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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23); Blog post: Colony Crises (11/24/23)

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Suggestions / Beholder Station
« on: March 31, 2022, 01:12:11 AM »
Perhaps making an offering in the Beholder Station should boost reputation with the Luddic Path (at most less than what Luddic Church gets or capped to a lower rep level than the LC's version)? Since there are barely any means of gaining favor with them anyway and I would suspect a generous offering might sway some Pathers to see you are humble and modest with space life...

Gives all small non-missile weapons the ability to automatically target incoming enemy missiles and to identify - and ignore - decoy flares. Targeting missiles takes priority over targeting enemy ships or fighters.
is an interesting tooltip since it fails to mention this turns all small non-missile weapons into PD weapons essentially allowing them to benefit from PD buffs like
In addition, all point defense weapons get the best possible target leading, regardless of combat readiness
from the very own hullmod... and Elite Point Defense skill effect of +200 range.

Intended? I mean I thought Point Defense skill was useless until I realized I could stack on more beam range with IPDAI lol.

If it's intended, this hullmod description should note that it allows small non-missile weapons to benefit off PD modifiers as well.

General Discussion / [GUIDE] Military Science: Weapon Tree
« on: February 23, 2022, 01:52:45 PM »
For your reference in general.

Ballistic Families

SmallMediumLargeNotable Description?
Assault FamilyLight Assault GunAssault ChaingunHephaestus Assault GunRapid-firing, fast, high explosive rounds
Autocannon FamilyLight Single Autocannon
Light Dual Autocannon
Arbalest Autocannon
Heavy Autocannon
Mark IX Autocannon
Mark IX Autocannon
Medium-ranged kinetic rounds
Flak Family-
Flak Cannon
Dual Flak Cannon
Devastator Cannon
Devastator Cannon
Inaccurate, proximity-fused shells.
Machine Gun FamilyLight Machine Gun
Light Dual Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Rapid-firing, short-ranged kinetic rounds.
Mauler Family (?)-Heavy Mauler-Long-ranged, fast high explosive shells.
Mjolnir Family (?)--Mjolnir CannonUniquely pure energy-dealing, EMP-potent shells
Mortar FamilyLight MortarHeavy MortarHellbore CannonSlow, lethal high explosive rounds.
Needler FamilyLight NeedlerHeavy NeedlerStorm NeedlerRapid-firing, medium-ranged kinetic flechettes.
Rail Coil FamilyRailgunHypervelocity DriverGauss CannonPerfectly accurate (with potential EMP) kinetic slugs.
Thumper Family (?)-Thumper-Fast-firing, medium-ranged, fragmentation rounds
Vulcan Family (?)Vulcan Cannon--Rapid-firing, inaccurate, point-blank rounds

Energy Technology Tree

SmallMediumLargeNotable Description?
SUPER ALABASTER Tech-Kinetic Blaster-High anti-shield matter
Antimatter TechAntimatter Blaster-GigacannonLimited high-damaging antimatter.
Autolance Tech-IR Autolance-Fragmented sustained beam.
General Beam TechTactical LaserGraviton BeamHigh Intensity LaserLong-ranged, generalist sustained beam.
Hyperdimensional Tech-Phase LanceTachyon LanceExpensive, high-damaging burst beam.
Ion TechIon Cannon
Ion Pulser
Ion Beam
Medium-ranged, EMP energy matter
Long-ranged, EMP sustained beam
PD Beam TechPD Laser
LR PD Laser
Burst PD Laser
Heavy Burst Laser
Paladin PD System
Short-ranged, sustained beam.
Long-ranged, sustained beam.
Medium-ranged burst beam.
Mining TechMining LaserMining Blaster-A miner's best friend, a soldier's worst friend.
Plasma Tech-Heavy BlasterPlasma CannonHigh-damaging plasma matter.
Pulse TechIR Pulse Laser
Pulse Laser
Autopulse Laser
Thermal Pulse Cannon
Fast-firing energy matter.
An old relic of the past.

Missile Payload System

SmallMediumLargeNotable Description?
Annihilator SystemAnnihilator Rocket LauncherAnnihilator Rocket Pod-Fast, low payload, unguided rockets.
Atropos SystemAtropos-class Torpedo Rack--Slow, moderate payload, advanced guided torpedoes.
Breach SystemBreach SRMBreach SRM Pod-Slow, anti-armor payload, advanced guided missiles.
Dragonfire System-Dragonfire DEM TorpedoDragonfire DEM TorpedoFires a brief, high-powered beam from long range.
Gazer SystemGazer DEM SRMGazer DEM SRM Pod-Fires a brief, kinetic laser from long range
Gorgon SystemGorgon DEM SRMGorgon DEM SRM Pod-Fires a brief, energy laser from long range before blowing up on impact.
Hammer SystemHammer-class Torpedo-Hammer BarrageFast, moderate payload, unguided torpedoes.
Harpoon SystemHarpoon MRMHarpoon MRM Pod-Fast, moderate payload, advanced guided missiles.
Hurricane System--Hurricane MIRV LauncherFast then faster, long-ranged, two-staged, medium payload, widespreading, semi-guided missiles.
Hydra System--Hydra MDEMFires a missile splitting into multiple flanking missiles that fire brief low-powered beams from long range
Pilum System-Pilum LRM LauncherPilum LRM CatapultSlow then fast, auto-loading, long-ranged, two-staged, EMP payload, semi-guided missiles.
Proximity Charge System-Proximity Charge Launcher-Slow, medium payload, proximity-fused, unguided explosive charge.
Reaper SystemReaper-class TorpedoTyphoon Reaper LauncherCyclone Reaper LauncherFast, needs-arming, high payload, durable, unguided torpedos.
Sabot SystemSabot SRMSabot SRM Pod-Slow then really fast, short-ranged, two-staged, EMP payload, guided kinetic missiles.
Salamander SystemSalamander MRMSalamander MRM Pod-Fast, long-ranged, auto-loading, rear-seeking, EMP payload, guided fragmentation missile.
Swarmer SystemSwarmer SRM Launcher-Locust SRM LauncherFast, low payload, advanced guided missiles.
Squall System--Squall MLRSFast, long-ranged, EMP payload, semi-guided kinetic missiles.

What do you think?
Energy Technology Tree

Cryo Tech-
[REDACTED] Tech-Disintegrator-
Pulse TechMinipulser
Volatile Particle Driver
Hyperdimensional TechRift Lance
Rift Beam
Reality Disruptor
Rift Cascade Emitter
Lightning TechShock Repeater--

Missile Payload System

Antimatter SystemAntimatter SRM Launcher--
Resonator System-Resonator MRM Launcher-
[REDACTED] System--Rift Torpedo Launcher

Suggestions / Luddic Pather Tithe eh?
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:34:06 AM »
If two LP fleets are chasing you, they'll each demand their tithe separately. I thought on the assumption if you paid one to them, the rest nearby would de-aggro and lose the pursuit.

Also, it is weird that you don't get even a +1 rep boost (to minimum to neutral) from this. You would think paying a good sum of credits to funding them might even make them realize hey you're sympathetic to their cause...

Suggestions / Burn Drive (toggled) AI Issue
« on: January 15, 2022, 10:18:32 PM »
I've been able to easily replicate this.

Give ANY ship with toggled burn drive AI but LR weapons (in this test I did Enforcer and Dominator equipped with >1000 range ballistics)

Watch it legit just burn drive completely just to "close the gap" when it should probably just rely on maintain_strike_range or manuever_range flags (where it states something else like an appropriate 1000 range) to stop. This is extremely damaging vs Sunder HIL variants which the Sunder takes a free pot shot and immediately destroys the ship.

I get it, it's hard for the Burn Drive AI to determine when to not use it especially when its shields are off how can it know it might be tanking a reaper or a HIL...

But I find it annoying that if you fit the ship for long-range it will continue to close the gap at around 600 range from the enemy ship consistently rather than 1000 or 800...

"Persean League":[220,185,20]

seems to make an error from setting.json, Persean League needs its 4th value. I tested hullmods using this that seem to be affected.

Modding / Doesn't seem to block bars...
« on: December 31, 2021, 04:45:51 PM »
            for (PersonMissionSpec mission: Global.getSettings().getAllMissionSpecs()) {
                if (!(mission.getTagsAny().contains("dontblockthat") || mission.getTagsAny().contains("dontblockthis")) &&
                        !(mission.getTagsAny().isEmpty() && mission.getTagsAll().isEmpty() && mission.getTagsNotAny().isEmpty())
                        && mission.getPersonId() == null
                        && !mission.getTagsNotAny().contains("hegemony")) {
So I went to do a test to see if I could block this...

I don't know what isn't being blocked here. Hegemony contacts are still offered and given at the bar and (independents) and (pirates) still offer their thing at the Hegemony bars.

and bar_events.csv doesn't seem to give me anything to prevent these vanilla bar events from appearing in Hegemony markets.

Like yes I could just make a return false statement somewhere to block it but I can't do that for vanilla bar events/contact missions.

Suggestions / Cryorevival SP Improvement Suggestion
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:34:47 PM »
Allow a planet to reach size 7?

I find it weird that Alpha Core and story point option both double growth.. it makes SP improving kinda redundant since you will eventually remove them when the planet is at size 6 as well...

Of course if you remove the industry then the planet will obviously start losing population :)

Suggestions / Intentional for Overloaded Wings?
« on: December 16, 2021, 09:43:55 AM »
It seems like a design flaw that Dagger Bomber Wings when overloaded will still drift toward their target. Instead of hovering around their target at their AttackRunRange or returning back to their carrier.

This goes for the same for all shielded wings. Just seems annoying to have a shielded fighter be useless because it's "overloaded" and wants to just suicide toward the target.

And it doesn't seem like they're crashing as their engine are still on, they're just hovering over their target at close to a vulcan cannon's range until they stopped overloaded.

General Discussion / The State of Phase in 0.95.1a
« on: December 14, 2021, 05:40:15 PM »
Now that the dust has settled... what do we think about the Phase mini-rework?

It seems like a good change (aside from almost every modded phase ships needing to be rebalanced). The hullmods look nice.

I like the Phase Anchor's implementation and effects Although I very much dislike how the phase anchor can only be used once per battle. That means some random gremlin can have an anchor and suicide to deny an intense phase ship work like the Ziggurat without the fault of the player (lucky that only the Tri-Tachyon has access to this but still...)

Adaptive Phase Coils feel good in design, but the cap I feel needs to increase on smaller hull size. Smaller phase ships seem to take the bulk of the damage worse.. perhaps something like 80%/80%/75%/75% as the hard flux cap might do?

Edit: At least player-perspective wise they feel clunky since you feel the effect of eating a -66% speed debuff in a 0.33x time dilation as opposed to an AI that's high-fluxed on phase just going 1x its speed in phase from 3x.

What are your guys' thoughts?

Modding / "no_autofit" on .variant files
« on: December 14, 2021, 11:29:14 AM »
I have to post in the Modding sub-forum now...

For context...
"no_autofit" tag now also works when applied to variants

This doesn't seem to be the case...  :-[

S-mods still aren't preserved in the variants and the game still autofits them if you exceed their "cap."

I realize because I'm generating the fleet via

FleetFactoryV3 and that script doesn't seem to make any mention on no_autofit.
Hmm - do you perhaps have MemFlags.MEMORY_KEY_FORCE_AUTOFIT_ON_NO_AUTOFIT_SHIPS set in the fleet's memory? Or a custom inflater set for the fleet? Because it's checked in the same place as "no_autofit" on the hull spec is checked (see: line 326 in DefaultFleetInflater) and unless I'm just missing something obvious, it's hard for me to see how this might *not* work.
I set them generating a fleet normally via the Lion Guard's HQ and then have a special indication to make all their flagships have a no_autofit variant to which they still autofit them weirdly.

fleet.getFlagship().setVariant(Global.getSettings().getVariant("eis_legion_xiv_Elite"), false, true);

I think I know why it's because when the fleet begins "despawning or docking" to rest at its planet it gets autofitted.

Oh well, I can't stop that.
Hmm, I'm not sure how that'd have anything to do with it, the inflater doesn't know or care about whether the fleet is "docking" - it's just another assignment.

		boolean forceAutofit = fleet.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().getBoolean(MemFlags.MEMORY_KEY_FORCE_AUTOFIT_ON_NO_AUTOFIT_SHIPS);
int memberIndex = 0;
for (FleetMemberAPI member : fleet.getFleetData().getMembersListCopy()) {

if (!forceAutofit && member.getHullSpec().hasTag(Items.TAG_NO_AUTOFIT)) {
if (!forceAutofit && member.getVariant() != null && member.getVariant().hasTag(Items.TAG_NO_AUTOFIT)) {

I'm wrapping my head around this since "unboardable" on .variant files are working as intended.

"no_autofit" on the hull spec always seems to work "as intended." They do not ever try to refit or autofit once created with the tag on hull spec which leads me to wonder... why the variant has an issue accepting "no_autofit" or maybe it's how the code may be nulling on the variant thus preventing it from being read...

Suggestions / How to unlock aim from shield rotation?
« on: December 07, 2021, 05:27:45 AM »
I'm at a serious disadvantage when it comes to omni-shield. I can't manually fire in another direction and cover my rear with an omni shield.

The AI can do this better than I can obviously given their autofiring prowess, but let's make omni-shield better to pilot if it could be unlocked, yes?

I can see why everyone just brainlessly autopilot to front shield conversion on their omni-shielded shields.

Modding / api.addBriefingItem can't be too long?
« on: December 01, 2021, 04:40:35 PM »

api.addBriefingItem("Ava is skilled in Helmsmanship, Target Analysis, Impact Mitigation, Shield Modulation, System Expertise, and Reliability Engineering.");
api.addBriefingItem("Defeat all enemy forces; HSS Bond must survive.");

Apparently if the tooltip is too long, it gets bugged out like this.

Suggestions / "Priority" and "Preference"
« on: November 28, 2021, 10:57:55 PM »
Kinda annoying when bounties and contacts are always making you go to the same spot.

Couldn't these systems be assigned a "DON'T CHOOSE ME UNLESS IM THE ONLY ONE" tag temporarily so the game can incentivize diversifying where we should go instead of having the same automatic priority preferred system?

Suggestions / SP for Population
« on: November 23, 2021, 10:24:12 AM »
Story-Pointed Population & Infrastructure should raise the population size cap by 1.

Instead of just +1 stability and +1 Production really.

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