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Author Topic: Adaptive and customisable cone-of-fire markers, and alternative in-battle cursor  (Read 706 times)


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I have no idea how technically feasible the first part of this suggestion is, but it goes like this: The brightness and colour of the cone-of-fire indicator will change depending on the background, and even better, dynamic elements like explosions, debris, asteroids and whatnot. Sometimes you'll get certain background or environmental effects that make them practically invisible. I doubt it's easy to implement though, so the next best thing is allowing the player to customise it, split into the inner "actual" cone, and the outer arc. Currently they're monotonous and it's hard to tell what the actual path of the projectile will be based on the inner cone.

The other half is a less obtrusive cursor for battles, something a little more symmetrical instead of the traditional cursor. Even better if it were split into two parts - one of which would extend out to a certain distance from the ship with the other acting as the "actual" cursor, so you can get better use it to index what's in your path or line of fire.