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Author Topic: More mission Variety  (Read 646 times)


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More mission Variety
« on: March 18, 2018, 03:51:16 PM »

I have few ideas regarding missions that ave offered by many outposts.
After playing similar games (port royale for example), I have came to conclusion that the missions could be more varied.
Few examples, ideas.
-Transport people, simple mission that would require You to deliver unique human(using crew slot) cargo to desired location.
Once this mission is accepted a new person would appear in the human contacts on the station/planet, this will be unique type of trader that "sells" people to transfer for free.
In the destination port there will be similar trader, You will get paid per head(or only once entire delivery is complete). Reward will be given, depending on the difficulty. Sometimes ,however, cargo will get interrupted by specialized raider looking specifically for You, demanding to give up these people for slavery. Passangers could be anything lore-wise. they Could be: autonomous humanoid robots, prisoners, slaves, soldiers leaving front-lines, tourists or pilgrims.

-Smuggler/Swindler is a type of mission where You are required to supply(by smuggling) a fleet in the destination with certain amount of goods, this en-devour would have a chance of giving You great profit or causing local authorities to start looking for You or making the swindler turn against You while the reward will be taken from his cold dead hands.
Example: "Bring me 30drugs at XXY Nebula and my boys will use them to harvest some organs nice and clean. You will get Your share."

-Diffuse/set up a minefield, Once accepting a specialized "Cyphered Holokey" will be added to Your cargo. You will be required to go to specific location, and enter special battle type. Only ships are Yours and You have to navigate through proximity minefield, avoiding rocket boosted torpedo-mines on the way and not destroying too many of them. Until You reach the middle and activate "Central Minefield Node" that would turn them all off for You to harvest after battle.
To set Up a minefield You will have to deploy (just reach) capturable point on the map, deploy the node and watch as it rapidly deploys and replaces space-mines. You would have to hurry up out of there before they all activate and track You down.

I have a lot of different Ideas as I generally like space games. I'll let You guys digest the first batch and then depending on the reception I will give You more.