By The Sword", featuring Ardent-Annex-Seraph
- Added a new quest, "Hope for Hallowhall"
   - Earn the trust of the holdouts at Mia's Star and their seraphic leader
- Added a new quest/encounter, "A Lost Thread"
   - Make a silent friend
- Added new content to the "Legacy of Hypnos" encounter
   - Find traces of the truth behind their legacy
- Added a new encounter during The Usurpers, "Interweaving"
   - Macario's not the only spider on Sindria...
- Added a new encounter after trying to use Courser Protocol while hostile to the Dustkeepers
   - Meet a wintry hunter on tense terms and make amends or be devoured

- Added Respite-class drone battlecruiser - a brutal temporally-enhanced mallet
- Added Anamnesis-class drone dreadnought - an unyielding drone-slinging aegis
- They feature a unique Cyberwarfare Suite hullmod, and are only used as Dustkeeper flagships in larger fleets
- Cyberwarfare Suite: reduces Cyberwarfare Protocols intrusion cooldown by 25% and penetrates 30% of defender's ECM and ECCM bonuses
- Repose-class: added to Dustkeeper flagship lineup, added Cyberwarfare Suite, small sprite improvements

- Banshee's Lost Thread: replaced 'ODS Death is a Bird Flying' with the ODS Songless, a unique Memoir-class light destroyer, which also has a Cyberwarfare Suite, fix generic name being applied to ship on start, now grants some Dustkeeper reputation from start
- When playing Banshee's Lost Thread, you can now choose a skill to replace with Automated Ships if you reassign your skills into a build that doesn't have it
- Nightingale: replaced Combat Endurance with Missile Specialization in default skill loadout, is now Steady rather than Aggressive

- "The Haunted" can now be played in the form of a Nexerelin background
- New interaction at Killa shrine ossuary (includes option to make The Haunted even harder)

CYBERWARFARE PROTOCOLS (and Jubilant Tech-Siren)
- Fighter hack effect reworked to just overload and flameout the wing's fighters, reduced cooldown to 20s
- Now always succeeds except versus Omega (was: 65% chance, increased or decreased based on attacker/defender ECM ratings)
- Effectiveness of disruption is multiplied by attacker ECM rating and divided by defender ECM rating
- More effectiveness = longer weapon/engine/system disables and longer overloads
- Effectiveness is capped between 35% and 200% effectiveness
- Base ECM rating is now 10
- I.E. 12 score versus 8 score: 12 / 8 = 1.5 = 150% effectiveness
- Nerfed all hacks' base strength by ~25%
- Hack range reduced (1200 > 900) but now scales with bonuses to energy weapon range
- Cyberwarfare cooldown is now indicated by a pair of cooldown bars next to the ship, rather than the range indicator's opacity
- Added a unique skill icon
- Rays/text floaties are now Technology blue
- Omega ICE now counters intrusions with a backlash that overloads for 1s (officers still learn this is a bad idea and won't do it again)
- Clarity for integration with Tahlan Shipworks: if player possesses a ship with Daemonic Heart hullmod, Cyberwarfare Protocols notes that it mitigates Hel Scaith remote override attempts against those ships (this effect was implemented a while ago on Tahlan's side - this is just for clarity)

- Increased guilt buildup from satbombing larger planets (now: 1 for size 3, 2 for size 4-5, 3 for size 6-7, 4 for size 8+)
- Certain vanilla decisions now slightly affect guilt: taking the alpha core, waving (or not) at Alviss, giving the planetkiller to the Path or the Knights of Ludd (sum total of these decisions does not reach the invasion threshold without satbombing, selling Sierra or doing the Killa interaction, and inversely can't save the Haunted from being hunted)
- No longer invades during pursuit battles
- No longer infests enemy ships if they have less than half the fleet point cost of the most powerful enemy ship
- The nanite swarm now has a more consistent color scheme of dark blue
- OPTIONAL FOR NOW: Now spawns with a "support" trait in large battles (enemy fleet has at least 250 deployment points worth of ships)
- Support traits have more wide-reaching (often global) effects that scale better with player/enemy fleet size
- Elegy of Opis: renamed to "Hatred Beyond Death" (a future update will add 'Elegy of Opis' as a support trait)
- Hatred Beyond Death: many fixes, cleanups and visual upgrades to "Spite" death-explosion
- Dear Dotty: severely nerfed Dotty's firepower, range and survivability
- Hellhide of Hades: Renamed to "Hellion's Hellhide"
- Hellion's Hellhide: added a bar visual for skinshield integrity, skinshield recharge time reduced (20s from empty to 15s), skinshield recharge now respects time dilation, now creates a distortion effect when skinshield overloads, has EMP arc visual while overloaded, changed popups when used by nanite swarm "skinshield" > "hellhide")
- Jubilant Tech-Siren: now gives 2/2/3/4 ECM to piloted ship, now weighted slightly more as a general pick than an anti-carrier pick
- Wispering Grovetender: now somewhat favored versus carrier-heavy fleets
- Pushed out FP threshold where Fel spawns in a weaker form (50 > 60)
- Added settings.json entry for when "guilt madness" causes the Adaptive Nanite Swarm to be perceived as Felcesis (default: 7)

- HYBRID: A Trickster's Calling - periodically steals missile ammo from enemy ships, emergency phase when reaching half hull
- DEFENSIVE: Mantle of Thorns - incoming shield damage is reflected as EMP arcs and builds up charge to an EMP discharge
- DEFENSIVE: In Sacrifice, Meaning - at high flux, transfer a large amount of flux to a nearby ally
- SUPPORT: Hands of the Drowned - a gravitic minefield assails the player's fleet. Mines add a scaling 10% of soft flux on hit, and pull anything hit towards them
- SUPPORT: The Perfect Storm - on a 30s repeating timer, ALL player ships/fighters overload or have existing overload extended if they're not venting or phased
- SUPPORT: reality_breaker - if not destroyed within 6 minutes, crashes the game (only appears if player saved within the last 15 minutes)

- Leviathan's Bane: added cooldown bar, increased Hidecracker hard flux on hit (15% capacity > 20% capacity), hits on shields now instantly overload frigates for 4s and destroyers for 1s, incoming cryoharpoon now causes ships to back off and phase ships to avoid unphasing, added icons to relevant UI statuses and reloading status notes if prey is nearby (triggering the accelerated reload)

- Fleet commanders in main-menu missions now properly apply their fleet-wide skills (e.g Affix-Haven, Feros)
- Dawn and Dust: added unique Affix-Haven chatter, buffed enemy officers
- Good Hunting: now has a new objectives/tips list if best-score is above 0, mission now fails if ISS Once in a Lullaby is destroyed
- Good Hunting: new Warhorn portrait by Quacken


- Made a(nother) pass over some of Sierra's dialogue and chatter to re-align her character away from excitable naivety and towards phlegmatic music witchery (expect her dialogue to generally be calmer, slightly wiser and with more splashes of witchcraft - and fewer exclamation marks!!!!!!)
- Sierra now calls you "kindred" once she learns you both hear the Music
- Sierra is now less forgiving of satbombing: 1 second chance for satbombing a size 3, immediately leaves if you do it to a size 4 or larger
- New conversations/thoughts: "Used Gate", "Moths", "Mudskipper Spinout"
- Added Dragonfire to list of possible favorite torpedoes
- Sierra now gets excited when she successfully lands a direct hit with a missile of base damage 1000 or higher (i.e Reaper, Hammer, Atropos)... or apologizes if she friendly fires with one
- Vow: increased supply/deployment costs (26 > 32)
- Can no longer install Neural Interface on Sierra's ships (sorry)
- Sierra's reflexive blast doors now also negate all crew losses on her ships
- Concord augments no longer appear in the refit screen for non-Concord ships
- Added info on changing Sierra's personality/ship to her officer tooltip
- A Promise: reimplemented ship graveyard around ODS Dusklight, made disabled frigate spawn in more convenient places (around planets or stars), reduced Dustkeeper reputation reward (65 > 35)
- A Memory: Tempest captain now has a fixed set of suitable skills
- Wayward Star: added a few unique officer chatter convos on combat start, gave Eidolon a custom chatter personality for if enemy combat chatter is enabled, fix The Music continuing to haunt the player after the battle
- Wayward Star: rewrote some of the Wispmother interaction dialogue so it's clearer that it's never recoverable
- Sierra (and Project SIREN) now have a selection of relevant admiral skills
- Sierra's level-up moments are now capped to whatever level they would normally bring her to
- Added quips when swapping into the old Brilliant version of the Vow from Dawn and Dust (if cheated in)

- Random Assortment of Things crossover: SotF now provides a swap-in line for the Raphael (check it out if you haven't already - a new Sierra destroyer?!)


- Added a new, separate Dustkeeper Burnouts faction for rogue fleets, such as Barrow or Dustkeeper burnout bounties, who are hostile to everyone (including Dustkeepers)
- Increased the number of opportunities to ask about the topics of Dustkeepers and about burnouts - learning about either one adds that faction to the intel screen

- Added Dustkeeper Hatred: the faction whose mission is to preserve life in the Sector now REALLY hates it when you satbomb a size 4+ planet, and become permanently vengeful
- Dustkeeper warminds can now betray the player during combat under specific circumstances (must have triggered Dustkeeper hatred, must be in a favorable position to do so)

- Courser Protocol escort fleet can no longer choose to join neither side of a battle if Dustkeepers are not sufficiently hostile to the enemy fleet
- Degraded Instance Chip: renamed item to "Barrow's Instance Chip (Degraded)" and rewrote description to make its purpose somewhat clearer
- Derelict Contingent now causes Barrow's automated ship multiplier to be reduced by 0.25x per dmod (up to 4) to encourage Repose use over the Sentinelslaught
- Barrow now starts with Combat Endurance rather than Gunnery Implants (including when fought)
- The Rust Crows: For clarity, Barrow (D) and his Dustkeeper oldguards now have the same personal version of Derelict Contingent that playerfleet-Barrow later has (Barrow previously had a fleet-wide version), added 100% gamma cores to compensate for the drones no longer having DC
- Barrow starting relations once restored now Favorable (was Suspicious)
- NPC Dustkeeper oldguards in normal Dustkeeper fleets are now level 8 and have Derelict Contingent, like Barrow, spawning in highly-dmodded ships
- Defender (PROX) & Bastillon (PROX) now have less atrocious weapon arcs than their unupgraded versions
- Renamed Proxy derelict package names (e.g "Assault Package" > "Proxy Assault Package")
- Fixed Proxy packages adding their armor bonus for DR calculation as a percentage and not flat (was: 25% bonus, now flat 50)
- Proxy Assault Package: now grants Damage Control's elite effect (can repair still-functional weapons and engines even if they're taking damage)
- Proxy Escort Package (for Defender, Bastillon, Keeper): increase PD range boost (75 > 100), PD damage bonus (25% > 35%)
- Picket (PROX): increased hull and armor bonuses (15% & 12% > 25% & 20%), now properly begins sacrifice sequence at max flux, fixed explosion hitting multiple times
- Added "Proxy Control Node" battle objective (acts like Hyperwave Transmitter but with Dustkeeper Proxy drones), spawns in Hypnos system/Mia's Star

- Burnout bounty fleets now have normal (well, "normal") DK fleet names ("Rogue Splinter" > "Scrutiny's Shard" or "Mythic's Neutron Wyrms")
- Non-burnout Dustkeepers no longer use phase ships (if added by mods such as Torchships)

- Slightly increased contrast on all portraits of AI characters
- Instance chips now display a number of stars to indicate their level (1 star for sliver, 2 for echo, 3 for annex)
- Increased the default delay after officer convo lines (1s per 20 characters > 1s + 1s per 20 characters)

- Certain decisions now raise the player's hidden ethos scores

- Added LunaLib support: most of SotF's settings.json entries will be replaced by the ingame settings menu (in particular, settings for the guilt mechanic)
- Added officer convo: "Barrow Daemon" (crossover with Tahlan Shipworks)
- sotf_findsecret command: new argument "athena" (finds Athena wreck, may be useful for random sector)
- NPC Dustkeeper warminds now have unique Combat Chatter personalities (3 personalities: "Faithful", "Hunter", "Oldguard")
- Removed crashcode for Starpocalypse's Stingy Recovery setting, as this issue was fixed with Starpocalypse Revengeance 3.0.1
- Added to list of "guilt-free" factions: Hivers (from Hivers), Enigma (from LOST_SECTOR)
- More Military Missions: blacklisted all factions except Dustkeeper Burnouts from defense mission (for lore reasons and to not clog the faction list)

- Fixed A Promise failing to begin if there are no independent colonies
- Fixed a few cases of "years" rather than "cycles"
- Fixed text and performance issues during A Memory in Nexerelin's random sector
- Fixed incorrect concord augment quote colors
- Fixed "retreat" chatter lines being written for the wrong context (was: ship is retreating. now: fleet is retreating)


- Battle creation plugin updated to include support for the Abyss
- Removed adjustments to battlespace size based off hyperspace presence and nearby planet presence
- Battles with 4 or less objectives are now smaller, more akin to vanilla
- Escape battles are now always fought in a 18k-unit square, like in vanilla
- Battlespace generation will prioritise placing SoTF objectives in the middle of the two fleets (but, like, for real, this time)
- Battle creation is now seeded - the battlescape will always be identical when fighting the same fleet with the same number of ships (no save scumming)
- Objective spawn thresholds based off deployment points pre-modifiers, not post-modifiers (so, e.g, Derelict Operations DP reduction does not reduce objective counts)
- Emplacements are now outright incapable of capturing their own objective (thank you, new Electronic Warfare effect!)
- Emplacements now spawn slightly closer to their parent objective (was: 750-850, now 500-650)
- Emplacements now self-destruct if the side that owns them is in full retreat
- Hyperwave Transmitter/Network Hub now immediately degrade all drones to 10% CR and cease spawning new waves while their owner's fleet is in full retreat
- Reinforcement droneships now spawn at 70% CR (was: 50%)
- Reduced spawn weighting of Fractal Beacons in hypershunt systems (1 > 0.5)
- Fixed emplacements/siegeworks being twice as common compared to other objectives in the battle size band where both emplacements and siegeworks can spawn (now, both spawn at half frequency)
- Fixed emplacements/siegeworks spawning in hyperspace
- Fixed siegeworks' extra radius padding being ignored

- Knights of Ludd mod crossover: added 3 new reinforcer types for each of KoL's secret factions, and allow all normal reinforcers to spawn in their systems

- Re-enabled GraphicsLib support and requirement

- Officer convo system: added "requires X officer has Y hullmod" requirement
- Added convos: "Barrow XIV", "Barrow Omega", "Inky Omega" (and variants)

- Adjusted Vow sprite
- Reduced volume of Concord Shift by about 20%

- Fixed Leviathan's Bane lock sequence progressing while game is paused
- Fixed Hellhide of Hades missing some sanity checks re: skinshield status
- Fixed NPE errors with data loading
- Fixed some officer conversations

- Updated for Starsector 0.96a
- Temporarily disabled GraphicsLib integration while GLib updates

- Dawn and Dust: CGR Apocalypse Waning is now a Retribution, rather than a Prometheus MKII
- Good Hunting: Changed flagship s-mod from EMR to Missile Autoloader

- Cyberwarfare (& Jubilant Tech-Siren): added an aura visual that indicates hacking range and rough cooldown
- Omega are now invulnerable to cyberwarfare (once learned by a cyberwarfare user, they will conserve it for other targets)

- Repose: Integrated Targeting Unit removed as built-in, OP increased to compensate (450 > 475) (this isn't a nerf, it's expanded options)
- Barrow's captained ship is now temporarily unrestorable by standard restoration and Hull Restoration
- Repose & Rampart (PROX) now use vanilla Canister Flak, not a custom version
- Berserker (PROX): added Canister Flak to right-click
- Sentry (PROX): added built-in Missile Autoloader
- Dustkeeper NPC warminds now always pick Gunnery Implants as their first skill

- Reverted Sierra to not be considered integrated into her ship
- Inert Concord ships can now be captained by regular officers (not a good idea, but hey)
- A Memory: changed ISS Athena variant to keep consistency with Nothing Personal (now "Assault" variant)

- Changed NPC-only skills: no longer "deprecated", now "player-only" as well as "npc-only"
- However, it appears there was a vanilla change that prevents skills from being unhidden midgame
- Changed most skill IDs to remove the "_npc" suffix

- Nanite swarm ("Felcesis"): increased maximum FP cap for infested frigates, superfrigates (stronger than Afflictor) are now treated as being 10 FP stronger when picking a ship to infest
- Leviathan's Bane: Hidecracker cryoharpoon now blows straight through fighters

- Fixed Courser's variant showing up in the Brilliant's autofit choices, adjusted variant for new fighterless Brilliant
- Fixed Nightingale/Barrow not losing their extra level and skill if integrated and scuttled
- Fixed Barrow's degraded instance chip not being removed after having him regenerated
- Fixed Barrow's custom chatter personality not being assigned
- Fixed Sierra's "killed Barrow" conversation not triggering
- Fixed inert Concord ships having their CR tooltip become stuck
- Fixed Hypnos causing a crash if it generated with no orbit
- Fixed Cyberwarfare (& Jubilant Tech-Siren) working on ship-system drones (e.g those used by stations)
- Fixed some non-purple text
- Fixed Dustkeeper Proxy packages showing placeholder text instead of nothing

- Dustkeeper contact bounty: now properly appears only when hostile to Dustkeepers
- Added an alternative, "burnout" variant of DK bounty that appears when non-hostile, which doesn't penalize Dustkeeper relations
- Nightingale AS point mult: 2.5x > 2.75x
- Cyberwarfare (& nanite equivalent) now fires orange beams on a failed intrusion (was: only a text popup)
- Cyberwarfare: Ill-Advised Modifications now reduces ECM score by 1, ECM resistance now caps at 65% effectiveness against cyberwarfare intrusions
- Hypnos: slightly increased Rust Crow ship quality (1 less dmod, at cap for Derelict Contingent effect)
- Hypnos: removed guaranteed recovery from all ships except for the Repose
- Dustkeeper regular forces: reduced hullmod spam slightly
- Dustkeeper proxy forces: no longer randomize their variants, now have the same small-weapon availablility boost as the regulars
- Added a new Courser dialogue option re: "Banshee"
- Fixed new Mayfly convo option having incorrect Dustkeeper reputation requirement
- Fixed Dustkeeper Nexerelin profile not being properly set up (primarily fixes issue of Dustkeepers caring who the player commissions with)
- Fixed degraded instance chip not dropping if the Repose is recovered
- Fixed Derelict Contingent tooltip crashing
- Fixed Dustkeeper warminds (i.e Nightingale & Barrow) keeping their integrated status after their ship is scuttled

- Pledge: Renamed "Sierra's" autofit to "Balanced", added "Tempo" & "Serene" variants using Fervor & Serenity
- Sierra is now considered to be integrated into her ship
- Sierra's internal officer core now vanishes in player cargo, rather than being converted into the quest item
- Concord - Fervor no longer triggers its phase dive when used by ships that don't have Sierra's Concord (i.e non-player Concord ships) as to not spoil the moment
- Fixed Project SIREN having portrait reassigned

- Nanite trait Wispering Grovetender: Nerfed wisps spawned from ally ships
- Dear Dotty: Dotty doesn't manifest to help modules or fighters, Fel manifests a slightly weaker Dotty if invading at below max strength
- Elegy of Opis: Hull restore on first trigger from 35% to 45%
- Fixed NPE with adaptive nanite trait picker

- Increased extra FP threshold where Emplacement Uplinks begin getting replaced by Siegeworks Uplinks (120 > 150)
- Fractal Beacon: increased spawn weight in Remnant systems (0.05 > 0.1)

- Fixed objectives with a max FP value treating it as a minimum FP value for spawning
- Fixed objectives that require specific system themes (i.e all of the special ones) being able to spawn in hyperspace if they have no hyperspace setting
- Fixed emplacement gamma core not having a AI core ID
- Fixed T2 gunnery emplacement not having collision and a 0-degree turret arc
- Fixed typo causing habitat to outpost upgrade not working

- Cyberwarfare terminator sequence damage: 150% of fighter's hull > 125% of fighter's hull
- Fighting factions hostile to the Dustkeepers alongside Courser now gives reputation with them and the Contingency
- Adaptive nanite swarm now scales up its strength during the earlygame
- "Hellhide" recharge can now be briefly interrupted by damage even during reboot sequence
- Added missing notes to Derelict Contingent tooltip
- Adjust mod compat for "Siren"
- Wayward Star: "no" does That if pressed, in addition to if hovered over
- Fixed mixed-up naming/pronouns during Sierra betrayal
- Fixed issues with nanite swarm trait picker
- Fixed crash from guilt whisper ghost
- Fixed "Grovetender" semi-recursively raising wisps
- Fixed some AI core droprates and drop tags
- Fixed missing years-of-amnesia token when meeting Sierra
- Fixed some non-purple Sierra dialogue
- Fixed Vow floating pixels
- Fixed Fractal Beacon crash
- Fixed improper formatting in remote_ai_factions.json

- Banshee's Lost Thread: now start with some heavy machinery
- Added missing notes to Cyberwarfare Protocols tooltip
- Added an autofit variant for the Repose
- Good Hunting: increased size of cryoharpoon
- Pursuer appearance chance per point of guilt 7% > 9%
- Fixed dialogue steps in post-Wayward Star conversation bleeding into each other and causing issues
- Fixed crash due to A Memory hint script
- Fixed secret hullmod having null stats in description
- Fixed a couple ships having off-center centers
- Fixed reinforcement droneships not having owner and ally status assigned correctly

- Shattered your saves into a fine dust (incompatible with old versions of SotF, but you can still add the mod midsave if you didn't have it before)
- Changed all internal IDs (prefix from fronsec_/fs_ > sotf_) - will break mod interactions until fixed, changed mod's ID to "secretsofthefrontier"

- The Contingency slumbers... for now...
- Added two main-menu missions, "Dawn and Dust" and "Good Hunting" as preludes to planned quests "Plausible Deniability" and "The Legacy of Walter Feros"

- Added betrayal. See: Culann (if random sector: random large TT world)
- Added consequences

- Added an adaptive nanite swarm

- Added "Hypnos"

- Added 2 new special officers
- Added special skills used by them and other NPCs
- Added ability for special officers (including Sierra) to occasionally converse with each other at the start of combat akin to Combat Chatter

- Added two new Nexerelin starts: "The Haunted" and "Banshee's Lost Thread" (latter unlocked by getting 80% at Dawn and Dust)
- The Haunted - gain a bonus skill point, and a relentless nemesis
- Banshee's Lost Thread - you and your best friend, both with unusual technological expertise

- Added Explorarium ships/fighters ported from Arsenal Expansion, with an ini toggle (has anti-overlap code to remove AE versions from Derelict known ships list)
- Includes Cavalier cruiser, Keeper carrier, Brattice interceptor, Parapet escort fighter, Peon bomber
- Cavalier - has Rugged Construction, system changed to Burn Drive, supply costs reduced 18 to 15
- Keeper - has Rugged Construction, system changed to Fast Missile Racks, supply costs increased 6 to 8

- Added the Proxies

- Mayfly: Added friendship by proxy

Request Assistance:
- Renamed to Courser Protocol
- "Adjustments"
- Now follows player through hyperspace
- Reduced escort time to 45 days
- Now joins when fighting SWP's IBB bounty fleets

A Promise:
- "Adjustments"
- Lowered level requirement from 7 to 5
- Quest objects now have high neutrino output, spawn in more obvious places

A Memory:
- Sierra's ship always phase dives to retreat if it would be destroyed during A.M., even without Fervor installed or already lost too much CR
- Friendly Tempest captain always has Combat Endurance
- Phase stress penalty no longer affects CR but independently cripples ships and their fighters
- Added an audio and message warning when first selecting a disallowed ship in deployment screen, followed by an extra warning upon actually deploying it
- Fixed harmonic coil tuning working without actually using the SP option (oops)

Wayward Star:
- Improved Eidolon's ability to break the dialogue system
- Removed her fear
- Improved her ability to playfully turn you into mincemeat
- "Adjusted" her retinue
- Improved music playback
- Star system is now considered "hidden"

- Has a player-relationship bar with a minor time mult boost while piloting if Cooperative
- Considered an AI officer under-the-hood (largely cosmetic - ship is still not considered automated and she doesn't affect Automated Ships skill)
- Sierra: Reckless renamed to Fearless (however, Sierra is still only as aggressive as a Reckless officer, not Reckless+ like an AI core)
- Now randomly acquires new conversation topics over time (only 3 so far)
- New set conversations: player-has-ship, player-fought-vanilla-faction
- Dialogue tuning, added altered "dramatic" battlecry set and Combat Chatter config, used during fights against bosses (Guardian, Zig, Omega, Eidolon, plus any Combat Chatter boss if that mod is installed), overall slightly reduced average excitement level
- Added minor fluff text when visiting Galatia Academy after a certain interaction
- Has a 50 credits per month "maintenance fee"

Concord ships:
- Can now swap Sierra between Concord ships by speaking to her
- Concord ships that Sierra isn't piloting are rendered largely unusable in combat
- Pledge is no longer scuttled when receiving the Vow

- Serenity: now increases threshold at which speed bottoms out by 100%, to 150% (hard flux stress never reaches max level), increased OP cost to 10/15 for Pledge/Vow
- Wispersong: 1/2/3/4 wisps to 1/2/4/6, fixed ship-detection issue when multiple ships use it simultaneously (i.e. during Wayward Star)
- Wisps ignore anti-PD flares
- Renamed Anomalous Shift to "Concord Shift"
- Reduced slow-motion effects of Sierra's Concord and Concord Shift applied to the outside world (91% and 33% speed changed to 100% and 42.5%)
- i.e Sierra's ships, when piloted by player, are played closer to real-time than previously (should be smoother, faster)
- Vow: increased OP (150 > 165), slight buffs to acceleration stats
- "Adjusted" visuals

- Rewrote Sierra chatter code to avoid multi-chatter bug
- Edict Stormblaster: increased damage (350 > 400), is now known by the Luddic Church
- Added GraphicsLib requirement
- Added some console commands, mostly for dev usage and they contain spoilers - but you may find sotf_addAbility [ability id] and sotf_printGuilt useful enough

- Can no longer load the game with WBTW and Starpocalypse's "Stingy Recovery" because the latter breaks the Sierra questline


- Added objective: Siegeworks Uplink, replaces Emplacement Uplink in larger battles, spawns stronger emplacements
- Added siegeworks emplacements: Gunnery Bastion, Hangar Bastion   
- Renamed emplacements: Gun Turret, Autohangar, Lidar Node
- Updated icon for emplacement objectives
- Emplacements no longer repair if their owner is in full retreat
- Gun Turret: halved rotation speed

- Added special objective: Fractal Beacon
- Reinforcement droneships now receive autofits and some dmods
- Arma Armatura's strikecraft are no longer spawned as reinforcement ships

- Replaced remote_ai_factions.csv with new remote_ai_factions.json - allows for the number of cores each faction uses to be defined
- Used said new json to adjust presets - Derelicts no longer use betas but have more gammas, Remnants get an extra beta, etc. Default is now 1 beta, 3 gammas.
- Now calculates max remote AI captains at start of battle only, not on every ship spawn
- Automated Ships skill no longer displays "can use remote AI" line if Tactical Expansion is turned off
- Fixed tech-illiterate enemies gaining player's remote AI captains when player has Automated Ships

- Frontier Development: orbital habitat hazard reduction is now -8% (0.92x multiplier), not flat -10 - equal for 125% hazard worlds, worse for lower, better for higher
- Fixed a tip being too long

- Added Version Checker support

- Added a little teaser near the lion's heart
- Added Sierra conversations for people who are bad at budgeting and have questionable choice in literature
- Pledge: Buffed ordnance points 100 > 105
- Concord ships now have built-in Phase Field
- Anomalous Shift now halves shield upkeep while phased, increased speed boost (50% > 75%)
- Expanded description of Sierra's Concord to explain officer mechanic and ship system
- Slightly increased lesser wisp hull points
- Reduced performance impact of dancing ghosts
- Decreased spawn rate of tour guide ghosts
- Added some compatibility with modded scanning abilities (e.g Seeker's enhanced neutrino detector)
- Fixed up Sierra as in-combat officer, reducing jankiness
- Fixed crash when launching without WBTW module

- Battlespace generation will prioritise placing SoTF objectives in the middle of the two fleets
- Automated Ships skill now allows for any spare AI cores in cargo to remotely captain spawned droneships (which also allows player to issue them orders). Some NPC factions can also do this, determined by a new remote_ai_factions.csv in config/fronsec.
- Removed reinforcement objectives from pursuit battles
- Fixed turret/bombardier emplacements having hidden flux bars (despite having shields now)

- Added "Guilt" stat which increases difficulty when sufficiently accumulated (can be tweaked in settings.json)
- A Memory: made less unreasonably obscure, added SP option to allow 1 phase frigate wingman
- Wayward Star: Added "Suffering Mode", fixed boss kiting like a gremlin instead of ordering a FA when almost defeated, ally fleets now allowed
- Added SFX to wisp spawning
- Adjusted Pledge premounted weapons (starts with a H. Needler, easier A.M. prep)
- Added 1 new Sierra thought
- Sierra is no longer considered "unremovable" to fix some jank (her ship can still only be piloted by her or the player)
- Upgrading from Pledge to Vow now properly gives bonus XP for installed smods
- Fixed Omicron not assisting in murdering smugglers, scavengers and other low-impact indie fleets
- Fixed Omicron's starting relationship being set too low for escort fleet to assist player reliably (one-time fix: rep set to 50 on save load)

- Increased minimum spawn radius for defensive emplacements to reduce cases of them contributing to their own capture

- Vow: 140 OP > 150 OP (compensation for fighter bay loss from AE version)
- Concord augments now have purple text and concords have purple borders
- Added guaranteed volatiles to ? ? ?
- Fixed Wispersong AoE improperly rendering
- Fixed wisps holding fire at high flux
- Fixed A.M. crash intel crash in random sector
- Fixed W.S. second-chance derelict spawning on repeat-attempt victory
- Fixed Vow being unscuttleable until loading a save
- Reimplemented W.S. instant-battle-end failsafe

- Gunnery emplacement: increased dissipation 150 > 200, added builtin turret gyros, added omni shield
- Bombardment emplacement: added omni shield, reduced armor/hull 750/7500 > 500/5000, fixed both variants having mines (now 50/50 LRMs/mines split as intended)
- Emplacement name now includes its type: gunnery, hangar or bombardment. This is also displayed in the objective's description
- Fixed pursuit battles spawning the escaping and flanking ships too far down

- New sprites for : : : : {thank you, Nes}
- Sierra's ships are no longer considered phase ships, can now be scuttled and stored (yes, scuttling Sierra will halt her questline until you console-command her back)
- Added two hullmods, "Concord - Serenity" and "Concord - Fervor" to replace Adaptive Phase Coils and Phase Anchor respectively
- The existing augment now displays its area of effect in combat, slightly extended range
- Added a short winddown and cooldown (approx. 0.125s with Field Modulation) to Anomalous Shift for smoother visuals
- Reimplemented Edict Stormblaster trails
- Miscellaneous text fixes/changes - better clarity, better flow, better purple
- Added quest compatibility with Nexerelin random core worlds (works mid-campaign)
- Increased difficulty of W.S. encounter (improved enemy officer quality and unique ships' power)
- Fixes for A.M. & W.S. - crash during deployment, being unable to retry after a loss, instant battle ending

- Wasp/Xyphos hangar emplacement replaced with Claw/Longbow (since Xyphos can no longer roam)

- Fixed bugged station interaction

- Phase madness now kicks in when in hyperspace and near A.M. encounter
- Anomalous Shift now grants an intrinsic speed boost (+ max value Phase Corps = same as old Phase Mastery), less susceptible to flux
- Fixed "second chance" derelicts spawning as Nebulas
- Fixed A Promise being repeatable (again)
- Improvements to save compatiblility
- Fixed typos

- Watcher Beyond The Walls is now save-compatible

- Fixed A Promise being repeatable

- Updated to Starsector 0.95.1a

- Partially implemented Watcher Beyond The Walls module:
- Added A Promise
- Added A M    ::::    {data stream corrupted?}
- Added Wayw    S a  ::::  {data stream corrupted! however will they find me?}
- Reminder: individual SoTF modules can be toggled in fronsec_settings.ini

- Sierra (compared to Arsenal Expansion 1.5.4a):
- No longer counts against your officer total
- Fixed jankiness and duping
- Custom Combat Chatter integration
- Has things to say about your accomplishments
- Accepts constructive criticism about her combat style
- Added special conversation :)
- Increased phase madness to    (was: 0)

- Added Edict Stormblaster

Tactical Expansion:
- Fixed some objective timers running while combat was paused
- Reinforcement drones no longer take up deployment points

- Updated to Starsector 0.95a
- MagicLib is now a required mod to run Secrets of the Frontier

- Battle objective spawning and emplacement turret variants are now based on mergeable .csv files, allowing for mods to add custom objectives and new turret variants
Also, feel free to go change them yourselves for a personalized objective experience

- Both objective types now grant a bonus to deployment points when captured (slightly less than a nav buoy or sensor array)
- Reinforcement objectives now spawn a new wave after 20 seconds, up from 15 seconds
- Emplacement objectives rework: emplacement no longer spawns on battle start. Emplacement creates a new emplacement on initial capture and after 60 seconds if the old one is destroyed. Emplacements regenerate 0.5% max hull / sec and always have a Gamma Core officer
- Outposts now receive an 10-point reduction to growth at size 4, which doubles for each subsequent size level
- Implemented the full release's additions to the ship name pool

- Emplacements will now resist being pushed out of place (top speed, acceleration and decceleration are no longer set to 0)
- Ship types spawned by objectives will become automatically added to Combat Chatter's no-chatter hull list
- Fixed outpost colonies missing an icon in the colonies list
- Fixed potential crash when a reinforcement objective attempts to spawn a ship from a faction without ships of the desired roles (e.g a mod has deleted the Remnant ship list for some reason)

- Removed context-based derelict ship spawning because it shatters the combat engine into a thousand pieces

- Fixed combat not ending in battles where the AI cannot retreat (e.g Remnants)
- Fixed a crash when a derelict with no weapon mounts spawns

- Added context-based derelict ship spawns to combat
- Outpost colonies now change appearance when they have a battlestation constructed
- Reinforcement objectives now draw from Derelict and Remnant faction doctrine, rather than hardcoded variant lists (aka better support for mods)
- Reinforcement ships now immediately drop to 10% CR if they are the only combatants on their side to avoid drawn-out fights
- Emplacements now have a 20% chance to spawn with a level 3-12 officer
- Implemented cut-down fronsec_settings.ini to allow for toggling of SotF modules
- Fixes to reinforcement status messages
- Disabled anti-ship battery emplacement from spawning until it is less hackjobbed

- Emplacement capture points will now be removed when the emplacement is destroyed
- When the player has any reinforcement objectives, a status is displayed in the bottom-left showing droneship status or, if applicable, the reinforcement timer
- Disabled Forwardbase Phoenix for new saves

- Added more variants to all existing emplacements
- Added icon for network hub and hyperwave transmitter
- Standard battles use a proper set of potential objective layouts, 6-objective battles now actually have objectives
- Miscellaneous improves and fixes - ship name colors, UI icons, turret facing, emplacement misfiring, etc.
- Reinforcer fixes: fixed counting non-allied objectives for reinforcement cap
- Fixed Forwardbase Phoenix spawning a lot of times
- With the Automatic Orders mod, reinforcement ships no longer auto-retreat

- Emplacements: Added LRM bombardier variant, increased size of standard turret, reduced capture time of emplacements from 10 to 5 seconds, added new icon for emplacement objectives
- Network Hub/Hyperwave Transmitter: now reinforces your fleet with up to one destroyer if you hold more than 1, halved reinforcement respawn delay
- Increased hazard reduction of makeshift habitats from 5% to 10%
- Forwardbase Phoenix's spawn system has all tags cleared (to avoid missions/pirate bases locating there), forwardbase no longer spawns in unpopulated core worlds systems
- Fixed ID mismatches for remnant network hub

- Updated battle creation with code from Starsector Plus/Nexerelin: More varied battlefield size, changes to objective numbers, jumppoints/multiple planets in backgrounds, etc
- Added new defensive emplacement: Bombardier, current variant fires anti-ship batteries at nearby ships
- Hangars: added more variants to ruins hangar, normalized hangars to have integrated targeting unit, fighters no longer suffer debuffs from defective manufactory, labelled normally-manned fighters as drones
- Normalized defensive emplacement hull/armor at 7500/750
- Devastator turret: greatly increased range, more consistent shell explosions, no friendly fire
- Defensive emplacements are set as allies when on player's side (yellow rather than green)
- Removed flux bar from emplacements
- Fixed enemy emplacements not launching fighters (for both types, this time)
- Fixed Forwardbase Phoenix respawning after being destroyed

- Gauss turret now has advanced turret gyros
- Fixed outposts starting with no spaceport and locked storage
- Fixed ID mismatch for Devastator turret
- Fixed turret beam weapons being able to turn while the turret is inactive
- Fixed enemy turrets not launching fighters
- Fixed typo in habitat description

- Campaign event: Forwardbase Phoenix
- Campaign feature: Orbital habitats, upgradeable into outpost colonies
- Campaign feature: New battle objectives: Defensive emplacement, reinforcer
- Context-based battle objectives (e.g special objectives in systems with survey derelicts)

- Fractal Softworks, duh
- Inventor Racccoon (me), for everything not done by someone else mentioned here
- Nia - Vow, Covenant, Memoir
- Selkie - Respite, Anamnesis, vector engines
- Lortus - Siegeworks emplacements
- Quacken - Warhorn
- Gwyvern - mystery unimplemented sprite
- SnazzyPantsMcGee - another mystery unimplemented sprite
- Nes - paintjob sprites and some phase glows
- Pyrophage - Siegeworks hangar concept
- AxleMC131 - Parapet/Peon
- Estudio Cafofo for music
- Dark.Revenant for some bits of the battle creation plugin for cosmetics and battlefield sizes
For Modders - Tactical Expansion mod support
Secrets of the Frontier's Tactical Expansion module now supports additions from other mods. At present, this means 3 things:
- Mods can add new objective spawns to SotF battle objective spawning. This can be used either to cause objectives to spawn due to specific system themes, or to spawn their own custom objectives.
- Mods can add new ship variants to the lists used by SotF's emplacement objective
- Mods can add factions to the list that will employ remote AI core captains when they receive droneship reinforcements from battle objectives (akin to a player with the Automated Ships skill)

All mod compatibility is handled by several mergeable .csv files, located at data/config/fronsec and employed by the mod itself for its standard behavior. There's a modder_instructions.txt file included, which explains each spreadsheet's function and the requirements/effects of each column in detail.
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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 01:03:30 PM »

Space stations are a nice stopgap between nothing and full fledged colonies. I wish the base game also did something like that.
The battle objectives are, in my opinion, the best part about this mod, mainly because they make passable and boring part of combat into meaningful and fun one! You can't really ignore objectives when they are shooting gauss slugs at you.


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2019, 11:32:21 AM »

This looks extremely nice!

How much of a pain was it to write the quests btw? I think there is a huge opportunity for them this version, but not many modders have released them yet.

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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2019, 11:44:54 AM »

This looks extremely nice!

How much of a pain was it to write the quests btw? I think there is a huge opportunity for them this version, but not many modders have released them yet.
All the potential is there, it's just that it's a bit tedious to do, which I think is what puts people off. Lots of rules.csv, java code and rigorous testing. It's getting a bit easier with experience, and I'm experimenting with more complicated quest design as I go (a good reason why this mod will not be released half-finished, excluding prereleases for general features)
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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2019, 02:55:44 AM »

Sounds promising.


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2019, 01:07:58 PM »

Eagerly waiting for full release. Looks like something that will end up on my default mod list!


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #6 on: August 21, 2019, 12:55:46 AM »

This looks extremely nice!

How much of a pain was it to write the quests btw? I think there is a huge opportunity for them this version, but not many modders have released them yet.
All the potential is there, it's just that it's a bit tedious to do, which I think is what puts people off. Lots of rules.csv, java code and rigorous testing. It's getting a bit easier with experience, and I'm experimenting with more complicated quest design as I go (a good reason why this mod will not be released half-finished, excluding prereleases for general features)

I saw that there is a mission editor on the forums, does that not make it easy to add new quests?

I noticed the lack of missions in the mod section and thought that that might be something I could contribute, would you be up for a collaboration? I got the impression that you intend to add more than a few missions with this mod and I'd love to help with that.


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2019, 01:03:07 AM »

I have question about Frontier missions. We know one "Promise", but 3 others are new or were incorporated in other mods?


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #8 on: August 21, 2019, 01:21:51 AM »

These quests aren't publicly released yet, as Secrets of the Frontier is just a test of mechanics. Promise is included in current version of Arsenal Expansion and it will be changed only after Secrets of the Frontier's proper content gets released.

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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 5) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #9 on: August 21, 2019, 10:18:12 AM »

I saw that there is a mission editor on the forums, does that not make it easy to add new quests?
The mission editor is for the missions you access via the main menu (the one-off battles). There was talk of a tool to help quest creation but as far as I'm aware nothing has been done on that, so everything is just made "by hand", so to speak.

I noticed the lack of missions in the mod section and thought that that might be something I could contribute, would you be up for a collaboration? I got the impression that you intend to add more than a few missions with this mod and I'd love to help with that.
I appreciate the sentiment but at the moment I'm not looking to collaborate on this mod except for small bits of code and for art.

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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 6) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #10 on: January 01, 2020, 07:33:22 PM »

Hi, everyone. Wow, it's been four months since I started this post. Progress on Secrets of the Frontier has been... well, slow. But here are some updates for people who don't see my dev progress on the Discord server:
  • Secrets of the Frontier's second quest has been overhauled. Several regular fights have become one do-or-die moment - and importantly, it is a semi-scripted combat encounter that is unique to anything Starsector (or any other mod I've seen) offers - using a different set of rules and making use of once-off battle objectives to deliver a once-in-a-campaign fight. It's also incredibly punishing. I'm, uh, working on the balance. The current version has completely wiped most of my test fleets.
  • I've updated the prerelease with improvements to battle objectives. Emplacement control points now disappear when the emplacement is destroyed, and reinforcement objectives now tell you if the timer is ticking, or if it's waiting for some fodder to die before starting again. You can download the new version through the banner in the main post. I also stripped out Forwardbase Phoenix, since I think it might be a bit obstructive, and it's been adequately tested.
  • Changes in scope: Boarding actions against random derelicts will probably not be a general campaign feature. Scripted boarding sequences will absolutely still be a thing.
  • Story. I added a "conversation" function to the intel menu, to talk with a certain character you can travel with. I have plans to include extra dialogue options based on what you've seen and done during your campaign - I should probably get on that next.
  • When Is It Releasing? Most likely some time after the next Starsector update (so, uh, quite a while off) - there's stuff in there that I would really like to make use of (like the new raid systems, or Story Points) or see pan out (like all the wacky stuff on Alex's twitter), and I would much rather not release Secrets of the Frontier in a state that has to be overhauled within the year. Sorry for the wait.

I'm sure I've bored you to tears with that, so here's some images patched together from the new(ish) quest.
Spoilers. Kinda.

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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 6) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #11 on: January 03, 2020, 01:20:21 PM »

Just wanted to drop in and say everything looks really cool so far. I really enjoy the feeling and atmosphere of promise, and im happy to see some more scripted and handmade quests that really feel unique, like your description of the second one is shaping it up to be.


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 6) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #12 on: January 05, 2020, 02:36:57 AM »

Will all features of this mod work when added to existing save?

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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 6) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #13 on: January 05, 2020, 07:58:26 AM »

The prerelease is savegame-compatible.


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Re: [0.9.1a] Secrets of the Frontier (Prerelease 6) - indev campaign mod
« Reply #14 on: January 06, 2020, 05:30:02 AM »

Is this\would this be compatible with Nexerelin?
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