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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: A Tale of Two Tech Levels (05/28/21)

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if your fleet is undermanned, but you can crew at least one ship, you should be able to fight anyways with what ships you can man.

General Discussion / favorite point defense?
« on: February 21, 2012, 09:03:03 AM »
Dual flak cannon, that is all.

my least favorite is the lrpd laser;the lower dps and higher op just isn't worth the tiny increment in range. yeah, its 50% more, but 50% more of point blank isn't that great. plus things like advanced optic make the normal pd laser quite good. the pd hullmod also makes tac lasers into a great pd system, at least on small ships due to its op cost

Even as a turret, it is utterly incapable of rotating.

ok, well, nothing serious, I mean, if you're using devmode... yeah, but anyways, accidentally switching to the system map from the variant editor will crash the game, which is slightly annoying, but as mentioned its hardly a priority at all imo.

General Discussion / hullmod heavy variants
« on: February 20, 2012, 03:00:20 PM »
I took an onslaught, stuffed tons of defense related hullkods, and put on only a bunch of mortars and flak cannons, and a few other cheap things. it was surprisingly effective, and actually managed to kill another onslaught which had gone a weapons heavy route. going to try a paragon next.

Mods / [.53a.1] Green Sun & Other custom factions [Campaign and Missions]
« on: February 20, 2012, 12:28:18 AM »
Temporary Announcement:
Working on getting this mod updated for the latest version! (0.8a)
Sit tight, it's going to be a while before I can figure out how to overhaul all this stuff from around roughly half a decade ago to the most recent version!

There will probably be a good deal of graphical updates and shifting of ships & factions around due to the changes that have happened since this mod was first created.


Download link:

Please ask before reusing content in one of your own mods.

=Version 1.02: compatible with SFv0.53.1=
4 new campaign factions
3 new ship systems [More to come!]
32 new ships [More to come!]
35 new weapons (2 built-in) [More to come!]
12 new missions [More to come!]
Campaign compatible

Version history/roadmap:

1.1 - +2 new ship systems, +? new ships, +? new hullmods, +? new weapons, +2 new engine effects, +? new missions [in progress]

1.03 - updated pike graphics, changes to campaign spawnpoints, vanilla faction spawnpoints making use of new ships, +3 new ships (possibly more)

1.02 - 0.53a.1 variant update & balance patch; +1 new campaign faction, +3 new ships, +4 (+2) new weapons (2 built-in), some updated graphics, stuff being actively rebalanced

1.01 - 0.53a compatibility update, +3 new ship systems

1.0 - initial release

(Post under construction!)

The ships: (Warning, large image)



==Factions & Ships==
NOTE: the list contains only current or ships to be released in the next update; as a result, this list will change and grow in size over time.


     Ceredian ships are large pre-autofactory designs, covered in some of the thickest armor around, don't come with shields by default, and rely entirely on missiles and ballistic weapons. Their surfaces tend to be pockmarked with heavily armored flux vents. Ceredian military philosophy tends to revolve around "more" - more armor, more guns, more gun-size, more ships, more force. Considering that they ended up with the shortest end of the technology stick, they didn't exactly have much in the way of options. Still, they got it to work quite well...

Unique ships:

Gnat - these are small, pesky little fighters like their namesake. They can deliver a ridiculous amount of damage for their size and cost, and can be hard to take out with non-flak-like point defense systems. However the moment a flak cannon shows up, they are toast - the large Firestorm flak cannons can take out a while wing with a well-positioned shot. They tend towards having very high crew mortality rates if mishandled as a result of their flimsy hulls. They epitomize a 'kill before you are killed' philosophy.

Javelin - this model of frigate is a relatively compact frigate with a good sized flux reserve; its stock configuration fits it with N33 artillery guns, which while they may be old and pale in comparison to the damage outputs of even 'traditionally old' weapons, they have a nearly unparalleled reach for their size, letting the Javelins strike even modern ships that rely on kiting as they retreat to vent.

Martin - this frigate is rather unique in that it is a carrier; it sports a good amount of weapon slots as well, though given the relatively anemic flux stats of this ship, they tend to be used exclusively for PD. The small carrier is mainly used for servicing Gnats, and keeping near the wings it services to allow them respite quickly if damaged.


Mace - this ship is often outfitted for close combat given its heavy armor, but there are some variants fielded with N33/N34s.

Ocelot - Its a destroyer, with a spot for a large ballistic turret! For when you need heavy firepower brought out relatively cheaply and quickly. As a destroyer though, it is still relatively vulnerable.


None yet.


Lion - Designed after the old sea-faring battleships, capable of bringing a large number of guns to bear in any one direction. It tends to fill up its flux caps quickly, resulting from its narrow form.

=The Directorate=

     Directorate ships rely on heavy defenses to stay alive, and generally end up with overly high OP counts paired with anemic slot sizes or quantities. They have high levels of automation, and thus often require very few crew, and several of the smaller ones are completely automated drone ships (these are still outfitted with a manual command system, allowing them to be manually commanded).

Unique ships:


Raven - a drone phase interceptor designed to evade the more powerful weapons of fighters, while having enough firepower to take on missiles and other interceptors handily.

Asp - a hunter drone fitted with a cascade disruptor; it can deal a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time (it lacks the flux reserves to fire all 12 shots at once though), and is quite fast; it is primarily meant for taking out frigates, heavy fighters, and lighter destroyers.


Amanita - a long-range scout/recon drone frigate outfitted with a phase skimmer; it only has 3 small weapon slots (two of which are hardpoints), but it has speed matched by only significantly more expensive frigates, and a reactor just shy of a hyperion's.


Axon [WIP] - a heavily shielded and armored logistics freighter; its designed to accompany Directorate fleets, and while it does trade some capacity for its defensive abilities and is by no means a combat vessel, it has much better survivability than most other freighters. This is aided by an emergency escape overdrive system, similar to the burn drive but disabling weapons instead of shields.


Synapse [WIP] - a general-purpose cruiser, weighing in with only 3 medium and 7 small energy turrets, but a large array of electromagnetic discharge nodes at the that can fry surrounding ships and missiles with ease.


None yet.

=Green Sun Pirates=

Unique ships:




Rhino - something of an oddball ship, this destroyer appears to be a prototype from around the time of the collapse, with a large armored body and fortress shield with the readily available buffalo engines tacked on to drive it around.



Atlas II - a  convert of the Atlas. In contrast to the Atlas (which flies like an anvil, bruises like an overripe banana, and has a tiny shield as a joke), the Atlas II flies like a brick, bruises like a ripe banana, and might actually get the chance to make use of its shields. Aww, who are we kidding, those shields are still a joke. It also has 4 flight decks and a huge quantity of slots for point defenses. It also has a large amount of small missile slots, allowing it to empty a large quantity of missiles all at once in the face of an encroaching capship or cruiser.

Atlas III - a somewhat more respectable convert of the Atlas. It flies like a brick with thrusters, bruises like a slightly-less-ripe banana, and can take a few hits to its (still dinky) shields on a good day. It also ditches one of the flight decks for improved weapons capability, including a large energy turret.


[info coming later]

Unique ships:






=Other New Ships=

[info coming later]

------------------- Original post -------------------
I am finally going to be releasing my ships and missions soon (though development will hardly end there)! ;D After all, its been over half a year for a good number of them, so really, it is about time for a release. I currently have a few last ships I need to finish for some missions I'm still making, a number of weapons missing graphics [they are all using placeholders], as well as having to write the system gen files for the mod; I might have to end up waiting for the next version of starfarer though because it would otherwise conflict with TT-station & Junk Pirates.

Anyways, this mod will add a large number of missions, a Green Sun station, possibly a Ceredian station, a truly independent station [hostile only to standard pirates (GSP are tech pirates, and generally don't see independent traders as being very inviting targets. Tri-Tachyon on the other hand...)], many new purchasable and captureable ships and weapons.

Was saving this announcement for my 1000th post >.>

I'll be posting blurbs on some of the factions, and reposting my blurbs on the ships later. I'll probably release the mod before I have all the codex descriptions done btw, since doing all of them will likely take a while.

Ok, it sure is late and I'm really sleepy, so I should play couple more battles and then go to sleep.

General Discussion / Mendonca is a developer?
« on: February 19, 2012, 11:49:54 PM »

I totally did not just notice until just now. Am I blind or was he recently hired?

atm, ship refitting for missions is only available in debug mode, but I thought it would be rather neat to design missions that focus on creating a situationally optimal fleet (or ship in some cases), and give the player blank hulls to outfit. Esp. with randomized or semi-randomized enemies.

Suggestions / Save variants made in devmode
« on: February 18, 2012, 08:46:49 PM »
Add the ability to save .variant files from the variant editor in devmode ;)

This would be so very, very much appreciated.

Bug Reports & Support / sinking the bismar has seriously broken balance.
« on: February 17, 2012, 09:47:54 PM »
it is both hideously difficult to play the way it was meant to be played, but also pathetically easy if you DON'T send out the hyperion; if fact, the mission can be won without any player input after sending out all but the hyperion and giving capture orders, that is just how easy it is. seems the hyperion got overnerfed, and the tempests are too strong for this mission.

Modding / 8/6/5/4% <-- what does this do?
« on: February 17, 2012, 02:40:52 PM »
[for those who don't know what I'm talking about, its a column in ships.csv]

this is VERY irritating, because not only are they immune to damage before they are actually out of range, but they can also still fire and furthermore the AI doesn't even realize they are invincible, and so blindly takes hits from a ship that is immune to damage while they attempt to kill it.

Suggestions / [Modding] Ability to lockout certain hullmods
« on: February 17, 2012, 01:54:04 AM »
Specifically what brought this up was the omni shield emitter; I have a ship who's geometry... won't work with it. There will probably be some other ships which for some reason or other, won't work right with certain hullmods. Well, I guess that in this case the player would just figure it out that it doesn't work and not bother, but having the ability to lock it out from the ship file would be nice.

Just off the bow to either side are two tiny little ... artifacts in the graphic - a couple dark grey dots just floating there. Nothing that a could clicks of the eraser tool couldn't fix, in fact, I've already done it to my own paragon png file.

Modding / Official ship editor?
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:59:46 PM »
So... when does this come out? I'd like to have built-in hull mod & OP support (the unofficial .35ap2 editors don't have this yet)

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