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Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Nexerelin v0.9.3 (update 2019-08-01)
« on: August 13, 2019, 01:07:22 PM »
Been using the mod and man.

It is amazing that this mod makes the NPC's actually lift off their ass and raid pirate bases via expeditions (instead of just you) and also makes it so the factions actually COLONIZE.

Amazing work.

I found the same issue another player posted, however, in which the Stormhawks attacked... a system with nothing to raid.

They just went there, floated about, then left.

I think its Vajyra's sector factions itself.

General Discussion / Re: Granting Independence to colonies?
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:50:58 PM »
i remember reading something about being able to do this, but i can't see any option for it ingame, is there a mod that lets you turn colonies into Independent colonies or is there a way to do so ingame?
I want to do a playthrough where i invade every faction and free their colonies (no matter if they want to be free or not)

It lets you grant autonomy to any colony you either capture or create, making them a independent colony.

General Discussion / Re: Newbie Guide Thread/ FAQ
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:45:44 PM »
Cryosanctum is a building unique to Nomios and you can't build it at all.
Cryosleeper is a different thing, of which indeed are only two in a given sector, but instead of creating a lot of harvested organs, it increases the population growth a lot.

Do you know of a way to make it buildable? I know I can remove the "unboardable" tag on ships to make them obtainable, I was hoping there was something similar that applies to buildings that I wouldn't have much trouble with.

Side question, I heard of boarding quite frequently on this forum but I've never experienced this myself. Has this mechanic been removed?

In the current version, boarding is the act of taking ships after combat is over. Some ships are only disabled during combat, hence recoverable (albeit with some d-mods, which reduce effeciency, fuel, etc.)

In other versions, boarding let you use marines to board ships, but it was abused from what I heard, so it was removed in favor of recovering ships after battle.

General Discussion / Re: Missions Proximity
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:40:03 PM »
Here is some (advanced) newbie tips (oxymoron :P) that I learned after playing the game for a while.

1. At the bottom left you will see a fuel gauge that has your MAXIMUM BURN. This is how fast you can go based on your SLOWEST SHIP. Find this ship or ships under the Fleet tab (or press F) and hover over the ? mark under your ships and look at Maximum Burn.

For example, the large freighters are usually around 7-8 burn; this is bad. Because pirates and most fast frigates are a MINIMUM of burn 8, around 9 usually. You want to get 9 minimum burn so your emergency burn is 18 and sustained burn is 18.

This lets you escape from enemies, and go further with your fuel. VERY IMPORTANT FOR MAKING MONEY.

2. When you are in hyperspace at sustained burn (this is how you will travel 90% of the time), look to the right of your burn valve. You will see x fuel spent per day. This is IMPORTANT. Fuel is, at DEFAULT PRICE, 25 credits. You can calculate how much fuel (hence credits) your wasting per runs this way by clicking on the system you want to go to and it will tell you how many days it will take.

For example, lets say it takes 10 days to get to a system from your system.

To enter hyperspace, it takes 10 fuel because your running an medium fleet.

To exit hyperspace, it also takes 10 fuel.

At sustained burn, you spend 20 fuel per day.

20 x 10 + 20 = 220 fuel spent ONE WAY.

220 x 25 = 5,500 credits.

This is if you go a STRAIGHT LINE without hitting storms (which cost you extra supplies and require equations).

You don't have to do this level of calculations, but you can roughly guess how much it costs to go places and if a trading run is actually worth it, considering supply + fuel + random factors (piracy run in, storms, possible faction war).

3. A secret to getting better contracts / missions is your reputation and the /size of your fleet/. And by fleet, I mean your /LOGISTIC FLEET/. That means if you have 3 freighters and 2 tankers, with say, 4000 open cargo space and 3000 open fuel space, you will start getting contracts and missions that require the hauling of 1000 + items.

This is very important because of the next tip.


This is VERY important. Navigation lowers penalties in traveling AND gives you a ability called traverse jump; this drastically speeds up your traveling, lets you jump away from patrols / pirates, and lets you jump into systems through gravity wells instead of jump points. This is important in CORE worlds because most jump points are protected by big patrols.

Loadout design gives you 10 + op; this is important because of a hull mod called EFFECIENCY OVERHAUL. This mod lowers supply costs drastically, especially in larger fleets, which cuts your costs, which ups your profits.

Mix this in with large missions and you can make MASSIVE bank without even having a colony.

The issue is if the economy was fully simulated in the way you think it should be, the traffic of the game would be IMMENSE.

The supplies that are actually in the game is in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions for certain goods (such as food, luxury goods, fuel), which would require at least 10 + trade convoys going to and from the massive core world colonies, and later your own colonies if you get them to that level.

This would require even more simulations of battlefleets (to protect convoys) and pirates / luddics / pathers / hostile factions (to attack convoys), which would probably slow the game to a crawl.

So instead the market is simulated "globally"; which you can check when you go to a colony and check the actual global market of goods by pressing on them and holding F1 I believe.

General Discussion / Re: Raids make little sense
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:21:35 AM »
Yeah you need free port later but what I mean is even WITHOUT free port and AI cores im attacked, so really, there is no reason NOT to use free port and AI cores.

They give you more income, which lets you get better ships, which lets you fight off pirate bases and *** off death fleets from enemy factions that will attack you ANYWAY.

I know this isn't an empire building game, but it is a game with a decent plot, good mechanics, and interesting battles. However, colonies in the way they function have poor mechanics, break the established lore, and don't provide interesting battles.

TL;DR good idea, REALLY bad execution currently.

General Discussion / Re: Raids make little sense
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:03:52 AM »
To be fair you don't need either AI cores or an open free port, what with both having in world examples as to why they are very bad things to exist. (Breeding grounds for extremists and terrorists, and being literal examples of the violent and anti-human death machines from the first AI war.)

They just both so happen to be very profitable for the 'open minded player who doesn't really care so long as the money flows in. Other then that the hegemony are more then happy to have another law abiding colony or independent faction to trade with.

Almost makes me wish I could ask for them to establish a garrison or two for defence so I don't need to bother.


As for the pirates, they are essentially fed by every part of the economy and their ties to the general independent civilian population are effectively indistinguishable. With pirates swelling and dissipating based on the sectors overall economy. Low stability but high income economies breed pirates, which is basically most of the sector. So I suppose if the pirates were proportional to the general economy in game, they could make more sense. As could or do panther cells to the presence of heavy industry and e-demons.

Thing is, even WITHOUT either of these (if I don't open port and I get colony skills) I get attacked ANYWAY.

No matter what you do, everyone wants to get you, hence why I say AI cores aren't really a problem; you are going to be attacked by massive *** off deathfleets anyway, might as well get an AI core and make massive bank while not wasting skill points.

Heck ive tried a farming world (hazard 100 with +1 to farming) with 0 cores and only me as administrator. This was a) not very profitable (because of expenses it took for me to go to and from pirate bases so they didn't get big enough to deathball me) and b) I still got expeditions after a while because my colony naturally became big enough to "threaten the rest of the galaxy" despite the fact that im just a puny colony with a battle station, military base, and farming + tech mining (the shittiest industries).

General Discussion / Raids make little sense
« on: August 12, 2019, 04:52:22 PM »

So, after trying my hand at colony making, ive started to know how and when to build colonies, how to build them to avoid dying early, etc.

Something that doesn't make sense to me, however, is the consequences and rewards, and the lore behind raids.

I might be rambling but why do PIRATES, of all things, create mega deathballs to attack colonies? Pirates, in my view, are mostly desperate people with no where to turn; much like in the tutorial, they are miners down on their luck, mercs with outstanding debts that turn to banditry to resolve it, or done by opportunistic criminals who think they can get away with it. These type of people do not tend to field large fleets or have the resources for such fleets, nor do they have the industry to sustain it.

Yet the pirates that attack me after a few months are just as bad if not WORSE than expeditions (which ill get back to soon). Not only does this not make sense lore wise (why are pirates even better military than age old factions?), how are they SUPPORTING these fleets? None of these pirate bases have an inkling of good industry, and most of them would take heavy losses attacking core worlds as core worlds are CORE for a reason; they are controlled by large factions with heavy pockets and massive fleets.

I understand pirates attacking me when im a puny 3 colony, maybe up to 4, but why are they attacking me when I have HEAVY BATTERIES, HIGH COMMAND, level 6 colony, and a massive fleet? They should be looking for other tactics. I know the excuse for this is "colonies are there for combat" but I have a solution that both makes sense AND is more fun to fight, but ill get to this soon.

Now to continue my rant, why do expeditions travel HUNDREDS of light years in MASSIVE fleets just to attack me, a guy minding his own business? Id understand if the expeditions were a) small, or b) because I have hostilities with them, but I am neutral if not IN GOOD STANDING with the HEGEMONY and they keep sending fleets against me. And there is no way to stop them unless I download mods like Nexer that lets me do a cease fire / alliance.

Not only should core factions not be sending expeditions (especially when they are at war against someone else) against the player unless they are hostile to said faction, the expeditions need to be drastically cut down to be more reasonable and realistic, with actual supply routes / ships factored in.

Now, my solution to the "colonies are there for you to be forced to fight" problem while fixing the "pirates are unrealistically powerful and sometimes even better than core factions if left alone" problem.

Once you get level 6 colony, you will be warned by a "cryptic warning beacon" or by a "shady man at the bar" of a "possible alien incursion" in 120 days. After 120 days, you will be invaded... by the Remnants!

You will get raided by them more, and faster, the farther you are away from the core worlds (which gives a in-universe reason as to why most of the major factions are in fighting instead of colonizing like you; because they know this hidden but open secret about the Remnants. This also explains all the ruins out in space and why you constantly get survey missions; you are fodder to detect if Remnant fleets are getting closer or farther from the Core Worlds and how powerful they are, and also explains how Warning Beacons became a thing.)

This gives a decent window (4-6 level) in your colony size for you to make cash, get a pristine nanoforge on a orbital works so you can build decent ships and weapons, and be prepared for the "threat".

This also gives a plausible and actual consequence to using AI cores; the more AI cores you use, the faster the Remnants locate and attack you. I don't consider Pathers or Hegemony inspections an actual threat to AI use, since one of them can be waited out, the other can be bribed.

Remnant expeditions will not appear from a pre-made base; they will only happen from medium beacon systems (colony 6-8 level) and red beacon systems (colony 9-10 level). This also lets you end the threat of the Remnants by wiping out their bases; but be careful, this might trigger "unexpected consequences".

If you have an AI core as an admin in any of your colonies, they will "rebel" out of fear that you will destroy them next out of your hatred of the Remnants, which will automatically convert your colony into a red level remnant fortress. Another possible consequence of using an Alpha AI core.

While we are on this topic, maybe one of the consequences of trying to remove your Alpha AI core as a admin is they'll send a special distress signal out into space, much like a Distress Signal, except it can only be heard by Remnant forces. This only happens if you continue to remove the core even after its attempts at black mailing you.

Anyway, im done rambling, I kinda just had random ideas pop up as I was ranting about inconsistent raids and lore. Thanks if you read this far.

General Discussion / Re: Sseth Tide
« on: August 12, 2019, 04:20:47 PM »
This is basically what Star Citizen hopes to be, but done right.

Simple but well done.

More plausible end game content and more easing into control schemes (outside of tutorials) and this would be ready to be a AAA+ game on Steam or GOG. Its already Factorio good, it just wouldn't sit well in those markets as a "unfinished product" label since consumers in those markets expect weekly, monthly at most updates, instead of yearly like Starsector is.

General Discussion / "Starbases"
« on: August 12, 2019, 04:08:47 PM »
Hey guys, Ssethtider here.

Im curious, ive been going through and reading about other games similar to this after starting to play Starsector and have gotten far in Starsector itself, and I stumbled upon a concept called "Starbases" in Stellaris.

For those who eventually start your colonies, the equivalent of a "star base" are pirate bases that pop up; they never colonize the actual planet, they just "pop up" a lv-1 orbital station (that gradually grows if you don't kill it).

Why does the PLAYER not have this feature? It would be an excellent way to phase in from early to mid game, when you have too much stuff on you but don't want to pay factions for their storage, while also wanting to have a place to call your own as a mini-base. The mini-base can be built at any stable location (giving more reason to use them outside of comm relay and stable locations are sometimes in systems with no planets). The "starbase" would have a built in way station / space port but nothing else, and nothing money making can be built on it; its basically the equivalent of a pop-up colony except without having to build a colony.

That or orbital stations can be built anywhere a planet is but doesn't turn into a colony; maybe 50 plutonics, 500 metal, and 200 crew + 100 heavy machinery?

These so called "star bases" would not be raided, or they'd be raided only by low tier desperados, instead of full on bases; this would also serve as a "tutorial" phase for people wanting to start up colonies.

As someone who loves the exploration and lore parts of the game but dislikes the babysitting of colonies till they are all high tier (high command + 2 military bases on separate colonies, orbital works with pristine nanoforge at minimum on best low hazard world to survive most threats) I think this would be a great compromise and teaching tool.

TL;DR orbital stations that are mini-colonies mainly used for storage / waystation, and phasing into learning colony mechanics instead of jumping right into it and dying to unprepared things such as massive pirate bases, expeditions, pathers, etc.

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