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Author Topic: Split "Escort" order into "Protect" and "Follow"  (Read 1316 times)


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Split "Escort" order into "Protect" and "Follow"
« on: September 19, 2016, 08:54:04 PM »

i think the current escort order has two problems:

1) if i tell a small ship to escort my flagship, it often gets itself into danger trying to protect me when i'm high on flux or venting. that's certainly useful in some configurations, but i'd like to have the ability to tell a ship to just follow or cover the rear of a bigger, more powerful one.

2) many players seem to be confused about what the escort order actually does, thinking that using it to keep a weak ship close to a strong one would actually increase the former's chance of survival, when in practise the opposite is often the case.

splitting the order into two new ones could solve both these problems. one that tells a ship to protect its target, much like is the case now, but with a less confusing name. and one that tells a ship to stay close to its target while trying to stay out of danger as much as possible, even if the target seems to be in trouble.