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General Discussion / Re: Market Limits
« on: May 05, 2020, 10:26:51 PM »
At present selling many of a commodity drives its price down. Would simply accelerating that for smaller markets do the same thing?

Yes and no. Then you can just sell x amount and go to another station then rinse and repeat.

I believe a more long lasting consequence to market manipulation like market limits would be a better idea, since this also covers the issue of market shortages being big money printers as well.

General Discussion / Re: Capital on early, what now?
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:36:08 PM »
If you are planning to hit level 1 - 2 pirate star bases or hitting small to medium supply fleets as a pirate, keep the legion.

If not, the supply and maintenance costs will destroy you before you can even get into battle with anything.

General Discussion / Market Limits
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:30:02 PM »
I believe that Markets need a limit.

What do I mean by this? Right now, you can sell any item, any quantity of said item, to any market in any world with nothing to stop you. You could, figuratively speaking, flood an entire market with huge amounts of goods you don't need since you just blew up a pirate base, and that planet will accept the goods, no matter the volume.

This, I believe, is bad as it introduces "metagame" plays and bad design such as selling huge amounts of loot to planets / pirate stations then blowing them up when realistically they'd never take that much loot, or planets always printing out vast amounts of money in the form of shortages.

I believe that markets, in order to be more organic in the game, need "limits".

For example, a level 3 planet will have an X amount of cash it can spend in the market; lets say the cap is theoretically 1 million credits. When you sell to the market, it uses this limit to determine whether it can pay you, the player. For example, lets say the market on this level 3 planet has a shortage of 1000 recreational drugs; you fill that shortage and get 500k credits. Now this planet has a coffer of 500k credits left to give. If you do not buy anything from this planet, the coffer remains at a static 500k.

Lets say you then decide to sell a bunch of junk that is worth another 500k to this planet. Then you try to sell some more; you are unable to and all sell options are then removed because there is 0 credits in this market place. You must now either buy from the market to replenish the credits the planet has (for a total cap of 1 million credits since its a level 3 planet), or you must way for 1 ingame month.

Every ingame month, an X percentage of the markets full worth is regenerated. For example, lets say every month 10% of the total market comes back. In this case, every month 100k is brought back into THIS specific planets coffers. This prevents the abuse of low level / low stability planets constantly being money printers because now they have both a soft cap (percentage based being brought back every month) and hard cap (x amount of money per level of planet).

You can still make money but it is much harder as markets are less exploitable through raiding / infinite loops of cash due to level 3 pirates in the system constantly raiding and somehow said planets having infinite cash to pay off all the exorbitant prices you charge them to fix their shortages.

General Discussion / Re: New Commerce
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:19:09 PM »
Personally, I think there need to be market limits.

You can sell anything to any market on any planet, no matter how big or small it is, which is bad design in of itself. It leads to players doing as many have said already in this thread; selling to pirate markets then blowing them up. Realistically, such markets would only have X amount of cash they can use, and then they are tapped out and you have to come back again later.

Imma make a more detailed post actually since this needs a lot more addressing.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Missing ships mod
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:42:43 AM »
If its either rare or blueprint only, that'd be neat. Getting the 4x version of talons would make the game way too easy early because you could get a bunch of Drovers with their system and talons, or if its thunders, you can get Herons and use their system and bam; you obliterate the enemy easy peasy.

General Discussion / Re: I am the [REDACTED]
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:30:13 AM »
Is there anyway you canm join or ally yourself with the [REDACTED]?
It sucks that you cant help them especially as it seems like im just farming cores to make slaves out of them.
Is there a mod where you can basically become part of the [REDACTED] faction fully and just have everyone (for obvious reasons) declare you a traitor to humanity and whilst you fight to either overthrow humanity or have a faction to intergrate humanity and the [REDACTED] together?

There isn't a mod, per say, but if you take a commission with Tri Tachyon, you will get a base relationship value of 0 with the [REDACTED], which makes them stop attacking you, which lets you make colonies in red beacon systems. You can manually edit this also by going into the starsector core folder, finding the factions folder, the remnants folder, and editing relationship with Tri Tachyon to whatever you want.

General Discussion / Re: Newbie Guide Thread/ FAQ
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:26:34 AM »
Can someone explain to me how production/import/export actually work? I just checked my colonies and my main planet produces 10 ore, uses 8 in refining but the tooltip says it still exports 10 units of ore?
Also, what counts as "the highest local source of supply"?

The economy is simplified.

By that I mean instead of producing x goods then consuming x goods, your industries produce and DEMAND things instead. By that I mean if you produce 6 metals, and a industry demands 6 metals, you have satisfied the demand of the industry that needed 6 metal.

For example, patrol station needs 2 heavy armaments and your heavy industry makes 2 heavy armaments; this supplies the demand of the patrol station so it works at 100 percent, but the heavy industry can ALSO ship out that 2 heavy armaments because it meets the demand of the patrol station, not the consumption. Aka the items the heavy industry makes are not CONSUMED, they are DEMANDED.

This, theoretically, means if you have a planet that makes enough products in its industry to fulfill the demand of ALL INDUSTRIES of ALL your planets, you no longer need to import, which saves costs; which also ties into the "highest local source of supply"; aka the planet you own that gives the highest level of goods that supplies your demands. If you don't have a planet that supplies enough goods to meet the demands of another planet you own, you will instead import; which reduces profits.

JDCollie does an entire video on it that explains it better here:

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Nexerelin v0.9.4c "Mambo No. 9" (fixes 2019-09-11)
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:14:35 AM »
If you don't have scy nations, then the Prism Freeport always floats around hyperspace near Askonia. Just travel dead center of Askonia in hyperspace then fly around; you will find it.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Missing ships mod
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:13:13 AM »
looked in the files. i marked starliner as capital and nebula as cruiser when they shouldnt be that size (they should be expensive as *** tho, compared to other pirate ships). i will correct it and upload once i get home from school.

pirate venture should be kinda upgrade and downgrade. it has less hull and armor and flux, but has two small ballistic slots and fighter bay. thats intentional. pirates lack any semi decent cruiser-colossus ships are crap, so thats why pirate venture seems a little better-but its solely combat ship. i will possibly adjust its cargo space and fuel tanks to be smaller as well to better fit the "combat" role rather than original "exploration" and up its deployment points.

I don't think DP has to be changed, but the rest, definitely. Removing its cargo + fuel with the explanation of "shoddy pirate retrofitting" would make it a decent early - mid game cruiser + threat, while still not making it better than dedicated haulers / combat ships.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Missing ships mod
« on: October 07, 2019, 12:15:36 PM »
will adjust in next release. will up it to 50 and see how it goes. thanks for feedback. i dont really have time to playtest anything, hence why there are balance issues.

Yeah thats cool, the beauty of star sector mods is its a singleplayer game so balance isn't that big of an issue. Im just noting it down since you asked for feedback.

Mods / Re: Mod Feedback
« on: October 06, 2019, 05:52:07 PM »
Good day. First of all, thanks for the mod! It was an incredible gaming experience for me with all the faction warfare and extra fun functions.
Now, I'd like to leave my feedback on the matter.
After playing for 100+ hours with Nexerelin, I could see a single major balance issue that I'd like to highlight today.

The issue is the Request Fleet function.
It is RIDICULOUSLY strong. For just 650k you can summon 5+ enormously large fleets to destroy anything you want.
A full (1500) space power fleet costs 650k when you request it with minimum ground power. But do you really need ground power?
Not only these fleets are as strong as Radiant [REDACTED] fleets found in the high danger zones (or even stronger actually), but they are also dirt cheap.
By using Request Fleet, you can literally win the game without ever fighting.

Here's an example:
At the start of the game, you can just explore a bit and gather the 650k necessary. Or 1.3kk to be absolutely sure.
Then you request a fleet or two, buy 500 marines and just go to any system you want.
Summoned fleets obliterate all patrols and orbital stations and you just do tactical bombardment => invade. 500 marines are more than enough after the bombardment.
And the whole Askonia can be yours in just one or two hours after getting into the game. Gotta have those lobsters.

In short, the problem is that price and fleet power are nowhere around balanced. What you get for 650k now should be worth at least 6.5 millions.
And once you have several good planets and make 500k+ per month, you can just launch these invasions every month and take system by system. You don't even have to fight yourself.

Now that I've explained the problem, here's what I propose:

 1) Make a hard cap for the fleet's space power that scales with how many Ship Hulls a faction that provides the fleets produces.
 For example, a faction that produces a total of 40 Ship Hulls across all of its markets will have a cap of 1000 space power when you're requesting fleets from them.
 With this change, you will have to actually work on your colonies and build those Heavy Industries everywhere to be able to summon high-power fleets.

 2) Increase the price to at least 2000-3000 credits per space power. This will still be more or less cheap, but it won't be as free as it is right now.

 3) Make it so only one fleet can be launched at a time, no matter how big or small. This is to prevent spamming 2-3 request fleets on the same system and overwhelming it.
I believe that with these changes Request Fleet will be a lot more balanced and be more of an extra help for when you attack a system rather than "I win" button. Most systems tend to have about 1000-1500 space power when it comes to defense, so being able to summon a 1500 space power fleet for 650k just like that is absolutely over the top.

You don't even need to go into space to do this.

Attack a low level planet (3 or 4) with a patrol station and/or heavy batteries by taking out their space port.


Give the colony to another faction.

Then sell a bunch of marines + armaments.

Congrats, you've just made about 300K or more, in the first couple of days of the game, and can now repeat it a few more times to get millions early, do the strategy you just said, and win. I personally attack a AI core planet of WY, take their AI core, then attack Hegemony for their level 8 colony, AI core it, and I now have 500k income early game in about 3-4 months time ingame.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Missing ships mod
« on: October 06, 2019, 05:43:57 PM »
While I like the Albatross, I think its DP is too low.

Its 40, which is exactly half of a Heron; except a Heron is a primarily carrier 3 slot, while the Albatros can hold its own against cruisers AND has 6 hangar bays. Putting it up to 45 or even 50 DP would balance it a bit more because right now there is no reason, at late game, to NOT spam Albatros's and then 2 Atlas's with bombers only, due to the Albatros having the same system and double the fighters of a Heron as well as same DP but have the weapons, armor, and hull of a cruiser.

While I enjoy abusing the heck out of this, its not exactly balanced :P

General Discussion / Re: Overrated (overpriced) ships
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:42:09 PM »
Colossus Mk XIV is from Vayra's ship pack.

Oh my bad, I play mainly with mods, so I forgot about that.


phew. dodged that bullet. still anyone know what that tier station thingy is?

Tier station officer?

Thats uhh what tier the officers are when you fight a station.

If you fight a faction station, they will have officers (who will have officer skills) that make them even more dangerous. Thats why fighting a Star Fortress is so difficult. Not only do you fight the star fortress itself, you fight the officer that controls it, who passively boosts the strength of the station.

As you can see, T3 (star fortresses) have high level officers, while T1 and T2 have lower level officers if at all.

General Discussion / Re: Good AI controlled assistant ships?
« on: September 29, 2019, 09:52:28 AM »

They can EMP enemy fleets with shields down, and their emitter ability is excellent at PD. Stick PD exclusive weapons on it and escort duty it onto a bigger ship and its the premier way to keep your big ships free of missile and fighter attacks.

Bonus points being the fact that it has good speed and is very small so it can dodge most enemies.

The other one is the brawler, but only with a specific build. You need to give it double rail guns, integrated targeting unit, and keep it behind a SLOW capital or cruiser, otherwise if its caught alone it will get annihilated. Its not good at PD but its good at adding damage early to mid game. I don't recommend it at your current stage, however, as you already have several capitals.

Drovers and Herons are good, and you should continue to buy / manufacture them, as their fighters act as PD in of themselves, making it so you don't have to use up DP on other ships.

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