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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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 on: Today at 01:36:14 AM 
Started by Euripides - Last post by BCS
Higher burn ships enter the battle first, then after some time, lower burn ships become available as reinforcements. (I think this should be fairly short, like 1-3 minutes between waves)

Well, this isn't "fairly short". After 3 minutes half the enemy fleet should already be dead. No one likes sitting and waiting for the battle to start(that's why we have no-flux speed bonus)

This lets frigates remain viable later on in campaigns rather than getting instablapped by capitals

Well, frigates already have an endgame role of capturing objectives and stopping enemy frigates from flanking your ships which messes up their AI. It's not a huge role but it's there.

 on: Today at 01:22:26 AM 
Started by Timid - Last post by BaBosa
Perhaps you don't need to spend 1 story point to hire a mercenary officer, having them rely on a "merc officer limit" like contacts. Players start with 2 or something and then can increase their limit by 1 story point each. However, renewing to keep the same one should cost a story point as it is.

Do you mean that the initial cost is just credits but then to keep them you need to pay story points? That sounds like players will be incentivised to fly around planets every cycle to pick up new mercenaries.

(A bit unrelated, but I'd also love to see a way to store officers, or "suspend them" like contacts. Sucks getting a god officer from salvaging at the start of a save and having its salary eat into income through the entirety of the early game.)

Officers and administrators too. Being able to store officers would allow players to change fleet styles much easier or just mess around to figure out what is best.
Maybe have a retainer fee to hold onto the officers, kinda like with the administrators but without a limit and then you could also make it so you can put mercenary officers on retainer after hiring them once.
I don’t really use mercenary officers because they’re a hassle to find when I want them especially if I want a particular combination of skills but if I can get them when I need them and know what skills they have beforehand, then I’m much more likely to use them.

 on: Today at 01:17:18 AM 
Started by Crimsteel - Last post by Void Ganymede
For standard stuff, my blueprint hunt goes in an order something like this:
* Salvage ruins, research stations, and the like for packs (low/mid/high tech, missile pack, pirate/ludd/auxH packs) to get the common stuff.
* Raid New Maxios in Magec.  No patrols, small market with no defenses.
* Raid Asher.  Small market, patrols hover around Gilead, they rarely get close Asher unless Asher itself is close to Gilead.
* Raid Kapteyn Starworks.  Small market, occasional patrols from League neighbors.  Get large pirate hulls here.
* Raid Reasvelg.  Small market, but frequently guarded by a patrol.  Last of the soft targets.  Get XIV ships and few weapons here.
* Raid Culann.  Medium market with a battlestation, and usually has guards.  Easiest of the hard targets, but still harder than above.  Raid for high-tech.
* Raid Sindria.  Big homeworld with battlestation, and heavily guarded.  Alternative for some high-tech otherwise exclusive to Tri-Tachyon.
* Raid Kazeron.  About as big and hard as Sindria.  Champion is League exclusive; get it here.
That's a really useful list! I feel bad hitting independents but some of those targets can be hit real early.

 on: Today at 12:36:23 AM 
Started by Euripides - Last post by BaBosa
What’s the benefit to having frigates to send out early rather than just having burn 6~7 capitals since the next wave comes immediately when there’s no more of the faster ones. Also, what if players wants to just keep their frigates with the capitals. There’s also the issue of frigates having low PPT so your way would mean you’d barely get any use out of frigates before they have to leave.

 on: Today at 12:31:22 AM 
Started by FooF - Last post by BaBosa
Convoy scenarios sound cool but I’m not sure how well they’d work out. Especially as the logical response to that would be for the convoy defends to split off the convoy just before an attacker hits so that the battle is away from the convoy unless the attacker can get into attack range without being noticed. This is basically how it works now.
I want it to work but the only way I can imagine it working is if you can split your fleet on the campaign level so you could threaten to hit the civilians in the back with frigates if they send their combat ships to meet your main fleet. Even then it’d pretty much just be a pursuit fight.

 on: Today at 12:11:26 AM 
Started by Psyentific - Last post by BaBosa
I like this idea. I’m constantly pausing the game to switch to sabots or whatever, unpause, fire, pause, switch back, unpause and then back to fighting. Control # is already for toggling auto fire and shift is for point to cursor so it’s probably be alt #.

 on: Today at 12:11:17 AM 
Started by Cycerin - Last post by shoi
Is it possible to swap out built-in fighter wing for another? There doesn't seem to be any method akin to ShipVariantAPI's addWeapon (though imagine changing this would involve HullSpecAPI anyway)

I guess swapping to another hull with the alternate built-in fighter would be feasible..?

See Roider Union's MIDAS and Tracker Swap hullmods.

Tracker Swap is what the player sees, but the actual switching code must be in MIDAS (which is built in) because Tracker Swap can't switch back to the original wing.
ohoho, thanks!

 on: Today at 12:09:19 AM 
Started by Kermmander - Last post by shoi
what is the condition for the doors to be shed? getting within weapons range? the moment enemies are visible in the  fog of war? etc etc?

You will probably have to make a deco weapon with whatever number of frames your animation has. Then you'll need an everyframe script attached to that weapon that evaluates when it is time to open the doors, and when that condition is met increments the frame shown based off whatever your conditions are.

so a psuedocode-y impl would be like
public class openDoors implements EveryFrameWeaponEffectPlugin {

    private boolean isIncognito = true;

//default frame, assuming frame 0 is w/ doors closed
private int frame = 0;
    public void advance(float amount, CombatEngineAPI engine, WeaponAPI weapon)
//theres stuff to shoot so we should open up the doors
isIncognito = false;


//if we havent reached the last frame already, increment frame no.
if(interval.intervalElapsed() && frame < maxNumFrames)

//set weapon frame to whatever current frame is


 on: January 29, 2023, 11:57:14 PM 
Started by CryIsFree - Last post by BaBosa
So ballistic rangefinder boosts MBs range to 600 or 700 if there’s a large. Mining laser is pd though so it gets no boost.

 on: January 29, 2023, 11:29:21 PM 
Started by Sorbo - Last post by Jackundor
Is the base Heavy Armor hullmod being Debuffed? Or only the S-modded version?
Actually, it seems like non S-modded HA is getting buffed by having the negative entirely moved to the smodded version.

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