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My thought on how to do boarding:
Keep the current system, but remove the RNG element. Ships would have three statuses: Active, Disabled and Destroyed. You can board any and all ships that are disabled at the end of the fight. In order to disable a ship instead of destroying it, you would need to take it down with lower per shot damage non explosive weaponry. If you hit it with a Reaper class torpedo, it is probably going to be destroyed. Disabling something like an Onslaught should be a lot of work. If there is a ship that you really don't want the player to get by boarding, you can have it explode violently(Templar style) upon being disabled, perhaps through a hull mod(ship is rigged with explosives to prevent such tech from falling into enemy hands). Also, perhaps most/all disabled ships would become "D" variants, which could be restored through something to do with industry. I am not sure how viable this would be to be coded.

EDIT: Oh this is how its done now isn't it. I should probably have read the entire thread before posting. I'll leave this here as a reminder to myself not to do this again.

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