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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23); Blog post: Colony Crises (11/24/23)

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Modding / [0.9.1a] Placeholder 0.211
« on: February 13, 2021, 10:41:41 AM »

Human beings are funny. They long to be with the person they love but refuse to openly admit their feeling. Some are afraid to show even the slightest sign of affection because of fear. Fear that their feelings may not be recognized, or even worst, returned. But one thing about human beings that puzzles me the most is their conscious effort to be connected with the object of their affection even if it slowly kills them from within.
or. is a mod for those who have,. Meant to create. Utilizing various. from many strong sources. Save-game compatible.

Profile Identity

Memory Element
Officers will now remember your actions based on:
  • your atrocities (saturate bombardment)

Combat Chutter is fully supported and recommended to enjoy the full benefit of or.
Nexerelin is recommended to enjoy the full benefit of the officer's profile identity.

Q: But can I have romantic dinner with my officers?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you power up your Love Meter in combat?
A: You don't.

Credit Enthusiasts
@ - Insider Infilitrator
@Histidine - Provided Combat Chatter Support, Nexerelin Support.
@ - Secret Sauce Curator
@ - Audio Director
@ - Local Character Assassinator
@ - Junior Code Director Secretary
@ - Researcher of the Cultured Arts
@ - Public Relation Manager
@ - Double Agent of Information
@ - Secret Management Utilization Technician
@ - Cultural Enthusasist
@ - Haver

Mods / [0.96a] Iron Shell 1.1813ae
« on: April 01, 2020, 05:46:46 PM »

In all my life, I have thought the Domain was too powerful to collapse. The Hegemony would continue to survive and prosper after the Domain would return... but when I saw that thing, I doubted our restoration of the Domain... like I could never match the intellect of its design or prevail over it. I may have met creative designs, but this... is just a reminder of our failures before everything fell apart... –Kim Quy

Iron Shell is a faction mod based around increasing the arsenal and developing the lore behind the Fourteenth Battlegroup and Hegemony. A military division that specializes in commerce and carries its duties across the Persean Sector. This mod contains a complete faction including new 10 flyable ships, 15 new fighter wings, 5 new weapons, and 1 revamped vanilla star system.

Well, give me the lore!
Naraka System's History circa pre-Collapse – Naraka was a system ripe for the entry of Domain into the Persean Sector. Nachiketa was an ideal planet for one of the Sector's AM fuel production facilities on the sight of being convenient and access to available volatiles from the cryovolcanic worlds of Chitagupta and Yami in the Naraka system. Yama later proved marginally viable to be terraformed as well which serves its uses as Nachiketa became a busy planet for starship traffic.

The Cold Passage circa c+00 – Battlegroup XIV enact network failure protocol where crews are put into emergency cryosleep, units become jury-rigged, and the battlegroup makes their desperate journey to the nearest civilized space forcing to mothball and abandon some of their crew into space to save on repairs for the journey with the promises of recovery in later cycles.

The Great Cause c+48-49 – XIV Battlegroup under the leadership of Captain Kali Molina arrives in Persean Sector to a sector ravaged and dominated by the Warlord Leonis. The sector is liberated from the warlord's reign and Captain Molina enacts a diktat of hegemony on Eventide to confidently await the gate activation and restore order. Multiple ministries including Information, Labor, Health, Commerce, and various others are established to bring back order under the Great Cause (to restore the Domain).

Timely Tension circa c+84 – Hegemony establishes a reclamation fleet funded by the Ministry of Commerce, bringing back what remains of the XIV Battlegroup and its survivors of the Cold Passage into Persean Space. Hopes of the gate reactivation remain tense as the Tri-Tachyon acts freely in secrecy as the deployment of AI warfleets threatens the fringe of the Core Worlds.

The First AI War c+89-95 – The First AI War ignites and engulfs the entire Persean Sector. C+91 saw the Naraka System being attacked. A major victory for the Hegemony, it is a devastating Pyrrhic victory. Nachiketa's industry and infrastructure are crippled. Yama declines in population and infrastructure along with Yami's mining populace. Chitagupta and her mining infrastructure is destroyed completely. The remaining heat from the devastation warms up the Chitagupta is predestined to be a water world, although the hazard levels of these waters remain indeterminate. Hegemony and her allies win decisively versus the Tri-Tachyon and enforce a Domain-era standard regulation of technological inspections concerning AI development.

Askonia Crisis c+180-181 – Askonia enters a civil war due to domestic crisis. Persean League's involvement and Hegemony's intervention are at hand in turning the tide of this civil war. Hegemony forces enters with the experienced Hegemony Admiral Andrada and the lieutenant Darren Hartley. An invasion would rile more independent worlds into joining the Persean League. Direct military support would contribute more growth into the ever-growing refugee crisis in the Askonia system. Amidst the failures of the Hegemony's intervention, Admiral Andrada is accused of destroying the moon Opis and is declared a traitor. Andrada retaliates to this weak-willed treason with a declaration of the  Sindrian Diktat and a Hegemony mutiny breaks out. Lieutenant Hartley is the last remaining commanding officer from the mutiny and makes it out of what remains of the Hegemony task force.

Battlegroup XIV Survivors Integration into Hegemony c+184 – Reclamation Fleet returns to the Persean Sector, bringing back the remainder of the fleet core elements of the Battlegroup XIV as well as the remainder of the surviving crew left. The crew is thawed out over the cycles of time as safely as they can while determining physical and neurological damage from the failing cryostasis system. The highest-ranking officer among the survivors, Lieutenant Kim Quy, is given a chance to prove herself in the post-Collapse world. Chitagupta's recolonization effort begins in creating an R&D base from the public eyes with the cover of bolstering Naraka's defenses while serving as a rest and recuperation for Hegemony officials who can afford it. Yami's recolonization effort begins as a penal colony where the local polity is given political dissidents, tax evaders, and criminals to tend to their labor in mining for Nachiketa's fuel production.

The Second AI War c+189-194 – The Second AI War takes advantage of an inexperienced Hegemony leadership from the aftermath of the Askonia Crisis. Tri-Tachyon calls a casus belli in terms of unfair tech inspections. Tri-Tachyon takes the early initiative and wins early skirmishes in the conflict. As the conflict wages on, Hegemony raised additional war taxes, adopted a standardized tax code, and fleet-wide upgrades that bolstered the defense of the Hegemony. A Tri-Tachyon offense in the Naraka system the last year of the conflict saw a valiant defense from Captain Quy and her subordinates as they distinguishes themselves. She rises through the ranks toward eventual membership in the Hegemony executive council.

The Iron Shell Charter c+200 – Charter granted by High Hegemon Baikal Daud
Baikal Daud, High Hegemon, by the old Domain Naval Code through the laws of the Hegemony to all of its leaders, officers, subjects, and to all other people within the Persean Sector as elsewhere shall be seen, showed, or read to them as per extending the Ministry of Commerce's powers.

Know therefore then that we greatly tender the honor of our Hegemony, the wealth of our citizens, and the encouragement of such wealth, for the increase of our individual freedom, and the advancement of lawful trafficking, to the benefit of our democracy, have of our special knowledge and motion into the establishment of Iron Shell and with this arrangement we transfer our governorship efforts as well as its expenses and responsibility of Chitagupta and Yami to Iron Shell under the governorship of Councilor Kim Quy.

To be renewed continuously from the High Hegemon every 15 cycles.

Ship Roster


Gameplay and Features
  • Taxes
  • XIV Content faction that suppresses the enemies of Hegemony.
  • Tons of XIV ships for Hegemony to access as well as XIV Fighters for your XIV/Hegemony themed run!
  • These XIV fighters operate with improved flux and armor stats at a cost of engagement range, replacement time, and wing size.
  • Several mini-quests to do for Iron Shell!

1.18 (August 15, 2022)
1.17 (June 18, 2022)
1.16 (April 7, 2022)
1.14 (March 4, 2022)
1.11 (January 29, 2022)
1.10 (January 4, 2022)
1.06 (November 25, 2021)
1.04 (November 5, 2021)

Co-author, spriter, ship mechanics: Selkie
Code Asset: Techpriest, Nia Tahl, theDragn, Rubi, MesoTroniK
Art Asset: Zen, Ryxsen1421, Mayu, Nia Tahl
Music Asset: hanawub
Sound Asset: psiklaw, MesoTroniK
Advisory Asset: Histidine, Knight Chase, TheWikiFish, Dark.Reverant, Avanitia, King Alfonzo, DonationBox, Wispborne, FasterThanSleepyfish, Demto
xXLiterallyxDidxNothingXx: SexHeartles, Caymon Joestar

Bug Reports & Support / Screenshot Bug
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:56:08 PM »
If I screenshot before I start the game (screenshot the client loader or whatever it's called) and then try to screenshot in-game. It'll crash.

Suggestions / List of Tips and another suggestion
« on: December 24, 2019, 04:27:50 PM »
The Main Menu should grant the options to view a list of all the tips available since, for newbie players, tips have extremely valuable information for them when they start a game.

Also on another note, tips should have a column that adds itself if it detects a certain mod id enabled. :)

Mods / [0.95.1a] Supply Forging 1.5
« on: December 22, 2019, 10:33:59 PM »

For those who hate metal.
Compatible with all known mods.
Integrated with
Version Checker.
Can be added to existing games.
Can be removed from games in which it was already used.
Simple as.

Don't you just hate how there's so many metal that carrying excess metal is literally making you lose credit? Supply Forging gives you the option to convert these junk into supply.
It converts metal and heavy machinery to supply.
This process can be better by carrying civilian ships and ships with salvage gantry bonuses (including modded hullmod that incorporate salvage gantry)

Frequent Questions
How exactly is the conversion ratio (fuel per unit of supplies) calculated?
(base-metal-value + base-heavy-machinery value) / base-supply-value = metal/heavymachinery per supply
This works even if the base value of metal, heavy machinery, or supplies has been modified.
What options does this mod provide?
You can edit settings.json to change a few things relevant to the mod, including conversion ratios, the price and efficiency of fuel, and the sensor profile penalty while forging supplies. In fact, you can even add new commodities to make it consume more than just metal and heavy machinery! Check out in the setting.json for a lot more advice!
Why don't I see the "Supply Forge" ability after adding the mod?
If you added Supply Forge to an existing game, it won't be assigned to your toolbar yet.
You may need to assign it manually by right-clicking the ability toolbar.
@Sundog - Totally did not base the entire mod on Fuel Siphoning.
@isaacssv552 - Nanoforges Idea
@Wispborne - Some based stuff for Version 1.1
@PizzaPolice - Tested stuff. This ability was originally going to convert transplutonics and metal into supplies, but he gave me a better idea.

Fan Media & Fiction / The Mayasura Crisis
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:28:02 PM »
The Mayasura Crisis
Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Mayasura Crisis? I thought not. It’s not a story the Hegemony would tell you. It’s a tragedy told by some of the oldest people from the Persean League. Mairaath stood at the heart of the Mayasura Star System many many cycles ago...
The Mayasura System was among the greatest and richest independent polities in the Persean Sector. It was a center of Domain culture and wealth. It stood as a wall against the spread of the dangerous Hegemony influence in the pride of its mighty fleets and providing a symbol for independent worlds to have a role model on. What made the system stand out in the Persean Sector in many cycles ago was its crown planet, Mairaath, and her possessions: 3 vast arcology-stations orbiting Mairaath. The stations housed tens of millions and form the grandest keystone of the terraforming project in the Persean Sector. Mairaath became a paradise-world amidst the bountiful fertile plains of robot-tended agriculture. It was a grand success. If anything, this was an example of Domain technology at its pristine condition. It stood the test of the post-Collapse time. Where other worlds would have starved, Mairaath stood as a city on a hill until... the Mayasura Crisis.

Communication Channel at the Stations: c+82.10
"Have you heard about the MNN's recent news today?"
"Yeah, what about it?"
"Don't you think it's crazy that you know this that this so-called successor to Domain authority keeps trying to force us to join them? That if we continue resisting, 'we'll pay for our ignorance.' Is that some crazy talk or what? Even negotiations between our governments have broken down and have even refused to meet with one another."
"So what about it? What do you think the Hegemony is going to do? It's suicide for them to commence a full-stage invasion. Do you not see our star fortresses that protect our system, our mighty fleet that we pride upon with one of the best heavy fighters in the system? What do you think the Hegemony has that we don't have? We have more than everything than what the Hegemony can ever provide."
"This doesn't leave the room, but I've heard rumors between the other systems of forming a coalition against Hegemony. A unified front once and for all to stop this Domain imposing menace once and for all. We no longer have to negotiate with these dictators."
"Well, that's the last of the trade convoy scheduled. I'm certain that with all the vast trade networks we have we ca- wait hold on what's that in our scanners? Station Defense to Central Command, we have an unidentified capital ship approaching us over."
"I see it in our scope now, it's a Prometheus tanker! Send a communication to them, we will fire if they do not turn."
"Unidentified ship, turn on your transponder and turn your ship around. You have not been not granted clearance for docking. We will fire if you do not comply.
"I'm getting nothing here, they're not sending any communications back. Wait. Hold on the speed of that capital ship, it's accelerating! Central Command hasn't responded yet.
"Screw this. This is Station Defense Platform G to all Defense Platforms, commence fire on the hostile Prometheus tanker. Fire at will.
"Fire at will!"
"What's the issue here? Are our weapons down? Why aren't the other Defense Platforms firing? Why aren't the shields turning on?"
"Why isn't anyone seeing this?! Station Defense to Central Command! Defense Platform! Anyone?! What's the issue here?! This tanker is going to- BRACE FOR IMPA-

That's all there was. An instant whiteness in the sky. Radiation levels within the first station skyrocketed beyond what the scale could record.

The second station had its thruster turn against itself, with multiple safety systems in the station rendered ineffective and operable. The inhabitants of the station realized their demise. This wasn't an accident. There was nothing that could be done to stop the second station from thrusting toward Mairaath until Mairaath's gravity pulled the station toward her death.

The third station's thrusters begin to turn against itself until it was destroyed by the Mayasurian Admiral to stop the third station from impacting Mairaath. The bulk of the navy had to use their own ships in a suicide matter to keep the station in orbit. but it was too late. Inside the third station, safety systems were infinitely rebooting itself and the radiation shielding of the station has failed its inhabitants. The horrors of radiation poisoning began in the third station.

Over a few days, the bulk of the few surviving Mayasurian Navy stood by to watch offering a somewhat protection over Mairaath and awaiting relief fleets, until...

Hegemony-identified ships begin to appear on the outskirt of the system. The Mayasurians knew there was no need for communications. This was the last hurrah for the Mayasurians. This was their last stand. The Mayasurians were initially gaining a tactical advantage and trading effectively until the venerable HSS Naga Onslaught under the experienced Commodore Jensulte finally entered the battle and decisively ended the Mayasurians once and for all in the Persean Sector. The crisis has then been "resolved." According to Hegemony authorities,

Quote from: Hegemony's Source
During Cycle 82, the Mayasura Star System was on the verge of decivilization. Its military commanders had been attempting to coup the Mairaath's government. This was evident when observing the third station was being fired on by Mayasurian weapons. Commodore Jensulte was dispatched to handle the situation in restoring law and order to the system by whatever means necessary.

Unencrypted Sector-wide Broadcast
Only through the righteous shall Good destroy Evil. Only through violence will humanity's hubris and rebellion against God be swept in redemption. The Mayasura System is a reminder to all that Mairaath was the first, not the last of Ludd's redemptions of mankind.

Mods / [0.96a] Better Colonies 1.87
« on: October 29, 2019, 07:27:50 PM »

For those that prefers a more civilized way of late-game colony management.

Better Colonies is a mod for those who enjoy a better lightweight colony experience. Simple as. There are also new setting.json that the more experienced player can start editing in the folder. Is this save-game compatible? Yes! Just remove and rebuild tech-mining as needed.


  • Age of Innovation event will appear occasionally where AI Colonies will randomly improve their industries with story points over time with their odds varying on size, number of story-improved industries, and whether they are a decentralized faction (like Luddic Pather, Pirates, and Independents).
    • Modders: This is not a blanket feature. You may view data\config\BetterColonyConfig to see how to get your faction whitelisted (involves adding your faction id and custom industry id if applicable).
    • innovateBC [optionalChance], if Console Commands will simualte an event. Put in 1 to guarantee a chance.
  • Tech-Mining now hosts a tooltip indicating the EXACT amount of ruins there are left and for next month. This effect can be superseded by other mods.
  • Visiting the bars of your habitable planets will invite a Luddic missionary asking you to pledge a shrine dedicated to Ludd on your world. ;)
    • Jangala, Mazalot, Tartessus, Hesperus, Gilead, Chalcedon, Epiphany all contain this holy shrine.
    • To improve relations, a Luddic contact may be available to develop and do missions.
    • Nexerelin-optional feature: A Luddic Church revolt will take place when the shrine is threatened.
  • Visiting the bars of planets containing cryorevivals will allow you to recruit a sleeper officer (guaranteed 3-4 elite skills) every 180(or 730 if hired as a merc) days with their levels scaling on your colony size.
  • You may expend a story point to upgrade a freelancing admin to have Industry Planning provided you have it yourself as well.
  • altMouseMoveToMassTransfer is enabled by default. Allowing you to hold alt and hover your mouse to quickly move items across storages.
  • BCChangeIndustrySize is enabled by default, allowing the industry cap of population 9 and 10 to be increased by +1 leading to a total of 5 (You would still need to modify maxColonySize.)
  • BCCryosanctum is disabled by default, but enabling it to be true in the setting.json will let you construct Cryosanctums.
  • AddAdminBC [optionalTier] [optionalFaction] [optionalName], if Console Commands is enabled, lets you add admins.
Old Credits
@SpaceMonster - Created a code in the public domain to manipulate max industries.
@Wyvern - Created a code to replace industries during mid-saves.
@isaacssv552 - Helped with Tech-Mining stuff.
@Overlord - Helped with AddAdmin Console Command.
0.95a changes
As of 1.3-1.51, this mod now requires LazyLib.
  • Tech-Mining now hosts a tooltip indicating the EXACT amount of ruins there are left and for next month.
  • Cryorevival Facility will now produce organs when the market is a Free Port and has a certain population size above 4.
    • Max Industry Cap at Population 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 increased from 1/1/1/2/3/4/4/4/4/4 to 1/1/1/2/3/4/4/4/5/5.
      • +1 Max Industry at Population 9+
      • Tier Zero (5000) [25%->20%]: Administrator has no skills.
      • Tier One (10000) [75%->65%]: Administrator has one skill.
      • Tier Two (25000) [5%->10%]: Administrator has two skills.
      • Tier Three (50000) [0%->5%]: Administrator has three skills. Equivalent to an Alpha Core type of skills...
      • Added a console command: AddAdminBC that lets you add administrators of the tier system that Better Colonies use.
      No longer work as of 0.95a, complain to Alex for this feature return by asking him to incorporate event.json's OfficerManager script again.
0.91a Changes
Do not bother using this in a current save.
FOR ADVANCED USERS: There are some custom stations made by faction mods that do not incorporate Better Colonies station code. This is easily fixed by redirecting the plugin in those industries.csv "com.fs.starfarer.api.impl.campaign.econ.impl.OrbitalStation" to "com.fs.starfarer.api.impl.campaign.econ.impl.OrbitalStationGD".

  • Max Industry Cap at Population 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 increased from 1/1/1/2/3/3/4/4/4/4 to 1/1/1/2/3/3/4/4/5/5.
    • +1 Max Industry at Population 9+
  • Commerce may even produce income... if the planetary conditions are mild.
  • Orbital Stations are now commandeered by an officer up to a max level of 8 (from 0).
    • An officer at this level may have up to 3 maxed skills.
  • Battle Stations are now commandeered by an officer ranging from 8 up to a max level of 17 (from 6).
    • An officer at this level may have up to 6 maxed skills.
  • Star Fortresses are now commandeered by an officer ranging from 17 up to a max level of 26 (from 12).
    • An officer at this level will have up to 9 maxed skills.
  • Levels of Mercenary Officers are now determined by the market's size. The higher the market size, the higher the possible max officer level and so on for lower.
  • A Station commandeered by an Alpha Core will be level 29 given Gunnery Implants as a guaranteed skill. (Alpha Core would be level 20 in vanilla, this value is now able to be changed in the mod folder's setting.json whereas vanilla is hardcoded.)
  • Cryorevival Facility will now produce organs when the market is a Free Port and has a certain population size above 4.
Tech-Mining QOL

  • Tech-Mining now hosts a tooltip indicating the EXACT amount of ruins there are left.
  • Tech-Mining's Decay is now a random variable, with no longer a constant of losing 5% each month.
  • Alpha Core now modifies Tech-Mining's Yield and Decay Rate by +15%.
Administrators Rework
Tier 0,1,2 Administrators System are reworked into 6 different types of Administrators you can possibly hire. Their hire cost are much lower than vanilla, but their maintenance will be 2.5x their hiring cost. The spawning rate of the Tier 0,1,2 was also 50%,45%,5% which made it incredibly difficult to find more talented administrators which the new tier system addresses. You can now change their spawn rate in settings.json.
  • Tier Zero (1000) [25%]: Administrator has no skills.
  • Tier One (2000) [20%]: Administrator has one level in a colony skill.
  • Tier Two (4000) [20%]: Administrator has one level in 3 colony skills.
  • Tier Three (6000) [20%]: Administrator has three levels in 1 colony skill.
  • Tier Four (8000) [10%]: Administrator has three levels in 2 colony skills.
  • Tier Five (10000) [5%]: Administrator has three levels in 2 colony skills and 1 level in 1 colony skill.
  • Added a console command: AddAdminBC that lets you add administrators of the tier system that Better Colonies use.

@SpaceMonster - Created a code in the public domain to manipulate max industries.
@isaacssv552 - Helped with Tech-Mining stuff.
@Overlord - Helped with AddAdmin Console Command.

General Discussion / [GUIDE] When To Fully Stop Tech-Mining?
« on: September 29, 2019, 09:35:25 AM »
You're wondering when to stop your tech-mining when ruins become literally unattainable. The usual go-to tip is 14 months or on average 2 cycles, but who has time to keep track of that? Better Colonies has a tracker on tech-mining so whenever you hover over the industry you know to disband them or not.

Well, you should never stop during your first month obviously because in THIS easy to read table, I'll help you out.

Vast Ruins are base ruins. The default amount and rate that you should be getting in a month. The bold is important, take note!
Extensive Ruins yield only 60% of a typical Vast Ruin's month.
Widespread Ruins yield only 35% of a typical Vast Ruin's month.
Scattered Ruins yield only 20% of a typical Vast Ruin's month.

On the first month, the ruins are untapped and yield out 10x of their usual drops while yielding like a vast ruin regardless of ruin type. Let's suppose you're the type of guy who wants to tech-mine everything to the bitter source. Now when should you stop tech-mining, the information is up to you when you feel the odds do not balance out the upkeep.

Wait, what if I don't want to EVER stop tech-mining?
"techMiningDecay":0.95, # monthly multiplier reducing effectiveness of tech-mining ops
Ctrl-F this code in your setting.json and change the 0.95 to a higher number or 1.00 for no decay, or... higher than 1 if you want tech-mining to increase...

Mods / [0.95.1a] Commissioned Crews 1.999999ggg
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:22:51 AM »

A solution to the mid-game problem of not needing commissions and enhancing your lore immersion by granting special characteristics depending on what faction you're commissioned by. Perhaps it is also an encouragement for you to try out new faction starts...

Commissioned Crews is a mod designed to make commissions more worthwhile to hold onto even in the mid-game and late-game by granting ship bonuses that are only unique to the faction you are commissioned to. However, if you get decommissioned by whatever means, you'll lose that bonus! This mod should be compatible with everything including your saves! It's also not as performance-intensive as a faction mod at all.

How does it work?
Dock at a Market. That's all you need to do. Unless there's a special circumstance that prevents this check from happening (apparently starting ships aren't being checked for odd reasons) A certain hull mod checks if there's a commission and gets replaced by a commissioned crew bonus to a ship you put the hull mod in. It does a fleet-wide check so you only need to do it once if you're not adding any new ships!

Disclaimer: This fleet-check may not work properly when you first begin the game. You may have to use the hullmod as a backup fleet check. This is because ships that are given to the player aren't "exactly" alive until they encounter their first combat, change weapons, or anything to make them alive!
What if there are some ships I JUST DON'T WANT THE BONUS
I got you covered. Just apply this bonus and the ship won't be tagged for any future commissioned bonus hullmod.

I'm convinced, what bonuses do I get from commissioning with the factions?
For the Vanilla 5 Factions that you can actually commission with
Persean League
Luddic Church
Sindrian Diktat
For those who like Nexerelin... you get access to 2 more factions bonus and a unique mechanic...

For you who enjoy more than 1 of these bonuses...
Your voice has been heard! If you have Nexerelin and have allied with several factions. You will now receive their Commissioned Crew bonus when you take up the United We Stand Hullmod!

For modders: Wait, but what about MODDED factions?  :-X
To users, you may have to wait for your favorite mod author to make support. Support is very easy to support for modders. You can download this example code to see how Hegemony gets its hullmod.. You just need to remember to put something in the TechpriestCommission.csv to align with the corresponding faction string and hullmod string while making sure your hull mod has code (in the example) to remove itself when the player is no longer commissioned to the faction. The hullmod should somewhat encourage players for receiving a commission with them (straight debuffs are ? but buffs for a debuff is fine). Support is extremely stable at the moment.

Once you have support, there should little need to maintain support aside from balancing out the commissioned hull mods. If you want some ideas, you may check a look into what the supported modded faction have as their bonuses. For mine, all of the vanilla factions are open-sourced, so you may take a peek to see how I made the code work.

1. In `data/hullmods/hull_mods.csv`,
    - [ ] Under `id`, change `CHM_hegemony` to whatever hull mod id you want.
    - [ ] Under `script`, change `data.scripts.hullmods.CHM_hegemony` to use your hull mod id instead.
    - [ ] If desired, change any other values, like the `desc`.

2. In `data/scripts/hullmods`,
    - [ ] Rename `` to `<your hull mod id>.java`.
    - [ ] Inside that file, replace `class CHM_hegemony` with `class <your hull mod id>`.
    - [ ] Inside that file, replace `hegemony` with your faction id.

3. In `data/config/CommissionBonus/TechpriestCommission.csv`,
    - [ ] Change `hegemony` to your faction id.
    - [ ] Change `CHM_hegemony` to your hull mod id.
4. Optionally you may want to add a tip, hullmod font colors, but that's only if users have this mod so they may get confused if they take a commission and they don't get anything.
To Users: Supported Modded Factions
Click on the image to go to their page! With 33 factions supported already, there is more than enough of factions that you'll find in suiting your taste.

Amazigh's Kyeltziv Technocracy
AppleMarineXX's UNSC
Astarat's Volkov Industrial Conglomerate
connortron7's Exalted
Dark.Revenant's Interstellar Imperum
Dazs's Carter's Freetraders
Dazs's Junk Yard Dogs
King Alfonzo's Brighton Reconstruction
King Alfonzo's First Persean Empire
King Alfonzo's Hazard Mining Incorporated
King Alfonzo's Holy Convenant of Kemet
Knight Chase's Mayasuran Navy
Great Wound's Ko Combine and Mbaye-Gogol
Gwyvern's Legacy of Arkgnesis
Harmful Mechanic's Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering
Harmful Mechanic's Magellan Protectorate
Kayse's No Such Org
KnightOfTigers's Galaxy Tigers

lethargie's Vanidad y Affliction Operation
lolghurt's Phillip
Morrokain's Adamantine Consortium
MShadowy's Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority
Nia Tahl's Legio Infernalis
Nia Tahl's Spindle Protectorate
Peplat's The Xhan Empire
Scarlet-MagicianX26's Polaris Prime
prav's prv Starworks
prav's Rust Belt
Protonus's Blue (Extratential Lanestate Union)
Protonus's Red (Oculian Berserks)
Ryxsen1421's United Auroran Federation
SafariJohn's Roider Union
Sinosauropteryx's Kingdom of Terra
Sleepyfish's Star Federation
Tartiflette's Diable Avionics
Tartiflette's Outer Rim Alliance
Tartiflette's Scy Nation
Techpriest's Iron Shell
Tecrys's Freitag Corporation
theDragn's Apex Design Collective
Unit9461's Machina Void Services
Vayra's Kadur Remnants
xSevenG7x's Epta Consortium
Zudgemud's P9 Colony Group

Lost Archived Commissioned Crews
For those who were lost to the index. Outdated entries still remain in the archives. Some say you can still find records of their crews within these images...
Bhdeale's Red Legion
connortron7's Anvil Industries
connortron7's BlackJack Mining Syndicate
creature's Arian Empire
creature's Kingdom of Royal Azalea
creature's Yuri Expedition (Caparice Trade and Exploration Company)
J0hn Shm0's Concordance of Protection Syndicate (COPS)
Kissa_Mies's Free Stars Union
mendonca's ASP Syndicate
mendonca's Junk Pirates
mendonca's PACK
MesoTroniK's Tiandong Heavy Industries
Nia Tahl's Sylphon RnD
tomatopaste's Kipling Radiative
tomatopaste's Pearson Exotronics
Vayra's Ashen Keepers
Vayra's Independent AI Research Mandate
Vayra's Persean Democratic People's Revolutionary Council
Vayra's Rimward Venture Trading Company
Vayra's Stormhawk Republic

1.9/1.92/1.93/1.9999 April 11 2020 - March 28 2021
  • Adjusted volume of some background noise when you dock -> Added Custom Sound Effect of CC from @MesoTroniK
  • Cleaner more optimized code from SirHartley that now fixes the frozen screen market load crash.
  • Rewritten tips from Avanitia.
  • Added CC icons from Mayu.
  • United We Stand now considers your commissioned faction's alliances now.
  • All Hullmods can now be applied without re-docking
  • Hegemony's Armor Plating Bonus rescaled from 40/60/80/100 to 55/70/85/100.
  • Luddic Church's Missile Damage Bonus no longer deals an extra +20%/15%/10%/5%, but +30%/25%/20%/15% damage to shields now.
  • Sindria's Timid/Cautious bonus reworked now increase shield raise rate and turn rate.
  • Sindria's Aggressive/Reckless bonus reworked now increases DPS to weapon and engines.
  • Pirate's Sensor Profile Reduction reduced from -25% to -20%.
  • Pather's CR Reduction reduced from -20% to -15%.
  • Reworked Tri-Tachyon's CC Bonus (FINALE): -17% Overload Duration.
  • Added VNSector Support
  • Last Update before Starsector 0.95
  • BIG MODDER'S TOOL: Can add UNLIMITED hullmods under the same faction entry now! NOT RESTRICTED TO ONE HULLMOD PER FACTION.
1.8 March 30 2020
  • When your commissioned faction ally with another faction, you can take United We Stand hullmod and you'll now receive that alliance hullmod.
  • League Commissioned Crew now reduces minimum crew count by 10%.
  • Assigned techtypes so you can exclude and stuff idk UI stuff.
1.73/1.72/1.71/1.70 January 18th/12th/12th/5th, 2020
  • Fixed some United We Stand bugs..
  • Added Design Type to the Commissioned Crews for aesthetic reasons.
  • Tri-Tachyon Commissions Reworked: Receive +10%/+10%/+10%/+5% Flux Capacity depending on hull size on only High-Tech and Tri-Tachyon designed ships.
  • Cleaner performance improvment
  • Introduce a hullmod that lets you put all the United We Stand hullmod provided you have the ordnance points available on all the ship for convenience.
1.6 December 24th, 2019
  • Introduced United We Stand hullmod. Cost a few ordnance points (3/6/9/15), but can now receive stacking commissioned crew bonuses for you late-gamers.
  • Fixed Hegemony's XIV Armor Bonus on Destroyers.
  • A component of Vayra's Ship now receive the same easter egg on a Hegemony commission as well!
1.5 December 1st, 2019
  • Fun easter egg with a pirate commission and some ships from Vayra's Ships!
  • Commissioned Hull Mods now refresh upon docking at a market rather than instantly. (This means if you get decommissioned out of nowhere, you won't lose the bonus until you dock at a market).
if (!"almighty_dollar".equals(Misc.getCommissionFactionId())) {
    1.4.1 October 29th, 2019
    • Fixed a bug where you were able to gain a commission bonus when docking into a planet with no owners.
    • Updated some art assets.
    • Tri-Tech Assistant's Skeleton Crew Reduction reduced from -15% to -10%
    • Tri-Tech Assistant now provides +20% more flux vent/capacitors from flux distributors/coil adjunct hull mods
    • The Path now provides a +25% weapon/engine repair speed bonus.
    1.3 October 13th, 2019
    • Commissioned Bonuses may now be acquired automatically when you dock into a market (in the last resort if a bug happens, the hullmod still does the same purpose and for modules).
    • Game loads 5 seconds faster (code compiled into a .jar, srccode remains)
    • Hegemonic Plating's Armor Bonus increased from 35/50/65/80 to 40/60/80/100.
      • Ships from a XIV Armor Structure only receive 50 flat armor.
    • League Leadership reworked from League Manufactory; now increases the rate at which fighters respawn by 30%/25%/20%/15%.
    • Blessing of Ludd's Damage Bonus increased from +10% to +20%/15%/10%/5%.
    • Lion Training reworked; now grants a +5% Maneuverability and +10% Weapon Turn Rates. Provides more bonuses when an officer is attached.
      • Timid and Cautious Officers grant Lion's Eye. -5% Flux Damage from Shields.
      • Steady Officers grants Lion's Mane. +10% Maneuverability and +15% Weapon Turn Rate.
      • Aggressive and Reckless Officers receive Lion's Maul. +5% Damage to Shields.
    • Tri-Tech Assistant reworked; now reduces skeleton crew count by -15%.
    • The Path's Speed Bonus increased from 15/15/15/10 to 25/20/15/10.
    1.2/1.21 September 28th/29th, 2019
    • Hegemonic Plating's Armor Bonus increased from 35/40/45/50 to 35/50/65/80.
    • Blessing of Ludd reworked; now grants +25% Missile HP and +10% Missile Damage.
    • Sindrian Endurance renamed to Lion Training; now offers a scaling bonus of defensive/offensive abilities varying on the personality of the officer (timid <-> reckless)
    • Tri-Tech Assistant reworked; now reduces the decay of CR by -20%.
    • The Path's Speed Bonus increased from 15/15/15/5 to 15/15/15/10.
    • The Commissioned Specialist Hullmod will now do a ship-wide check on your fleet instead of doing the ship it has the hullmod on individually.
    1.1 September 20th, 2019
    • League Volunteers renamed to League Leadership
    • League Leadership now has a reduced effect of 5% instead of 25% when combined with Expanded Deck Crew
    • Made some user-friendly changes to how commissioned crews can begin.
    • Added tip lines
    1.0 September 20th, 2019
    • released
    • Q: Can you make me a Commissioned Crew bonus?
      A: No, it is your choice as a player or mod author to make one for yourself.
    • Q:Does this apply to AI-controlled fleets?
      A: There is no intent or desire to do so. It would just power creep the game and create modded faction support more difficult to accomplish. As mod authors are limited by what they should give to their AI-controlled fleets when CC is enabled. Nonetheless, I don't stop them from applying it to AI-controlled fleets. :)
    • Q: How come when I get a commission with this {modded_faction}, I don't get anything with your mod?
      A: More likely the author of the {modded_faction} has not supported this mod yet or has refused to do so. I cannot personally release one for a {modded_faction} without their explicit permission.
    • Q: What about bonuses for us independents?
      A: Not if you receive commissions, you won't find any here.
    • Q: What about my player faction?
      A: No.
      Q: but...
      A: No, I mean there are some ways but idk... mhmm dark ways.
    @Vayra - Held my left hand when making this mod.
    @Nicke535 - Held my right hand when making this mod.
    @AxleMC131 - Held my left arm when making this mod.
    @Tartiflette - Held my right arm when making this mod.
    @LazyWizard - Held my left shoulder when making this mod.
    @Avanitia - Held my left feet when making this mod.
    @Histidine - Held my right shoulder when making this mod.
    @SirHartley - Held my hand when making this mod.

    @123nick - for Video in OP.

    @MesoTroniK - For supporting this mod early in the development and making the audio.
    @Knight Chase - For supporting this mod early in the development!
    Artwork goes to the Starsector Development Team

    Modding / Big Think on Portrait Mods
    « on: September 12, 2019, 04:36:57 PM »
    Have you guys ever installed too many portraits (pack) mods into your Starsector and you notice some of the portraits are missing? Just wondering if it's just me or some others have noticed it. I had to limit myself to a single portrait pack because of it.

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