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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: The Pilgrim's Path (07/19/22)

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- Started a game as the Luddic Church (via Nexerelin, but pretty sure is unrelated), and as such I'm not hostile to the Luddic Path by default.
- Looking around the Path systems, and went to Chalcedon, at which a Luddic Path Patrol was stationed
- Bought some stuff on the black market. Suspicion level was at "medium"
- Upon leaving the planet, the Pather Patrol immediately Emergency Burned towards me in standard "Hey, you look like a smuggler and we're gonna scan your cargo" way...

... And then they didn't. Instead, they asked me to pay the usual Luddic Path tithe...



... Twice.



I notice the two dialogue messages were different, so is that the Pather version of the cargo scan? But still, why did they ask for a tithe twice in a row?

General Discussion / Your Scarab Is Loading
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:02:21 AM »

- That is all -

Gif kindly edited by MesoTronik

Original video:

Suggestions / Coincident Debris Fields combine rather than overlapping
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:50:07 PM »
Sweet and simple, as all QoL suggestions should be.  ;)

In game I find a lot of instances where two or more debris fields overlap. This could be due to several battles in succession occurring in the same place (whether the player is involved or not); procedurally-generated fields overlapping with one created after salvaging a mining station or research station; or even when a player is unable to properly salvage a "ship graveyard" and simply blows several of the derelict ships comprising it apart to pick through the debris.

A brief aside:

In such cases, it isn't always clear which debris field you are picking through if you attempt to salvage one of them. Is it the most recent one? The biggest one? The one spatially nearest the center of the star system? The map clearly shows there are more than one debris field in the location, but I am concerned that players may be missing out on potential salvage in a debris field by another one "blocking" it.

... Say, Devs, I don't suppose you'd mind sharing how the game actually picks a debris field in this situation?  8)


My idea is that in such situations, where two or more debris fields coincide in the same location, the game should combine them together into one. I feel this would make "stacking" of debris fields far more understandable to the player, and perhaps also help performance by cleaning up memory losses from large numbers of debris fields around the same general location (say, in a star system inhabited by two warring factions). Fair enough?


Recently I was attempting to balance a modded-in Bomber type fighter wing based on its apparent damage and effectiveness in combat. The fighter in question (the Firebird from Disassemble Reassemble) is designed primarily to hunt frigates and light destroyers, and carries an MIRV torpedo that splits into half a dozen very fast – but low damage – missiles.

In testing it seemed to be far more effective than it was worth, so, prior to giving it a cost increase, I decided to calculate some approximate damage values in comparison to a selection of stock bomber wings.

The results were quite surprising. Compared purely the total potential damage from a single attack run against the Piranha, Khopesh, and Flash bomber wings, the Firebird actually came out with the lowest total potential damage out of the lot, by a long shot.

Suspecting sortie damage was not enough, I then did an extremely rough calculation for the same wings, working out how much time it takes them to do this damage at a target an arbitrary distance from their carrier (ie. Fly to target, unload ordnance, fly back to carrier and re-arm). And, once again, the Firebird came out at the bottom of the pack.

Following this I decided to put my mathematical brain – desperately in need of exercise – to work, with a proper theoretical context and hard stock numbers to work from.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to say any one bomber wing is more powerful than any other, and no balance concerns are being pointed at here. It is simply something I wanted to calculate and look at the results of to fulfill my own curiosity.

Without further ado, here is the situation.


Let us say we have a stationary carrier at a given position in the battlefield, and a stationary target some 4000 units away (the peak operating range for almost all stock fighters). The carrier is fielding one bomber wing from the stock selection I have made. At some point, the carrier orders the bombers to engage the target. The bombers proceed at their maximum speed until they reach their Attack Run Range (a unique distance specified in the files for each fighter wing) from the target. They then begin unloading ordnance as fast as they can, continuing to approach the target until they run out of ammunition.

Once depleted, the bombers turn and head straight back to the carrier at best possible speed, land, and re-arm before launching again.

What I want to figure out, is how much damage each bomber wing can possibly do in a single sortie; how long that sortie takes; and therefore, what each bomber's average – and very approximate – damage per second actually is.

Foolish assumptions to make the calculations easier:
- Allowing 2 seconds for re-arming of fighters
- Ignoring all other external factors that could affect the bomber's sortie times and effectiveness (eg. Other ships, point defence, interceptors, etc.)
- Ignoring damage types of bombers. Purely focused on base numbers.

The Numbers

Of stock Starsector's seventeen modular fighter wings, I will be running numbers for all six of it's “Bomber” wings:
   - Piranha
   - Khopesh
   - Dagger
   - Trident
   - Longbow
   - Flash

Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but all we're worried about right now is raw damage output, and how long they take to do it.

Here are the base values I've gathered from the game files to utilize in the calculations:

Bomber TypeWing SizeTop SpeedAttack Run RangeAmmunitionShot DamageShot Cooldown

* Note that I have given the Khopesh a 0.05 second shot cooldown, when in actual fact it has 0.1 seconds. This is due to the fact it has 14 missiles across two separate launchers, which I didn't want to make an exception for in the spreadsheet I did these calculations in.

** Note also that I am not bothering about damage types. All except for the Longbow do HE damage, but that isn't relevant to the calculation.


The first number to extrapolate is the total damage of the sortie. This is found by simply multiplying together the wing size, per shot damage, and ammunition of the bomber wing. The results are as follows:

Piranha400 x 10 x 3 = 12,000
Khopesh200 x 14 x 2 = 5,600
Dagger1,000 x 1 x 3 = 3,000
Trident1,000 x 2 x 2 = 4,000
Longbow1,000 x 1 x 2 = 2,000
Flash500 x 6 x 4 = 12,000

As you can see, the damage numbers here vary wildly. But don't fret! There are still plenty of other things to factor in.

The first part of the total time calculation is the time it takes the bombers to reach their Attack Run Range. Since the ARR is a distance from the target, we calculate the distance they must travel by subtracting the bombers' ARR values from 4000 (the range from the carrier to the target). Then we divide that value by the bomber's top speed, and voila, we get the time it takes to reach “firing range”.

Thanks to the wonders of maths, the results here start to get a little... hairy.

Bomber TypeTime to reach ARR from 4k range (seconds)

Next up, for those bombers with multiple shots and a cooldown time for their weapons, there must also be a total time it takes for them to unload that ordnance. If we assume the bomber continues flying towards the target during this time, then they must gain extra distance from the carrier while firing, which will play into the sortie time.

The equation here is in two parts. First we figure out how long the bombers take to fire all their ordnance in seconds, by multiplying their ammunition value minus one (since the last shot doesn't need a cooldown after it) by their shot cooldown. Then we multiply that time by the bomber's top speed, which gives us the extra distance they cover while firing.

At the same time, we also add that extra distance to the original “distance to firing range” value, to get the total distance from the bomber to its carrier once it has expended its ordnance and heads back home.

Bomber TypeExtra distance gained during fireTotal return distance to carrier

* Note that the Dagger, Trident and Longbow all have 0 extra distance gained due to them having single shot weapons (or in the case of the Trident, a pair that fire in sync) and therefore don't have to worry about weapon cooldowns.

Now we have the total distance from the target back to the carrier, we can calculate how long it now takes the fighter to return. For the record, this is exactly the same as the “time to firing range” and the “time to fire ordnance” values added together, but I've calculated it out anyway. Then we add 2 seconds – a completely guessed value for how long it takes the bomber to land, re-arm and launch again – and add up all the time values to get the total sortie time.

Bomber TypeTime to return to carrierApproximate time to re-armTOTAL SORTIE TIME (seconds)

Interesting! So while the Piranha and Flash previously held the records for total potential sortie damage by a huge margin, they're also some of the worst in the realms of sortie time.

Last but not least is to divide the total sortie damage by the total sortie time, to get the calculated damage per second for each bomber wing. To display more easily, I've rounded these all down to the nearest whole number.


The Piranha is still very high on this list, but interestingly we can now see part of why the Flash is such an effective bomber!

At this point it's worth pointing out again that this does not account for other factors, such as damage type, effectiveness against different targets, PD saturation, and per-shot damage, the latter being important for armour penetration.

All practical purposes aside, this was fun to calculate out, and I find these numbers really quite interesting to look at, and compare to what I know as these bombers' various other strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you have learnt something, or perhaps you have have found this utterly pointless, but all the same, I hope you have enjoyed.  8)

- AxleMC131

Suggestions / Ability to "Mothball and Abandon" a ship from your fleet
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:07:10 PM »
Ideally this would be an option alongside Mothball/Scuttle/Refit/etc. in the fleet screen, and would result in the ship being dumped from your fleet but appearing in the campaign map as a derelict. This would be useful for situations where you recover a cool ship on a salvage run, but then discover you don't have the fuel to get it home... But you don't want to scuttle it! So you could "abandon" the ship in the sector and return for it later, recovering it then in much the same way as you would recover a derelict.

If you wanted to be really in-depth, you could even go so far as to allow the player to abandon ships while on the run from pirates, and potentially distract chasing fleets (in much the same way as they tell you to drop an item of clothing if you're being chased by a bear in order to distract it). But that would require some advanced AI and such, so I won't encourage that too hard. :P

But I would still like to see the ability to remove a ship from one's fleet while on the outer rim without completely destroying it.


... As easily demonstrated in this screenshot:



The front large missile mount isn't properly aligned with the visible mount on the sprite. The back one is, however. A trivial issue, but thought I'd make note of it nonetheless.

Suggestions / Press 7 again to cancel an accidental Interdiction Pulse
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:35:34 PM »
Just a thought that came to me, having just started a new campaign game and in the "looking around the system" phase. I went to salvage a debris field and accidentally hit 7 instead of 6, triggering an Interdiction Pulse. Fortunately there weren't any friendly fleets around to irritate, but it made me think that it should be possible to cancel an Interdict to avoid such a situation.

This perhaps wouldn't apply just to accidental cases (like mine), but also to situations where the player starts an Interdict to catch an enemy fleet, but then either the fleet manages to get out of range of the pulse and/or a friendly fleet moves into the range. It might be a pedantic suggestion, but I'd like to be able to cancel a charging Interdict, simply by pressing the ability key a second time.

I'm trying to make a custom fighter that also deploys an escort drone to provide support. I know this can be done with a custom drone-type system, but I wanted to keep the ship system slot free for something else. Instead, I tried setting up the parent fighter with a fighter bay as I would any other ship, and giving it the escort drone as a built-in wing. Everything is functional - both the parent fighter and drone wings show up in the refit screen and can be fitted and successfully launched; and mousing over the parent fighter shows the drone listed in its armament just like it would on a carrier - but in combat, the parent fighter doesn't actually deploy the drone.  ???

Tartiflette mentioned that it's possible to have a "fighter with fighters" in this way, but I'm not sure if either he was mistaken or I'm just missing something really obvious. I'm fairly sure it's not an AI issue due to a gammy value, since the AI has no control over actually deploying fighters. Any help would be much appreciated, but if it's simply something the game doesn't allow, I'll just cut my losses and make it a drone system.

Oh, and to avoid silly questions  :P
- Yes the parent fighter has at least one fighter bay in ship_data.csv
- Yes the parent fighter has launch ports in its ____.ship file

EDIT: On InventorRaccoon's suggestion, I took control of the fighter in DevMode and discovered that the drone doesn't appear in the UI how it normally would on a carrier. So at some point between the refit screen and the combat screen, the game is removing the drone wing from the parent fighter completely.

All in the title, in short, but for additional comprehension: This is a Nexerelin conquest mission in a randomly generated sector (no faction mods, but a couple of misc. additional content ones). The mission highlighted is offering me 21,000 credits for capturing this base within 40 days... And then also a 17,000 bonus for capturing it within 40 days. See the issue?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not rightly sure if this is a Nexerelin bug, or a vanilla bug, but I'm putting it here for safety, and since it popped up on a Nexerelin-specific mission.



Hopefully a simple suggestion. Since ships in your fleet take a penalty to their maximum CR while under-crewed - and the penalty is dynamic depending on how under-crewed they are - I'm sometimes confused by the relevant notifications appearing with the same... intensity, I guess, in all situations. I think the colour of the dialogues should show in a different colour depending on the immediate threat to your CR. If I'm only under-crewed by one or two personnel, show it in yellow; but if I'm about to take a much heavier hit to my fleet's CR, show it in red perhaps.

Ideally this would apply both to the "Crew Under Strength" text that shows up over under-crewed ships in the Fleet tab, and the initial campaign-view Intel message ("Not all ships are fully crewed" or something) you get upon losing crew/acquiring more ships than you can operate.

Sound fair enough?

Bug Reports & Support / [0.8.1a] Fleet stuck on "Returning to planet"
« on: June 05, 2017, 11:13:21 PM »
Encountered this in a recent new playthrough. I saw these guys sitting on top of Jangala when I was leaving on a routine exploration mission. Came back about two (in-game) weeks later and found them still here. On closer inspection they are at the "Returning to Jangala" part of their mission, which should involve their fleet despawning upon reaching the planet.

As you can see however, they seem to be stuck. I've been watching them for a while and they aren't despawning at all, just sitting there apparently "returning to Jangala".



Interestingly, when I moved close to them they started to move out of the way - as if my transponder was off (which it wasn't) and they thought I might be a pirate fleet - but when I then moved away again they simply returned to this position.

Not sure if this is a bug, but I was looking at the hull and variant files for the Spark Interceptor, and noticed something odd.

This is a copy-paste of my comments in the Discord channel:

Huh. The Spark has weird weapon arcs. I knew it had two Burst PDs, but I didn't know the arcs. Just looked them up.

Get this: The Spark has three available weapon slots in its .ship file. A 4-degree hardpoint facing forwards, a 200-degree turret at a 20 degree offset to the left, and a 220-degree turret at a 20 degree offset to the right. Like, wat? They aren't symmetrical.

But it gets weirder. Only the first two are used by the lasers. So the Spark has one Burst PD that fires directly forwards, and a second one in a wide-arc turret aimed slightly to the left.

Go figure.

Just curious if this is a mistake or an intentional design decision? And if the latter, any particular reason why?

Disassemble Reassemble
          Version 1.6.9 - For Starsector 0.9.1a         


Download here:

Requires LazyLib:

Supports Version Checker:

Supports Vesperon Combine (NEW and needs testing!):

Adds to Nexerelin's custom start fleet options:


- Over 30 custom ships and several variant skins with full campaign integration -
- A collection of modular weapons, fighters and hullmods equipping them in various loadouts*, as well as several unique built-ins -
- A small collection of custom missions for testing purposes and combat scenarios -
- A very limited amount of experimental campaign exploration content** -

* Supports Dynasector's ship variant randomization!
** Scripted campaign content will require a new save to spawn, and will not be enabled when playing a Nexerelin Randomized Core Worlds game

Through originally unintentional means, Disassemble Reassemble's ship and weapon content has several key themes:
- Pirate and Luddic Path craft -
- Missile weaponry and the ships to field it -
- Exploration, salvage and surveying vessels -
- Carriers and fightercraft -
 If you want to expand the stock ship/weapon repertoire, and those sound to your taste, then this might be the mod for you!  :D

Starsector Race Mode
Two experimental single missions that put you in the pilot's seat of a pure-bred, highly-strung speed machine as you attempt to score the best time in battles against the clock!


The 34th annual Persean League Grand Prix. The most prestigious and thrilling starship rally race in the Sector. Your pit team have been toiling away for hours on end making sure your ship is running smooth, hot and fast; your flight crew are in the simulators, brushing up on their maneuvres and course planning; your public representative is giving you a huge thumbs up in front of the waving, screaming crowds of fans displayed on the holoscreen.

Ready to race? Start your engines!


Ships & Fightercraft (UPDATED ACROSS THE BOARD)
Lovingly kitbashed by yours truly!
(Plus assistance from others where mentioned)


Honeybee Support Drone


Defend yourself, or a buddy!

Firebird Torpedo Bomber


Pirate-built and Pirate proud

Overclocked Thunder Heavy Interceptor


Faster, better, harder, stronger... Actually it's only one of those things.

Overclocked Dagger Rocket Bomber


A barrel of throwing knives

Overclocked Longbow Kinetic Bomber


Should've just called it the Shortbow and been done with it

Overclocked Gladius Fighter


A weaponized bundle of sticks wrapped in iron

Rogue Interceptor


An oldie but a goodie

Cayman Heavy Fighter


Broadsword Plus

Enigma Strike Fighter


A frigate's worst nightmare...

Warhammer Superheavy Fighter

A really big hammer to swing

Kamikaze Talon Drone


40% novelty, 60% pain.


Warhammer (LP) Righteous Warrier
(Mission-only content)

Ludd's Inquisitor


Argent Support Drone


Needle in a Remnant haystack...

Ember Kinetic Bomber


Ice cold killer

Dram (A)-class Tanker (UPDATED!)

Somewhat more defensible

Mirage-class Skiff

A mere thorn in your side... Or is it?

Red Arrow class Private Yacht (UPDATED!) and C-Type General Purpose Shuttle



A proper sports car of a spaceship
Thanks to Vayra for the original concept sprite!

Black Arrow class Stealth Corvette

"The Tri-Tachyon Corporation thanks you for your lack of observance."

Wren-class Light Frigate


A nimble "economy" frigate for hard times
Thanks to MesoTronik for spriting help, and to HELMUT for the sweet Pirate skin!

Torrent-class Troop Transport


Compact, cosy and armed to the teeth

Prophecy-class Escort Frigate

Who said high-tech doesn't need help?

Prophecy MkII-class Frigate

When a pirate captain gets rich...

Acanthina-class Modular Frigate


Available in a variety of delicious flavours
Thanks to Nia for the awesome sprite cleanups!

Quoin-class Heavy Frigate

High-tech Hercules

Nightblade-class Troop Transport and Nighthunter Drone


Tactical insertion

Junker-class Gunboat

Gunship on a budget

Brawler Mk.II-class Fighter Tender

Something to put your Overclocked fighters on

Gladiator-class Heavy Frigate

Knock 'em down

Gladiator-F-class Freighter

Pick 'em up

Spectacle-class Exploration Frigate

Sweeping the outer rim!

Katrina-class Utility Ship

All-in-one salvage vehicle

Insurgent-class Phase Frigate

A withering hail of fire


Incendere-class Droneship

Armament: [REDACTED]


Vagrant-class Armoured Destroyer

Brick from the front, paper from the back

Manta-class Fast Destroyer


The Hammerhead and Sunder's speedy third wheel

Manta (P) class Fast Destroyer

"Hit the NOS!"

Seraphim-class Missile Destroyer

Smite them where they stand!

Sturmovik-class Missile Destroyer

Pound and crush

Sturmovik (S)-class Salvage & Recovery Barge

The collector's centrepiece!
Hidden somewhere in the Core Worlds!

Sturmovik MkII-class Destroyer

Is there no end to pirate ingenuity!?

Gemini (Civ) class Freighter

Demilitarized and delightfully cheap

Triton-class Mixed Transport

The complete logistics ship

Constellation-class Combat Carrier

You can run, but you can't hide...

Mousetrap-class Escort Carrier


Lysander-class Destroyer Leader (UPDATED!)

Take command and ride the storm

Gypsy Moth class Light Destroyer

Keep up, or die.

Harrier-class Cruiser

The anvil of Altair Exotech

Barricade-class Combat Freighter


Beyond the frontier

Retribution-class Cruiser


Bring on the pain!
Thanks to Chloe for the original sprite, and Nia for the awesome cleanup!

Outlander-class Cruiser (UPDATED!)

100,000 Lightyears on the odometer, and still going strong

Starlifter-class Mining Platform

The mightiest of salvage vessels

Vendetta-class Battleship


The bigger they are, the harder they fall...
Thanks to Nia for the gorgeous Fourteenth Battlegroup skin!


Weapons (WIP!)


Lacerator Beam

Judgement Spire Launcher

Swift SRM Launcher, Swift SRM Pod and Swift Burst Launcher

Force Mortar

Machete Multirole Laser

Anaximander MRM Launcher

More showcases coming soon...


All the wonderful people who have helped me make this mod what it is!

MesoTroniK for his amazing help with scripting, spriting, sounds, balance and concept design.
Knight Chase, Avanitia, Mehgamer (Dizzy) and InventorRaccoon for suggestions, testing and moral support.
Nicke535 for teaching me some of the finer points of scripting hullmods.
HELMUT, Vayra, Nia and Chloe (Yui-chan) for helping me out with sweet, sweet sprites.

The Starsector Unofficial Discord for being a treasure trove of advice and opinions!

... And anyone else who has submitted feedback, suggestions or commendations!


Version 1.6.9

- Adjusted ship base purchase prices across the board to match 0.9.1 standards

- Adjusted several ship burn speeds to (among other things) match 0.9.1 standards:
   - Red Arrow from 10 to 9
   - Junker from 10 to 9
   - Gladiator & Gladiator-F from 9 to 10
   - Vagrant from 9 to 8
   - Gemini (Civ) from 8 to 9 (Enjoy it while it lasts)

- Replaced Red Arrow (A)'s built-in "Militarized Hegemony Auxiliary" hullmod with "Militarized Subsystems"
- Replaced Dram (A)'s built-in "Militarized Hegemony Auxiliary" hullmod with "Militarized Subsystems" and "Heavy Armor"

- Updated Outlander sprite
- Updated Lysander sprite
- Added UNBOARDABLE tag to Domain-Era Sensor Buoy

Older changelogs:


Version 1.6.8

PSA: The Sturmovik (S), as it turns out, does not spawn normally in the campaign. (Whoops.) So I've thrown in some derelict ones for you to find.

- Added two hidden Sturmovik (S) somewhere in the Core Worlds (one obvious, one not so obvious)
- Added an experimental custom Domain-Era campaign entity next to Asharu in the Corvus system

- Altered characteristics of Nightblade-class Troop Transport:
   - Increased minimum crew required from 5 to 10
   - Reduced maximum crew capacity from 70 to 60
   - Removed Point Defense Lasers from Nighthunter drones
   - Added shields to Nighthunter drones

- Altered characteristics of Warhammer Superheavy Fighter:
   - Increased armour rating from 200 to 220
   - Increased turn acceleration from 200 to 240
   - Reduced refit time from 25 to 20 seconds

- Altered characteristics of Rogue Heavy Interceptor:
   - Reduced wing size from 4 to 3
   - Reduced fitting cost from 10 to 9 Ordnance Points
   - Replaced Assault Chaingun with a downscaled fighter-specific version

- Altered characteristics of Waypoint Time Trial mission:
   - Changed marker tagging system to use a beam on-hit effect script rather than fudging with damage types. Changes
      owner of tagged markers to friendly rather than destroying them. Should look and feel far smoother.
   - Changed damage types of Red and Blue Marker Tagger weapons both to Energy

- Added a second green marker to Hailstorm Alley mission (should stop the AI ships freaking out when they get close to the end)
- Overclocked Dagger no longer has a Nexerelin mining strength
- Updated sprites for Acanthina (all versions) and Retribution (Huge thanks to Nia!)
- Increased shield radius of Mirage
- Reduced rarity modifier of all Disassemble Reassemble blueprint packages from 1 to 0.5 (more rare)
- Added "GUIDED_POOR" tag to Swift Burst Launcher

- Fixed the Starlight Cabal (Underworld) using the Junker and Vagrant in their fleets
- Fixed Torrent spawns in Simulator still pointing to the old Trebuchet ID

Version 1.6.7

- Added ship "Nightblade-class Troop Transport"
- Added fighter "Nighthunter-class Drone"

- Added a random bonus damage effect to Swift missiles:
   - Deals 0 to 50 additional High Explosive damage on hits against hull and armour
   - Visual explosion effect changes with bonus damage for better feedback

- Reduced Swift Burst submunition count from 6 to 5

- Fixed Torrent not having any breakProb values in ship_data.csv
- Fixed Torrent custom start option still pointing to the old Trebuchet ID

Version 1.6.6


- Removed ship "Bull-class Carrier"

- Added ship "Barricade-class Combat Freighter" (For all intents and purposes, one side of the new Bull)
- Added ship "Barricade (P) class Carrier" (The other side of the new Bull)
- Changed name of Trebuchet to "Torrent"

- Altered characteristics of Constellation-class Combat Carrier:
   - Updated sprite
   - Added two additional small weapon mounts
   - Removed one fighter bay
   - Reduced fleet points from 12 to 11
   - Increased flux capacity from 3500 to 4200
   - Increased flux dissipation from 250 to 300
   - Increased turn rate/acceleration from 25/15 to 30/50
   - Reduced minimum and maximum crew from 90/150 to 60/100

- Altered characteristics of Outlander-class Cruiser:
   - Reduced shield arc from 240 to 180 degrees
   - Increased hull integrity from 8000 to 9000
   - Increased armour rating from 900 to 950

- Repurposed Fighter Bays is no longer a Logistics hullmod (does not require dock to equip/remove)
- Widened turret arcs of Acanthina (all versions)

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Hotfix 1:
- Fixed Warhammer (LP) blueprint being acquirable in the campaign

Version 1.6.5

- Added Vesperon blueprint whitelist:
   - As yet untested. If you're using Vesperon, please let me know if you find DaRa blueprints!

- Altered characteristics of Quandary Lance:
   - Increased range from 450 to 550 units
   - Increased damage per second from 600 to 900 (calculated burst damage increased from 260 to 390)
   - Reduced burst delay from 0.5 to 0.25 seconds

- Enigma Strike Fighter now carries a deco weapon capacitor which is ejected when it runs out of Quandary Lance charges

- Fixed the Black Arrow acquiring carrier D-mods by making it its own hull

Version 1.6.4

- Altered characteristics of Kamikaze Talon Drone:
   - AI now must make a "pass" on a target before arming the kamikaze stage
   - Kamikaze stage now uses a guided missile projectile rather than a mine
   - Increased kamikaze stage damage from 500 to 750
   - Added a Swarmer SRM Launcher (fighter) to fighter stage
   - Reduced acceleration from 300 to 250
   - Reduced deceleration from 300 to 200
   - Increased top speed from 225 to 300

- Altered characteristics of Overclocked Dagger Torpedo Bomber:
   - Changed variant name to "Rocket Bomber"
   - Replaced Hammer Torpedo with a single Annihilator Rocket rack (same as on the Khopesh)
   - Increased top speed from 190 to 200
   - Reduced fleet points from 4 to 3
   - Reduced fitting cost from 12 to 10 Ordnance Points
   - Reduced base purchase cost from 7500 to 5500

- Reduced Triton burn speed from 9 to 8

Version 1.6.3

- Added ship "Vendetta (XIV) class Battleship" (Huge thanks to Nia for putting the sprite together!)

Version 1.6.2

- Added a few Nexerelin custom starting fleets featuring Disassemble Reassemble ships to the Hegemony, Tri-Tachyon, Pirate and Free Start options*

- Removed preset D-mods (other than Ill-Advised Modifications) from all Luddic Path skins
- Increased Dram (A) Ordnance Points from 24 to 32

Version 1.6.1

This update SHOULD NOT break saves, but you might experience some odd side-effects if you have a Vagrant or Junker in your fleet.

- Added ship "Acanthina-M (H) class Modular Frigate"
- Added ship "Gemini (Civ) class Freighter"
- Added ship "Manta (P) class Fast Destroyer"
- Added fighter "Ember Kinetic Bomber"

- Altered characteristics of Rogue Heavy Interceptor:
   - Increased arc of Assault Chaingun mount from 0 to 30 degrees
   - Changed engine and hull styles from MIDLINE to LOW_TECH
   - Increased engagement range from 6000 to 8000 units
   - Increased base purchase cost from 5000 to 6000 credits
   - Increased fitting cost from 9 to 10 Ordnance Points
   - Reduced rarity modifier from 1 to 0.66 (more rare)

- Altered characteristics of Vagrant-class Armored Destroyer:
   - Completely new sprite and layout (preserving original mount types and quantity)
   - Changed tech readout from "Pirate" to "Jury-Rigged"
   - Removed from pirate blueprint package
   - Added to base blueprint package
   - Changed ship system from Burn Drive to Flare Launcher
   - Reduced hull integrity from 4000 to 3000
   - Reduced Ordnance Points from 80 to 65
   - Reduced fleet points from 10 to 8
   - Increased top speed from 70 to 80
   - Reduced base purchase cost from 22,000 to 18,000 credits
   - Reduced supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 9 to 8 supplies
   - Removed Flare Launcher system from armour module

- Altered characteristics of Junker-class Gunboat:
   - Completely new sprite and layout (preserving original mount types and quantity)
   - Changed ship system from Burn Drive to Flare Launcher
   - Increased hull integrity from 1000 to 2250
   - Increased armour rating from 50 to 400
   - Reduced flux dissipation from 160 to 125
   - Reduced Ordnance Points from 48 to 45
   - Reduced top speed from 100 to 90
   - Reduced handling stats by a small amount
   - Removed shield entirely
   - Reduced minimum crew from 25 to 20
   - Increased crew capacity from 25 to 30
   - Increased base purchase cost from 6,000 to 7,500 credits
   - Reduced CR cost per deployment from 25 to 10
   - Increased supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 3 to 4 supplies

- Reduced Leveret rocket's engine glow somewhat
- Increased Trebuchet supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 4 to 5 supplies
- Added a very slight random element to the launch angle of High-Burn Fuel Canisters projectiles
- Altered active glow effect of High-Burn Fuel Canisters
- Changed tech readout of Repurposed Fighter Bays hullmod from "Scavenger" to "Jury-Rigged"
- Reduced rarity modifier of all Overclocked fighters from 0.33 to 0.25 (more rare)
- Reduced Overclocked Thunder Heavy Interceptor fitting cost from 3 to 2 Ordnance Points
- Added custom firing sounds for Machete Multirole Laser

- Fixed several instances of invalid characters in Codex descriptions
- POSSIBLY fixed crash related to the Swift Burst MIRV

Version 1.6.0

*** THIS UPDATE WILL BREAK SAV- Oh wait there are no saves to break. How convenient! ***

- Made compatible with Starsector Version 0.9a
- Cleaned out a large amount of disabled/unused content from the mod files

- Removed Sparrow-class Corvette
- Removed Taurus-class Gunship
- Removed Kamikaze Talon Launcher

- Added three custom blueprints containing various Disassemble Reassemble ships, fighters and weapons
- Added two custom secondary ship options to the New Game Creation dialogue
- Added ship "Trebuchet-class Troop Transport" (For all intents and purposes, the new Taurus)
- Added ship "Trebuchet (P) class Troop Transport"
- Added ship "Black Arrow class Corvette"
- Added fighter "Kamikaze Talon Drone"
- Added weapon "Stitch Gun"
- Added weapon "Leveret Rocket Launcher"
- Added hullmod "Ground Support Kit" (built-in only)

- Changed several internal ship IDs:
   - Sturmovik from "dara_chakram" to "dara_sturmovik"
   - Sturmovik Mk.II from "dara_chakram_mkii" to "dara_sturmovik_mkii"
   - Sturmovik (S) from "dara_chakram_s" to "dara_sturmovik_s"
   - Insurgent from "dara_insurgent2" to "dara_insurgent"

- Altered characteristics of Red Arrow class Private Yacht (also applies to its various skins):
   - Reduced crew capacity from 75 to 60
   - Increased cargo capacity from 50 to 60

- Altered characteristics of Vendetta-class Battleship:
   - Updated sprite
   - Removed built-in Missile Platform Drone fighter wing and bay (pending testing)
   - Reduced outermost broadside small turret mount arcs from 120 to 90 degrees
   - Changed outermost broadside small turret mount types from BALLISTIC to COMPOSITE
   - Increased fleet points from 28 to 30

- Altered characteristics of Mousetrap-class Escort Carrier:
   - Added a decorative gun cover, disguising its primary armament
   - Increased supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 10 to 11 supplies
   - Increased armour rating from 400 to 500

- Altered characteristics of Quandary Lance:
   - Increased ammo from 1 to 3
   - Reduced burst duration from 0.9 to 0.4 seconds
   - Reduced burst delay from 10 to 0.5 seconds

- Reduced Overclocked Thunder Heavy Interceptor fitting cost from 5 to 3 Ordnance Points
- Reduced Wren burn speed from 11 to 10
- Stormrider Drive no longer makes ship immune to nebula
- Changed Prophecy Mk.II system from Plasma Jets to Plasma Burn
- Replaced Prophecy's built-in Advanced Turret Gyros with Integrated Point Defense AI
- Updated sprites for Swift SRM and Swift Burst missiles
- Adjusted Autofit tags for various Swift missile weapons
- Reduced Lysander supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 12 to 10 supplies

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 1.5.1

- Added ship "Gypsy Moth-class Light Destroyer"
- Added system "Temporal Relocator" (Used by the new Gypsy Moth)
- Added mission "Hailstorm Alley"
- Added SEVEN more skins for the Red Arrow Rally Racer, contributed by HELMUT and Nia

- Altered characteristics of Waypoint Time Trial mission:
   - Added a pop-up text floaty displaying your time at the end of the mission
   - Added a status item that displays the number of remaining markers

- Altered characteristics of High-Burn Fuel Canisters:
   - Now disables strafing and active venting while active
   - Increased speed bonus from +125 to +150
   - Reduced acceleration bonus from +375% to +200%
   - Increased active duration from 3.5 to 4.5 seconds
   - Can be deactivated early by activating the system/pressing [F] again
   - Added a gradual glow overlay on the visible canisters during activation

- Fixed Red Arrow (LP) having a massively inflated purchase price

Version 1.5.0

- Added ship "Red Arrow-class Rally Racer", currently available in SIX custom paint jobs (but not in the campaign)
- Added mission "Waypoint Time Trial"

Version 1.4.1 - Hotfix 1

- High-Burn Fuel Canisters can now be given increased charges by installing Expanded Magazines
- Fixed Red Arrow not retaining empty canister bays when its system is out of charges
- Fixed Repurposed Fighter Bays displaying the wrong compatibility message on ships that don't normally have fighter bays

Version 1.4.1

- Added ship "Red Arrow-class Private Yacht"
- Added ship "Red Arrow (A)-class Military Transport"
- Added ship "Red Arrow (LP)-class Corvette"
- Added fighter "Overclocked Gladius Fighter"
- Added fighter "C-Type General Purpose Shuttle" (Built into the new Red Arrow)
- Added system "High-Burn Fuel Canisters" (Used by the new Red Arrow)

- Reduced Overclocked Longbow Kinetic Bomber base replacement time from 10 to 8 seconds
- Reduced Stormrider Drive/Safety Overrides malfunction threshold from 80% to 50% flux
- Shifted Overclocked fighter engine/hull styles one tech level down
- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 1.4.0


- Removed fighter "Piranha (LP)"
- Removed fighter "Thunder (LP)"
- Removed hullmod "Overclocked Nanoforges"

- Added ship "Brawler Mk.II-class Fighter Tender" (Forgive me for I hath sinned)
- Added "Overclocked" versions of a couple of fighters with modified designs, loadouts and stats:
   - Thunder
   - Dagger
   - Longbow

- Altered characteristics of Repurposed Fighter Bays hullmod:
   - Now costs OP to fit: 3/6/9/15 depending on ship size
   - Now reduces monthly supply consumption by 2 supplies/month per fighter bay

- Adjusted Dynasector spawn weights of Rogue Heavy Interceptor
- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 1.3.2

- Added some custom tips to the title screen

- Altered characteristics of Vendetta-class Battleship:
   - Changed forward medium missile mounts to narrow side-facing turrets
   - Added a built-in Missile Drone wing (same craft as the Sturmovik Mk.II's ship system)
   - Reduced Ordnance Points from 330 to 280

- Altered characteristics of Sunburst Scattercannon:
   - Reduced shots per burst from 4 to 3
   - Increased range from 800 to 1000
   - Increased damage per shot from 160 to 250
   - Increased flux per burst from 800 to 900
   - Increased spread from 5 to 7 degrees

Version 1.3.1

- Changed behaviour of Stormrider Drive when paired with Safety Overrides
- Removed Operations Center from Starlifter

- Altered characteristics of Mirage-class Skiff:
   - Changed turret mount type from SYNERGY to ENERGY
   - Added a built-in Annihilator Rocket Launcher

- Altered characteristics of Triton-class Mixed Transport:
   - Updated sprite
   - Raised armour rating from 350 to 500
   - Raised supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 6 to 7 supplies

Version 1.3.0

- Added Version Checker support

- Removed the mod-pointer line in each ship codex description
- Updated several codex descriptions with American spelling to match the stock game
- Further adjusted some codex descriptions
- Raised Anaximander MRM projectile health from 100 to 125

- Altered characteristics of Vendetta-class Battleship:
   - Updated sprite (no it's not finished)
   - Rearranged weapon mounts
   - Implemented into campaign
   - Changed system from Fast Missile Racks to Missile Autoforge

Version 1.2.0

- Added ship "Outlander-class Cruiser"
- Added fighter "Warhammer (LP) Righteous Warrior" (Not available in the campaign)
- Added hullmod "Repurposed Fighter Bays"
- Added mission "Evangelism"
- Added mission "Trainwreck"

- Removed "PD_ONLY" tag from Mining Beam Node (Sorry about that...)
- Changed Stormrider Drive system AI type from MANOEUVRING_JETS to BURN_DRIVE
- Created specific Credits lists in the sound and jar folders, noting which files were contributed by MesoTronik
- Fixed Incendere spawn rate
- Lowered Firebird armour rating from 100 to 50
- Reduced max turn rate of Swift Burst missile from 70 to 30

- Altered characteristics of Lysander-class Destroyer Leader
   - Updated sprite
   - Raised armour rating from 250 to 400
   - Buffed manoeuvrability stats

Version 1.1.1

- Changed Burst Flare Launcher to give a more random spread of flares
- Slightly narrowed divergeance of Harrier's forward flare launchers
- Added "PD_ONLY" and "ANTI_FTR" tags to Mining Beam Node
- Removed trial versions of Outlander and Leveret from the testing mission, pending removal/redesign

- Altered characteristics of Triton-class Mixed Transport:
   - Lowered cargo capacity from 200 to 180
   - Lowered fuel capacity from 450 to 300
   - Lowered armour rating from 450 to 350
   - Raised top speed from 50 to 60

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 1.1.0

- Added ship "Lysander-class Destroyer Leader"
- Added weapon "Manticore Cannon"
- Added weapon "Squall Missile Bay" (Built-in only, used by the new Lysander)
- Added system "Stormrider Drive" (Used by the new Lysander)
- Added hullmod "Overclocked Nanoforges"

- Changed firing sound for Sunburst Scattercannon
- Raised tier of Piranha (LP) fighter from 0 to 1 to prevent it spawning in Open Markets
- Changed Rogue fighter refit role from "Interceptor/Strike Fighter" to just "Interceptor", and fighter variant name from "Strike Interceptor" to "Heavy Interceptor"
- Changed Argent fighter refit role from "Support Fighter" to "Support Drone"
- Added red/green navigation lights to several ships:
   * Starlifter
   * Triton
   * Spectacle
   * Katrina

- Altered characteristics of Warhammer Superheavy Fighter:
   - Replaced Heavy Machine Gun with a Light Dual Machine Gun
   - Changed name of fighter-specific flak gun from Flak Cannon to Light Flak Cannon for better transparency
   - Lowered flux capacity from 400 to 200
   - Lowered flux dissipation 120 to 50

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 1.0.0 (Grabbing the Bull by the Horns)



   *   Bull-class Carrier
   *   Katrina-class Mining Ship
   *   Vagrant-class Battleboat

- Changed version format to match the standardized game/mod notation

- Removed ship "Lepisma-class Heavy Frigate"
- Removed ship "Limulidae-class Frigate"
- Removed ship "Riven-class Gun Platform"

- Added ship "Quoin-class Heavy Frigate"
- Added ship "Incendere-class Droneship"
- Added ship "Sturmovik Mk.II-class Destroyer"
- Added ship "Triton-class Mixed Transport"
- Added ship "Mousetrap-class Escort Carrier"
- Added fighter "Warhammer Superheavy Fighter"
- Added weapon "Sunburst Scattercannon"
- Added weapon "Mining Beam Node" (built-in only)
- Added system "Missile Drones" (Point Defence Drones modified to carry light missile weaponry)
- Added system "Coordinated Optics" (Beam damage boost for the ship and its fighters)

- Added ship spawning tables for Persean League

- DaRa ships now appear in "Own faction" and "Free start" faction selections, as well as "Followers" fleets, with Nexerelin's starting options
- Changed Anaximander MRM Launcher main damage type from Fragmentation to High Explosive
- Altered Pather fighters (Thunder/Piranha) and corresponding custom SO hullmod to properly display top speed in refit screen
- Changed Firebird fighter refit role from "Torpedo Bomber" to "Frigate Hunter"
- Changed Enigma fighter refit role from "Strike Fighter" to "Frigate Hunter"
- Enigma fighter now features a custom short-range teleporter system for evasion and flanking manoeuvres
- Reduced impact of flamed-out Swift missiles (previously was able to push ships around like mad if hit by EMP PD)
- Replaced Spectacle's built-in High-Resolution Sensors hullmod with a custom Reconnaissance Package hullmod (doesn't give the penalties of the modular version)
- Changed Wren sprite and corresponding skin sprites (Thanks to MesoTronik and HELMUT for their contributions)
- Altered some of the Retributions' turret arcs and changed the small Missile hardpoints to Composite mounts
- Altered some of the Seraphim's turret arcs
- Gave Rogue fighter a scaled-down Burst Flare Launcher
- Gave Sturmovik (S) a pair of Mining Beam Node weapons
- Increased spawn frequency of Sturmovik (S)
- Pulse Modulator system now reduces energy weapon damage by 25% instead of 50%
- Fixed Gladiator-F flare launcher being able to be disabled in combat

- Overhauled Bull-class Carrier:
   - Brand new sprite with a far more piratey rustbucket design
   - Rearranged weapon mounts (generally same sort of "mismatched turrets" deal as the old hull)
   - Buffed armour rating as well as greatly improved cargo/crew capacity for better raiding potential
   - Added Shielded Cargo Holds hullmod
   - Removed "COMBAT" tag and added "FREIGHTER" tag in its place
   - Lowered ordnance points from 110 to 100
   - Adjusted fleet spawning weights

- Overhauled Katrina-class Mining Ship:
   - Brand new sprite at a far more sensible scale for a frigate
   - Changed designation from "Mining Ship" to "Utility Ship" (still acts as a mining ship with Nexerelin mining)
   - Removed built-in Mining Blaster and Borer Drone wing
   - Added built-in Civilian-grade Hull and Automated Repair Unit hullmods
   - Rearranged weapon mounts, including a pair of built-in Mining Beam Nodes
   - Nerfed hull integrity and flux stats
   - Lowered ordnance points from 24 to 22
   - Raised top speed from 110 to 125, as well as minor buffs to handling
   - Lowered mass from 300 to 200
   - Lowered cargo capacity but raised fuel capacity somewhat
   - Lowered purchase base price from 12,000 to 8,000 credits
   - Lowered supply usage (maintenance and recovery) from 4 to 3 supplies
   - Removed "FREIGHTER" tag and added "CIVILIAN" tag

- Overhauled Vagrant-class Battleboat:
   - Brand new sprite and layout
   - Changed designation from "Battleboat" to "Armoured Destroyer"
   - Changed Gun Pod module into a front-mounted Armour module
   - Removed fighter bay
   - Drastically reduced armour rating
   - Buffed flux stats, but lowered shield efficiency
   - Raised top speed and buffed general handling
   - Raised ordnance points from 45 to 80
   - Adjusted fleet spawning weights

- Altered characteristics of Starlifter-class Mining Platform:
   - Added a large number of Mining Beam Node weapons
   - Removed some existing weapon mounts
   - Increased spawn frequency (now should also spawn in Independent fleets)
   - Added built-in Operations Center hullmod
   - Changed system from Reserve Deployment to Coordinated Optics

- Altered characteristics of Cayman Heavy Fighter:
   - Changed system from Manoeuvring Jets to Decoy Flares
   - Raised top speed from 175 to 200
   - Lowered armour rating from 100 to 50
   - Changed shield type from Front to Omni
   - Raised crew per fighter from 2 to 3
   - Raised wing ordnance point cost from 18 to 20

- Altered characteristics of Kamikaze Talon Launcher:
   - Reduced variant usage weights, ie. made it far less common (Only applies with Dynasector)
   - Raised burst size from 1 to 4 (now launches all four shots at once)
   - Added burst delay of 0.5 seconds
   - Raised chargedown from 5 to 8.5 seconds
   - Added a very slow ammo recharge (4 shots per minute at 15 second intervals)
   - Changed DO_NOT_CONSERVE tag to CONSERVE_1

- Altered characteristics of Reconnaissance Package hullmod:
   - Changed cargo capacity penalty from -10 (flat) to -50%
   - Now unlocks with Level 2 of Coordinated Manoeuvres skill
   - Shifted engine colour change to a pale green hue

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.10 (Post-Tournament Rebalance & Content)

- Added ship "Mirage-class Skiff"
- Added ship "Insurgent-class Phase Frigate"
- Added fighter "Enigma Strike Fighter"
- Added fighter "Firebird Torpedo Bomber"
- Added weapon "Swift Burst Launcher"
- Added weapon "Anaximander MRM Launcher"
- Added system "Pulse Modulator" (Used by the new Insurgent)
- Added hullmod "Reconnaissance Package" (Heavily debated content - requesting extreme testing!)

- Raised Retribution top speed from 50 to 65
- Raised Vendetta top speed from 30 to 45
- Replaced Degraded Engines d-mod on Retribution (LP) skin with Faulty Power Grid
- Added custom sound effects for Swift missile launchers (courtesy of MesoTronik)
- Added custom sound effects for Starbreaker Particle Beam (courtesy of MesoTronik)

- Altered characteristics of Harrier-class Cruiser:
   - Replaced stock Flux Shunt with a new custom "Blockade Shield" hullmod
   - Raised shield arc from 270 to 300
   - Raised shield upkeep from 0.4 to 0.5

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.9 (The Wonders of Compiled Code)



- Removed ship "Vigilance MkII Ultralight Carrier"
- Removed weapon "Automortar"

- Added ship "Vagrant-class Battleboat"
- Added ship "Riven-class Gun Platform" (Testing purposes only - WIP, no campaign integration - May be removed without notice)
- Added fighter "Cayman Heavy Fighter"
- Added fighter "Honeybee Support Drone"
- Added weapon "Kamikaze Talon Launcher"
- Added weapon "Machete Multirole Laser"

- Scripts (".java" files) now compiled into a single ".jar" file, with help from MesoTronik
- Judgement Spire Launcher weapon now uses a custom missile AI written by MesoTronik
- Slightly reduced spawn rate of Swift SRM Launcher on pirate ships (Only applies with Dynasector)
- Reduced engine flame count for several ships to help performance (Retribution, Constellation)

- Altered characteristics of Starlifter Mining Platform:
   - Integrated to campaign (should show up rarely in Scavenger fleets)
   - Added codex description
   - Updated sprite
   - Altered weapon arrangements
   - Raised ordnance points from 120 to 135
   - Changed system from Flare Launcher to Reserve Deployment

- Altered characteristics of Argent Support Fighter:
   - Replaced stock Light Needler with a custom version (smaller burst, longer cooldown) for balance reasons
   - Lowered flux capacity from 300 to 160
   - Lowered flux dissipation from 50 to 40

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.8 (Sprite Cleanups & General Balancing, plus initial Dynasector support!)

- Added Dynasector support for most weapons and fighter wings

- Added ship "Vendetta-class Battleship" (WIP, no campaign integration)
- Added ship "Vigilance MkII-class Ultralight Carrier"
- Added fighter "Thunder (LP) Assault Fighter"
- Added skin "Retribution (LP)" ... Hey, how'd the bloody Pathers get their hands on a Thermal Pulse Cannon!?
- Added weapon "Force Mortar"

- Updated sprites for several ships:
   - Starlifter-class Mining Platform (Still WIP)
   - Acanthina-P-class Modular Frigate
   - Harrier-class Cruiser
   - Junker-class Gunboat

- Raised Retribution top speed from 40 to 50
- Removed "CIVILIAN" tag from Katrina, which should encourage it to get stuck into combat a bit more readily
- Replaced built-in Mining Laser on Wren (P) with built-in Lacerator Beam
- Slightly altered fleet roles and spawn rates of Acanthina-P
- Altered spawning weight/locations of Sturmovik (S) (should spawn in Salvager fleets if it didn't before, in the light carrier role)
- Added "CIVILIAN" tag to Acanthina-F, to discourage it from behaving like a combat ship

- Altered characteristics of Starlifter-class Mining Platform:
   - Updated sprite (Still WIP)
   - Filled the previously empty slot with a built-in super mining laser
   - Lowered OP from 140 to 120
   - Lowered flux capacity from 10,000 to 7,000
   - Lowered flux dissipation from 450 to 350
   - Lowered number of fighter bays from 4 to 3 (one of which remains a built-in Borer Drone wing)
   - Now has built-in "Salvage Gantry" and "Surveying Equipment" hullmods

- Altered characteristics of Rogue Strike Fighter:
   - Lowered top speed from 350 to 300
   - Lowered flux capacity from 300 to 180
   - Lowered flux dissipation from 100 to 75
   - Lowered turn rate from 100 to 90 and turn acceleration from 250 to 200

- Altered characteristics of Junker-class Gunboat:
   - Updated sprite
   - Altered position of missile hardpoint and changed size from Small to Medium
   - Raised OP from 45 to 48

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.7 (Content expansion 4 - Angel's Judgement)

PLEASE NOTE: Several ships are being held out of action pending removal or overhaul. While their files are still in place within
   the mod, they will not appear in-game anywhere. These removals may or may not be permanent. If you would like to give feedback
   on any ships that have been disabled - or if there are other ships you feel require non-graphical attention - please leave
   a comment in the forum thread for this mod.


- Removed ship "Seraphim-C-class Light Carrier"

- Added ship "Sturmovik-class Missile Destroyer"
- Added ship "Sturmovik (S)-class S&R Destroyer"
- Added ship "Constellation-class Light Carrier"
- Added ship "Acanthina-P class Modular Frigate" (Piratized gunship variant)
- Added ship "Starlifter-class Mining Platform" (WIP, no campaign integration)
- Added ship "Retribution-class Cruiser"
- Added skin "Dram (A) Tanker" (Militarized Hegemony Auxiliary skin for the stock Dram)
- Added weapon "Swift SRM Pod"
- Added system "Burst Flare Launcher"

- Changed Sparrow ship system from Flare Launcher to Burst Flare Launcher

- Altered characteristics of Seraphim-class Missile Destroyer:
   - Replaced large missile hardpoint with a built-in heavy kinetic missile launcher
   - Changed medium turret mount type from Energy to Synergy
   - Lowered OP from 70 to 50
   - Lowered top speed from 80 to 70
   - Lowered flux capacity from 5,200 to 3,750
   - Lowered flux dissipation from 360 to 200
   - Raised purchase base cost from 28,000 to 32,000 credits
   - Raised deployment CR cost from 15% to 20%
   - Raised monthly supply and repair costs from 10 to 11 supplies
   - Raised maximum crew from 50 to 55
   - Raised minimum crew from 30 to 40

- Altered characteristics of Harrier-class Cruiser:
   - Changed ship system from Flare Launcher to Burst Flare Launcher
   - Altered positions of flare launcher locations
   - Raised purchase base cost from 42,000 to 48,000 credits
   - Raised peak performance time from 480 to 540 seconds

- Altered characteristics of Swift SRM Launcher:
   - Changed sprite
   - Lowered tech level from 1 to 0
   - Lowered ammo from 12 to 10
   - Lowered burst size from 4 to 2
   - Lowered burst delay from 0.333 to 0.25 seconds
   - Lowered chargedown from 5 to 3.75 seconds
   - Raised damage from 200 to 250

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.6 (Content expansion #3 - Ships, ships everywhere!)

PLEASE NOTE: Several ships are being held out of action pending removal or overhaul. While their files are still in place within
   the mod, they will not appear in-game anywhere. These removals may or may not be permanent. If you would like to give feedback
   on any ships that have been disabled - or if there are other ships you feel require non-graphical attention - please leave
   a comment in the forum thread for this mod.


- Removed ship "Insurgent-class Phase Freighter"
- Removed ship "Drake-class Missile Frigate"
- Removed fighter "Breaker Torpedo Bomber"
- Removed fighter "Scimitar Heavy Fighter"

- Added ship "Lepisma-class Heavy Frigate"
- Added ship "Acanthina-class Modular Frigate" (in "M"/missile, "R"/drone tender and "F"/freighter hull versions)
- Added ship "Limulidea-class Frigate"
- Added ship "Sparrow-class Corvette"
- Added ship "Bull-class Carrier" (Thanks to Drae for the original sprite!)
- Added fighter "Piranha (LP) Assault Bomber"
- Added fighter "Argent Support Fighter" (Appears on a custom Scintilla variant)
- Added skin "Manta (LP)"
- Added weapon "Lacerator Beam"
- Added weapon "Swift SRM Launcher"
- Added weapon "Automortar"

- Altered characteristics of Harrier-class Cruiser:
        - Updated sprite
        - Changed weapon mount positions and types

- Altered characteristics of Gladiator Heavy Frigate:
   - Raised OP from 40 to 50
   - Changed small hardpoint mount type from MISSILE to COMPOSITE

- Altered characteristics of Seraph-class Missile Destroyer:
   - Changed class name to "Seraphim"
   - Updated sprite (WIP)

- Altered characteristics of Seraph (C)-class Light Carrier:
   - Changed class name to "Seraphim-C"
   - Updated sprite (WIP)
   - Raised top speed from 65 to 70

- Changed class name of "Gladiator (F)" to "Gladiator-F"
- Changed class name of premade pirate Wren "Wren (D)" to "Wren (P)

- Added ship spawning tables for factions:
   - Luddic Church
   - Luddic Path
   - Sindrian Diktat
   - Lion's Guard (Sindrian Diktat military arm)
   - Remnants

- Reconfigured several ship variant presets

Version 0.5 (Quickfix #2 - Cleaning Up)

- Added ship "Junker-class Gunboat"
- Added ship "Spectacle-class Exploration Frigate"
- Added ship "Insurgent-class Phase Freighter" (no campaign integration yet)
- Added fighter "Breaker Torpedo Bomber"

- Altered characteristics of Scimitar Heavy Fighter:
   - Replaced dual Burst PD Lasers with a single modified Heavy Burst Laser (won't target missiles)
   - Added two regular PD Lasers in side/rear turrets
   - Raised hull integrity from 300 to 500
   - Raised flux capacity from 500 to 750
   - Raised flux dissipation from 120 to 150
   - Lowered max speed from 250 to 220
   - Raised shield arc from 120 to 360

- Updated sprite for Manta-class Fast Destroyer
- Updated sprite for Katrina-class Mining Ship

- Lowered purchase base cost of Gladiator (F) from 10,000 to 8,000 credits
- Raised armour rating of Gladiator and Gladiator (F) from 350 to 450
- Lowered peak operating time of Taurus from 300 to 240 seconds

- Approximately doubled spawn chance of Prophecy MkII in pirate fleets

Version 0.4 (Content expansion #2)

- Added ship "Seraph (C)-class Light Carrier"
- Added ship "Harrier-class Cruiser"
- Added ship "Prophecy MkII-class Frigate"
- Added fighter "Scimitar Heavy Fighter"

Version 0.3 (Quickfix #1 - Miscellaneous Autobalancing)

- Added ship "Seraph-class Missile Destroyer"

- Lowered Taurus flux capacity from 2,200 to 2,000
- Lowered Drake shield arc from 180 to 120 degrees
- Raised Wren burn speed from 10 to 11
- Lowered Gladiator (F) peak operating time from 240 to 180 seconds
- Raised Prophecy purchase base cost from 14,000 to 15,000 credits

- Altered various stats for Katrina:
   - Raised fuel capacity from 50 to 120
   - Raised flux capacity from 2,500 to 2,800
   - Raised armour rating from 150 to 300
   - Added AI hints "CIVILIAN" and "TANKER"
- Altered various stats for Manta:
   - Lowered purchase base cost from 24,000 to 21,000 credits
   - Lowered mass from 350 to 300
   - Lowered hull integrity from 4,000 to 3,800

Version 0.2 (Content expansion #1)

- Added skin "Wren (D)" (pirates)
- Added ship "Gladiator-class Heavy Frigate"
- Added ship "Gladiator (F)-class Freighter"

- Reconfigured fleet spawning weights of some ships

Version 0.1 (Testing release)

- Added some lovingly kitbashed ships to the campaign:
   - Taurus-class Gunship (and "D" skin)
   - Wren-class Light Frigate (and "XIV" skin)
   - Katrina-class Mining Ship
   - Drake-class Missile Frigate
   - Manta-class Fast Destroyer
   - Prophecy-class Escort Frigate


Noticed this only today. The description for the Safety Overrides hullmod has an error which causes it to display the bit about reducing weapon range incorrectly, specifically:

"... and drastically reduces weapon ranges past null units."

Traced this back to the hullmod file and found the cause in "getDescriptionParam" (relevant bits highlighted):


   public String getDescriptionParam(int index, HullSize hullSize) {
      if (index == 0) return "" + ((Float) speed.get(HullSize.FRIGATE)).intValue();
      if (index == 1) return "" + ((Float) speed.get(HullSize.DESTROYER)).intValue();
      if (index == 2) return "" + ((Float) speed.get(HullSize.CRUISER)).intValue();
      //if (index == 3) return "" + ((Float) speed.get(HullSize.)).intValue();
      if (index == 3) return Misc.getRoundedValue(FLUX_DISSIPATION_MULT);
      if (index == 4) return Misc.getRoundedValue(PEAK_MULT);
      //if (index == 3) return Misc.getRoundedValue(CR_DEG_MULT);
      if (index == 3) return Misc.getRoundedValue(RANGE_THRESHOLD);
//      if (index == 4) return Misc.getRoundedValue(RECOIL_MULT);
      //if (index == 3) return (int)OVERLOAD_DUR + "%";

As you can see, between the commented-out bits and the active statements, you've repeated an index value (3). An easy fix, but might want to check on that.


Modding / [0.8a] Autofit won't equip 0-cost fighter wings
« on: May 08, 2017, 02:37:10 AM »
Sadly another issue with the otherwise exceptional Autofit system.  :( (Hopefully this hasn't already been reported)

This one popped up while assembling variants for a new ship coming in the next big update of The Silent Armada. It seems that if I have a default variant (one I can select as a "goal variant" in the Autofit menu) with a fighter wing that costs zero OP, it will produce the final result without the fighter wing installed.

The ship in question has a single fighter bay, and the variant should kit it out with a Buckler drone wing (see the mod TSA in my signature below for a closer look). Testing showed that the same issue occurs with another ship, the Triumph destroyer, which has a single fighter bay thanks to the built-in Converted Hangar hullmod. Again, one of its variants should have a zero OP Buckler drone wing, and it shows this in the menu, but once I select it, the wing doesn't get equipped.

I tried to reproduce this with a vanilla ship, but strangely couldn't find any default variants that have only one fighter bay filled by a 0-cost wing (say, Talons) that isn't a built-in wing. The same issue does not occur for something like the Condor with two Talon wings. It's possible I'm doing something wrong in my variant files for TSA, but without the ability to confirm if the same happens in the stock game, I cannot say.

So for now, bug report submitted. Have a nice day, Devs. ;)

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