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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Author Topic: Starsector 0.9a (Released) Patch Notes  (Read 480507 times)


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Starsector 0.9a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: June 01, 2018, 10:52:13 AM »

Blog post/download links here.

Changes as of November 20, 2018 (RC10)

  • Hegemony Inspection industry disruption in case of hidden REDACTED reduced to maximum of 2 months

  • Fixed crash caused by producing 0-cost weapons or other items
  • When merging json files: if a mod provides an empty json array, the merged json will be set to an empty array instead of appending the empty array to it (which is a no-op)
    • For example, "engineSlots":[] in a missile's .proj file will clear the engine slots instead of doing nothing

  • Fixed issue where commodities available in-faction would sometimes not be listed as coming from in-faction
  • Fixed issue where ships found in a debris field were usually turned into Nebula-class liners
  • Fixed bug where expeditions repelled by ground defenses would stick around in system indefinitely
  • Inspection: fixed "Defenders will comply" intel description when Hegemony is already hostile
  • Autofit no longer considers weapon priority set in the doctrine (it was not supposed to)
  • Fixed damage calculation bug involving Strike Commander (caused fighters to deal a lot more damage than intended)
  • Fixed bug that fairly frequently caused missiles and other projectiles to hit twice in the same frame
  • Fixed lack of fuel and supplies at Ancyra during tutorial

Changes as of November 16, 2018

  • Starting ships for the "faster start" options now have some fairly benign d-mods
    • Goal is to introduce player to the idea that d-mods are "ok"
    • And to make adding damaged ships to their fleet feel better
    • Starting Apogee does not have a d-mod
  • Changed effect of Alpha Cores on industries that aren't production-focused
    • Spaceport/Megaport: +20% accessibility
    • Ground Defenses/Heavy Batteries: ground defense strength x1.5
    • REDACTED structure: relevant bonus
    • REDACTED facility: relevant bonus
    • Commerce: +1 stability
    • Patrol HQ/Military Base: x1.25 fleet size
    • Orbital Station: a high-level AI core "officer" is in command of the station in combat
  • Added very rare salvage "special" to find a blueprint to ship wrecks
  • Faction-specific ships now available on the open market, with a reduced quality
    • 2 to 3 more d-mods than average for that colony
  • Pirate, Luddic Path, and REDACTED fleets are more likely to get increasingly aggressive than to retreat
    • That is, when a regular fleet would retreat, they may ramp up the attack instead
  • System bounties:
    • Some of the faction's patrols pull back to defend the main colony for the duration
    • Gives bounty hunters more room to operate
  • Person bounty:
    • Removed level-based scaling
    • Added slight time-based scaling
  • Allied fleets will no longer deploy very low CR ships in pursuit scenarios
  • Commodity pricing and related:
    • Deficit/excess is indicated by red/green commodity icons in the colony info screen
    • Results in significantly higher/lower prices for number of units based on amount of deficit/excess
    • Deficit/excess amount shown in the commodity tooltip's "list of best places to buy/sell"
    • Ctrl-clicking will buy up all excess (to capacity) and sell to fill deficit
  • Improved discoverability of habitable/low hazard worlds
  • Increased average size of pirate and Pather ships; still use smaller ships overall
  • Added "transponder off" warning and option to turn it on while jumping into a populated system
    • Only warns if patrols in-system care about transponder status
    • Warns if turning the transponder on would make any factions immediately hostile
  • Toned down the effect of hyperstorm strikes on fleet movement
  • Adjusted bounty fleet size progression to be more consistent
  • Adjusted fleet spawning to tend towards larger ship sizes for larger fleets, even for a doctrine that prefers smaller ships in general
  • New (extra difficult) starting option: "A spacer. A broken-down shuttle. A lifelong debt."
    • Enable using "enableSpacerStart" in data/config/settings.json
  • Turned "altMouseMoveToMassTransfer" control off by default (transfers large quantities of cargo quickly)
  • Adjusted how stockpiling at player-owned colonies works
    • A quantity of resources produced locally is added to the Local Resources submarket
      • More if it's not being exported due to, say, low accessibility
    • Taking these results in an at-cost charge in that month's income/expense report
    • Can be taken "for free", but their base value is deducted from player's monthly income
    • Added a setting to let a colony use these to counter shortages
      • Costs considerably less than taking the resources directly
    • Resources can be brought to the colony and put in Local Resources manually
      • Using or taking these does not result in any cost
    • Local Resources submarket tooltip lists stockpile growth rate and limits
  • Added Waystation industry back in
    • Increases accessibility by 10%
    • Low cost and upkeep
    • Makes the colony stockpile fuel, supplies, and crew into Local Resources, even if it's not a producer of any of these
    • Alpha Core bonus: hugely increased stockpiling rate and limit for fuel/supplies/crew
  • Added Transplutonics to more salvage drops
  • Improved salvage variety from planetary ruins
  • Significantly increased the upkeep cost of Refining, Heavy Industry, Light Industry, and Fuel Production
    • Goal is to encourage building these on low-hazard worlds
  • Made various "colony threat" intel items have a more prominent sound effect
  • Special items such as blueprints will not be lost if cargo ships are lost while retreating
  • Pirate bases will not launch random not-anti-player raids for the first year or so
  • Procurement Contract mission: added button to show best prices and places to buy the commodity
  • Greatly reduced the prices of high-cost ship weapons
    • Example: Tachyon Lance, 25000 -> 8000
  • Reduced build cost of orbital stations of all tiers
  • Reduced base price of Marines to 200 credits (was: 500)
  • Debt (i.e. expenses not covered by credit balance) from last month carries over into next month

  • Changed minimum battleSize to 200 and default to 300 (was: 150 and 250)
  • Enemy will prefer to deploy larger ships when attacking a station
  • Orbital Stations
    • Targeting Supercomputer (built-in on all modules) now greatly reduces recoil
    • Reduced flux stats
  • Player can now always deploy at least one ship into combat, regardless of its deployment point value
    • Mostly comes into play when deploying alongside an allied station which can eat up most of the deployment points
  • Background planet, when a battle has an orbital station:
    • Moved down if the player is defending
    • Moved up if the player is attacking
    • Goal is to keep it from interfering with the combat too much, visually, and have it look like it's "in front" or "behind" the station, as appropriate

  • When ordered to regroup, fighters will always be able to keep up with the carrier, regardless of their top speed otherwise
    • Bombers returning to re-arm also receive this bonus

  • Hammer torpedo: made engine glow bigger and slightly redder to distinguish better from Salamander

  • Paragon:
    • Increased deployment and monthly maintenance cost to 60 (was: 50)
    • Reduced crew required to 400 (was: 450)
  • Onslaught:
    • Increased crew required to 750 (was: 500)
    • Increased maximum crew to 1500 (was 1250)
  • Buffalo: reduced max burn to 8 (was 9) to bring in line with standard civilian burn levels at that size

  • Automated Repair Unit:
    • Removed bonus to CR recovery and repair rate
    • Reduced OP cost
  • Militarized Subsystems:
    • Reduces both CR to deploy and supply cost by 30% instead of just reducing supply cost
  • Efficiency Overhaul:
    • Instead of reducing CR cost to deploy, increases CR recovery and repair rate by 50%
  • Degraded Engines: reduced penalty to 15% (was: 20%)

Ship AI
  • Ships ordered to "Eliminate" or "Full Assault" will be more aggressive when facing an orbital station
  • Improved use of Maneuvering Jets/Plasma Jets to back off while at high flux
  • Ensured that retreat orders are obeyed promptly
  • "Escort" order will now take precedence over "Avoid"
  • More liberal missile use when they're at full ammo and the ship is having difficulties
  • Further reduced tendency to fire off missiles vs unshielded ships
  • Fixed autofiring inaccuracy with dumbfire rockets/torpedoes when paired with missile speed bonuses
    • Also affects autofiring weapons on player's ship

  • Fixed issue where all weapons could get disabled by critical malfunctions if ship had decorative weapons
  • Fixed issue with DUAL weapon barrel mode that caused it to fire 12-23-34 instead of 12-34-12
  • Added to SoundPlayerAPI:
  • void pauseCustomMusic();
    • void resumeCustomMusic();
    • void playCustomMusic(int fadeOutIfAny, int fadeIn, String musicSetId)
    • void playCustomMusic(int fadeOutIfAny, int fadeIn, String musicSetId, boolean looping)
  • Added to ArmorGridAPI:
    • Vector2f getLocation(int cellX, int cellY);
  • Added to CombatEngineAPI:
    • int getWinningSideId();
    • boolean isCombatOver();
  • Added to DamagingProjectileAPI:
    • float getMoveSpeed();
  • Added to ShipAPI:
    • void syncWithArmorGridState();
    • void syncWeaponDecalsWithArmorDamage();
  • Added to ShipSystemAPI:
    • void setCooldownRemaining(float remaining);
    • void setCooldown(float cooldown);
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • void setCurrHealth(float currHealth);
  • Added to WeaponSpecAPI:
    • Color getGlowColor();
    • boolean isInterruptibleBurst();
  • Moved MuzzleFlashSpec class to API
  • Added MuzzleFlashSpec getMuzzleFlashSpec() to WeaponAPI
    • Returns null for non-projectile weapons
    • Make sure to call WeaponAPI.ensureClonedSpec() before making any changes to muzzle spec
    • Otherwise changes will affect all weapons of this type until game restart
  • Added to CharacterCreationData:
    • void addScriptBeforeTimePass(Script script);
    • List<Script> getScriptsBeforeTimePass();
  • Added sim_opponents_dev.csv file that's loaded when the game is in dev mode and "playtestingMode" is set to false
  • Added "noImpactSounds" setting to weapon specs; defaults to false
  • Added ALWAYS_PANIC ship hint; makes ship always fire missile weapons as if panicking
  • Used by Pather version of Colossus

  • Fixed brief invulnerability window caused by phase ships uncloaking inside/too near an enemy ship
  • Fixed issue with allied forces not deploying ships in some circumstances
  • Small asteroids from a ring system no longer prevent unphasing
  • Fixed bug where a re-built orbital station was no longer effective

Changes as of October 20, 2018

  • Added portside bar to colonies
    • And a number of possible bar events of varying importance
  • Added REDACTED mission (starts in bar)
  • Added raids, bombardments, and planetary defenses
    • Can raid a colony for valuables, commodities, blueprints, and other items
    • Can raid to disrupt operations of a specific industry
    • Marines, specialized ships, and skills determine raid strength and outcome
    • Raids with transponder off do not cause instant hostility
    • Can bombard colonies using fuel; not very efficient
      • Tactical bombardment to disrupt military operations
      • Saturation bombardment: an atrocity; causes multiple factions to go hostile
        • Colonies of size 4 and below are destroyed outright
        • Larger colonies lose a lot of stability and are likely to decivilize after some time
    • Colonies can build up various layers of defenses
    • Nearby fleets prevent raids and bombardments
    • Orbital stations prevent bombardments but not raids
    • Ground defenses make raids more difficult and bombardments more expensive
  • Can run salvaging operations on colonies with ruins
    • Must be surveyed first (for the ruins to be identified)
    • Outcome depends on scale of ruins on the planet
  • Colonies that have low stability for too long have a chance to become decivilized
  • Can view colony info and interact with core UI when docked with a hostile colony that does not give docking clearance
  • Added monthly salary for marines
  • Added REDACTED (to do with population growth)
  • Officer level-up dialog keeps going while there are skill choices to make, unless "not now" is selected
    • Added shortcut key for "level up" button in dialog
  • Orbiting fleets will no longer use Active Sensor Burst
    • Goal is to reduce randomness involved in successfully sneaking into a colony
  • Added periodic warning message when fleet is over capacity in cargo/fuel/crew
  • Added a recoverable Dram tanker to the ships around Tetra
  • Changed "Hand Weapons" commodity to "Heavy Armaments"; now covers things like heavy weapons, tanks, mechs, hovercraft, etc
  • Added pirate bases and raids
  • Added Luddic Path cells
  • Added Hegemony inspection
  • Added punitive expeditions
  • Added Synchrotron Core; can be installed in Fuel Production industry to drastically increase output
  • Added blueprint and special item drops to various salvage
  • Implemented Tech-Mining industry
    • Chance to find blueprints, modspecs and other rare items, based on the size of ruins being mined
    • Generates some basic commodities (fuel, supplies, metals, machinery); delivered to gathering point
    • Output goes down over time
  • Updated various tooltips (added "design type" information - low tech, midline, etc where appropriate; made other improvements)
    • Cargo/commodities
    • Ship weapons
    • Ships
    • Hull mods
    • Various blueprints
  • A colony sold a Synchrotron Core or a Nanoforge will use them if able to
  • Tooltip for fleet points bar in ship deployment dialog now includes battle size and how many points the enemy has
  • Jump-point dialog now includes a warning if there are nearby fleets on the other side
    • Includes warning and plays a sound if the nearby fleets are hostile
  • New game start:
    • Added easier options that start you off with multi-ship fleets - a "salvage expedition" and a "mercenary force"
    • Added 3-year-long monthly stipend from the Galatian Academy from the tutorial mission
      • Also given when tutorial is skipped
  • Sustained Burn:
    • Now gives +100% burn instead of +10
      • Means that bonuses to ship burn level (i.e. Augmented Drive Field) are doubled
      • While fleetwide bonuses (tugs, Nav Buoy, etc) are not
    • Slightly increased arc in which it has the highest acceleration penalty
    • Reduced charge up/down time to half a second (was: 2.5 seconds up, 1 second down)
    • Goals are to )1 make burn level of ships mean more and 2) encourage turning SB off sometimes
  • Emergency Burn:
    • Reduced supply cost by half (was: 50% of total deployment cost of fleet, now 25%)
    • Burn bonus increased to +8 (was: +5)
  • Navigation: level 3 now gives +1 to maximum burn and an additional +1 when Sustained Burn is on
  • Known hullmods no longer drop or show up for sale
  • Buying up hullmods will NOT increase the odds of remaining ones showing up
  • Fleet Logistics: maintenance reduction reduced to 25% (was: 30%)
  • Derelict ships in campaign will now show ship type in the tooltip, i.e. "Derelict Ship (Dram-class Light Tanker)"
  • Salvaging mechanics:
    • "Salvage rating" no longer a player-facing stat; still affects crew/machinery needed
      • Removed "blow it up" option as it's no longer relevant
    • Salvaging skill provides up to a 50% bonus to finding resources and rare items
    • Recovery of resources is affected by:
      • Having enough crew (multiplier, 0 to 1)
      • Having enough heavy machinery (+0 to +100%)
      • Salvaging skill (up to +50%)
      • Salvage Rigs / other ships with salvaging capacity; diminishing returns for more ships
        • Ships must be at at least 10% combat readiness for bonus to apply
    • A fraction of the total bonus also applies to post-combat salvage
    • Recovery of rare items is only affected by the Salvaging skill
      • Not affected by not having enough crew, machinery, or any other modifiers
    • Goals are:
      • Clean up the flow by removing the "blow up then scavenge" option
      • Allow player to specialize in getting a lot more value out of it
      • Ensure that salvaging something will not feel like a wasted opportunity due to missing out on likely-otherwise-inaccessible items such as blueprints
      • Give Salvaging skill long-term value - it grants access to 50% more stuff that would otherwise be hard or impossible to get
      • Make salvaging without the skill but with Salvage Rigs a viable option, both in terms of rare items and resources gained
  • When exploring a ship wreck, added notification when there's cargo on board
  • When the player's net monthly income is negative and they run out of credits:
    • Credits set to 0
    • Custom production of ships and weapons is halted
    • When this goes on for two months or more, some crew may leave next time the player's fleet comes into port
    • Can be countered by shutting down industries on owned colonies - reduces expenses and gives back most of the credits used to establish the industry
  • Monthly salary for unassigned colony administrators reduced to 10% of base
  • Reduced strength of scavenger fleets
  • Some of the pirate fleets that show up in pirate activity/bounty systems will congregate near jump-points and pirate colonies, making them easier to find
  • Transponder-off trade:
    • No longer has any impact on reputation or, for black market trade, suspicion level
    • (Previously: had a smaller-than-normal effect; goal is a more clear distinction)
  • Increased maximum player level to 50 for the moment; pending another look at skills
  • Added lists of best places to buy/sell to commodity tooltip
  • Added common "delivery" mission
    • Encountered in dockside bars
    • Take and deliver X amount of commodity to another colony
    • Medium reward; usually takes player to semi-dangerous systems (i.e. pirate activity etc)
    • Volume of commodities and reward depends on player's fleet
    • Different version when offered at player-owned colony
  • Planet tooltip: now shows survey level for uninhabited and faction name for inhabited
  • During salvage, when finding information about the location of another entity of interest nearby:
    • Will no longer point to small derelict ships, only cruisers and larger
    • This also means that more of these will point to other, larger structures
      • (Since no longer diluting the pool of potential targets with larger number of chaff)
  • Course widget: made data font bigger
  • Added new carrier-specific d-mods:
    • Malfunctioning Comms - reduces fighter engagement range
    • Defective Manufactory - reduces fighter speed and increases fighter damage taken
      • Affected fighters have a "damaged" visual overlay
  • Changed cargo tabs to "All" "Resources" "Ship weapons" and "Other" (i.e combined "Commodities" and "Crew")
  • Increased number of crew recovered from "cryopods with crew" exploration special
  • Changed hazard rating to be based around 100% base instead of 0% base, since that's how it's used
  • Reduced production of commodities by Heavy Industry; high production levels now require special items or a very large colony
  • Added notification message when industry construction completes; can click to open colony screen
  • Added notification for when colony size increases; can click to open colony screen
  • Changed intel UI tags to be OR instead of AND
  • Removed Surveying skill; can now survey planets with any hazard rating
    • Increased cost by a flat +10 supplies
    • Significantly reduced the value of survey data (30k for Class V; was: 100k)
  • Revamped and simplified economy:
    • Colonies have a single accessibility value which determines how much they can import and export
      • Accessibility also affects colony growth
    • Combined demand for a commodity generates a total "market value"
    • Export income is determined by a colony's "market share", which is based on production and accessibility
  • When interacting with fleet that has a low reputation impact and fighting which won't cause instant hostilities: added text to that effect
  • Ships recovered after combat will retain known hullmods
  • Weapons and fighters on your ships have a 100% chance to be recovered if the ship is recoverable
  • Recovery Operations:
    • Removed bonus to own fighter/weapon recovery
    • Increased recovery bonus for enemy ships/weapons/fighters to 25% (was: 15%)
  • Can "abandon" a size-3 colony; requires paying for (significant) evacuation expenses
  • Can "stabilize" a colony that's suffering from Recent Unrest
    • Maximum equal to Recent Unrest minus one
      • Can not be used to increase stability of a colony not suffering from unrest
    • Cost based on amount stabilized and colony size
    • Expensive - generally not worth it purely to improve colony income through higher stability
      • Primarily a means to stave off the decivilization of a bombarded/raided colony

  • Hyperspace storms:
    • Fixed tooltip
    • Removed sensor profile penalty and speed penalty
    • Changed CR drain effect to powerful "storm strikes" hitting random ships
      • A strike reduces CR and deals armor/hull damage, but can't destroy a ship
      • Larger fleets attract more powerful strikes
    • Some strikes will not deal any damage - at most 1 every 5 seconds (on average) will
    • Each strike gives the fleet a speed boost in a direction determined by the fleet's position relative to the storm cell and its speed
    • Speed beyond burn level 20 does not cost extra fuel
    • While speed-boosted, the fleet may briefly lose steering control
      • Emergency Burn allows control while boosted
    • Strikes are synced up with the "cloud lightning" visual/audio effects
    • Entering an active hyper cell will cause a flurry of storm strikes - i.e, the timing is predictable
    • Overall:
      • Potential for more severe damage to individual ships
      • Much less expensive in total, and lower per-day costs since not all ships are affected
      • Situationally useful for faster travel
  • Deep hyperspace:
    • Now slows down larger fleets more than small ones
  • Nebula:
    • Now slows down larger fleets more than small ones
    • Removed in-combat effect on ship speed
  • Asteroid belts/fields:
    • Do not slow down fleets directly
    • Chance of "asteroid impacts" on the drive field, briefly knocking the fleet off course
      • Heavier impacts on larger fleets
      • Navigation skill helps mitigate impacts
  • Magnetic field:
    • Now reduces the range at which a fleet within can be detected by 75%
    • When in magnetic storm, range is reduced by 100%, and the sensors of the fleet have their range reduced by 90%
    • Goal: useful for sneaking around and hiding in
  • In general: terrain that slows down fleets is where smaller fleets can run to get away from larger fleets

  • Tempest:
    • Increased maintenance/deployment cost to 8
    • Replaced Active Flare Launcher with High Energy Focus
    • Terminator Drone:
      • Changed wing size to 2
      • Reduced replacement time to 10 seconds
      • Reduced top speed; engines can no longer flame out
      • Changed type to "support" with 0 roam range
      • Added "Terminator Core" hullmod
        • Increases damage to missiles and fighters 2x
        • Gives perfect target leading
        • Increases beam range
        • PD weapons ignore flares
      • Now armed with a PD Laser and IR Pulse Laser
      • Overall:
        • Excellent anti-fighter and point-defense
        • Limited usefulness as anti-ship support due to no roam and low weapon range
  • Colossus, all 3 versions: significantly cheaper to buy
  • Colossus Mk2, Mk3:
    • Added Civilian-grade Hull (not a nerf)
  • Prometheus:
    • Reduced fuel capacity to 2500
    • Changed ship system to Flare Launcher
  • Apogee:
    • Reduced fuel/ly to 2
    • Increased fuel capacity to 200 and cargo capacity to 400
    • Changed arc of large front hardpoint to 10 degrees (was: 5)
    • Changed coverage of medium turrets to not cover front and overlap in the back
    • Reduced deployment and supplies/month costs to 18 (was: 25)
  • Mule: increased OP to 80, changed medium turret type to composite, increased max speed to 60
  • Enforcer: fixed weapon locations that were not positioned quite right on the sprite
  • Hound, Cerberus: increased OP by 5
  • Adjusted OP for most civilian ships, generally slight to moderate increases
  • Odyssey:
    • Removed front overlap of 3 large turrets
    • Improved arcs of two rear-facing small turrets
    • Changed right-side large turret type to "synergy"
    • Added built-in High Resolution Sensors
    • Added built-in ECCM Package
    • Reduced fuel/light-year to 8 (was: 10)
    • Increased OP by 10
    • Reduced top speed to 70 (was 80)
    • Ship system changed to "Plasma Burn"
      • Very brief, very fast burn; moves about one ship length forward
      • Can still steer and use shields, but can't move backwards
      • Stores up to two charges
  • Aurora: reduced flux capacity by 1000 and flux dissipation by 50
  • Ox-class Tug: reduced fuel cost/light year to 5 (was: 10)
  • Tri-Tachyon Brawler:
    • Added built-in Insulated Engine Assembly
    • Increased OP to 60 (was: 50)
    • Changed standard variant to be long-range support
  • Added Falcon (P) - pirate "hot rod" version with extensive modifications
  • Added Shrike-class Light Destroyer
    • High-tech; used in navies of many factions
    • Plasma Burn ship system
    • Medium missile slot and good energy-based firepower
    • Fast and very fragile
  • Added XIV Battlegroup ship not available to the Hegemony

  • Ion Cannon, Ion Pulser: EMP arcs now deal 100% of base non-EMP damage instead of 25%
  • Devastator Cannon: reduced number of particles from explosions
  • Weapons that use ammo now retain their ammo count across multiple engagements
    • In other words, re-deploying a ship will not cause its weapons to be reloaded
  • Autopulse Laser: increased charges to 30 (was: 20)
  • Plasma Cannon:
    • Damage reduced to 500 and and flux/shot reduced to 550
    • Fires 3-shot bursts every 2 seconds
    • Increased turn rate substantially
    • Will no longer autofire against fighters
  • Light Needler:
    • Range reduced to 700
    • Burst size increased to 15 (was 10), reduced per-shot recoil
    • Rate of fire within burst doubled
    • Increased refire delay to keep same DPS as before
    • Flux per shot increased to 50 (was: 40)
  • Heavy Needler:
    • Burst size increased to 30, reduced per-shot recoil
    • Rate of fire within burst doubled
    • Increased refire delay, overall DPS increased from 214 to 250
    • Flux per shot increased to 50 (was: 40)
  • Light AC, Light Dual AC: significantly increased turn rate
  • Arbalest AC: reduced flux cost per shot to 120 (was: 170)
  • Hurricane MIRV:
    • Made missile and warheads more visible
    • Number of warheads is 9
    • Warheads are now two-stage (aim then unguided burn), but much more accurate
    • Increased refire delay to 15 (was: 5)
    • Submunition accuracy significantly impacted by ECCM/Missile Specialization
  • Heavy Mauler: increased refire delay to 1.5 seconds (was: 1)
  • Light Mortar: increased range to 600 (was: 500) and improved accuracy somewhat
  • Pilum LRM: reduced OP cost to 7 (was: 10)
  • Sabot (all):
    • Improved acceleration and turn rate
    • Increased submunition spread to 20 degrees (was: 15)
    • Improved aim/target leading of first stage
  • Sabot Pod: reduced burst size to 2
  • MIRV missiles can now split early when at close range and in-flight for over a second

  • Fighters from the same carrier will now coordinate their attacks if launched together and given the proper distance to do so
  • Ordering fighters to engage builds flux up to slightly above 5%
  • Fighter replacement rate now goes down as long as the majority of wings have a missing fighter
    • Note that this is coupled with fixing a bug that caused a lowered rate to apply twice
    • Thus: not a nerf overall
  • Claw: replaced Ion Cannon with Ion Cannon (High Delay) that has a significantly lower rate of fire
  • Khopesh: reduced number of rockets per pod to 5 (was: 7)
  • Mining Pod: substantially increased durability
  • Talon: increased OP cost to 2 (was: 0)
  • Warthog:
    • Wing size reduced to 2 (was: 3)
    • Removed one of the three light mortars
    • Reduced flux stats to roughly halve the remaining firepower after a brief initial burst

  • Converted Hangar:
    • Removed fighter replacement rate penalty
    • Can now re-launch returned fighters quickly, i.e. useful for bombers
    • Fighters have reduced stats and d-mod overlay as if the ship had a Defective Manufactory d-mod
      • (-33% speed, +50% damage taken)
    • OP cost for bombers increased by 100%; by 50% for all other fighters
  • Converted Cargo Bay (Colossus Mk.3 built-in):
    • Same changes, except for OP cost
  • Advanced Turret Gyros: +75% weapon turn speed (was: 50%)
  • Integrated Point Defense AI:
    • Makes small non-missile weapons PD (as before)
    • Grants 50% damage bonus to missiles
    • All PD weapons have the best possible target leading
    • PD weapons ignore decoy flares
  • Shield Conversion - Omni:
    • Reduced shield arc penalty to 33% (was: 50%)
    • Reduced OP cost to match Hardened Shields
  • Unstable Injector: now also increases fighter replacement time by 25%
  • Certain hullmods can now only be installed at a colony with a spaceport or an orbital station
    • These are all tagged with "Logistics" and affect a ship's campaign stats
    • Limited to 2 per ship, not including any built-in logistics mods (such as Surveying Equipment on the Apogee)
    • Goal is to make these a long-term commitment, especially prior to an expedition to the fringes
  • High Resolution Sensors:
    • Can now be learned and installed on other ships. Bonus for capital ships increased.
    • Can be bought from certain factions
    • Also unlocked at Sensors level 3
  • Solar Shielding: reduced cost, beam damage effect changed to reduce energy damage by 20% instead
  • Surveying Equipment: reduced OP cost
  • Augmented Drive Field: +2 burn, no penalties, tier 1, high OP cost
  • Added hullmods:
    • Additional Berthing:
      • Extra crew capacity (flat value, but at least 30% of base)
      • Civilian ships only: +50% supply use for maintenance
    • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks:
      • Extra fuel capacity (flat value, but at least 30% of base)
      • Civilian ships only: +50% supply use for maintenance
    • Expanded Cargo Holds:
      • Extra cargo capacity (flat value, but at least 30% of base)
      • Civilian ships only: +50% supply use for maintenance
    • Militarized Subsystems:
      • Removes Civilian-grade Hull's penalties
      • Adds +1 burn
      • Increased crew requirements
      • -50% supplies to deploy
      • Can only install on ships with Civilian-grade Hull
    • Efficiency Overhaul: reduced maintenance, crew reqs, and fuel use, reduced CR/deploy

  • Adding new assignments is free while the command frequency is open
  • Waypoints for new assignments will always be created at least 3000 units (3 map grid squares) from the map border
  • Ordering fighters to "engage" will set a ships minimum flux level to slightly over 5%
  • Reserve Deployment:
    • Does not add extra craft for bombers
    • Adds up to 1 (wing size 3 or less) or 2 (wing size > 3) for other fighter types
  • Fortress Shield: increased charge up/down time to 1.5 seconds (was: 1)
  • Damper Field:
    • Now reduces damage by 67% for frigates and destroyers; 50% for cruisers and capitals
    • Damper-field-using frigates should only rarely show up in smaller faction fleets
  • Quantum Disruptor: removed energy damage penalty
  • Fixed a number of admiral AI issues that made it use its ships in a highly suboptimal manner
    • Spends a bit of time capturing objectives, then orders a consistent full assault

Ship AI
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused the Piranha to drop bombs right on top of friendly ships, including the carrier that it came from
  • Fixed bug that caused the Flash bomber to fire phase charges in an unsafe manner
    • (This was a different bug than the above)
  • Improved escort behavior - fixed a few positional bugs that caused escorting ships to get in the wrong position for what they wanted to do
  • Fixed some issues with carriers not sending out fighters to attack
  • Cleaned up a few cases of the AI backing off unnecessarily
  • Ships that find themselves chasing smaller enemies far away from the action will try to rejoin their allies
    • Still possible for them to be separated, but requires the enemy to screen them off
  • Fixed some cases of burn drive being used to move away from the desired direction (when retreating, escorting, moving to an assigned objective, etc)
  • Fixed issue that caused Khopesh to mostly not fire its rockets at frigates
  • Fixed bug that caused the AI to only rarely fire Sabots and other kinetic missile weapons vs frigates
    • (Were treated as "strike" weapons for that particular case)
  • Improved range-management for "cautious" AI personality - should now keep in range more reliably if outranging the enemy's non-missile weapons

  • Revamped UI for adding hullmods to ships
    • Sorting and tag-based filtering
    • Can add/remove multiple hullmods without closing dialog
    • Can adjust vents/capacitors and see ship stats while in dialog
  • Refit screen stats tooltip now shows ship system
  • Changed "primary role" strings for weapons to more accurately reflect their actual combat roles, e.g. instead of "Assault" or "Close Support", it's "Anti Armor" or "Anti Shield" or "Point Defense (Area)" etc
  • Added sensor strength and sensor profile to ship stats tooltip/info panel
  • A crash during saving should no longer corrupt the savefile
  • Launcher will now limit maximum resolution displayed to half of native for 4k monitors; goal is to point to "intended" use of half-native-resolution in fullscreen mode in that case
    • "4kThreshold" in data/config/settings.json if use of higher resolution is desired
  • Increased number of simultaneous sound sources to 128 (was: 64)
  • New icon for Expanded Magazines hullmod

  • New sound for Hypervelocity Driver
  • New character screen sounds
  • Overall combat sound cleanup
  • Added split sounds for Sabot and Hurricane MIRV

  • Fixed issue that could cause ships to be deployed far off the map
  • Added listeners for player hostile actions against colonies - raids and bombardments; see: ListenerUtil
  • Phased phase ships with negative flux upkeep cost will now get pushed away from other ships when their flux is low
  • Removed CargoItemType.MOD_SPEC; use CargoItemType.SPECIAL instead
  • Added new columns to weapon_data.csv; if present these override tooltip fields
    • primaryRoleStr
    • speedStr
    • trackingStr
    • turnRateStr
    • accuracyStr
    • noDPSInTooltip: to not show DPS row in weapon tooltip
  • Also added to weapon_data.csv columns to define two custom sections (with highlights) in tooltip info:
    • customPrimary
    • customPrimaryHL
    • customAncillary
    • customAncillaryHL
  • Added "designTypeColors" section to settings.json, provides colors for manufacturer/design type information displayed in various tooltips and blueprint management screens
  • Added to MissileAPI:
    • boolean isMirv();
    • float getMirvWarheadDamage();
    • float getMirvWarheadEMPDamage();
    • int getMirvNumWarheads();
    • DamageType getMirvWarheadDamageType();
    • JSONObject getBehaviorSpecParams();
  • Added PaginatedOptions command to rules; allows easily/automatically creating multiple pages of options in interaction dialogs
  • Disabled interaction dialog options with empty text are now invisible (potentially useful as spacers)
  • Hullmods tagged with "req_spaceport" can now only be added or removed at a colony with a spaceport or an orbital station
    • Can have arbitrary requirements for colony defined per hullmod in the effect plugin
  • Projectile weapons only: LINKED or DUAL barrelMode weapons will now multiply the weapon_data.csv flux cost by the number of barrels that fire simultaneously
    • Multi-barrel beam weapons still use the spreadsheet value as-is
  • Added SectorAPI.void removeTransientScriptsOfClass(Class c)
  • Added to HullModEffect:
    • applyEffectsToFighterSpawnedByShip(ShipAPI fighter, ShipAPI ship, String id)
    • Used to modify fighters spawned by parent ship
  • Added "attackPositionOffset" to wing_data.csv; used to control position within attack group of multiple fighter wings (i.e. fighters first,  bombers behind, etc)
  • Added "canSplitEarly" parameter to MIRV behavior, if set to true missile can split if close to target and elapsed time is over a second
  • Added "splitSound" parameter to MIRV behavior
  • Added: SettingsAPI.doesVariantExist(String variantId)
  • Added to ShipAPI:
    • boolean isJitterShields();
    • void setJitterShields(boolean jitterShields);
      • Controls whether shields are affected by the jitter visual effect
    • boolean isInvalidTransferCommandTarget();
    • void setInvalidTransferCommandTarget(boolean invalidTransferCommandTarget);
    • void clearDamageDecals();
  • Added DamagingExplosionSpec class to API (rather, moved it out from core)
  • Added to CombatEngineAPI:
    • DamagingProjectileAPI spawnDamagingExplosion(DamagingExplosionSpec spec, ShipAPI source, Vector2f location);
    • DamagingProjectileAPI spawnDamagingExplosion(DamagingExplosionSpec spec, ShipAPI source, Vector2f location, boolean canDamageSource);
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • void setPDAlso(boolean pd); // makes weapon fire at missiles if there are no other targets
    • That is, imitates having the PD_ALSO tag
  • Added to CharacterDataAPI:
    • void setPortraitName(String portraitName);
    • void setName(String name, Gender gender);
    • Setting the name and portrait in CharacterCreationData during new game creation now updates the name/portrait in the new game creation dialog
  • Added to FighterWingAPI:
    • boolean isReturning(ShipAPI fighter);
    • void orderReturn(ShipAPI fighter);
    • void stopReturning(ShipAPI fighter);
  • Added to CampaignUIAPI:
    • boolean showPlayerFactionConfigDialog();
  • Added to EngineSlotAPI:
    • float getWidth();
  • GenericPluginManagerAPI: now supports transient plugins
  • Added HyperspaceTerrainPlugin.getActiveCells()
  • Added CampaignInputListener interface:
    • int getListenerInputPriority();
    • void processCampaignInputPreCore(List<InputEventAPI> events);
    • void processCampaignInputPreFleetControl(List<InputEventAPI> events);
    • void processCampaignInputPostCore(List<InputEventAPI> events);
    • Register using Global.getSector().getListenerManager().addListener(); usually want transient
  • Added to EveryFrameCombatPlugin:
    • void processInputPreCoreControls(float amount, List<InputEventAPI> events)
    • Called after processing input by active dialogs and tutorial overlay and before everything else
  • Added "npc_only" skill tag that makes skills not show up on the character screen
  • Fixed InteractionDialogAPI.setTextWidth()
    • Requires hideVisualPanel() to be called first
  • Added to CustomCampaignEntityAPI:
    • void setActiveLayers(CampaignEngineLayers ... layers);
    • EnumSet<CampaignEngineLayers> getActiveLayers();

  • New colonies will properly spawn with orbital junk and radio chatter
  • Fixed bug that caused tooltips for overlapping weapons in the refit screen to not be cleaned up
  • Fixed issue that prevented the "Claim Victory" option from showing up when the enemy has fighters

    Changes as of June 01, 2018

    • Colony building:
      • Player can establish a colony on a planet they've surveyed
      • Requires crew, machinery, and supplies
      • Can change the planet's name, either when colony is established or at any point later on
      • Can build "Industries" and "Structures" (same thing, mechanically) at a colony
      • Some example ones:
        • Mining
        • Farming
        • Spaceport
        • Heavy Industry
        • Orbital stations (of several varieties)
        • Military Base
        • Tech-Mining
        • ... and a number of other ones
      • Some industries can be upgraded, i.e. "Patrol HQ" -> "Military Base", or "Heavy Industry" -> "Orbital Works"
      • Most industries are known from the start, but a few more exotic ones can be learned
      • Can set a "stockpiling level" for a colony to have it build up extra resources the player can take
        • Stockpiling costs credits, but somewhat less than the base cost of the commodities
        • Stockpiles will be used to counter temporary shortages
      • Player colonies have a "local resources" submarket where they can take from, or add to, stockpiles. There's a "storage" submarket for resources that must remain untouched.
      • Player colonies do *not* have an Open Market unless there's a "Commerce" industry
      • Colonies start at size 3; population growth depends on many factors and can be directly invested into
      • Can assign AI cores to manage industries for various, significant benefits
      • A Military Base produces patrols which will defend the colony
      • Can hire Administrators (up to a limit) to manage your colonies
      • Can learn skills that improve the colonies under your control
        • Maximum number under personal control is soft-limited - reduced stability for going beyond
      • Can assign Alpha Cores to manage your colonies, for a massive benefit
      • Establishing the first colony also creates a new player faction
        • Can set the faction name and select a flag
        • Can adjust both at any point in the future
    • Blueprints for ship hulls, weapons, and fighter LPCs:
      • Required by Heavy Industry to build ships
        • Ship production "quality" is based on many factors and affects the number of d-mods a produced hull will have
        • Can be improved by certain items found during exploration
      • Some basic blueprints always known from the start, rest have to be acquired
      • Blueprints can be prioritized to get the desired fleet composition and weapon/fighter use
      • Affect fleet production by player colonies
      • Player can custom-order known ships and weapons
        • Will be built based on the monthly production capacity of their heavy industry
        • And delivered to a designated gathering point, along with some crew, fuel, and supplies
    • New economy system to support colony mechanics
      • Player buying/selling has direct impact on market's available commodity numbers
      • Player colonies can become suppliers for other factions and generate export income for the player
        • Relative "accessibility" of colonies determines who the best supplier is
        • Player has several tools to manage this, from establishing waystations to piracy
    • Officers found in sleeper pods can now be up to level 15 instead of 5
    • Administrators can now be found in sleeper pods; likeliest place to find high-skilled ones
      • Can now go over the maximum number of officers and administrators
        • Can't use the ones over maximum
        • Can't hire to go over maximum
        • Mainly useful to be able to find officers/admins in sleeper pods, while already at maximum
    • Factions
      • Factions have access to ships/weapons/fighters based on their blueprints
      • AI ship loadouts are dynamically generated, based on what's available
      • Factions have been adjusted so that their available blueprints and doctrine make each more distinct
        • Examples:
        • The Hegemony favors larger ships and high-quality officers
        • The Luddic Church, while also mostly drawing from low-tech designs:
          • Favors larger numbers of ships with lower-quality officers
          • Makes extensive use of Converted Hangars
          • Has access to a faction-specific "Perdition"-class torpedo bomber
    • Faction doctrine: settings that affect faction fleet composition and ship behavior
      • Each setting can go from 1 to 5
      • Warships - proportion of regular combat ships found in fleets, on average
      • Carriers - proportion of carriers
      • Phase Ships - proportion of phase ships
      • Warships, Carriers, and Phase Ships must add up to 7 points
      • Officer Quality, Ship Quality, and More Ships - must also add up to 7 points
      • Ship Size - independent setting, determines average size of ships preferred
      • Aggression - determines personality of officers; does not affect the player's own fleet
        • Also applies to combat personality/behavior of ships without officers, both for the player and for other factions
        • This aspect *does* affect the player's own fleet
      • Each faction now has an appropriate doctrine setting
    • Monthly income and expenses:
      • Outposts/colonies
        • Base income from a population
        • Upkeep for each industry; based on hazard rating of planet
          • A lower-hazard planet can support more industries on the "base income"; exact numbers still TBD
          • Can go above that for a negative income
        • Exports: income for becoming the best provider of a commodity to another faction's colony
          • Incurs "overhead" when there are many exports from the same colony
          • *Always* better to have more exports, but the added benefit drops off quickly
      • Storage - 1% of base value of stored ships/cargo
      • Crew, officer, and administrator salaries
      • Presented in a detailed monthly report
    • New tab: "Command", shortcut "D". Allows player to:
      • Manage colonies
      • Can also see which markets you have storage at and what's stored where
      • View latest income report
      • Manage the doctrine and blueprint priorities
      • Make custom production orders
    • Cargo screen
      • Can quick-transfer (or sell) a lot of cargo by holding down Alt then mousing over the stacks
        • Can be turned off via settings.json
      • Improved quantity selection slider for picking up part of a stack
      • Supplies/fuel/crew/marines/heavy machinery now shown first in sorted cargo; other commodities also shown before weapons/fighter chips/etc
    • Revamped intel screen
      • Tag-based filtering system
      • Always shows map
      • UI is updated based on the current state of missions and such
      • Can accept and abandon certain missions directly from the intel screen
      • Can flag pieces of intel as "important"
      • Intel is now "live" and does not require a new message for the information displayed to change
    • Person bounties:
      • Will now pay out and increase reputation when hostile or worse with offering faction
      • Information given re: where to find target now includes constellation and some planet/star system type hints, but no actual star system unless it's a lone star
      • Reward no longer based on market stability
    • System bounties:
      • Will now pay out and increase reputation when hostile or worse with offering faction
      • Most likely in systems containing markets hostile to each other
    • Faction commissions:
      • Have to talk to a high-ranking faction official to get one
      • Pays a level-based monthly stipend in addition to a small bounty for enemy ships
      • Partially restores standing with other factions as hostility status changes
      • Can be resigned; smaller reputation penalty if in person
        • Restores standing with factions that became hostile as a result of holding the commission
    • Faction hostilities: fixed various issues re: hostilities properly ending and total number/frequency
      • Last for at least 6 months, and rarely more than a full cycle
      • Hostilities between Hegemony-TriTachyon and other starting hostilities between major factions (i.e. not pirates/pathers) are no longer permanent
    • Smugglers now have a low reputation impact if attacked, i.e. won't turn entire faction instantly hostile
    • Chance to have advance intel about departures of trade fleets/smugglers, including timeframe and cargo
    • Changed options for colony interaction
      • Can open all core UI tabs with corresponding shortcut instead of just a subset
      • Added "visit dockside bar" option; details are WIP
      • Added "Consider your military options" option; sub-menu allows player to attack orbital station
        • Will also contain a few TBD mechanics re: planet-based military actions
    • Dropping cargo pods may now distract pirate fleets; duration of distraction (if any) depends on quantity of goods ejected
    • Autoresolve (AI vs AI, and auto-resolved pursuit battles):
      • Takes d-mods/production quality into account
      • Works with stations and modular ships
    • Made various improvements to "where is this entity" mission/bounty/etc description text
    • Toned down bounty level-scaling
    • Added "Compromised Storage" dmod, reduces cargo/crew/fuel capacity of ship by 30%
    • Added to Mudskipper Mk.2
    • Added Gremlin-class lowtech phase frigate, with pirate and Luddic Path versions
    • Buy and sell cost of ships now includes the base supply cost of their current combat readiness (i.e., no/minimal credit loss for recovering CR on a ship and then selling it)
      • Similar CR-based modifier added to supplies etc recovered when scuttling a ship
    • Added two new torpedo bomber wings: Perdition and Cobra
    • Fleet AI:
      • Much less easily sidetracked by chases; patrols in particular will largely focus on defending their objectives
      • When orbiting a planet, will spread out to try to avoid overlap with other orbiting fleets
    • Reduced number of campaign ship contrails; improves performance a lot and should generally not be noticeable
    • Sensors: combined detection range in hyperspace now limited to 2000 units (was 5000)
    • Added "generate name" option to colony renaming dialog
    • Installed fighters now shown in the fleet screen
    • Trade fleet routes will stop by a waystation if appropriate
    • Fighting independent scavenger fleets will now only slightly reduce standing with the independents
    • Temporary/event-based market conditions no longer have "event" label, grouped to the left of other conditions instead
      • Condition icon size scales down if there are too many to fit in the available width
    • Lava planets will no longer show up as part of the combat background (too bright)
    • Jump-point tooltip no longer shows planet types in unexplored star systems
    • Number of d-mods is now shown for each fleet member in the campaign fleet tooltip
    • D-mods are now also highlighted in the ship tooltip's list of hullmods
    • Made "fleet despawning" animation smoother
    • Number of supplies UI indicator will now include the picked-up supply stack, if any
    • When a course is laid in and you approach a jump-point, selecting "leave" will also disable autopilot

    • Updated to use newer version of xstream (1.4.10)
    • Cleaned up controls screen - updated text and removed commands that are no longer in the game
    • Made some improvements to game-saving code that should speed it up on non-SSD drives
    • Made in-combat "exit game" button red to avoid potential confusion with "claim victory"
    • Vertical scrollbar active area now wider, indicator expands when mouse is in active area
    • Improved algorithm for automatically generating weapon groups
    • Improved game startup speed when sound is enabled by up to around 40% total, depending on the system specs

    Orbital Stations
    • Can be built at a colony to provide defenses and support nearby friendly fleets in combat
    • Existing colonies have these as appropriate
    • Three tiers: Orbital Station, Battlestation, and Star Fortress
    • Three tech levels/styles: low tech, midline, and high tech
      • Roughly similar combat power of each style, but different tactical approaches
    • Dynamically fitted with weapons based on faction weapon availability
    • Higher-tier stations are bolstered with drones and minefields

    • Improved proximity fuse range detection vs longer/thinner ships
    • Phase ships:
      • Doom: new ship system, "Mine Strike", spawns high-damage, high-delay proximity fuse mines
        • Huge buff overall
      • Harbinger: system changed to Quantum Disruptor
      • Afflictor: system changed to Entropy Amplifier
    • Various performance improvements, should be around 20-30% faster
    • Toggling autofire on on an already-selected weapon group will make that group autofire
      • Can override and get manual control by selecting the group again
    • Fixed bug that caused the fighter rate replacement multiplier to apply twice
    • New graphics for Annihilator Pod medium weapon
    • Greatly improved missile tracking
      • And fixed issues with ECCM sometimes making it worse; it should now be a significant improvement
    • Hurricane MIRV:
      • Made missile and warheads more visible
      • Reduced number of warheads to 7
      • Warheads are now two-stage (aim then unguided burn), but much more accurate
    • Integrated Targeting Unit: increased OP cost for frigates to 4
    • Centurion: middle two turrets can now face front; arcs expanded
    • Low CR no longer reduces missile weapon ammo
    • Renamed "Guardian PD System" to "Paladin PD System" (reasons REDACTED)
    • Colossus Mk.3: removed fighter bay and Ill-Advised Modifications
      • Added "Converted Cargo Bay" that adds 2 converted fighter bays

    Ship AI
    • Fixed issue that was causing small weapon groups made up of hardpoints to not be set to autofire
    • Will no longer fire low-ammo missiles vs overloaded fighters
    • Fixed issue with too many carriers auto-escorting nearby combat ships
    • Reduced tendency of carriers to assign their fighter wings to escort nearby ships instead of attacking
    • Carriers assigned a "search & destroy" order will no longer use nearby ships to hide behind
    • Improved logic for multiple ships not using too many total missiles vs a single target
    • Fixed issue that was causing carriers to order fighters to "engage" too far from target, causing unnecessary loss of the 0-flux boost
    • Fixed issue that was causing carriers with some support fighters to not order the other fighters to engage
    • Fixed bug that caused a retreating ship with front shields to keep them on when it was not necessary
    • More likely to set smaller groups to autofire when flux is low, including hardpoint groups
    • Improved autofire flux management
      • Will autofire most kinds of weapon groups, depending on flux level and dissipation
      • Able to keep on pressure with low-flux weapons when on high flux
    • Improved flux management for high-flux weapons such as Heavy Blasters
    • Fixed bug that was causing fighters to only rarely fire missiles/torpedoes at low-hitpoint targets
    • Improved omni shield use vs phase ships
    • Fixed bug that was causing the AI to improperly evaluate where it has the most remaining armor
    • Ships gradually get more aggressive when their peak time and CR tick down

    • Fixed crash from left-clicking station in hyperspace
    • Error message due to incorrectly configured music set is now comprehensible
    • Ships with modules:
      • Modules are no longer configured using weapon groups
      • Added "modules" section to .variant files instead
      • Modules will be ordered in listed order provided "modules" is an array of objects
    • Station/ship-with-module weapons no longer rendered in separate pass above everything
      • Use module order to control rendering order instead
    • Variants, hulls, skins, skills, weapons, projectiles: will be merged with core files when loaded
      • Meaning, a mod can now provide a partial file with just the changes rather than a complete file
    • Renamed FleetDespawnListener to FleetEventListener
    • Added reportBattleOccurred() method to FleetEventListener
    • Fixed bug to do with beamFireOnlyOnFullCharge and venting while firing at max charge
    • Proximity fuse projectiles with a trigger range of 0 will now only explode at end of range
    • MutableStat values no longer capped to be >= 0
    • Added better error message when game crashes due to an invalid ship system id being specified
    • Added MissileAPI.interruptContrail() - needs to be called twice, once at old and once at new location
    • Added MarketAPI.get/setEconGroup()
      • Markets within the same econ group only trade with each other and are not visible when viewing nearby markets etc from a market in a different group. Default group is null (the value, not the string).
    • Added ShipAIPlugin.getConfig() method that returns a ShipAIConfig (or null if a custom ship AI doesn't support the core config parameters)
    • Added "tags" and "rarity" columns to ship_data.csv
      • Skins do NOT inherit tags from the parent ship, but can have their own tags specified via a "tags" json array
      • Default d-hulls also do not inherit any tags from the base hull
    • Added "tech/manufacturer" column to ship and weapon data
      • Defaults to "Common" if unspecified
      • "manufacturer" key to override in ship skin file
    • SectorEntityTokens and MarketAPIs stored in a MemoryAPI will be replaced by their ids in save files, and restored on load
      • For this and other reasons, code must gracefully handle a case where an entity is put into memory but then is no longer there or *is* there but is no longer in any LocationAPI
    • Removed dHullOverlaySmall/Large from hull_styles.json; replaced with single dHullOverlay, which should be large-ish and will tile to cover bigger hulls (instead of being upscaled)
    • hull_styles.json: now 3 d-mod overlays per style; light/medium/heavy, in only one size
      • d-mod overlays tile for larger ships
    • Moved get/setModuleVariant() methods from FleetMemberAPI to ShipVariantAPI
    • Weapon group generation:
      • Added "GROUP_LINKED" and "GROUP_ALTERNATION" AI hints to weapon_data; will attempt to place weapons with those in separate groups and set them to linked or alternating
      • Added groupTag column to weapon_data; when set, will heavily favor placing weapons with same groupTag into the same group, without other weapons in it
      • Will not auto-generate weapon groups for AI fleets until combat starts, for performance reasons
    • Fixed word-wrapping issue when a single word is too long for a line
    • Added limited support for drones with SHIP collision class; will no longer crash into mothership
    • Added "canUseWhileRightClickSystemOn" to ship system definitions
    • Missiles now support the "jitter" effect, above the missile sprite only
    • Changes to fleet despawn logic: listeners will now be notified before the fleet member list is cleared
      • Allows seeing fleet state at time of despawn if it wasn't snapshotted
      • Fleet members removed afterwards
    • Added CollisionGridAPI that gives access to internal bin-lattice used to speed up collision checks/AI
      • void addObject(Object object, Vector2f loc, float objWidth, float objHeight);
      • void removeObject(Object object, Vector2f loc, float objWidth, float objHeight);
      • Iterator<Object> getCheckIterator(Vector2f loc, float checkWidth, float checkHeight);
    • Added to CombatEngineAPI:
      • CollisionGridAPI getAllObjectGrid();
      • CollisionGridAPI getShipGrid();
      • CollisionGridAPI getMissileGrid();
      • CollisionGridAPI getAsteroidGrid();
    • Added to SettingsAPI:
      • String readTextFileFromCommon(String filename)
      • void writeTextFileToCommon(String filename, String data)
      • Load/save text data from the <installdir>/saves/common/ folder
        • Limited to 1MB per file, 50MB total files per session
    • Hull mods tagged with "no_drop_salvage" will not drop from campaign salvage operations
      • Different from "no_drop", which will only make them not drop from defeated ships in combat
    • Added alternate system for listening to campaign events, see: ListenerManagerAPI
      • Allows registering to listen for only one type of event
      • Not everything converted to use it, but will only use this system going forward
    • Added event-listening interfaces:
      • ShowLootListener
      • SurveyPlanetListener
      • EconomyTickListener
      • DiscoverEntityListener
    • Added IntelManagerAPI to manage player-visible pieces of information
      • See: Global.getSector().getIntelManager()
      • Replaces EventManager etc
      • CommMessageAPI, SectorAPI.reportEventStage, etc deprecated/removed
      • Game no longer loads/uses reports.csv
      • Missions are re-implemented as "IntelInfoPlugin" rather than a events
      • A few events that were essentially scripts (such as OfficerManagerEvent) remain for legacy reasons
      • MissionBoard and related APIs removed
      • All of these are now handled through IntelManager
      • Removed concept of "comm channels"; channels.json no longer loaded
    • Added CombatEntityAPI.getAI() method to get at proximity fuse AI from projectiles
    • Added ProximityFuseAIAPI, with an updateDamage() method, so changing damage via script can work on flak and similar
    • Added SettingsAPI.getMergedJSONForMod(String path, String masterMod)

    • Fixed issue with market/planet name mismatch for some procgen planets
    • Fixed issues w/ small dormant remnant fleets not engaging and sometimes dropping loot if harassed
    • Ship AI: fixed issue where 4+ carriers could get stuck in an escorting-each-other loop
    • Fixed bug that caused Fleet Logistics 1 to make destroyed ships only have a 50% chance of recovery rather than 100% as intended. Disabled ships still got the 100% chance.
    • Fixed issue with Plasma Cannon not being properly affected by Safety Overrides
    • Save bar no longer get stuck if saving the game throws an error for any reason
    • Fixed issue with scavenger fleets stuck in "returning to <market>" state
    • Fixed issue that was sometimes preventing carriers from properly obeying "Full Retreat" order
    • Fixed rendering issue with black holes on radar
    • Fixed issue with Strike Commander causing projectile weapons from fighters to hit multiple times
    • Fixed crash when a mission variant had a fighter wing from a mod installed and the mod was then disabled
    • Fixed visual issue with jump-point in Westernesse star system
    • Fixed issue with debris fields not despawning properly and causing savegame bloat (thanks, Tartiflette!)
    • Fixed issue where could select civilian/unarmed ships for pursuit autoresolve
    • Fixed issue where fighter chips would disappear from inventory when opening refit screen for a ship with that fighter built in
    • Fixed issue with fighters returning to a retreated carrier getting stuck off-map without retreating
    • Fixed station rendering issue in campaign where module placement wasn't quite right
    • Fixed bug that caused phasing mid-burst to improperly shorten some weapon cooldowns
    • The resolutionOverride config file setting now works with fullscreen mode
    • Fixed issue that cause a black hole to appear in the middle of the sector map in some games
    • Fixed bug that caused the player to have to wait for their allies to finish the battle after full-retreating from it
    • Fixed issue that caused REDACTED fleets to respawn extremely quickly in some situations

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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 10:53:18 AM »

    (I'm sure there's a bunch of smaller stuff that's missing from the notes, but these should hit all the high points to date. Er, unless I forgot about something.)


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #2 on: June 01, 2018, 11:40:40 AM »

    Oh, yes. Good. I'll give these a closer look in a bit; heading out right now.


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #3 on: June 01, 2018, 11:57:33 AM »

    You was busy did't ya. So extensive patch notes and just a couple of TBD.. So 0.9 season of bug-hunting is near. I can feel it in the air. And, I'm confident enough to speak in name of most members, WE are ready.  8)
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #4 on: June 01, 2018, 11:59:32 AM »

    You was busy did't ya. So extensive patch notes and just a couple of TBD.. So 0.9 season of bug-hunting is near. I can feel it in the air. And, I'm confident enough to speak in name of most members, WE are ready.  8)

    Oh, it'll still be a bit! But it's mostly down to content stuff. Mostly.

    (Stuff that isn't done wouldn't generally be in the patch notes in the first place, the couple of TBDs in there are just for things where I thought it made sense to do that.)


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #5 on: June 01, 2018, 12:06:36 PM »

    HNNG, Only Alex can make text so sexy


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #6 on: June 01, 2018, 12:21:44 PM »

    Yaaay! I've been following this game for like 8 years now and have always dreamt of having colonies and stuff! So excited!!!!   :D
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #7 on: June 01, 2018, 12:52:31 PM »

    So much awesome stuff, but oddly the one that really jumped out at me: "Centurion: middle two turrets can now face front; arcs expanded".  Yay!
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #8 on: June 01, 2018, 01:01:25 PM »

    Oh, it'll still be a bit! But it's mostly down to content stuff. Mostly.

    (Stuff that isn't done wouldn't generally be in the patch notes in the first place, the couple of TBDs in there are just for things where I thought it made sense to do that.)

    Ooooo nononono not buying that. A-a. HET :P You are right, you wouldn't put stuff that isn't done in patch notes but my gut feeling is telling me month or two. Probably closer too two. You'll see ;D
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #9 on: June 01, 2018, 01:02:58 PM »

    Thank you guys :)

    So much awesome stuff, but oddly the one that really jumped out at me: "Centurion: middle two turrets can now face front; arcs expanded".  Yay!

    Hah, was wondering if someone would pick that out!

    Ooooo nononono not buying that. A-a. HET :P You are right, you wouldn't put stuff that isn't done in patch notes but my gut feeling is telling me month or two. Probably closer too two. You'll see ;D

    We'll see :)


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #10 on: June 01, 2018, 01:12:59 PM »

    Oh, it'll still be a bit! But it's mostly down to content stuff. Mostly.

    (Stuff that isn't done wouldn't generally be in the patch notes in the first place, the couple of TBDs in there are just for things where I thought it made sense to do that.)

    Ooooo nononono not buying that. A-a. HET :P You are right, you wouldn't put stuff that isn't done in patch notes but my gut feeling is telling me month or two. Probably closer too two. You'll see ;D

    The first 0.7a patch notes were released seven months before 0.7a released.


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #11 on: June 01, 2018, 01:14:29 PM »

    Forget the Centurion, what's this about? 0.0

    Renamed "Guardian PD System" to "Paladin PD System" (reasons REDACTED)

    Either way, my own excitement is minimal as I know this patch will likely take upwards of a year or more. Even so, I really appreciate all of the hard work in this game!


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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #12 on: June 01, 2018, 01:33:00 PM »

    The first 0.7a patch notes were released seven months before 0.7a released.

    Gut feeling is gut feeling there is no reasoning with it  :D
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #13 on: June 01, 2018, 01:44:50 PM »

    Mmmm, interesting notes.
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    Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
    « Reply #14 on: June 01, 2018, 01:56:48 PM »

    I'm pumped for this update. Looks fantastic.
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