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General Discussion / Re: Preorders and Sales
« on: January 03, 2012, 12:02:05 PM »
There are certainly a *lot* of ways that money gets split, though.

There definitely seems to be a lot of ways the money is split.  I wish HIB would publish their breakdown after a bundle closes... and after the charity contribution, I'd be surprised if the developer tip is split evenly amongst all the games.

Well, the last HIB was the biggest one to date... there are lots of other bundles springing up, though, so I guess it is getting crowded, especially for any newcomers. I wonder, how many people actually don't play most of the games they get in a bundle? I'd wager that's a lot. Of those, how many *forget* they own a certain game, and buy it again? I got one of the first few HIBs myself, and I certainly don't remember everything that was in it.

I'd imagine quite a few people don't play most of the games and buy the bundle for a game or two that they're actually interested in.  I wouldn't count on people buying a game again by mistake, especially if they registered the HIB on Steam, since Steam will tell you if already own it or not, which would prevent repurchasing.  I actually went to buy a game that was on sale on Steam only to find out I already had it as part of a past HIB, so the HIB actually cost them a sale from me.  The last HIB was arguably the best, but I'm not sure if they can keep that kind of momentum up, but we'll see.

So, I can't really say whether Starfarer will end up in a bundle at some point. It's definitely not something I'm actively seeking, though. For me, the goal is to end up on Steam, even though I realize it's difficult, and far from a sure thing.

Thanks for the really, really detailed response, I wasn't expecting this.  As soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to go ahead and pre-order your game to support your community involvement and transparency.  I hope you make your goal of ending up on Steam, even if it takes a bundle along the way to get there (but I hope not :P).  If you make it on Steam, it would be really cool if you managed to get Steam keys for all your alpha/beta supporters :)

Edit - And as a side note, supporting OS X also was a reason I just pre-ordered...

General Discussion / Re: Preorders and Sales
« on: January 02, 2012, 07:34:32 PM »
Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but I had a question after reading through all 7 pages.

Is the only advantage for Starfarer joining the humble bundle just to get free publicity for your game?  I'm sure the "humble tip" can't be enough to make that much money off of, since most of the money goes to charity.

As someone who buys indie games all the time, I like how these pay what you want charity bundles get indie games attention, but I can't help but feel that they cheapen the value of indie games.  I know many of my friends now consider whether an indie game will be part of the humble bundle before purchasing it (and deciding to wait if they think it might be).  I really think indie developers should *NOT* put new games in these bundles (new games meaning less than a year old).  I like supporting developers, but I can't help feeling a bit irked that a game I bought at launch a month ago is already part of a humble bundle (and still bug ridden, I'm talking to you, The Binding of Isaac).  I almost bought Nuclear Dawn the other day, but sadly I'm now kind of glad that I didn't since it's part of the Indie Royale bundle launching this week.

To a large extent, I think the market is also getting over-saturated with these bundles too, just like what happened with Groupon and its clones.  They are no longer as unique or as exciting.

Sorry to rant, but I just see all these indie bundles as a downward spiral for devaluing indie games and creating a "wait and see" mentality for people who frequently support them.  I'd honestly be much more likely to purchase Starfarer if it didn't make its way into a bundle.

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