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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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General Discussion / Re: Holes in the Low tech lineup
« on: September 18, 2021, 04:07:54 AM »
as far as i can tell this was done intentionally to discourage players from refusing to mix tech levels

All I suggest is that the AI should stop overriding the firing mode and no one has presented even the slightest valid point why this would cause any negative side effects and do anything other than making everything related much simpler, easier to understand and more controllable.

bc the AI is designed to make those calls itself, and disabling that portion of the AI would do more harm to the game's quality than good. ur asking for the ability to lobotomize the AI; there are situations in which that would be a desirable outcome but those are so far & few between that they shouldn't be the focus of the fire mode's design

games just arent gonna be exactly what you want them to be. you would like it if the AI respected the fire mode you set at ship build. so would I. that just wouldn't be good for the game tho. its the sort of thing that if it were to exist would need to be a mod, or a very deeply buried setting that defaults to "off" (which isnt gonna happen bc that bloats the game's QA budget unnecessarily). that just isn't the game that this is, and that's okay

General Discussion / Re: What posts do new guy need to learn?
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:39:41 AM »
hostile incompatibility

thats a new one, im gonna have to remember that

General Discussion / player's flagship be like
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:37:47 AM »

(apparently only admins are allowed to embed HTML)

One thing that irritates me about autofire groups is when the AI manually controls one! A "never manually control this group" setting might be useful.

okay the OP's suggestions are uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lacking context? (idk how else to put it politely) but this ^ is unironically second. i like to throw salamanders on everything i have & have noticed that having a pair of salamanders on a ship affects its AI -- a ship that will go in to knife someone in the simulator will get into sally range and then kite them to throw harmless lizards at them until CR runs out if I fill their missile slots. or at least that was my impression

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.95a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: September 13, 2021, 07:14:28 PM »
... and when I am I'm pre-occupied with other things.

Honestly - I mean, I get how this might happen, and do the same sort of thing in other games sometimes (hello, never using the Adrenaline ability in Jupiter Hell...)

oh my god i do that too!! lol thats why i only play recon at this point. idk what it is about the way the game is presented to the player but i never think to use adrenaline but i will remember to use stealth -- and the funny thing is, I only use stealth in the exact way that adrenaline is supposed to be used; to get myself out of a bind on the turn before im probably gonna die by getting off a safe heal. it's just, for some reason using energy to pop stealth so i can use medkits without being attacked hits my brain different than using fury to pop adrenaline so i can ???? heal in some way ????. my brain never quite glued on to how its healing works or how much its supposed to be. probably why i dont play that class. its a solid abject lesson in the importance of informational clarity

thats the exception

u dont call things u do for ur own amusement jokes lol "im gonna take this box of tissues into the bedroom and tell myself some jokes"

it isnt for laughs tho

more raids to catch-'em-all

feature not a bug

I mean, that's what the Suggestions board of every game's forum is for, fanfiction that we pretend is feedback. Anything that isn't fanfiction belongs in the feedback board. That's why (most) devs don't read any suggestions unless it "goes viral" (insomuch as anything on a forum can Go Viral in 2021. whole tens of comments lmfao). Lord knows I didn't when my games blew up so much that (oh my god I just checked) there's still people streaming them on twitch more than a decade later. Seriously, go check how many posts in Suggestions alex has commented on, how many sub-2 pages posts in General alex has commented on & how many posts in general or suggestions that gets near or over 10 pages of comments alex commented on.

I'm very open about the fact that I only post suggestions bc playing the game inspires my passion for game design enough to write about it but not enough to get me to mod the game but everybody else is doing it for the same reason even if they don't want to admit it. Sometimes people get mad about it or take it as an admission of trolling or shitposting that gets u ban warnings not talking about here, but I'm just being honest. Any post that could start with "it would be cool if" is fanfiction, just for game mechanics instead of lore.

there was a "basically" before the "warship". there were also a lot of words in between them but thanks to how ambiguous the english language is it still counts lol

no-gun venture with built-in hammers, "evidence of a better time".

a civilian vigilance that bucks the trend of s-mod ships in that it is a flat upgrade (outside of combat); its ship system is downgraded to flares & it gets a tac beam built-in but it gets advanced ground support package built-in, representing the ship's capacity to A) casually operate in atmosphere, 2) deliver persistent fire support to ground operations from long range with its beam and C) its ability to deliver heavy ordinance at close range, and built-in surveying equipment representing its suitability for samples-collection operations both in using its dedicated tac laser to perform distant spectrometer readings and in using its medium missile mount to smash gigantic holes in the ground to take spectrometer readings of sub-surface deposits. Sure a Paragon could do those things too but a Vigilance doesn't need 3 offices of mathematicians to calculate the maneuvers needed to get it in position of the asteroid they want to study.
a non-smuggler cerberus that loses its guns and shielded cargo hullmod. a no-gun brawler with built-in burn speed & no-shields hullmods, "Once a common sight; an aspirational statement now only found in ship graveyards."

a tritach fleet called "corporate headquarters" or something that inspires the image of the ultra-rich living in luxury completely physically seperate from the mere existance of poverty, of 1 civilian paragon & nothing else that permanently orbits eochu bres. literally name the ship "Elysium".

Suggestions / Re: Owning a business/dedicated industry space station
« on: September 06, 2021, 09:16:54 PM »
I'd honestly want a mini-station option, basically a small port that only has 1 industry (mining probably), doesn't need a governor but only a limited number can be built in certain places to avoid abuse (like one around a gas giant to mine volatiles without needing to colonize it, or one per asteroid belt). The mod 'Terraforming and Station Construction' has something like it already, but I think they do a little too much, they're still more "colony in their own right" than a simple mining station.

so basically ur looking for the ability to build individual industries, outside of colonies.
which, I like a lot. I always wanted to be able to find hidden tech mining facilities operated by other factions or a hidden population & infrastructure for refugees fled from the core living on that planet or a hidden farming industry of luddic pathers whose yeoman farmer (basically medieval) lifestyle makes them invisible to passing ships short of a survey, or a waystation (I know thats already in a mod) station with a single heavy industry industry as well as a passive demand for fuel so it can stockpile guns ships supplies & fuel for passing fleets to buy off of it without needing to rely on planets' unreliable stocks with no pesky defensive fleets to dissuade potential customers away from buying there just bc of petty matters like "being an enemy". Or a hidden commerce industry set to freeport that sells all kinds of random, high quality goods with a substantial tariff/markup

i mean, the hidden pirate base mechanic is basically this for the military base industry

edit: OH AND, this but with some (nonplayer) colonies having hidden industries would pair really well with lore stuff like tritach's hidden AI & techmining facilities or Nomios having a hidden commerce industry (paired with its cryfacility that produces organs), or the pirate colony in Sindria having a hidden military base to go along with it being unofficially allied with that system's revolutionary faction

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