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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Mods / Re: [0.95a] Superweapons Arsenal v1.8a Big Changes!
« on: October 10, 2021, 02:15:16 PM »
That wouldn't work  well.

1. For lore reasons... since [REDACTED] is more  a post-collapse thing.

2. Many of the weapons wouldn't work well with an AI, for example the cluster torpedo you can just  suicide yourself with it. Or the railgun is just waste of flux if you shoot as soon enemy come in range (and this is exactly what the AI does).

Suggestions / Re: Please allow some formation commands
« on: April 21, 2021, 07:34:19 PM »
Sometimes, for example if you are playing with Diable where all ships have narrow frontal shields, you want the AI to NOT break formation no matter want.

You want the AI to stay put exactly where you put it, no inching forward or backward, just waiting the enemy (that maybe other  ship is kiting) to get in range.

Right now the easiest way to do this is quite convoluted: using a chain of "escort" orders.

The other issue is "escort" formation is this: 1 ship on each side, then 1 ship in the front. Problem it doesn't necessarily put the best tank in the front, and although great to protect a carrier it sucks if you want instead to have small ships giving extra DPS near a capital ship.

Suggestions / Re: Please allow some formation commands
« on: April 21, 2021, 11:05:48 AM »
I don't mean the formation should affect all ships.

I mean something like the "escort" command but better.

For example you select a group of ships with frontal shields and tell them to form a line, and then give them the defend order somewhere.

Then you can place your carrier behind them, and your frigates in the flanks with the other orders.

Suggestions / Please allow some formation commands
« on: April 20, 2021, 12:45:56 PM »
I keep reading all the angry rants about the AI and realize often the issue is that the game has zero control over formation.

Seriously just look at most battles, the result is ships making a weird ball and slowly slugging out until someone go nuts and break formation, then that someone gets murdered, or murder someone unexpectedly, or the usual: turns the formation instead into some "stringy" stretched thing, as sevreal ships pick 1 target on both sides, and the battlefield looks now like when you place your hand on slime and slowly raises it and there are those sticky strings between your hand the the beggining point.

So instead there should be a way to burn command points by making some formation.

1. I  would love if in some fleets I could tag some ships to stay "inside" and others to make a circle or square around it (for example to protect a carrier or a station).
2. Sometimes your fleet has heavy firepower in one direction, for example  when all your ships have frontal shields, or when playing  mods that introduce broadside ships, so being able to make a 1600s style battle line would be great.
3. To counter battle line, similarly great would be able to setup wedges, for example I bet 3 onslaughts using their burn drive in a wedge formation probably would managed to split a battle line formation in half and then focus fire in whoever is closer to them and slowly kill everyone.

Just these would help a lot. A ton more formations are possible though.

General Discussion / Re: Impressions about skills in 0.9.5
« on: April 20, 2021, 08:07:02 AM »
The colony master type player ...
Personally, I don't see why colony skills are considered tier 5 worthy in the first place.  Doubly so for the ones in the fleet tree.  How is +25% colony fleet size and +30% access on a colony you potentially don't even have better than an extra skill buffing all your ships with officers?

Just wanted to comment on this real quick: they're there because they're out of the way. The "real" top-tier skills are in L4 and I4. I don't think "colony master" is really a thing; there's only 4 skills total that have to do with colonies. And as you say, colonies are profitable without skills. You can pick a few skills there if you want them, but you're not obligated to in order to get the good skills in I/L (unless you're planning to wrap).

Which is a fair counter-point. How much are people "wrapping"? My assumption was that it would be a fairly rare thing. Incidentally - I'm now remembering - this is also why it felt reasonably alright to have Field Repairs and Derelict Contingent be contradictory, since the difference between I8 and I10 is basically just a "boring" colony skill.

So, to repeat, colony skills are in tier 5 so that you mostly don't have to pick them if you don't want to. And in some cases they have some non-colony bonuses so e.g. if you're wrapping Leadership, you can at least pick Ground Operations that boosts your fleet in some way.

I am a colony master player.

And the reason is partially because I like it, and partially because I often roleplay someone being absolutely "lawful", never doing smuggling, never betraying whatever faction I am comissioned to, etc...

When playing that way, you get much less money, so the colony money helps a lot.

And when you manage to make a really high powered "empire" you draw a lot of fights to your way, and end having those massive battles with tons of capital ships and officers on both sides, that make the default 400 dp maximum feel like it is way too low.

So yes, Colony Master IS a thing.

So what skills make sense for me? 1. all skills that boost colonies. 2. skills that let your colonial fleet shine, possibly even fleets that you are NOT controlling personally.

To be honest it feels to me you are struggling with the industry skill tree, not only it was developed last, you still don't know what you want out of it, it feels like it is half-assed colony tree, half-assed pirate tree, half-assed exploration tree, all at same time.

If you wanted it to be about exploration, you need to give back the skills to boost finding cool stuff.
If you wanted it to be more about actual industry, it need skills to boost production, lower tariffs, make easier to find trade contacts, etc...
If you wanted it to be more about being a pirate, it should have skills that help you smuggle things (for example more stealth not tied to tech), and more "junker" skills instead of shoving all junker effects i na single skill.
If you wasnted it to be more about colonies, it should have skills that boost the fleets of your factions, make your faction officers better, let  you control your faction better (for example a skill that let you from afar call your faction for help, so the Patrol HQ fleets can be used by you in combat), etc...

Right now the industry tree feels like a big mess with tons of half-baked ideas, and considering two of its skills ended on leadership it is clear it is affecting the rest of the design too.

Also if you planned for people never wrapped around, why on earth a ton of synergistic skills are on same tier and same class? It is obvious anyone wanting more salvage will also want more cargo to carry that salvage! So if your goal was that people would stop at tier 4 you are screwed up there, because if the person wants to play as salvagar he is guaranteed to want to wrap around to have the cargo skill too, so if you put the colony skills there to keep them out of the way, you basically forced any salvager player to take a useless skill.

Neutrino Skill and Traverse Jump skill also both are great for exploration oriented players, and thus it is highly likely they would want both. So again if  your idea was people would avoid wrapping around, you made the tier combinations go against that design.

I started a modded playthough as Great Houses, in "Lethia" that is on some corner of the map.

While still in Lethia, I got some a bar mission to find a cache on a specific system.

I couldn't  defeat the cache guards, so I went to Galatia get my money quests ;)

Sebastian gave me 4 missions for the cache system!

After I did all 4 missions, and went for more missions, eh gave me 3 missions on that system again, and 1 in a neighbour system.

Seriously what is the obession with that specific system?

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Console Commands v2021.04.10
« on: April 19, 2021, 06:28:36 AM »
The bug then is on unknown skies, not here.

You have to ask them to fix it.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Console Commands v2021.04.10
« on: April 16, 2021, 06:26:26 PM »
Spawning a gas giant:

runcode import com.fs.starfarer.api.util.Misc; String planetName = "Gigantus"; float planetOrbitDays = 2000; float planetSize = 300;  Vector2f playerCoords = $playerFleet.getLocation(); float angleCCW = Misc.getAngleInDegreesStrict(playerCoords); StarSystemAPI sys = (StarSystemAPI)$playerFleet.getContainingLocation(); PlanetAPI star = sys.getStar(); float orbitRadius = Misc.getDistance(star.getLocation(), playerCoords); PlanetAPI planet = sys.addPlanet(planetName, star, planetName, "gas_giant", angleCCW, planetSize, orbitRadius, planetOrbitDays ); MarketAPI market = sys.getEntityById(planetName).getMarket(); market.addCondition("volatiles_plentiful"); market.addCondition("IndEvo_RuinsCondition"); market.addCondition("US_floating"); market.addCondition("ruins_vast");

Spawning a coronal tap:

runcode import com.fs.starfarer.api.util.Misc; String planetName = "Gigantus"; Vector2f playerCoords = $playerFleet.getLocation(); float angleCCW = Misc.getAngleInDegreesStrict(playerCoords); StarSystemAPI sys = (StarSystemAPI)$playerFleet.getContainingLocation(); PlanetAPI star = sys.getStar(); float orbitRadius = Misc.getDistance(star.getLocation(), playerCoords); sys.addCustomEntity(null, null, "coronal_tap", null).setCircularOrbitPointingDown(star, angleCCW, orbitRadius, 360);

I am author of coronal tap one, but couldn't figure out how to make the special effects work... the game rules effect work fine ,but you won't see the star glowing more and the gas flowing like you see in systems where the tap was generated on game start.

Colonies can make way more money than you need without any skills. The colony skills are entirely unnecessary.

I think the idea that the player should get whatever they want is flawed. Having to make choices between different things that you want is a good thing, and makes for interesting decisions.

Also, I'm not sure about another dissipation/cap skill, we already have up to +20% to both stats from T4L and +10 vents/caps from T5L. You can make SO frigates with like 900+ dissipation. I like ranged specialization, I just think it needs a little buff, either increased damage, increased ranges where it is effective, or some utility buff like beam specific buffs.

At least for my playstyle I am not making ANY choice, at all.

I want colony skills, this means I will get all industry, no choices there at least.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Mayasuran Navy 8.3.4 RC2
« on: April 16, 2021, 06:01:51 PM »
They give you a lot of them, not sure if it is all of them. Not  sure if you can get more superships if you quit the faction.  (wlel, not even sure if superships exist...)

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Interstellar Imperium 2.4.0
« on: April 16, 2021, 06:00:51 PM »
To be honest, I am surprised that the quality of this mod, particularly the sprites, is much lower than in Revenant's (same author) great Ship/Weapon pack.
I do not consider this mod because of this, but I won't start my modded .95 run before Ship/Weapon pack drops.


The most  of his that I usually want is this one. So dunno what you talking about here.

I am an outlier of this game...

I don't like combat very much, I mean, the combat in this game is brilliant and one of the reasons I come back to it, but what made me buy the game way back into 0.6 something was the fact the market had just got introduced in the game, and I am a sucker for trading games.

The 4x elements (specially if you have "exerelin") just made it better.

So that is the thing, for me this is a sort of "first person" 4x + trading game, I don't care much for the (fun) combat.

Still this let me realize the problem with the new skill system is exactly this: it was made with only one playstyle in mind, and destroyed all others.

For example, why colony skills require you to reach level 20 and not get any combat or tech skill? Because colonies right now are the reliable way to build megafleets of the ships you actually want, so to prevent combat-focused players from mowing down the entire game with super ships, colony-boosting skills for that kind of nerf.

Same applies to some other playstyles (for example players that just love smuggling... what is the issue with smuggling? it is that they can rack up ridiculous amounts of wealth quickly and go around buying the best ships right off the bat).

Fixing the balance of the game would be one thing but... this is not what this thread is about, this thread is about the new skill system.

If the next iteration keeps the tiers and choices, what it should do is plan things in a way that certain players can always get all skills they want without feeling penalized, for example it should be possible to get 4 colony skills with some spare points for other stuff, it should be possible to be a super smuggler and have a few spare points, it should be possible to make your entire build around having a fleet of carriers + fighters, etc...

One of the most easy ways to do this is split each aptitude into two "playstyles" when desining, for example industry can have half of the skill slots (one for each tier) dedicated to "industrialist" players like I am, and the other half to "smuggler" players.

Tech you can easily split one half into QoL skills to buff exploration and whatnot, and the other half to buff more combat-oriented buffs (like phase ships, shields, energy weapons), this way people won't even complain about having to respec if they change ship, if the guy IS a combat-nut player he knows he can safely pick 1 skill of each tech tier and be always prepared for any ship, with the downside he won't have the exploration buffs for example (assuming he also spent the rest of his points in combat and/or leadership aptitudes).

Another way to do this is what people suggested previously, and resemble a bit the old system: have the "square" with the aptitude icons, have a number that shows how much points you spent on them already, and unlock tiers based on how much that number rises, so you can make something like require 5 points for tier 5 skill first time, 8 points for tier 5 skill second time.

Suggestions / Re: Trade is brokenly unbalanced
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:52:11 AM »
Why the tariff is on purchase too?

I mean... black market is usually where you go SELL things ilegally, why I need them to purcahse stuff too?

Specially since it annoys factions, it would be great if you could buy things, legally, from factions you like, and then smuggle them to factions you don't like.

for example you could buy dunno, organics from Persean League and then sell it on black market at Hegemony, this means you would get a relationship boost with persean league and a malus with hegemony, would make much more sense not only economics-wise but relationship wise too.

Suggestions / Re: Finding 55K ore in one station is not ideal
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:24:08 AM »
I feel salvaging right now is jsut weird.

The bonuses, both from skills and ships, only give you more junk that is too hard to carry.

The 30 ship limit on a fleet doesn't help, for example a single station dropping 30k+ stuff means you are guaranteed sevearl trips, since even if you had 30 atlases that still only 30k cargo space.

Suggestions / Re: More restraints on s-mods for more interesting usage
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:19:50 AM »
I think some of the recurrent S-mods is just consequence of such mods being so expensive.

Both the Safety Override and the armor one were mods I avoided because I couldn't ever figoure out how to make ships I wanted use them correctly.

Now I can add them "safely", "safely" because SO is still quite risky, I made a SO build in a destroyer in one of my playthoughs and had to finish the quite extremely quickly.

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