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Author Topic: Alternate Mini-Sectors  (Read 1190 times)


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Alternate Mini-Sectors
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:50:59 AM »

Heroes of the Storm (three-lane MOBA with maps with five or more merc camps, bosses, healing zones inside the bases and objectives) has a Brawl mode where you load into a mini-map with a single lane, no objectives no bosses no healing -- all adjusted to procure constant, non-stop action.
This game could rock the same sort of deal.
A small sector map with a core of extremely populated systems where the only two factions are independents and pirates who actively, aggressively go out of their way to stamp down anyone who tries to build anything up.
A one-system map of the Valhalla system during all-out war between the Hegemony and Tritach, with both sides pouring constant resources into the system and the player being locked to Vengeful for both sides unless they take a commission, where the goal of both sides is to Expedition the other side's control of the system out of existence
A medium sized randomly generated map with Luddic Church colonies in every system and Luddic Path insurrections being supported out of a hidden base that the church cannot take on from the start.
A small, uninhabited sector map where the player and a fleet for each faction proc'd spawns in with 2,000 crew and have to found a fire in the darkness, with each faction locked into war with eachother unless they expend an investment to establish peace with a specific faction.
A medium, uninhabited sector map where the player and a fleet for two factions spawn in with 2,000 crew and also a fleet of Remnant from outside the sector shows up, activates a gate in one of the systems which begins trickling remnant thru who go on to try & activate the gates in all the systems and it's your job to beat them back.
If you beat the one above, a mode where you spawn into Corvus in a Hermes, your only option with the first faction market you interact with is "take commission" & said commission grants you control of the faction as your own, two of the other factions declare war on you and a random super fleet of one of several non-playable (remnant, the other kind of remant, XIV, ludic path) factions enters the sector from outside it and activates a gate that begins trickling more thru with the goal of turning all of the gates on, linking the Corvus sector to the doomed hell-world of what (randomly) remains of the Domain of Man under the rule of one of those non-playable factions that are locked into war with the player.

Actually, shoot, the #1 problem I can think of these suggestions is that they'd make kick-butt multiplayer modes lol

with that in mind; a game mode where twelve players spawn in the core of a uninhabited sector with no combat ships but enough to colonize one or two planets. Once everyone colonizes, everybody gets a defensive fleet and free for all ensues
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