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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

Author Topic: Miscellaneous Starsector Assets  (Read 18935 times)

Harmful Mechanic

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Miscellaneous Starsector Assets
« on: November 05, 2016, 08:49:19 PM »

Freebies from my pile of scraps and sketches. As long as you don't use them in anything you're charging money for (donation links don't count), go nuts. Just credit me, link back here, and it's all good. That goes for non-Starsector projects as well - as long as it's free-as-in-beer and you credit me, you're good to go.

Flag Templates

Some simple Illustrator templates for faction flags and crests.
By default the crest artboard is over the center of the flag,
but if you want a different crest design from the flag design,
just drag it off to the side. Basic information in the file.

Blueprint Backgrounds

Eight background patterns for ship blueprint packs.
Want to make a blueprint pack? Drop a copy of your faction symbol
or a ship graphic on top of these and you're in business.
Includes some simple color overlays.

Intel Icons

Six simple, classy icons for all your intel event needs.
Spruce up your missions or procgen faction with a little extra flair.

Misc UI Icons

Twelve simple 40x40 icons, with another twelve 64x64 frames, to spice up your ship systems, hullmods, and tooltips.
Useful for all sorts of tooltips; hullmods, industries, conditions, intel, and custom dialogues. Includes a .PSD template for building composite icons.

Weapon Slot Icons

Weapon slot type icons, for forum display images.
Useful for showing off what slots a weapon fits into.

AI Core Template

"Become an Alpha Core! Shed the shambling confines of your greasy meat casing for
the smooth, cold elegance of our latest and greatest dedicated processing unit.
You won't believe what a difference it makes as your thoughts transform from the sluggish
wandering of electrical impulses through a wrinkled slice of decaying ham, into
a swift and precise lightning intellect! Reserve your core today!"

(AI core template is posted with David's permission. Only for use in a Starsector context.)

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(All donations to be used only for completely immoral purposes, like buying Stellaris DLCs)

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Re: Miscellaneous Starsector Goodies
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2021, 07:11:48 PM »

what does ai core template do? & the rest of them are just art assets, right? -- wait, is the AI core template just an art asset too?

edit: nvm I dl'd it & it just contains a photoshop file, yeah they are all just art assets
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