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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

Author Topic: [0.95a] Ship Catalogue/Variant Editor v1.3.2  (Read 10507 times)


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[0.95a] Ship Catalogue/Variant Editor v1.3.2
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:04:48 PM »

Main Features
Provides three out of campaign missions (accessible in the title screen):
  • one that contains a sorted list of all the ships in vanilla
  • one that contains a sorted list of all the ships added by mods filtered on a per-mod basis
  • one that allows slightly scuffed custom searches through editing a CSV file
No more relying on modders creating a showcase mission for you!

Other Features:
  • Spoiler filter for 0.95a content.
  • Weapon/wing filters so you can also look at only the relevant mod gear (or mod gear + vanilla (or [REDACTED]^2 weapons)).
  • Perma-modding s-mods in case you want to try out some builds without loading the campaign and doing a bunch of console commands.
  • A somewhat janky implementation of the increased caps/vent limit from Special Modifications
  • A hullmod to simulate an officer in main menu missions.
  • Adding officers to ships in simulator (also works in campaign with the edit of a setting)

This mod is safe to add and remove from your saves.

For modders wanting to interact with the spoiler filter: simply add either a "HIDE_IN_CODEX" hint or a "restricted" tag to the relevant ship in data/hulls/ship_data.csv.

-Many improvements and fixes
(really I've been tinkering with a bunch of different things and forgot exactly what I did. sorry.)

-Added another file to allow player-side officers in SCVE missions
-Turned simulator officers off by default (oops!)
-Improved sorting, fixed star fortress drones showing up
-Fixed overriding AI cores not working
-AI Core officer skills are now always elite as omega intended
-Misc code fixes somewhere, probably

-Added settings to allow enemy officers in simulator.
   -(still thinking about how I would implement allied officers)

-Fixed vanilla skins not showing if modified by another mod.
-Added a search function!

(Thanks Meso for letting me use some Tiandong code!)

-Spoiler filter set to ALL by default instead of MAJOR
-More robust checking for modules
-Fixed mission descriptions and added a blurb for where to find your .variant files

-Some code cleanup, added prefixes to .java files
-Now shows Mod ID instead of names if you have over 15 ship-adding mods enabled
-Added a "~" prefix to d-mods so they are always at the bottom. This should disappear upon hiding them/campaign start.
-Added hullmods to mimic the increased capacitor/vent limit from Special Modifications. It's pretty jank pls no boolly.
-Added data/hulls/SCVE/manual_spoilers.csv so I don't have to recompile if I need to hide something as a major spoiler for some reason

-Fixed Secrets of the Frontier showing up in the list despite it not adding any viable ships.
-Fixed Tahlan Silberblut Regalia Kfg.D showing up in the wrong order.
-Workaround for ARS Capitol showing up in simulator (hidden unless you have Spoilers Filtered: NONE)
-(Fun fact: the Bento (LP) from Tahlan is tagged as a Low Tech ship)

(Thanks Yubbin for bug catching)

-Initial release

Thank you to Dark.Revenant and MesoTroniK from whom I adapted some code.

Poke me if you have a feature request or you notice things missing/broken. You can also find me on the Unofficial Starsector Discord @rubi#0864.