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Author Topic: pilum + razorback = cheese  (Read 3121 times)


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Re: pilum + razorback = cheese
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2019, 11:29:26 AM »

Aww man, another player using all female officer avatars... ;D

That harem might be more dangerous than it look. If he removed the officer limit, he could have also remove the ship limit. 100+ razorbacks? I mean why not?  ???
i actually did remove both limits back when i was using vanilla vigilance/buffalomk2. i'm considering lowering the ship/officer limit now to something sane (had them both at 80) since i like a challenge. Besides, pilum spam helps rid the field of those boring AI fleets we've all had to deal with again and again.
it's only cycle 219 at the moment (iirc) so i'm sure i'll start seeing harder fleets to go up that blade breaker guardian.

for arguments sakes, 15 razorbacks with as many officers as the default allows (10?) minus all the collosus freighters and phaeton tankers i have bloating the fleet, is perfectly doable with default ship/officer limits.

remember, i'm dealing with a battle size of 400 (nothign crazy) but with a full razorback fleet i'd hardly reach the OP limit. 25 razorbacks? that's 100 deployment points. that's 25*2*3 pilums in a volley.

lol. but 100 razorbacks? that's 600 pilums in the first wave, avoiding the mod for speed and you could have 2400 of them flying about
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