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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: A Tale of Two Tech Levels (05/28/21)

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Well it seems that latest version had disappeared - cant find it on any computer.. I might as well take the opportunity to just do things from the ground up! (might as well, what with all the updated sprites in the base game)

The factions described in the OP will be pretty similar:

The Ceredia Imperium will still be very low-tech, using primarily their own pre-autofactory designs (with updated graphics, may have some renames, etc). They have a large well-populated capital world with only limited autofactory production - most of their current production is using more conventional means with the sheer population and resources they have at their disposal.

The Directorate will still be very high-tech, with fancy high-end bleeding-edge designs of their own creation and heavily automated (but non-sentient) ships. Their capital world is a somewhat populated cold planet where the primary industry is agriculture, and they largely rely on their dealings with the both legitimate traders (for food) and the Green Sun Pirates (for tech) to obtain blank master chips and raw materials.

The Green Sun Pirates will be all over the board, using everything from converted freighters to what the Directorate deems its 'old obsolete designs'. GSP are headquartered in an old partially-constructed astroarcology and the planet it orbits. While they still call themselves Pirates, they are technically Privateers and the Directorate treats them as an 'autonomous extended military' as well as a means of resource acquisition and getting dirty work done. GSP as a result leaves a few factions alone who are valuable trading partners of the Directorate.

The Isoran Republic will have mid and high-tech designs, including a small number of older Directorate designs. They are made up of a number of moderately populous worlds and some smaller stations.

Also had an idea for a 5th faction, but they aren't quite fleshed out yet.

Cool, thats good to hear (Re: compatibility)

I guess I'll avoid touching modules for now.

So current plan:
0: Get old computer working (Done)
1: Get latest (unreleased) files off of it (edit: this is not going so well, the files so far appear nowhere to be found, but I'm still trying more checks with a brute-force python script)
2: Start working on porting the ships & weapons over
3: Rebuild factions from the ground up
4: Redo/Polish ships, add more ships
5: Release

How big of a change would 0.81a be? I would assume nowhere near as big as 0.8a (And if 0.81a is only a few months away, it might not even be done in time, what with graphics & factions that need to be redone.)

Geeze, I can't believe its been so long since I last worked on this - didnt feel that long, but I just looked at the dates, and wow... its been long. >.>

And even Alex replied! I guess I'm obligated to get this completed now  ;D

Well, with the latest release, I've decided to attempt updating my mod -  a number of things will be changed/updated though.


Ok, so some housekeeping responses:

1) It's.. a funny but kinda nice feeling to see that people still pay attention to this old thing

2a) It would be a lot of work to continue, and I'm busy with a certain other project for transcendence. The future will have to see. No permissions are granted *yet*, though the enthusiasm is appreciated. I may do so in the future if I decide i wont be continuing this, but certain requirements/restrictions on use and/or presentation may or may not be imposed.

2b) I might choose to redo some of the older graphics that dont fit. Some of them.. are quite old. The ships in there include virtually every ship I produced for starfarer/starsector, from the very beginning. There is a lot of art evolution going on in there.

3) I believe that I have a current conflict-less version with the most recently screenshotted ships that arent released yet.

4a) If someone wants to tell me what to do - especially in terms of something as silly as overlapping ship roles with some newcomer mod (considering this was the first mod ever produced for starsector back when it was starfarer, though not released), I hereby claim seniority and anyone who wants to disagree may take a hike. I'm NOT removing a ship because of overlap with some other mod. Maybe if it overlapped with a new vanilla ship. Maybe if I decided I didnt like the ship anymore. But not because of another mod.

4b) I still have bitter feelings about this place (mainly instigated by a single person, though that last post hardly helped - yeah, that nice feeling from part 1 went away pretty fast). Don't take this post as a sign I'm back or active again. Just that I've read this thread.

4c) Yeah, probably sounding a bit harsh right now but a few things got me in a bad mood - though the enthusiastic and appreciative comments and efforts didnt go unnoticed. So thanks to you.

Anyways, I'm off till next time.

Announcements / Re: Blog Posts
« on: September 08, 2012, 04:02:08 PM »
Interesting stuff. Personally I'm hoping for a soft-cap. I don't like hard-caps.

All the new ships/systems/missions/etc have unique ids "v_[name]" since version 1.01. The old ones would take a fair amount of effort to update, and I'm going to lean on the grandfather clause for as long as possible until I actually have the time and effort to put into going through and updating *every single reference* and then testing for typos and missed IDs, considering that technically (by start date) my mod predates all others... as a result, unique IDs weren't exactly part of the design standard at the time.

Ok, so I was doing more playtesting, and discovered that... the AI sucks piloting the Vulture. So I took pity on it and gave it a slight buff (it now has a small omni shield big enough to cover its front or rear), which helped it quite a bit. I also added a variant that was a bit easier for the AI (more venting and uses an autocannon instead of a railgun, PD is less, but it can rely on the shield instead)

Now to introduce...

The Vulture 2

(Note the unoccupied weapon slot in the front >.<)

This is an up-armored version of the Vulture that also comes with an additional pair of outboard rectors supplying enough power for a more respectable omni shield (it is larger afterall). It is just... all around better than the Vulture. Its even slightly faster and more maneuverable. It might still not be able to match proper combat ships that well, but it can easily take on light ships and freighters, as well as provide excellent close support in larger battles, and is a fair amount more dangerous than the plain Vulture due to its additional firepower and flux capacity.


Ok, I'm going to try to get one or two more ships done before the weekend when I do some more campaign work and then put out 1.03

Modding Resources / Re: Codex 13
« on: August 22, 2012, 07:12:59 PM »
... I checked the combat score... It clocked in at 3rd worst, beating ONLY the plain Buffalo and the plain Atlas. Yet with the right loadout, and proper support (or just a slow enough opponent and good piloting) it can be quite powerful, as I have confirmed through playtesting.

[edit - also, I noticed that it glitches up on the mod display for any mod that doesn't add any ships or weapons or such; maybe it should just mark them in light grey or something?]

[edit again - anyways, aside from those few issues, it seems to be a rather neat and useful tool; can't wait for wings to be implemented!]

Discussions / Re: Planetary Annihilation (Yes, like TA)
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:54:55 PM »
If anyone was wondering with regards to being able to play in a single player mod or doing comp-stomps in multiplayer, I asked and they said that AI would be included in all liklihood, and that it was very likely to be moddable :D (Ok, I'm kind of an AI (and singleplayer) nut but still... Its always fun to make an AI, and then face off against it and see if it can beat you. Back in supcom (where I was the second modder ever :P), my 3rd mod was a simple AI mod... I've progressed from there to my current projects, including giving every single ship, station, system, and even faction its own advanced AI [I already did a fully functional prototype on a single faction, and am working on the intra-system AI system right now; that should be done in a matter of months, and then the interstellar (AI vs. AI 4x metalevel game) AI will come down the road once the engine supports it correctly (ie, based on the environment it can make decisions about what it wants to do, ie, a trader will look for deals, while a miner will search out ore-rich asteroids, while a command ship or military station will launch attacks against other such stations/ships in the system, while entire factions will be waging an interstellar war; all of this will be going on in the universe around the player) - then my OTHER project is creating a simple sub-general AI based on a neural net; I have already had some success with small neural nets (Numbering in the 10s of thousands of neurons), and am working on larger and more efficient/powerful implementations, eventually hoping to get the funding to build a prototype with millions of neurons for my senior year project, which I then plan on expanding and improving down the road.)

Wow I really went off on a tangent there >.>

Modding Resources / Re: Codex 13
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:33:45 PM »
Nice tool, with definite potential. However I've noticed that it has issues with certain ships/ship types, though its good for the more normal ships.

It seems to be failing to account correctly for ship systems and ships that excel in a specific task (esp. specific combat tasks)? (For example, the Hyperion is rated squarely as underpowered, and a lot of specific ships tend to be skewed either high or low; ie, it rates my Vulture as being one of the suckiest (if not the suckiest) ships in existence all around, while its actually not that bad in practice (though it was never really meant to operate solo in the first place), and on the opposite side it rates the Desperation as being balanced (ok, maybe thats because it is dirt cheap and uses only 2FP to field and looks good on paper due to lots of slots; however, in reality can't use them all maximally due to extremely low OP) when a solo Desperation is the most complete and total pushover to everything except unshielded hounds (but only if it has a bunch of harpoons) and freighters, and in comparison to all the other frigates, it is the worst by a significant margin in nearly every single stat except for max crew count (fairly bad), turn rate (mediocre), turn rate accel (mediocre), min crew count (good), price (best), and Fleet Points (best).)

It's not just him; it happens rarely, but occasionally I have noticed that a free-attacking Hyperion teleport into an asteroid or another ship (this was using the 'edit variant' battle test Hyperion) - it seems to happen when there isn't a lot of room where it is trying to 'port to. (As if the collision detection system overloads and says 'whatever' and plops the hyperion down in the middle of the cluster of stuff, which often results in it clipping into one of the objects)

Modding / Re: What on earth...
« on: August 22, 2012, 01:35:56 PM »
Haha, thats cool.  :) I hope this pans out nicely.

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