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Author Topic: Missions that take 100 units & Cargo Frigates  (Read 997 times)


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Missions that take 100 units & Cargo Frigates
« on: January 06, 2016, 01:12:13 AM »

When starting new games, I find myself constantly miffed by missions that require 100 units of deliverables; the Cerberus and Shepherd both top out at exactly 100.  While it's interesting in that it encourages you to use the overload mechanic, I find it a little weird that a load quantity that is specifically very difficult for standard 'tramp freighters' should be common amongst mission-issuers.  Maybe it's Tri-Tachyon corporate rules?

Notably, this means that these ships have no missions advantage over a Hound or Mudskipper (75 cargo each), as both of those can just as easily conduct 10- and 50-unit missions.

Similarly, freight range for destroyer+ cargo vessels ranges from 250-450, with 300 being the benchmark quantity for Tarsus and Buffalo freighters.  But missions for 500 are common for the 'mid range but achievable' cargo amounts. 

This isn't a problem really, but IMO either missions or ship cargo quantities should be structured around each other. 


Actually, this gives me an idea. Perhaps the unit size for each faction's missions should be based off of their commonly-used cargo vessels, or off fixed values defined by the faction. For example, a faction that commonly used Cerberus (cargo size 100) and Gemini freighters (cargo size 250) would typically issue missions for ~80 and ~210 units.  But a faction that used Hounds and Tarsus freighters would issue missions for ~60 and ~250 units

Then you'd have the super-sized missions on top of that, for the truely ambitious freight convoy.

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