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Author Topic: DF Let's Play/Bloodline: Boldroads, thorn of the Necromancers  (Read 26075 times)

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DF Let's Play/Bloodline: Boldroads, thorn of the Necromancers
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:25:53 PM »

Originally posted some time ago, but still somewhat relevant:

So, while I'm school I've been tossing this idea around in my head for sometime now. In-between both school, Work (the newspaper at the school), and the Mod i generally sacrifice grades and time with others to make time for myself. I'm surrounded by people enough in the day and work with people enough I don't want to usually hang out too long with other warm bodies!

So, as the title of this "discussion" states, this is going to be a Bloodline game for Dwarf Fortress.
This initial post will explain what the game is to those uninitiated, where to find it and where to find information on it (other than simply praying the almighty to gob of Google).

Boldroads has come to life, see the post here. @!!!CLICK [email protected]

A primer to DF or Dwarf Fortress, for those who want to enjoy the bloodline if it even starts up.

Slaves to Armok: God of blood
Chatpter 2: Dwarf Fortress

Or simply, Dwarf Fortress, could be described as something similar to sim-city, Dungeons 3, and dungeon keeper. you are tasked with only one objective with your seven starting dwarves and cart of supplies. Make a fortress. Make it big, make it small, make it layered in soap, make it run blood, make it spew magma! It's whatever you want to make it,

but make, a, fortress.

The game is often described as having a learning curve akin to a cliff. It often drives the community's motto of: LOSING IS FUN!

The Wiki is very helpfull and many youtubers have done videos of varying degrees of enjoyablility on the game and how to play it, or simply a good LP.
For those that're curious I'd reccomend a LPer by the name of "Kruggsmash" guy makes some awesome stuff. For the fresh blood, curious, or simply rusty, here's a very loose overview of a running fortress.

For veterans of the game, move on to the next post.

. . .New Quick-start in the works. . .


You take seven drunk midgets into a fly infested bog, wolf walked forest, zombie ridden hell hole and try to make as cool an funcitonall of a fortress as you can before Urist McMyVomitDon'tReek pulls a lever and kills everyone with !!! REDACTED !!!Or in English:
You take 7 dwarves with supplies and carve or construct a fortress as cool an functional as you can before it all, inevitability, maybe awesomely, ends.
Additional information can be found at:

Due to lack of replies and interest in running a genuine bloodline, the rules are here more for the ease of going into a bloodline if anyone get's interested enough again.


These are the common rules for the fortress and what players will need to do in order to participate, and some guidelines.

    Do NOT intentionally brick or destroy the fortress. This will get in the fun of others who enjoy the game genuinely and want to see how far or badass this can get!
    KEEP A BACK UP OF THE SAVE. If you pass the save to the next player in line and things go belly up- they can't continue, they don't want to, etc etc -we will revert to the earliest save. If you simply don't keep a back-up, then we're SOL. At least keep your save safe till the THIRD player get's the save.
    Do NOT try to force crap to happen. Sometimes you just get a quiet year. enjoy it. Make something fun. Make a colorfull dance-floor!
    All turns will be the go-to of ONE, in-game YEAR. You may continue to play after your turn with a seprate file if you'd like; Or go on an Adventure to see more detail about the fortress and what can be glimpsed in Legends mode.
    Do NOT derail or spam the thread. This will avoid bloat and if a Player posts his turn in segments, rather than a massive post. This makes it easier for other players and readers to enjoy.
    Do NOT use a modded version of the game to play- Masterwork or MLF: Fortress is Magic What?... -we are going to play Vanilla for the first go through.
    Follow the general rules of the forum.
   Since this is the FIRST Bloodline game that I'm aware of on the forums, there are going to be NO gameplay restrictions or goals. Unless ideas are majority approved (I get tons of people saying "X had a uristing awesome idea!!!") they will not be implimented. Likewise, goals/restrictions will NOT be enforced if a Game has NOT started with the Goals/restrictions to begin with.

Some general guidelines

Use EXPERIMENTAL LazyNewbPack, unless you are VERY confident of yourself in the game and how it's file-systems work. This application REALLY has helped many people get into the game that normally wouldn't! (NOTE: this requires Python to run.)

Inform us, describe WHAT and WHO and WHERE! This style of play is partly a story-telling exercise. You don't need to have something big like some of the posters in Boatmurdered or other Bloodline games, but do at least give us an idea of what's going on. EVEN IF YOU'RE USING A GRAPHIC PACK.

Use the wiki, we're not watching you play, we're waiting for your report of time/happenings in the fortress for your year!

Try to post something within at most a week, again you don't have to post things all at once. Make posts as things happen if you want or put something together.  (edited 10-27-2017)
After the 2-week grace period your turn will be revoked and the last save will go to the next player in line.
That DOES NOT mean you can't play again, it just means you've to wait till your turn comes up in the line-up.

When you turn the game over to the next player. Consider reverting the game's graphics to use the default ASCII set, that way the next player can simply install THEIR preferred graphics. Not required but can help other players for sure! :)

Have fun!
But keep names and other things family friendly- as friendly as decapitation can be. Besides, no one needs to see crass names like well. Like some cringey teen goth in a closet trying to rebel by cussing like a sailor.

On the point of fun, if you feel insprised to make something about the fortress- a comic, doodle, etc -post it! Keep it to recent and relevant posts by the way!

Look to some of the older Bloodlines if you're unsure what to do.

PS history and other notes:

This is a starting post to gauge interest and set things up for later. Otherwise that's all for tonight!  10-18-2017
Riddlebells has fallen due to a bug or otherwise. either way it is something out of my controll. 2-10-2018
Adilluslem has started First-post incoming at some point. 2-10-2018
Dead for some time...
still dead...
Oh look, I'm alive now! - 11/11/2018
Boldroads has come to life, see the post here. @!!!CLICK [email protected]

* List of Overseers *
Overseers                 |Times Played               |Alive/Dead/Entombed/Zombie
AzmondA lot...Demi God
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Re: DF Bloodline Game
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 09:26:01 PM »

Current fortress and world:


First World:  Domain of Legends!

Second World:Adilluslem in the Tempted plains, X marks the spot!

Drawn Reference of the first world in Crayon and pen on a rather small paper and taken with a camera.

Fortresses Built: 2
Fortresses Lost: 2
Fortresses Retired: 0
Fortress Nokgolrith (dead)
Fortress Adilluslem (Abandoned to Time (crashed))

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 09:26:12 PM »



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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2017, 08:56:05 AM »

YESSSSSSS I will be tuning in.

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2017, 12:05:05 AM »

Excerpts from the journal of Urist McGregor Counseldye, Dwarven scout of The Gold of Mediating, year 250.

250 early-spring, Unknown date:

Some weeks of wandering the hills and badlands to the south I've made some good progress for some group of dwarves calling themselves "The Vault of Twinkles". They came from my cousins from the north led by some Catman. Strangely he didn't stink like half the cats I met. Still creepy as Murfs though with that face. Lurth above... I have nightmares about that thing sometimes now.
Whining about their odd choice in leader ship aside, they gave me a deal of silver and told me they were looking to make it rich out on there own and wanted somewhere nice,somewhere pleasant.
Well, after walking in these "Riddled Hills" I found some place by the shoreline, sure it looks dangerous. All sorts of things really, even met some heyna men down there, but. After taking care of them and a rather obnoxious yeti

I think they'll be fine. Besides, the Catman knew a good deal about rocks! Suppose it comes from the fact he was apparently raised by dwarfs rather than some soft tall hummie or even worse, an Elf~! Goblins would've skinned him for his pelt.

250 early-spring, unknown:

Took a bit more of a look at some spots by the shore, even swam down into the sea! "OH Urist, don't bother reading tha', yur' too dum!" "Oh Urist, dwarfs don' need'a learn to swim, wha' the worry for?" Well wouldn't you know it came in handy! I swam down into the deep and with my nose full of water was able to follow the scent of iron in the water to a wall of liminate! While I'm sure the rest of the area might have an Aquifer that the group'll have to deal with, they have Iron, and if they're carefull, the Shale on the shore should let them get-by the aquifer with no issues at all~!

250 early-spring date  20th of Granite:

I've settled down in Outragebolts if they need me again. I'll be happily plastered and with that silver they gave me well... I could be here quiet a while.



These have been the roots that laid Nokgolrith. May the bells ring shortly!
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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2017, 10:35:37 PM »

Journal of the Cat-man Dwarven Overseer Azmond Gearedswim: Year 1

Took longer than we thought to get here. Then again we got Urist's letter about where to go and how to get there 3 weeks out when he ACTUALLY got it. So, that certainly didn't help. Anyway, I've gotten Titmouse and Jay2Jay working on striking into the shale to find some good stone to build out our fortress. If anything we'll need to build a top-side wearhouse to act as a temporary storage or something. not sure really. Least the local funua isn't auh... Too dangerous.

Birds or not those things are massive!... Wonder if they taste like the gulls back north.

250-02-10 mid-day (?):
Hey! We struck Limonite not too far down! Sweet, we can get to making Iron, maybe even some steel if we can find some marble or chalk, or get some from the traders.

Gelena! Not much use for anything but the silver it could bring. Maybe some barrles... Chains? There's a good bit you can do with lead but, I think it'd be best to use it as training for black-smiths.

WE'VE STRUCK GOLD IN THE STORAGE ROOM I HAD PLANNED! WOOOO!!! Gold, murfing GOLD MAN! YEAH! We'll need to get the Furnace-room set up at some point, never know what'll be coming to get that stuff when word gets out.

Well, after dealing with vomiting dwarves up at the mountain homes. I spoke with the doctor before we left and found it was something called "Cave Adaption". HOnestly I'd rather not have Viymese vomiting over Titmouse or Axel while we're sharing a dorm at the moment or when migrants inevitably come. The plan I have in mind is to have grates for floors and dwarves are able to pass through these grates to get to other rooms, always seeing the light, always feeling the wind so they don't become some vomiting smegol-things!


Well, I had Jay2Jay dig down into the earth for the Aquifer... Seems it was a single layer of rock becuase before Jay was forced out from the water- or be drowned! -he saw chalk! Which also means STEEL! Hahaha! Ah... But, unfortunately with how Aquifers work... I think I'd rather try to find a second layer of Chalk... Or just try to find some more stuff deeper down.
Speaking of light stone, we found Mica when we dug down! Great stuff for making light stone items. Not very good against fires and so on though.


Ah, summer... Good gods murfs it's hot! It is hot, hot, hot! The only good thing is that th' ocean helps cool us off! Though, I certainly need to start the farms and get some of the pools here pumped to make some viable source of water.


Well, we've got only two people. That is just fine by me. We don't have any rooms and very little to well, yeah. So, I'm not sure if we want to keep in the stone as we are but... So far, so good. If we want to get at the iron I think we'll need to work on getting a quarry through the Aquifer... Maybe even seal off part of the ocean with magma pumps or something. Tartilfette has been pretty good as a cook an all around is surprisingly knowledgeable.

We've seen a good few things, found some marble deep in the earth and some bumble bees! Maybe would could make some mead.
As far as the status of the fortress goes. We' ve gotten a dining room going, a Dorm and we're setting up a room for out appraiser Titmouse for when the Trade caravan's come in at the fall.

Well, Fall's come and I'll be damned its' finally not so hot! I can actually go up and enjoy the sun! Speaking of the sun, I've gone and put my plan into motion! I've made a series of grates at the very top of the fortress. I made the grates out of Microline! SO MURFING BLUE! I love the color! I've also begun to work on my own room. I'm the overseer, why the hell not?

Here's a sketch of Titmouse digging out the column:

Here's some basic stats of the fortress, though, again it's not much.... We really need a book keeper at some point.

I asked titmouse to go try an find some more ore. We also found out how far- more or less -the aquifer stretched. I walled it off with some of that Microline we had before. Should be obvious why. Avoid Urist mcpunch-drunk from mining it out and drowning us all! Though I think such a device would be great for a drowning chamber... We are near and ocean after all... Hmm.

The Goblin trade Liaison has arrived with the Trade Caravans!


A goblin, liaison... a GOBLIN. How in Komut did they choose a goblin back at the Tattooed Ship of all things! We've been killing the green bastards and have Snow-goblins up in the northern boarder! What, did the queen get black-mailed for oogling elf butt or something?!
WHY IS IT A GOBLIN!? ... I'm half tempted to kill him.
I think better of it and have Tit-mouse go up to the depot to trade off what little goods Viymese and Wunder have been putting together to pass the time.

After listening in it seems the gobbo has some request from the capital for trade purposes... so, make this crap before the caravan comes next.

We've struck a good bit of Iron... Honestly I'm very happy with Urist McGregor's work! We'll need to see about getting him here sometime to give him a silver Mace or something... Maybe a masterwork Steel Axe if I get good enough!... When we actually make the damn forges!
A lot of Iron actually! Holy Komut above!

Shown below is Titmouse digging away at Hematite. Behind Titmouse is a corridor of jewels and limonite, an iron ore.

Good Kumot... I'm glad to be busy under the earth, I barely heard the elephants over the hills up north! If they weren't as thick as a High-wood trunk and we had an actual military I'd be telling the guys we'd be getting fresh meat! But... I'd rather not have something akin to the myths of old happen here.

Otherwise the Forges are up and by the time my rule as overseer is passed over to someone else well, I hope to be making some armor for the dwarfs and some good weapons actually... By the way, the lever in the Dining room will raise the bridges effectively locking us in and goblins out if we're attacked. I don't expect the forges to be as they are, I think they'll be moved at some point but, for now. We've our anvils set up! Time for me to set some ores up to be smelted.

250-09-15, mid-Autumn:
Kumot's wrath we've hit an Aquifer wall again... The stone held firm but... if we mine the spot above it, we'll have to contend with water. And with how our fortress is set up, that'd again be a death sentence.

This also shows some of the previous spots where I dug out what I could.

250-10-06, Winter:
Well, my rule was fairly short, I lost a whole month and a half! But... I won't twist the rules and extent my stay in the postion like some aluminum-loving noble rooster-monger.
Here's the fortress at the start of Winter. The grates are for dwarfs to walk across and get a bit of sun.The way the earth works it also helps with keeping us cool and fairly warm. The constant air-flow is really helpful! Especially when Viymese decides to enjoy Raw plump helmets for breakfast, brunch,lunch and dinner! Masterworks or not, your farts stink woman!

Hey, we've got tin too! Murfs Urist McGergor! If I ever meet him again I am going to hug him till it hurts! He's given us the spot most dream of getting! Iron, Copper, gold, tin, All sorts of jewels! This shall be the envy of the north! The grand Jewel of the south! HAHAHA!

After mining so much, I've come to the conclusion that we've setteled on a lava flow of sorts... There is so much Mica! Mica is a metapmorphic stone and is rather pretty. Otherwise it's useless... Good for crafting though.

Well it's a month till my time is over. I've decided to start some bronzeworks adn maybe we could have some fun with bronze satutes... Who knows. Otherwise I'm thinking of gettin back into my craft by making iron swords for a militla later down the line to use in the event of an invasion!

otherwise here's and overview of the fortress so far.





Living Quarters and Dining room with storage and then some.


With that and a bit late in sending my post off to someone else... Well, Let's hope people like my work, I'll sure as hell be happy with it. Shiny pointy stably things! HEHAHA!

If you want to take over the fortress let me know! :)
seriously, let me know. :/
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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #6 on: October 29, 2017, 10:26:05 AM »

Right, so, after a week or so, I'm saying.. Murf it. Here's the save file if anyone wants to give it a go! :)


It'll start you off a few days into the second year because I forgot I had the game running for a second while I was posting. So... whoops.

At this point I'm probably going to post again for poops an giggles, since no one else seems to want to try even though people seemed to have enjoyed the posting! xD
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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2017, 08:17:35 PM »

Right, that's it!

Going to start continuing this as a fortress for anyone to make suggestions. Those that make a suggestion will be dwarfed.
If anyone wants to get in and play for a year an then let me play from that or start the blood-line lemme' know~! :)

I'll get something put together and posted on the weekend.

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2017, 12:40:24 PM »

I am reading the topic and I'm familiar with the game (that Minecraft monument I posted one time was first conceived and built when DF got z-levels) but my computer doesn't handle it these days which is why I haven't taken a turn.  Catmen and goblin liasons huh, DF has sure changed since I played it last.

well the Fort is in it's early stages so it's CPU light ATM. So, you'd likely be able to run it if you want to give RiddleBells a go.
Also, I have NO idea about the Goblin Liasion... Seriously... Maybe they kidnapped a goblin or a goblin slave attoned for it's blood-sins or something. As for the Catmen, well. no secret, I'm a furry so. That's more of a joke really. :P

Also, happy Turkey-day for people in the USA. :)
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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2017, 05:13:54 PM »

year251 Part 1

Welp, I'm the permanent overseer I suppose now... No one wants the position and no one has been making any sort of requests so... I'm going to be taking to it permanently. So, first plan I had in mind was starting to train our Metelson an furnace dwarves and making sure our miners don't get cave adapted. Seriously, I don't want all the dwarves vomiting over themselves! God the smell of some of the cave-adapted dwarves was horrendous!

Holy crap... how much GOLD is there?! This is like the fifth uristing vain of the crap!!! It's good for trade but urist-all else, Silver can be made to maces! I mean... COME ON!!!
Otherwise I tested the "Defenses" (read: Lock ourselves in till the baddies go away) and it was a success!

Well, Wunder- who is now going to be called the Wonderous Wandering Wacker as a profession -is going to be our military man! He came at me demanding to be placed in a squad an so, I thought, why not have everyone train in the winter? Nothing happens much, not traders and I honestly don't need people dying, so. Why not train ourselves a bit? He got to choose what we do so, he wanted Axes and Axes is what we'll have. Since I want to save our Iron for better weapons and Armor I'll get some Bronze Axes up for ourselves at least.
Avantinia was egear to join up as well, so, when we can get some better bodies I'll put'em into the military full-time.
 . . .
Planned out a barracks for the military later down the line to use. Again to avoid the URSITING VOMIT!!! Komut, every time I think about it the whole smell of Stakecounsel comes back to me. It was terrible, even when the vomit chilled from the snow!

Well some time has passed and we've gotten started on making the Barracks... I need to get a bridge made to avoid having creatures come in during a siege.. We don't need'em coming through that thank you very damn much.


Immigrants, some 20 of'em! Damn... I'm going to need the bridge up QUICK.

We have a lot giant bugs... Ooh dear Komut. I really wish I had stayed in the north now. URSITING bugs... ueagh.


and uristing DAMN IT, someone's screaming in fey! Oh just, ursiting, great! GREAT! I have a nut-case wanting several objects to pound out an artifact and a were moose even, URSITING better!

Okay well, everyone seems to have gotten inside and we're safe... aum, save for one. The wood-cutter. The poor sod is squealing like a pig or somehting I don't even know. I... I think I hear a shoe. I honestly don't know. The gates are closed though and people are allright. The Fey-uristing-stoneworker has his shop I thi- Oh sweet, he's going to make something it seems from the mason's shop.


I ordered the bridge open and had everyone charge for the ursting goblin-lover!

I think we'll need to put the wood-cutter down though... I don't even know how long he has.
aaan there he went... Murfs.

So, since I don't want my wood-cutter to be killing people and making MORE weremoose, I'm going to seal him up till he dies.


So, I'm wrong but hey, maybe the were-moose could be usefull. I'm sending him to the ass end of the north to look into the Goblins up there, and hopfully DIE... I do not want to have a weremoose chomping my people! I'm sorry Izum... You're banished indefinately! Or I'm going to use you as a galdiator for a fight-pit... Dunno, at this point in time though? You go die.

Holy uristing beard the gal did it! She came back alive... auh... OKay. I'm sending her out AT ONCE. I do not need her to keep everyone! And she has a book. What?! HOW DID SHE DO IT?!


A'right... So we've had a good few mining accidents, this... this isn't good. I'm going to have to think of a better way of clearing the rock out. Murfs.

By the way I've been making a new dining room with a library in mind for later~!
Lets hope I can use it... somehow. I also have been sending the WereMoose out to explore everywhere and sent him off, AGAIN, to raid the snowgoblins up north... Cause why not *** off the goblins, right?


Well, I'm setting up a farm-cavern in the sand. Mostly to keep some of the rams and ewes save when we FINALLY get some spores up from the caverns when we find them for the animals to graze and pull the farmers inside more often.



Suicide Mission:
I have no idea how she's still alive... AND HE *** TURNED WHEN SHE GOT BACK ***!
That's it.. I'm ordering her to the bridge... She is going to Die... Or I'm sending her off back to the goblins!


I sent out the Wackers to go and kill some of the giant lions for training purposes... Oh it's fun to watch... These big ol' kitties are so afraid of little midgets! GET'EM WUNDER! DON'T FALL, GET'IM... AIM FOR THE GROIN!!!


traders came! Not much else to report at the moment!

We also found out from the traders that the rumor had it that Zum Credgild had been captured by the Goblins up north on the mission I sent her on... Heh. That's fine by me, now I don't need to worry about my dwarves becoming moose-munch!


Stay tuned for more, in part 2~!

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #10 on: December 02, 2017, 08:36:54 PM »



Some while later.


Remember how I talked about the dining room? Well, It's good off without a hitch and now I'm planning to get the rooms for the Fooddwarfs and then some made up, that way they can easily go to work, back from work and fall asleep tot he smell of their own hand made delights!

I've also set up a well for water and cleaning purposes and set up a Hospital... Komut and Armok know we'll be likely to need it as we find more gold and make more goodies... I mean, honestly, what are we expecting at some point? Hippies to come dancing to us? Oh hell no, it'll be goblin McGreedyGrump coming to take the gold and stab our heads open!

Oh by the way...

Forgot to mention that a Werebull had come... and gone. Traders killed it before leaving. WOOOHOOOO NO MORE SUICIDE MISSIONS! HUZZAH!
though, that does make me wonder about setting up an ambush squad for raids and expoditions out to the world... maybe *** the goblins off more, heh.


Ah well, I've gotten a warehouse set up, The bricks we've been making can stay in the workshops- they just take up useless space... -and now we should have a good few bins in there and able to store all the good stuff deep for it to be save and the rest, not so deep so it's easy to get to for traders or otherwise! Likewise I've been busy with an idea for when royalty comes... Or for my own tomb. I'm well aware I'm not exactly the most liked person being a Catman. So... might as well live it up while I can!

If anything I can start making a few coffins for the dwarves to see their fallen in the halls of our temples and walk-ways.


I got wind of a weremoose outside... It was mualing and elephant to death. Before It got to the fortess gates though I got everyone in. I'll keep everyone in for a day to see where it goes... At the moment all we know is where the elphant trumpeting is coming from. It's not... pretty. Muffled it can be heard the closer you get to the farms.


So, this has been an interesting few months. We're suddenly popping babies out like it's going out of style! Allready, several women in the fortress- including Titmouse I think... I've really lost track. Either way, it's a boom for babies!


Ooh, just before the new-year a ranger goes fey! Drooling an screaming in some insperation, he took to a craftsdwarf shop! Let's see what the uristing numb-nut's gone and done!

And success! Let's see what the Ursitng Fey-squealer makes.


Well, with This lovely Amulet the Likot has made:

That's a good start to the start of the year... Maybe I'll start woking on that gold and seige staging area.
It'll be helpfull with dealing with goblins and can allow our dwarves to actually kill them! Maybe I can use the ocean and Aquifer to my advantage.
I don't know, I'll ask some of the others and see what they say.

Here's a look at the fortress as it stands for the second year!

Spoiled for Room
Top with some ideas

Farm area

Smithy/Coal factories (pipes not shown)

Hospital area

Living quarters with older dining room and switches. Tavern made to replace it but, still in service as a meeting-place.

Tavern/Library complex. Possibly good idea to add rooms and small dining hall with small food stores? Not sure.

The bottom of the library complex with the warehouse shown.

The rest of the levels are mainly mining and I haven't gotten into the cavern area yet... SO... Again, give me some ideas folks! Lemme' know if you want me to do anything! My a comment or request and I'll add you to the list of dwarves! if I get enough people I'll take a screen-shot of the dwarves that're alive and make a squad of Fourm members! :)



 Give me some ideas folks! Lemme' know if you want me to do anything! Make a comment or request and I'll add you to the list of dwarves! if I get enough people I'll take a screen-shot of the dwarves that're alive and make a squad of Fourm members! :)
Now for Year 252~! The year of hall'O'Dooooooooooooooooooooom~!

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
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Happy Holiday's folks and yes, This game is still going! I've been busy and have a mod to work on (among other things) so DF has been on the back burner for a while. Now that I've time and actually planned for this, I'll update this with year 3, again, if anyone wants to be the next Overseer let me know.

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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells) Polling time!
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Polling Time Done

Thinking about making a new world to better take advantage of the raid mechanics and increase stability of the saves. So, if anyone would like to make a comment on the poll or otherwise, let me know! ATM I'm bouncing the idea around and the new update to the thread will be up sometime tomorrow.
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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells) POLLING TIME!
« Reply #13 on: December 27, 2017, 05:40:06 PM »


Well, with the new-year celebrations cleaned up and the winter solcitce finally being put to bed. I think it's high-time I work on a more... defendable fortress. We've made a metal industry, we've dwarves that're busy and I'm pretty sure we'll be getting a wave of immigrants at some-point hoping to be in Riddlebells Jewels of the South.

To that end I've decided on working on a murder-hall/ Flood Room. There's a few ways this could be done... I'm also thinking of having the murder-hall seprate, but, we may need the military for the harder creatures of the underground. . . Or were-beasts who don't follow logic and decide to jump over the moat or something!


Well, looking through the survey and doing some experimental digging I've decided to go with a murder-hall that has an emergancy Flushing-System.  I'll set the murder-hall up first, as that's going to be more important. If we can't defend ourselves? I have a few ideas about what to do regarding that... Not sure how it'll work but, hey, I'll make it work one way or another, here's the start of the murder-hall from the fortress prespective.

Below is an image of the murder-pit and very vauge design ideas




Hey, got some Hamster-people caught in a few cages! Not sure what to do about'em but... It'll be something to think about. Maybe I can use'em as bait. They can Learn after-all. Hmmm. Maybe a murder-pit for prisoners of war? Death by hamster-people! Heh... That'd be great. I'd have to think of the design though, I've had issues with poorly designed arenas in other fortresses.

Likewise, we've gotten the work done on supplies and shouldn't be having too many issues with that and cna get our military kitted out into steel here! At least steel weapons if not steel armor. Either way, the supplies have been fixxed~!


Hey-hey, we've gotten some new-blood! I wonder how many'll be coming this year... I was expecting them later in the fall actually, not like'a... Now.
Welp, time to count.

Hoo-boy, we'll be needing to get more rooms made up, some 27-odd buggers have come in from the north! Well...  At least we have new blood to work the forges and otherwise pull up the buildings for the murder-pit!

Well, Tartiflette was tired of people complaining about not having the right cheese, or not having cheese on hand for the meals! So, he took a dwarf- Moses Lucas -and had him put to cheese duty. Why moses? Well, as far as I know I think Moses owes Tartiflette or something invovling Elves. Not sure. Not my circus, not my monkey.
Either way, I gave'im a shop to use up at the Farm-level, might even make him a Hobbit-hole to live in.

Other than that, I've been working on squares for bedroom an been thinking about a grand memoriam for the dead to be placed. I've started work on some small memoriam's that the eventual dead could be placed, but. I think a larger one would be best. Perhaps even some silver an gold Sarcohpigi for the Wackers n' Purprle ludds with their own halls and temples to the patron gods of their squad.

Hmmm, I'll bring it up with the committee sometime.


No no no, oooh no. This is not good, not good, I was expecting the auh... The goblins later, not, not now. Oh no. No no no, Not now! OOOH ARMOK NO!!!


 Or so I thought. Turns out it's a raiding squad come to get some of our loot. Oh wackers! WACKERS!!! TIME TO WACK SOME WONDERING WITTLESS WIMPS AWAY!!! YOU TOO LUDDIC PURPLES LET'S GO!!!


Welp, that's it! I sent out the wackers n' the  Luddic Purples and that was it! Hell, Wunder shook one of the swordsmen around by his torusers till the poor sod was hit in the skull by a nearby boulder~!
Now time to melt down all the loot!

After going through the piles it seems they were a bunch of bards. Huh, well, too bad. they are now all dead.

Traders couldn't make it, a boulder had been shoved in the way, so a few mules with goods came in... Still, we've got some news about the armies on the march and things seem to be going well! time to trade some crap!


Okay, welp, I can't close the gate, and a moose- again -has come! Great! Now we all get to die! augh... Several of the dwarves have gone off to kill the bastard while I've called for the Wackers to get involved! I'm happy to see the dwarves so egeat to defend their home but auh...

Apparently some of the Luddic Purples were allready out there! So... Hell with it! KILL THE BEAST!

Augh... Already I heard a death-scream, one of the dwarves got bit in the gut.

Gods, that thing kept us busy for 5 DAYS, good Armok and Komut above we need to work on that... I need to get the wunders to work faster rather than Wack-off so much.


Seems a farmer has been struck with a muse of Komut, let's hope he can make something worth-while... Like a silver club or something.


He's started to work, and I've started to work on the fortifications and been considering other designs as well.

He made a wooden earring by the way, nothing special about it.


Well, Seems one of our members of society didn't WANT to be found out as a weremoose, and so now, he dies. It's a dwarf by the name of Kogan Logemkulal, he was one of the many dwarves that had fought the beast. Seems he actually wanted to be part of the beasts culture though! and now we've someone to put down. Gods, this is going to be bad if everyone starts getting infected left an right!

Wunder dealt the finishing blow, the store-rooms are coated in the blood of the beast, thankfully the food is locked up tight.


Saddly, we've 4 more infected to deal with... At this point, I think It'd be best to make them into a squad and have them be a murder-pit group... Throw a pick down into the murder-hall adn let'em stew there to kill the beasts that fall down into the pit. After a seige is over  they cna go into their assigned pit and stay there, coming out as we need them to.

I don't know.
But, with the infected everywhere, I've given them tags and gotten them round up. I can't kill them- I'd rather not! -but, I'm sure others wouldn't either. Maybe we can make some sort of visiting area. All sorts of ideas come to mind.


Seems the traders have come, time to trade! COME ON YOU VOMITING NITS! LET'S GO!


The doom hall is coming along well and I've gotten a training gound put up for our small seige-squad. Likewise, I'm thinking about the levers that'll be required in managing a flush-system in the case of massive segies... Like-wise, I think we'll need to get some marksdwarves trained up.


This is going to take some time to get used to.


Holy Armok an Kumot's scrotum!!! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WEREMOOSE?!
The cook's dead now! great! or someone is, I heard the scream. auugh, that is going to be in my nightmares for a while!

The caravan gaurds are dealing with him under the birdge... I think I'm going to want to get some spikes in the moat. Maybe make the Moat a spikey blood, corpse pit...

Alebeard has gone full rambo and decided PUNCHING him would be best, instead of, you know, WITH A HAMMER!!!
Gods, Alebeard got bit. He'll need to be locked with the rest.


I'm asking Kumot for decisions on what is to be done about the beasts, I have a plan but, there is more to do. I asked them while they were still sane if they'd like to have a weapon in the pits. They chose collectively to go with Maces. So.. .Since steel is more improtant to me, they'll be given bronze or Silver, haven't decided which.

And it seems they've taken to hear the idea of the murder-pit... Allready we've had to entomb both Ekdromoi and Beobachter, well, at least I have three other migdets to use.



We've a winter artifact here!

Let's hope he makes something usefull... Instead of a damn EARING! Gods, I need pointy stabby things, not jewelry! Jewelry is nice, but pointy-stabby things are better~!
But, of course, Nooooooooo. It's a boat. A very pretty boat at least. Sigh.
She want's it, she can keep it.


Well, it's the end of the year. I've gotten all the hall set up, and a training room for the dwarves put together. So, we'll have to see what happens now. Here's the fortress at the end of the year.

I have some plans in mind and will be doing a test of the flush-system, just to see how it goes. Likewise, I hope Techhead doesn't decide to murder his only other frined down there in the pit.

End of year images


Who's who and who's alive!



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Re: DF Bloodline Game: Nokgolrith (Riddlebells)
« Reply #14 on: January 19, 2018, 04:23:58 PM »

Just a heads up, someone else has the Dorf File, I'll be doing an adventuer's look into the fortress at some point in the week-end for *** n' giggles.

EDIT: The adventure will take place later... School has come up, among other reasons.
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