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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Author Topic: [0.95a] prv Starworks v21 (2021-05-08)  (Read 140402 times)


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v12.1 (2020-01-18) - Latest: Applied Gravitonics
« Reply #75 on: January 18, 2020, 05:28:06 AM »

R&D market exclusion added for the next update with the spec tag prv_lab_exclude. Also applies to wings and hullmods.

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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v12.1 (2020-01-18) - Latest: Applied Gravitonics
« Reply #76 on: January 18, 2020, 05:39:06 AM »

Can you make it compatible with Commission Crew mod? Thanks!
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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v12.1 (2020-01-18) - Latest: Applied Gravitonics
« Reply #77 on: January 18, 2020, 07:40:25 PM »

Sweet, that will work thank you Prav!


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v13 (2020-01-22) - Latest: Space Truckin'
« Reply #78 on: January 21, 2020, 07:34:45 PM »



Added limited support for Vayra's Sector bounties.
- Including one unique ship.

Added the Venture (RB)
- A freighty variant with fewer missiles.

Command Implants hullmod (Crew Commissions)
- Redesigned.
- Now increases the combat speed of the ship and the fleet, similar to Coordinated Maneuvers.
- Also periodically changes the AI personality of the ship.
-- Vaguely respects your faction doctrine's aggression value.

- Added COMBAT AI hint, encouraging it to seek out enemy ships directly.
- Shield efficiency increased to 0,7
- Max speed increased by 33%
- Agility increased by ~40%.

- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 13.

Svala Torpedo
- Main torpedo damage increased to 1000.
-- Improves AI behavior.

Gravity Shield
- Backend change, added some code hardening which may prevent a rare crash when used with other mods.
- Force factor against missiles reduced by 75%.
- Upkeep cost reduced by 50%.
- Now builds hard flux based on the mass of the projectiles being effected.
-- Safety shutoff when near max flux.

Added an escape tag, "prv_lab_exclude", for weapons that absolutely should not show up at the Lab R&D market.
-- I wouldn't worry too much about it, myself.
-- Flavor-wise the prv will absolutely try to resell, reverse-engineer or outright steal tech from their allies and associates.

Removed (prv) manufacturer suffix.
-- By request.

(LG) variants are now tech "Lion's Guard", not Midline.
Title screen flyby list updated.
Code refactoring and backend changes.
Kratul system specials chance reduced by 2/3.



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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v14 (2020-02-18) - Latest: Ghost in the Machine
« Reply #79 on: February 18, 2020, 09:11:35 AM »




Added Vayra's Sector Raiding Base support.

Added some rare ships and unique bounties. Most require Vayra's Sector.

Added the Ande and Gast Integrated Swarms.
- Very irregular carriers.

Added the Oklang Fighter Drone
- Rare wing.

Added the Light Triple Autocannon
- A Ruster special, this gun is exactly what it sounds like. Volume of fire is the name of the game.

Added the Arc Smelter hullmod
- Converts Ore and Rare Ore into Metals and Transplutonics on a weekly basis.
-- Found built-in on the Bergslag Mining Ship.

Kite (prv)
- Wings are now short-ranged fighter wings rather than long-ranged support wings.

- Flux dissipation increased by 7%.
- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 6.

Gryning, Gryning (TT)
- Sprite updated.
- Enhanced Temporal Core vfx.
- Removed built-in High Maintance hullmod.
- Recovery rate reduced to 12%/day.

Gnejs, Gnejs (P)
- Sprite updated.

Ballebo, Ballebo P
-- Returning as rare bounty flagships with Vayra's.
- Sprite restyled.
- Mounts overhauled.
- Statline updated.
- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 14.

- Added the Habitat hullmod, which reduces crew capacity to one third.
- Base crew capacity increased to 1500.
-- Net crew capacity is reduced to 500.
- Maintenance and recovery cost reduced to 12.
- Fleet points reduced to 9.

Venture (RB)
- System changed to Micro Burn, a low-tech version of Plasma Burn.

- Major sprite update.
- Swapped locations between the medium synergy and ballistic turrets.
- Widened the firing arc of the composite turret to 135°.

Kakafoni (P)
- System chanced to Micro Burn, a low-tech version of Plasma Burn.
- Large hybrid hardpoint changed to ballistic.
- Missile hardpoints changed to 30° arc composite turrets.
- Removed the rear right-hand small turret.

- Large synergy mount changed to a 30° turret.
- Adjusted large mount visual style.
- Armor reduced by ~10%.

- System changed to Entropy Amplifier.
-- The phase ship AI simply does not get along with the gravity shield. A shame.

- Swapped the location of the bridge and the large hybrid turret.
- Center large hybrid turret arc reduced to 45°.
- Inner small hybrid turrets reoriented slighly inwards, with their arcs reduced to 45°.
- Number of fighter bays reduced to 3.
- OP reduced to 270.

Conquest (Ryak)
- Sprite hue adjustments.
- Ljungeld (Prototype) rate of fire reduced by 3%.
-- Ammunition reload rate is unchanged.
- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 45.
- Cost increased to 330 000.

- Sprite depth adjustments.

Tensor Drive
- Tuned to be significantly better behaved in AI hands. "Jittering" should be almost completely eliminated.

Gravity Shield
- Added a minor cooldown to prevent AI fuckery.
- Hard flux buildup reduced by 33%.

Unstable Thrusters
- Now framerate agnostic.
- Flameout chance adjusted.
- Now displays the flameout chance as a status info.

Fusion Burst Laser
- Overhauled. Now fires a brief 400 damage burst.
- Flux efficiency reduced to 1,33.
- AI hints adjusted.
-- Much, much more comfortable to use now.

Spattergun, all versions
- Updated code.
- Will now dynamically generate spatters based on the actual damage amount of the projectile.
-- e.g. firing with High Energy Focus on will create more spatter.
- Enhanced visual effects.

Linjär PK
- Shots will now home towards the closest enemy fighter or ship.
- Accuracy reduced.
- Rewrote the reload code.
-- No practical difference user-side but it's much better I promise.
- Enhanced visual effects.

- Trails restyled

Skata missiles
- Trails restyled.

Skatunge SRM Launcher, Skatunge SRM Pack
- Rate of fire increased by ~5%.
-- Ammunition reload rate is unchanged.

Missljud Fighter
- Sprite completely redone. It looks exactly the same.

Buddy Drone
- Fusion Burst Cutter updated to be more similar to the Fusion Burst Laser.
-- Scary.

prv Stations
- Removed the Arcfault Insulator hullmod from the Shield module.
-- Shield overloads should now last considerably longer.

- Completely restructured the Rust Belt industry update functionality. It will now process at the end of every month.
- Strand now has a custom texture.
- Strand description updated.
- Tordehus JP is now in a stable lagrange location. It should no longer dip into the star corona.
- The abandoned station above Tordehus can now be used for storage.
- Outer JP now has the same orbital period as the Outer Yard.

- prv ship name prefix is now lowercase.
- Removed non-pirate prv hulls from the Pirates.
- Added access to the Fusion Burst Laser for the prv and the independents.
- Added access to the Vulcan for the RB.
- Removed access to the PD Laser from the prv.
- Removed access to the Light and Heavy Needler from the RB.

Added more magenta paint to the Fristat Lasse.
Added confetti to the Punktskydd and Spattergun projectiles.
Added support for rare wings to the R&D market. Use the tag "prv_lab_bp".
prv (LG) hulls are now hidden in the codex.
Increased the intensity of several system vfx.
Fixed some logistics-tag related hullmod niggles.
Completely removed the Kondensator and Ballebo (Midline).

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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v14 (2020-02-18) - Latest: Ghost in the Machine
« Reply #80 on: February 18, 2020, 10:42:00 AM »

Love it though I can't believe the Balllebo is gone. F's in the chat for my little fat destroyer boy. :'(


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v15 (2020-03-02) - Latest: vfx update and tuning
« Reply #81 on: March 01, 2020, 09:36:20 PM »



Magiclib is NOT required but strongly recommended.
Implemented Magictrails for many weapons.

Added the Jämmer Bomber
- Hits the target with a single fast torpedo, before firing a frag beam into the resulting hole.
- Replaces the Skrål as the prv's heavy bomber.

Added the Fräsare burst beam
- With a sharp kick and rapid dropoff, this beam quickly dumps a large amount of fragmentation damage into the target.
- Also generates a smattering of secondary explosions, dealing additional fragmentation damage to nearby targets.

Replaced all composite mounts on prv ships.
- Medium turret composite mount converted to synergy.
- Flux dissipation increased by 20.
- Flux capacity increased by 250.

Flamma (Midline), Flamma (P)
- No mount changes.
- Otherwise as above.

- Composite hardpoints converted to synergy.
- Flux dissipation increased by 50.
- Flux capacity increased by 750.

Eld (Midline)
- No mount changes. Otherwise as above.

Eld (LG)
- Energy hardpoints converted to composite. Otherwise as above.

- Composite hardpoints converted to synergy.
- Small ballistic turrets converted to hybrid.
- Medium hybrid turret converted to energy.
- Crew mess seating assignments rearranged.

Sorl (Midline)
- Hardpoints converted to composite. Otherwise as above.

- Medium composite turrets converted to synergy.
- Small composite hardpoints converted to missile.
- Flux dissipation increased by 50.

Flock (Midline)
- Medium turrets converted to composite.
- Small hardpoints converted to composite.
- Otherwise as above.

- Medium composite turret converted to hybrid.
- Flux capacity increased by 500.

Rare ships
- Increased maintenance and recovery costs by up to 50%.

Gryning (TT)
- Price markup reduced to +50% over base hull.
- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 10.

- Maintenance and recovery cost increased to 17.

- Heavy Phase Teleporter cooldown increased by ~15%.
- HPT activation now generates soft flux, not hard.

- Crew capacity and minimum crew reduced by ~35%.
- Fuel/ly reduced by ~15%.
- Fuel capacity reduced by ~30%.
-- Range to 40 from 45.

- Tensor Drive replaced with Heavy Tensor Drive
-- Longer duration and cooldown, with a slower recharge rate.
- Fuel capacity and fuel/ly increased by 33%.

Fusion Burst Laser
- Damage and flux per burst reduced by 25%.

Spattergun, all types
- Projectiles restyled.
- spawnType changed to BALLISTIC_AS_BEAM.

Linjär PK
- Damage per shot doubled.
- Rate of fire and ammo rates cut in half.
- Magazine size reduced by 40%.
- Now has some innate shot dispersion
- Projectiles will not home for the first 0,33s of their life.
- Added a moderate range variance.
- Max range increased to 525.
-- Average shot range is more or less unchanged.
- Projectile size increased.

Ljungeld (Prototype)
- Projectiles restyled.
- spawnType changed to BALLISTIC_AS_BEAM.

Studsare, both types
- Bounce spread is now based on maximum gun dispersion, rather than current.
- Bounces will now speed up a little, rather than slow down.

Kaja-family MRMs
- Will now be autogrouped as linked weapons.

- Rate of fire reduced by 40%.
- Ammunition reduced by 40%
- Damage per missile increased by 33%.
-- Note that this does not effect the Skatunge SRMs used by lighter launchers, which remain at 200 damage per missile.

UVIR Pulse Laser
- OP cost increased to 18.
- Cost reduced to 3700.
- Damage per shot reduced to 200.
- Rate of fire increased by 33%.
-- Damage and flux throughput increases by ~5%.

Skrål Torpedo Bomber
- Now a rare laboratory LPC.

Kalk Phase Bomber
- Wing size increased to 3.
- OP cost increased to 18.

Phase Recall
- Cooldown reduced by 45%.
- Flux cost per use doubled.

Gravity Shield
- Increased effectiveness against projectiles by 25~40%, depending on projectile size.

Swarm Host hullmod
- Wing range remainder doubled.

Command Implants
- Ships with senior officers will now base their random weighting on the officer's personality rather than your faction doctrine.
- Adjusted personality weighting; outcomes that are more than one step away from your doctrine are now less likely.
- Aggression bias set to 33% chance to roll as one step higher on the doctrine setting.

- prv blueprint packages have been split into three, one for each primary industrial hub operated by the faction:
-- Kratul supplies primarily ballistic weapons. Its main products are reliable Akers autocannons and the tensor drive ships, Eld and Skymning.
-- Stjärngård supplies carriers and missile weapons. The package includes Kaja-family missiles, the Välljud and the Flock.
-- The Ryak HEL supplies phase ships and energy weapons. The blueprints include sophisticated weapons and the Conquest (Ryak) battlecruiser.
--- Nexerelin prv starts will supply the player with only one of the above packages.
- Reduced asteroid counts in the Kratul system by two thirds.

- Removed access to the Plasma Cannon from the prv.
- Added the Pulse Laser to the prv preferred weapons list.
- Removed the Ion Beam and Heavy Burst Laser from the prv preferred weapons list.
- Promoted the UVIR Pulse Laser to a standard prv weapon.

Shortened many codex shorts.



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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v15 (2020-03-02) - Latest: vfx update and tuning
« Reply #82 on: April 05, 2020, 08:31:49 AM »

i wonder if you have plans to include this great mod to version checker?

thanx again for sharing


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v15 (2020-03-02) - Latest: vfx update and tuning
« Reply #83 on: April 07, 2020, 12:44:03 PM »

Hiya Prav!

The Flicker Core mod upgrade could use some more explanation as to what it does and what its used with.  If its referencing Defence: Phase cloak, those dont have a cooldown that ive ever seen. Ive seen gremlins that literally phased between ballistic burst weapons...AI controlled of course lol.. 

Maybe some ships have a phase cloak system thats slow? I feel that there some room for a bit more out of it, perhaps additional mobility or a reduction in phase flux costs?
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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v15 (2020-03-02) - Latest: vfx update and tuning
« Reply #84 on: April 29, 2020, 06:15:56 PM »

Phase cloak absolutely has a cooldown after you uncloak, brief as it is, and Flicker Core will reduce it and let you do some Matrix-style dodging. As it is now, I believe the hullmod is worth its cost - especially on smaller ships. I'll look at the tooltip wording though.

It also works on certain ship systems from other mods that use the phase implementation. I hear that some of them benefit a lot from a cooldown reduction. Might be fun to abuse if you manage to find something compatible.

But the core use of the hullmod is to do quick phase/unphase, er, flickers to dodge fire. If you feel that your ship stays safe enough at the normal CD, yeah, don't install it.

No plans for version checker compatibility. I have enough trouble remembering to update the modinfo.

And while I'm bumping the thread I'll mention that v16 is probably both small and a bit off. I got burned out on a big sprite.


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Btw Prav, i dont know if you use discord , but your mod is in prime tournament.


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Btw Prav, i dont know if you use discord , but your mod is in prime tournament.

Haven't been on lately, so thanks for telling me!


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v16.1 (2020-06-05)
« Reply #87 on: June 04, 2020, 11:32:49 PM »


Update 20-06-10:

Fixed a crash bug that could occur in combination with other mods when the Gravkan hit near certain projectiles.


Added the Bergtagen Battleship
- More heavy weapons and rusted-up hull than you can shake a stick at.
- Press F for fun.

Added the Brand Destroyer
- A prv elite destroyer with a powerful attraction/repulsion system and heavy energy armaments.

Added the Svepfräsare
- Large energy weapon which sweeps through space leaving an arc of fragmentation blasts behind it.

Added the Gravkan
- Mid-sized ballistic assault weapon with a tendency to push around smaller targets.

Added the Akers Denova
- A developmental what-if that might be found in the dark corners of space.

Added the Remission EMP Mortar
- Fires explosive shells which cause energy weapons around the hit location to discharge EMP damage.
-- Used and developed by the Luddic Church. May also occasionally turn up on Ruster ships.
-- We all know that wouldn't have been punished if they hadn't been doing anything wrong.

Added Ramshields
- This hullmod is found on all prv ships, and most derived models.
- Ramshields deploy rapidly, and briefly cover a larger arc than normal before settling at regular size.

- Disruption Mine Strike replaced with Disruption Zone
-- Teleports a short-lived disruption emitter to the targeted location.
-- The emitter continually disrupts (briefly overloads) all ships caught in its area of effect.
- Removed built-in Defense in Depth hullmod.

- Overhauled
-- New sprites
-- Shield efficiency improved to 0,8.
-- Armor reduced by ~11%
-- Hull reduced by ~11%
-- System changed to Plasma Thrusters.
- Spawn group changed to carrierMedium
-- Should reduce the amount of Gasts used by prv fleets a little.

- New sprite.
- Mounts realigned for broadside firing.
- Added two small hybrid turrets.
- Nose mount removed.
-- Pre-v16 Tystnads may retain a decorative weapon in this location. To remove it, simply use the Strip button on the ship refit screen.
- OP reduced by 5.
- System changed to Kaja Gun Drones.

Tystnad (League), Tystnad (P)
- Also updated.

Tystnad (Mod)
- No longer availiable.
- Retained only for save compatability. Expect visual errors if you still use one.

Flamma (P)
- The built-in Punktskydd Cluster is now restricted to a 90° arc, and faces forward.

- Improved visual effect.
- Chargeup and chargedown reduced by 0.8s total.
- Beam duration increased by 0.8s.
- Beam damage per second reduced by ~20%.
- Rotation speed reduced by 50%.
-- Sustained DPS, ROF and damage per burst is unchanged.
-- Net change should be slightly improved AI behavior, with similar raw performance.

- Improved visual effect.

Linjär PK
- Projectile and effects color changed to violet.
- Hits will launch two 30-damage splinters which are strongly homing.
- Removed homing from the main projectile.
-- Significantly improves game performance.
- Cooldown time switched to chargeup time.
- Rate of fire reduced by 14%.

- Enabled friendly fire on the secondary explosions.

Belt Blaster
- Damage and flux per shot increased by 50%
- Maximum burst size reduced to 4.
- Cooldown increased to 6s
-- Throughput is unchanged.

Light Akers
- Projectile speed reduced by 50%.

Heavy Akers, Siege Akers
- Projectile speed reduced by 25%.

- Sprite updated.

Punktskydd Cluster
- Sprite updated.
- Rotation rate reduced by 80%.
- Proximity fuze and explosion radius reduced by ~50%.
-- It's still highly potent against massed missiles, but you'll have to work a little harder for reliable coverage.

- New sprite.

Annihilator Rocket Burst Launcher
- Renamed to Annihilator Burst Launcher.

Gravity Mine Strike
- Contact detonating mines will now displace nearby entities.

Gravity Shield
- Added a dynamic particle effect.
- Status info will now display the flux usage.
- Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to get ejected with incorrect speed and heading in certain arc sectors.
-- Sadly this also fixes the cool "loop around" behavior.
- Fixed a bug that caused odd over-effective behaviour with missile-class projectiles.
- Removed effect penalty vs missiles.
- Improved game performance.
- Push effect and flux buildup rate may be somewhat different. Overall changes are minor.

Lykta System
- The antennas will now send electrical arcs between them while the system is active.
-- You have no idea how long I've wanted to add this.

Swarm Host
- Increased the update rate significantly. Swarm Hosts will now die many times more quickly when capped on flux.
- Removed the glow effect from linked fighters.
-- Largely for performance reasons. It sure looked cool though.

Arc Smelter
- Reversed smelting order; it will now smelt ore before transplutonics.
- Improved tooltip.

- For factions with no defined relationship with the Rust Belt, the starting relationship level will now be half of that with the pirates.
-- E.g. a faction that's hostile to the pirates will be inhospitable to rusters.
-- This applies both directions; factions that somehow love pirates will like rusters.
--- Technical comment: the check is if the rep is exactly 0f.

The Tiger combat tanker now belongs to the Kratul blueprint group.
Adjusted weapon mount z-render order on the Skymning, Eld and Aska.
Adjusted magictrail offsets on several projectiles.
Added a small visual highlight to the Fristat Lasse TPC.
Overdriven Thumpers will no longer show up at the lab market.
Improved burnout behavior for Kaja, Råka and Skata-family missiles; no more dangling trails.
Corrected a few sound effects, now correctly mono-channel. Volume and sound characteristics may be slightly different.
Added version checker support.

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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v16.1 (2020-06-10)
« Reply #88 on: July 04, 2020, 03:08:59 AM »

Does the swarm host make it's fighters stronger, or is it just a fun way to use fighters without a physical carrier?


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Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v17 (2020-07-10)
« Reply #89 on: July 10, 2020, 11:46:59 AM »


Notes correction: Svepfräsare no longer pierces ships or fighters.



Added the Eldsjäl
- An extensive conversion of the Eld, adapted to Ruster wants, needs, and wallets.

Added the Bergslag (P)
- Rearmed with not-at-all-civilian weapons, this ship is a clear danger to anyone too slow to run away.

Added the Aska (Au)
- Wouldn't you like to know.
- Vayra's Sector HVB.

Added the Spatterflamer
- Large ballistic weapon which sprays a stream of plasma fire that sticks to the target and delivers additional damage over time.

Added the Rörsångare Torpedo Rack
- Mid-sized strike weapon of the Svala family, which disperses a long chain of antimatter blasters around the target, striking from all angles.
- Limited ammunition.
- Rare laboratory weapon.

- Sprite updated.

- Sprite updated.
- Bounds refined.
- Middle and fore small turret locations swapped.

Aska (LC)
- Removed the fore (previously middle) small turret.
- Outer large missile mount is now correctly a hardpoint.
- Otherwise as above.

Aska (LG)
- Removed the fore (previously middle) small turret.
- Otherwise as above.

- Sprite touchups.
- The Ljungeld emitter can now also be fired directly, twice per battle.

Gnejs, Gnejs (P)
- Hull reduced by 10%.
- Armor reduced by 20%.
- Max speed and acceleration reduced by ~25%
- Shield arc reduced to 150°.

Spattergun, all sizes
- Damage reduced by 20%.
-- Nominal efficiency is now 1,0.
- Hits on hull and armor will now cling to the target, dealing an additional 100% damage over time.
-- Burns deal damage 4 times per second; armor is effective at reducing the damage.
-- Spattergun plasma will agglomerate if it hits an already affected surface, leading to larger rather than more numerous ticks.
- Spatter amount on shield hits reduced.

Linjär PK
- Homing reintroduced using new backend mechanics.
- Base accuracy massively reduced.
- Projectile size slightly increased.
- Splinter effect removed.

- Damage and flux cost increased by 30%.
- Beam impact increased by 100%.
- Range increased to 900.

- Flux per shot increased by ~18%.
-- Efficiency is now 1,3.

- Mechanics overhauled; large back-end changes. No longer has strange corner case behaviors.
- No longer vulnerable to PD.
- Nominal range increased to 1 000.
- Rate of fire increased by ~10%.
- Turn rate reduced by ~33%.
- Projectile restyled.

- New missile sprite.
- Added a new custom missile AI
-- The split behavior is now VASTLY cleaner, and the submunition stage is skipped entirely.
-- Split distance may be somewhat different.
- Improved visual effect.
- Damage per blast reduced by 9%.

- Added a custom missile AI
-- Will now split into three small and strongly homing submunitions if the missile is a near miss or has been sufficiently damaged.
-- The SubSRMs deal 80 HE damage each, have a short lifespan, and are very fragile.
- Nominal range reduced by 33%.

- Added a custom systems AI.
-- Fighters will now preserve their burn charges until they are in final approach, or are returning to the carrier.
--- While in approach for a bombing run the fighters will coordinate their burn timing.
--- While returning fighters will use any remaining charges to evade individually.
- Maximum turn speed increased by 100%.
- OP cost reduced to 12.

- Now launches one flare per fighter, not two.

- Missile pack now fires Sidensvans submunitions (see above).

- Spatterguns have had their base damage reduced and will now stick to the target and deal additional damage over time (see above).

- Karbinfräsare damage increased by 30%.

- Max speed reduced to 225.
- Gun damage increased by ~21%
- ER field damage tripled.
- Both the Microjursla and the ER Field will now generate significant amounts of flux.
- Flux stats adjusted.

- Hull integrity increased by 50%.
- Armor increased by 33%.

Tensor Drive, Heavy Tensor Drive
- Improved visual effect.
- Will now repel and deal damage over time to any ships that it would otherwise collide with.
- Affects all ships, and fighters belonging to any other ship.

Gravity Shield
- The safety shutoff will now only engage if the ship's shield is active.
- Fixed a bug which resulted in BaB-type projectiles to always get pushed towards absolute left.
- Reduced BaB deflection by 33%

Absolute Territory Field
- Fixed a very odd bug which could cause a crash under rare circumstances.
- Now also affects friendlies.

Arcfault Insulator
- Renamed Arcfault Ejector
- Overload duration reduction reduced to 20%.
- In addition to reducing overload duration, the hullmod will now emit a powerful gravitic burst when the ship is overloaded or destroyed.
-- The burst potency scales by ship size and does not discriminate based on teams.

Blueprint reshuffling
- Heavy Spattergun to Stjärngård
- Fräsare, Svepfräsare to HEL
- Linjär PK to Laboratory

Updated several ship variants.
Added missing variants for the rare Flock.
Rare flock maintenance and deployment cost increased to 19.
Simplified several fighter bounds.
Simplfied Gnejs bounds.
Refined Venture (RB) bounds.
Fixed a bug which caused considerably more Gryning to spawn than intended.
Fixed a bug which would cause the Ruster industry synchronization script to conclude prematurely.
Fixed Ramshield not affecting the Sunder (Ryak)
Fusion Burst Laser autofit weights reduced.
Belt Blaster projectile color shifted towards red.
Ballebo can now show up as a rare blueprint.
Added skin-specific codex entry for the Hornfels (LP)

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