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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Planet Search Overhaul (07/13/24)

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Suggestions / No Survivors!
« on: October 04, 2019, 08:46:49 AM »
It would make pursuit battles a lot more meaningful if there was some reward for destroying every ship. Perhaps lessening or removing rep penalties since there are no survivors to report your misdeeds? Maybe you would also need to be out of sensor range of all other fleets/stations of the faction as well.

Suggestions / ECM bonus from EW skill
« on: October 02, 2019, 11:51:51 AM »
I've noticed that if I fight alongside allies, my ECM bonus only counts the ships I've deployed from my fleet which results in situations where I have a big numerical advantage with my allies (and I could have deployed enough to have a numerical advantage myself) but I end up with a range disadvantage. Now I am incentivized to let my allies die and then clean up after to avoid the range disadvantage which feels strange when I want to protect my faction and patrols. ECM bonus from the EW skill should include allied ships (or at least ships in your own faction) as well as your own fleet.

Something I'm also not sure about: when fighting multiple enemy fleets, if one has EW, do they get a bonus only for the deployed ships from the EW fleet or for all deployed ships?

edit: this also could become irrelevant with the skill rework, but I think it applies to any skill that has an effect based on what ships are in your fleet which should still be relevant.

General Discussion / Consequences of changing the AI ship cap
« on: September 01, 2019, 09:28:12 AM »
In my most recent game, I increased the ship cap for my own fleet because I didn't want to have to worry about it, but I also increased the AI ship cap in an attempt to make things 'fair'. What I've noticed is that capital spam is actually decreased significantly by this change making battles easier IMO. I don't think I've seen a fleet with more than 3 or 4 capitals where I would have seen 10+ in past campaigns. I think when the fleet generation algorithm runs up against the fleet cap, it starts increasing ship size where it otherwise would have added more smaller ships. I think this actually results in an easier battle, and I may revert the AI ship cap in my next campaign to make things harder. This also could be a fix for people who don't like capital spam (assuming I have identified what is happening correctly). Has anyone else experienced this? I am also playing with mods this time around so I'm not sure if that would affect any of this.

Suggestions / Notifications when your colony starts drawing expeditions
« on: August 30, 2019, 06:26:04 AM »
I think that there should be a notification when your colony passes the threshold to start drawing expeditions for a certain commodity. A pop-up along the lines of "you receive an incoming transmission from a hegemony commissary: We have taken note of your increased (commodity) production. Your actions are threatening the economic security of the hegemony and its citizens. If you do not cease or reduce operations by (date), we will have no choice but to reduce them ourselves."

A bit of flavor and also help for inexperienced players to know that they are in danger.

Also, I've really enjoyed how nexerelin has pop up notifications for major events (particularly for faction wars and stuff that requires a response). I think implementing some of that for major events could avoid situations where the player misses notifications in the scrolling list on the side of the screen. There's a lot there and it's easy to miss stuff, and missing expeditions notifications is a pretty big deal. It would be particularly nice for AI inspections where you have a choice of how to respond. Perhaps you could laos have the choice of allowing the hegemony to reduce production by one of your industries for a period of time instead of trying to fight off the expedition.

Suggestions / Economic information
« on: August 28, 2019, 12:52:07 PM »
There should be an easier way to view the producers and suppliers of resources. Currently I think you need to have a colony to see the lists and it's not super obvious how to see it even then, you have to go to a specific colony and click on the resource. It would be nice to have access to that information as well as the highest and lowest prices information you get from pressing f1 over a resource in some easy to find place, like an economy overview tab somewhere. It's valuable to know what is produced where, even if you don't have a colony, and it would be nice to be able to find prices without having the resource on hand. Perhaps in the intel tab, there could be a 4th option (intel, planets, factions, economy).

Suggestions / Seeing Objects in Asteroid Fields
« on: August 11, 2019, 04:33:36 PM »
I'm not sure what the solution is but sometimes it's really hard to see objects in asteroid fields. Particularly stations/probes. Sometimes I have flown past the object and know that it is there and exactly where it should be but it still take me quite a while to find it. I have to zoom all the way in and carefully inspect to find it because the color and shape blend in so well with asteroids.

Suggestions / Corona Warning
« on: August 10, 2019, 01:56:12 PM »
It would be nice if there was a more obvious warning that you were in a corona. You lose a lot of supplies and if you're not looking at the right place in the UI you have no idea. Maybe some sort of sound effect like a warning alarm or some sort of visual effect around the edge of the screen or something.

Suggestions / Antimatter Blaster
« on: August 07, 2019, 11:25:09 AM »
I feel like this is a very underwhelming weapon that could use a buff. The only place I would ever use it is on a phase ship, and even then, it's pretty risky to suddenly build up a ton of flux in your own ship (more than you build up in the enemy in fact). It costs a ton of OP and the range and ROF are abysmal. I'm not sure how I would buff it though. More range would do a lot I think. I would also consider making it HE and rebalancing the flux/damage. Also getting rid of the limited ammo, not sure why that's still thing. Maybe some people like it though, Thoughts?

Suggestions / assessing fighters
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:04:43 PM »
I've realized it's actually really hard to tell which fighters are good if you don't know what the weapons do. There are no weapon statistics and some of the fighter weapons are different than the base weapons so even if you know generally what the weapon does (which isn't a given for new players) you still don't know what the actual fighter is capable of. This is waaaay worse with mods since all the weapons may be unknown to the player. There should be some way for the player to know what the fighter weapons do.

Suggestions / Differentiating Market Types
« on: June 03, 2019, 08:29:36 AM »
This is mostly going to be a deluge of ideas about how to make the different types of markets (open, military, black) more unique and interesting.

Black Market: The biggest problem I think right now is that the black market is way too good. The penalties are almost inconsequential in comparison the value of the top quality goods and ships that you can get.

- It's been suggested elsewhere, but the black market should not be open if your transponder is on.

- I also think if you are caught smuggling goods, they should confiscate the goods (including ships and weapons and possibly a little extra off the top). A rep penalty is just not relevant 90% of the time. This might also make shielded cargo holds more relevant if they let you hang on to your weapons, or avoid getting caught entirely.

- I'm not sure if this is already in the game, but the penalties could also scale with your reputation, so the patrol might not take anything if your rep is super high, and might take everything if you aren't on good terms with the faction (and can't fight them). You could also do this as monetary fines if you think taking cargo is too harsh.

Military Market: My problem with the military market is that 1) it's mostly useless unless you have a commission, and 2) even when you have a commission, you need max rep for it be better than the black market. If you can't get the capital ships/cruisers and rare weapons, it's just the black market with tariffs.

- I think it should be unlocked by your reputation with the local station commander, and the commission could unlock all markets to a certain level, or the commission could be required only for the highest tier of good. (I also think the commission should have a lot more requirements on the player to justify its benefits). You could then get access to good ships/weapons at one particular market by doing quests for that NPC, and you might be incentivized to stop raids/attacks on that market since it might be your only access to high end ships/weapons. This could be balanced by making the quests require you to fight other factions or do difficult things.

- I think tariffs (or at least military tariffs) should scale inversely with reputations so you can sell/buy for cheap on the military market. Maybe block most commodities on military markets to prevent some abuse of trade, or maybe that becomes a viable way to trade. Working for the military should get you a discount on military goods.

Open Market: It's mostly fine as is, but it could be made more interesting:

- It would be cool if doing the bar quests gained you reputation with persistent NPC traders who could get you reduced tariffs on certain goods or something.

General Discussion / Pirate activity
« on: May 31, 2019, 10:37:27 AM »
Is there supposed to be a cool down on this? I just destroyed a pirate base harassing my colony and on the way back to my colony another one popped up. Seems kinda pointless to ever deal with them if they pop up that quickly. I really hope a way to automatically deal with pirate activity through the faction is added.

General Discussion / Carriers face hugging stations
« on: May 26, 2019, 04:37:53 PM »
I'm still being this behavior from time to time even with steady officers and un-officered carriers. Is anyone else seeing that behavior?

Suggestions / legion blueprint price
« on: May 25, 2019, 05:38:10 PM »
The legion blueprint sells for ~500k. I'm not sure if this has been reported elsewhere but I assume the ship and blueprint price got switched somewhere, or are they meant to be worth that much?

Suggestions / The emergency burn skill
« on: May 25, 2019, 12:19:19 PM »
I've started taking the skill that makes emergency burn free and the campaign layer is significantly more enjoyable/less frustrating, but it really hurts to lose 3 skill points for that effect (since the other skills in that tree are not very valuable). It should be in a skill tree with other valuable skills. Crew loss is almost totally irrelevant and reduced cr loss in coronas is so infrequently relevant as to be worthless as well and the reduced malefaction stuff is pretty much useless also. Maybe just make it a tier 1 skill so it's relatively inexpensive to get, or you could go with the nuclear option and just make it cost no supplies by default. Regardless, I think it's such a nice QOL change that's locked behind some of the worst skills in the game which just feels bad.

General Discussion / Best Colonies
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:55:49 AM »
In the last patch, the best colonies were low hazard near the core. How has that changed?  I've seen some people say systems with 3+ colonies are the best now and that hazard rating matters a bit less.

So far, I've found one system with 3 habitable worlds (and 2 more high hazard high resource worlds) but its 20 ly from the core and two of the habitable worlds have 175 hazard. I've also found a system with a 50 hazard teran world 10 ly from the core but the only other planets are barren worlds with not much useful on them. Which would be better for colonization?

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