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Mods / Re: [0.95a] Roider Union 1.2.2
« on: May 17, 2021, 05:08:08 PM »
The Roiders definitely have a set of very useful fighters, my absolute favorite being the Dragline. For 15 OP, you get 2 infinite ammo Annihilator Rocket Pods with damn good suppressive effect for anything too slow or too occupied to escape, and 4 mini-Sharpshooters that provide a damn good PD screen as they've also got IPDAI built in. They're also very tanky in their own right, so they can take hits for you when you vent and not get shot down. Slap that on a Mora, along with a couple Rocksaws, and you've got a ridiculously good knife-fighting battle-Mora - if it can't escape the rockets, it can't escape the Mora.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised the Roiders never made their own version of the Mora - it's definitely right up their alley mechnically, functionally, and lore-wise. I can't imagine them not slapping some MIDAS armor modules on it to make it yet more tanky.

I gotta admit, was pretty upset with how things turned out with the pirate warlord. I was all like "hell yeah, I'll work for you! Sounds like fun!" Then went to go save her pet, and got steamed rolled into the whole colony and the warlord hating me. Was kind of disappointed and would like this variety in the future.
Actually, Kanta won't hate you if you dump her pet out the airlock. Just, make sure he's got the helmet on. If he doesn't, that's when you tank your relationship (probably) past the point of saving with her. Of course, the story is only half finished (if even), there's plenty we haven't seen yet. My bet is your return of the package at least makes her respect you, and possibly willing to make deals with you later on. At least, if her Wormtongue doesn't sour things any more than he already has - I, for one, agree with Cotton's assessment of him.

Do remember that, under the Upcoming Features section of the main landing page, there's still "Determine the fate of the Sector by your actions". By the end of the story arc we have now, we've been presented with a whole lot of potential paths - the Persean League and Hegemony (as two separate paths, plus a third possibly joining together), the Pathers with Cotton, Kanta, and of course the Galatia Academy itself, or something more AI-related if the AI Cores and Omega have anything to say about it.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v7.1.0)
« on: May 14, 2021, 06:48:13 PM »

I have a question about the terraforming menu on the toolbar. is it gone or is it changed to something else? I remember from the previous version, there was a menu on the toolbar and now I don't see it.

Thanks for making this mod
Cycle between your toolbars, then right click to add / replace / remove abilities.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] [Hullmod] Modern Carriers 1.12
« on: May 14, 2021, 01:54:54 PM »
Wings with 0 engagement range specifically ignore Engage orders, not Regroup - they act like they're on Regroup all the time. How the wing acts while on Regroup comes down to what type of wing they are - fighters and interceptors hang around up front and attack any close enemy in an orbit pattern, support fighters do their own thing, and bombers hang way in the back doing nothing at all if they're armed with unguided ordnance. Bastion doesn't do anything to change fighter AI, everything else goes back to vanilla mechanics, and it doesn't play well with Bastion.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] [Hullmod] Modern Carriers 1.12
« on: May 14, 2021, 10:22:36 AM »
I noticed a bug/issue with the Bastion Core hullmod

When using a wing from the Arma Armatura mod, the wing was locked on the "hide behind carrier" behavior, just like bombers on "Regroup", regardless of engage/regroup status. Is this a hardcoded behavior? I seem to remember that wings with zero engagement ignore the engage/regroup setting. Can a hullmod modify the behavior of the wings to fix this? Ideally, a carrier with this hullmod would have all its wings spread to the sides/front, acting as guards for the carrier, instead of hiding behind it.
Just FYI that's standard Support Fighter behavior - they stay behind the carrier to, well, provide support. However, if the parent ship decides to Vent, they will move up to in front to actually take some hits for the carrier, which is nice.

Support Fighters in general are like herding cats though, they don't listen to Engage orders at all, and more often than not will shoot the wrong thing.

General Discussion / Re: Wondering how other players command.
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:15:00 AM »
Typically I'll order my frigates to capture all the points on the map, then give an Eliminate order on any opposing, isolated frigates trying to take my points while the rest of my fleet proceed up the center. The enemy AI normally gives an Assault order to one of the points, once I figure out where the bulk of their fleet went I'll order my ships to move in. Depending on what ship I'm captaining, I'll either take a front-row seat in killing enemy ships (if I'm in a fast ship) or go backseat commander, set autopilot, and order my forces around from tactical map view and camera feed views to keep track of what's going on, taking manual control once I get into range and going back to autopilot once I'm not (if I'm in a slower ship). During all times I try to keep track of particularly stupid ships that try to get themselves killed nice and early (like that one damned Tempest), and react accordingly if things go belly up - Combat Chatter helps keep that micro down while I'm personally controlling my flagship.

If I'm heavily outnumbered, I'll restrict the number of points I try to take to a minimum (usually only half of them) and order my fleet to Assault / Defend a point, so we get a numbers advantage. Back in the day I used to prioritize doing this in a Nebula to slow down any enemy ships trying to break in, but since the update that removed nebula effects in battle, there's no such choice now other than retreat path and reinforcement route.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] [Hullmod] Modern Carriers 1.12
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:55:58 PM »
There, done - added a minimum re-fire delay for one-off missiles. This will break if a mod is using a single ammo gun bomber but I highly doubt who would ever do that.

That aside, still a ridiculously powerful system I'm sure will get some good use in the hands of enterprising carrier commanders.

Not sure if you'll be able to fix the Bastion stuff, it's definitely a vanilla issue. Hopefully David or Alex will be able to help that that in the future. And yeah, I forgot to mention, bomber AI is confused when only able to set to Regroup - those with guided munitions tend to do just fine (like Daggers, Tridents etc.) but those with bombs or unguided torpedoes almost never fire. Iin particular, I've seen bomb-equipped bombers act in very strange ways with Bastion. What if the Engagement range was set to some small, but non-0 value, maybe 100? For all intents and purposes, no engagement range, but it might kick the AI into acting properly. Might come with it's own baggage, but it's a thought.

Mods / Re: Fighter Expansion Rebalanced [0.95 RC15]
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:38:22 PM »
For the Heavy Vulcan, I'd argue it's almost identical to the Dual Flak Cannon strictly in terms of stopping a horde of missiles before hitting the hull, at least before the ammo supply runs dry. It also deals with fighters much better than the Dual Flak Cannon does - the flak cannons might have circular AoE, but the Heavy Vulcan projects a cone of no-living for anything small and squishy like a fighter or frigate. It's range also isn't all that short; the dual flak cannon sits at 400, while the Heavy Vulcan isn't much less at 350, especially once you take ITU into account.

For the Talon (L), yeah, it's the LPC icon - definitely the same as the regular Talon.

Support fighters in Starsector are few and far between, and most of them can already handle point-defense fine without boosting it further.  I'd suggest making Aegis more fighter-related; as in, that role of fighter - distract / disable ships with flares, EMP, or just themselves so bombers can come in. More tankiness would be in order so they can survive contact with the enemy vessel for longer, either as a distraction or so they can pester the enemy ship longer - more armor / hull and possibly more flux capacity and dissipation for those with shields. Also happens to still fit the whole Aegis theme of protection.

Am I supposed to lose Marine experience when I give them to a station commander to counter rebellions?  I had 100% Elite marines, I gave 100 to the station commander to counter a rebellion, and my Maine experience dropped to 68%. Just selling Marines doesn't reduce their experience.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] [Hullmod] Modern Carriers V1.1
« on: May 12, 2021, 05:01:19 PM »
Erm, with Bomber External Hardpoints, did you expect it to also double the munitions for missile weapons? Someone must've ordered 16 Atropos torpedoes at once from a just pair of Trident wings. Or this unholy number of Sabots from a set of Longbow wings. Don't even get me started on what an Astral will do. All the speed nerf does is promote the carrier to get closer to battle, which is for the better anyway because of shorter recycle times. I'm also fairly certain that fighter speeds are scuffed on the return, I saw some Tridents returning at a neat 390su/s, and Flash bombers coming back at the ludicrous speed of 510su/s.

As a side note, the carrier core hull mods are also listed under the Special tab, probably not needed there since there's an entire tab dedicated to them. Also, the Gunship Heavy Ordnance and Bomber External Hardpoint hull mods are also listed under Weapons - should probably be removed from there since they don't directly affect the carrier's own weapons.

Mods / Re: Fighter Expansion Rebalanced [0.95 RC15]
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:24:51 PM »
Dear lord the new medium weapons are good. Maybe too good? Both act like 3 small weapons strapped together - same flux efficiency, but they have triple the DPS and have greater range. The IR Autopulse not only has great flux efficiency and DPS, it's also got Skysweeper PD baked in - probably too good for it's OP price. Sure, doesn't have the best armor piercing capabilities, but it does everything else. Maybe reduce the ROF so DPS goes down to 400, and drop the OP cost to 12?

The Heavy Vulcan Cannon also acts as a ridiculously good everything-defense system - missiles, fighters, frigates unfortunate enough to wander into range against a couple of them - worth far more than 8 OP in it's current state. Part of this reason is that there's never any down time to the hail of DU going out the barrel - sure, the DPS effectively halves once you run down the mag, but that doesn't stop it from shredding most things that come into range. It could probably use an OP cost bump to 10, and redesign the mag system so it reloads slower, but in larger increments, so it actually has a vulnerability window for things to break through.

The Mantis is a great interceptor! A few minor things regarding text, as well - it's classed as an Interceptor in-game, but it's named as a fighter, and the description calls it a support fighter, lacking consistency. The description also makes reference to the ancient hangar space mechanic, heh.

The high-tech Talon Interceptor doesn't have a different name, or a different icon, so the only way to tell these apart is to hover over their name.

The SFL Aegis System feels underpowered for it's price - most fighters can already deal with missiles without this system, so just dealing more damage to missiles and nothing else is a very niche requirement - the +100su range to PD weapons is probably more valuable than that.

SLF Hammer System would be worth the price tag just for ECCM Package on bombers alone - the damage is a nice side bonus!

Quickload Missile Racks feels overpriced for what it does - missile rate of fire is typically not the most important thing, and in some cases firing faster might not be what you want, like in the case of the Annihilator Rocket Pod whose sole purpose is to keep shields up - putting more rockets downrange isn't really required. I haven't tested it, but it doesn't sound like it helps with reloading magazine-based missile systems either, like the Pilum.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] [Hullmod] Modern Carriers V1.0
« on: May 11, 2021, 02:33:24 PM »
After putting in some more time with the Bastion Carrier Core, I've noticed some wonky behavior with it. By setting engagement range to 0, all your fighters revert to support fighter status - meaning, they completely ignore Engage orders. They'll still go up and attack a target within 500su or so using an orbit attack pattern (not the same as their usual), but you have absolutely no control over which target they're going to attack, it's like herding cats! More a vanilla issue, though. The AI also occasionally tries to set their fighters to Engage, but it doesn't do anything since they're all leashed to the carrier and they don't follow target orders.

That aside, the new hull mods look interesting. Emergency Launch Sequence for expendable fighters, and Manufactury Load Balance for when you have mixed fighters. The speed and maneuverability debuffs for Fighter Heavy Armaments are pretty harsh, though - some capital ships could outrun those fighters! The only saving grace for slow fighters that use it is that fighter speed is automatically boosted to the carrier's speed, plus 20su on top when set to Regroup so they can keep up.

Bug Reports & Support / Buggy Regroup Fighter Behavior
« on: May 11, 2021, 01:54:07 PM »
Playing around with different ways to use fighters, I've come across some wonky behaviors with how fighters behave when under the Regroup order. When an enemy is very close to the carrier, within roughly ~500su, your fighters will automatically start attacking it. However, they won't attack it in the normal fashion - they'll instead adopt an orbit attack pattern regardless of what they normally do under the Engage order.

This affects FIGHTERS and INTERCEPTORS, BOMBERS are unaffected, and SUPPORT fighters ignore Engage and Regroup orders completely (see here for that issue). This video uses the vanilla Warthog (the only mod present in this video is Tart's target practice mod) and showcases the change in behavior as you toggle Engage and Regroup, but you can also spot the lead Warthog fighters offsetting themselves from the target when set to Regroup. Here's a video using a mod to better illustrate the issue - you can see the gunship's beam firing straight ahead, but the gunships themselves are offset by a considerable margin. Other fighters in the same wing, if any, are unaffected by this issue. The lead fighter angle offset appears to be the same regardless of what weapons they use, and the smaller the target, the longer the range, the worse the issue becomes, so much so that the lead fighter may not be able to fire it's weapons at all. Fighters with only one or two per wing with hardpoint weapons are hit particularly hard by this.

This is a fairly niche issue that affects almost nothing in vanilla, but for what it's worth, a few mods make these issues more noticeable.

Certain planets with ruins on them can also have Old Industrial Ruins, whose purpose you can only discover upon colonizing the planet.
A couple of these are the Hull Forge and Hull Deconstructor, the former of which uses Forge Templates and the latter can make them, with proper dues paid anyhow. If you want a planet just for the ruins, you can settle a colony, check what the Old Industrial Ruins were, then Abandon the colony if it's not what you want (or if you want to cheese it, just reload a save). There's no such thing as max colonies when you have AI cores!

I have an issue where the Interstellar relay isn't showing up as being buildable in my colony and there are no stable points in the system. Is there an unlisted requirement for building them or is a stable point required in system?
Build a Military Relay, then upgrade it to an Interstellar Relay like you would for Orbital Works or Megaport.

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