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Heya Alex, Just want to say firstly that I am not very experienced with this game, and I had to go to the Discord to make sure it wasn't just me, but the answers I got were concerning to me, so I discarded them.

Here's my bug report, and I'll leave it up to you to determine whether this is an issue or not. I only want to give you a hand, if I can.

Also, one last disclaimer: I tested this in both my modded .8, and my vanilla .8. The screenshots are from the modded game because that is the last state I had the game before I decided I needed to know more.

So here's a break down of my symptoms:
  • Find Agricultural Planet
  • Buy food for the cheapest I can find
  • Use Intel screen to find food shortage
  • Economy with food shortage is offering less than what I paid for it elsewhere.

I tried to embed these screenshots and I can't, sorry. Links they'll be.
In this Screenshot, you can see that I bought Food from Eventide at 30c base (this world is described as mildly agricultural, enough for it to be notable). Then, I took it to Karma, where they will pay 20c base for it.
It was hard to take screenshots of the game unfortunately, but here you can see the icon showing that Karma is currently under a food shortage event.
Here you can see that relief was sent, but I believe I beat the relief here, as according to the market screen, the demand had not yet been met. Also to note, the market stability of Karma was at 0.

I tested this in three different new games, two modded, one vanilla. Every time I brought food to an economy suffering from food shortage, they would offer less than the base price for it.

So that's my bug report, I'd be happy to give any other information that you might find useful. Below is my opinion on the issue, if I may also give it.

So, when I went to the Discord, a lot of people who responded to my request for help on this issue excused it as being part of how the economy is messed up. "Yeah you're not supposed to really be able to trade." "But why trade tho." "Trading is kind of intentionally made not be profitable, unless you do procurement contracts." "Too much work, not enough profit." "Nobody does trading so this bug would very likely go overlooked."

None of this makes any sense to me. Everyone I know who I've played this game with very much trades. And I don't understand the rationale here. If trading was not something the player was meant to interact with, then why bother having commodities and simulated economies in the first place? You could rip that out of the game and not affect the combat, exploration, salvaging, etc. Is the idea that the player is not meant to interact with the trading something that FractalSoftworks agrees with? because if so, then I'd be happy to write a more detailed retort to that in the suggestion forums, because that decision would ensure I never pick up the game again.

Best wishes, and again, if you need any other information from me, just let me know.

Suggestions / Some new game options are pointless!
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:38:08 PM »

This'll be a short post, I just wanted to point out that some of the combination of choices you make when you start the game simply make no sense.

My favorite example is that if you choose to be a bounty hunter who has just acquired a new weapon, you get a medium energy weapon. However, when you start the game you only have a Wolf that can use such weapons. And this weapon in particular causes too much flux to be useful with the Wolf, and in my opinion is totally inferior to the set up the Wolf begins the game with.

Just seems sort of pointless!

General Discussion / Confusion over faction cargo scans. Are they OP?
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:21:15 PM »
Heya guys,

I have been following this game closely, but I have not been playing as long as many people here. I love the new update, but I am having a lot of problems with it, perhaps because I am just bad at the game. But if that is the case, I do want to ask what I am doing wrong.

I like to both fight and trade, so I build a mixed fleet. But sometimes trading is nearly impossible because if I try to fill up stock and offload it (always carrying something worth a profit at my next destination), the cargo scans of the factions -kill- me. They can sometimes erase the profit I just earned. And especially early game, if I get cargo scanned twice at the same planet, I mine as well restart the game.

I understand that some ships have shielded bays, but many ships, especially ones belonging to the modded factions, just don't have them.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it possible that cargo scans happen too often and/or are too taxing?


Modding / 0.6.5a Extending Java's memory (Solution)
« on: November 02, 2014, 07:30:23 PM »
The method in this thread is old now, and Dark.Revenant's thread at is far superior. Please use that instead!


During 0.6.2, I used a .batch file to run Star Sector using parameters found online to increase the amount of memory the game could use, preventing crashes where the heap would overflow.

But the .bat file no longer works with 0.6.5a, I suppose because certain file names were changed.

After testing Darloth's solution, I'll leave it here for others to use. I'd like to add that 1024m should easily be enough to allow the game to run properly, unless a mod you are using as an unfortunate leak of some kind.

Assuming a windows system, there's a file called "vmparams" in the starsector directory.

Editing that with any text editor (notepad will do but notepad++ will be better, wordpad would probably be fine too) and replacing this: "-Xms512m -Xmx512m" with this: "-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m", then save and use the launcher as usual.

You could go up to -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m if you have the ram, but in my experience this means the launcher won't start properly because Java fails to allocate all that memory.  To fix that, you may need to replace the JRE with a 64 bit version.  This basically involves downloading a recent 64bit JRE, and copying it over the one in the starsector/jre folder.  If that's too complex, try numbers in between 1024 and 2048 until something works for you.

Finally: Loading a save seems to take quite a bit more memory than actually playing the game, presumably because the game doesn't keep -everything- in memory all at the same time, but loading needs to do initial setup on everything at least once.

Modding / 0.65a Starmap and Economy issue from End-User PoV
« on: November 01, 2014, 05:41:32 PM »
This is in reference to version 0.6.5a and the current issue where endusers must edit files in order to position Faction's home systems and enable their economy.

I understand that the nature of this issue is not the fault of modders, but I want to give some feedback from someone who uses (and loves) these mods. I can only dream of having the skill to program and create artwork like you lot can, so I'll do my part to at least try to assist with these issues we're having.

After almost an hour of reading, I am still confused as to which mod each requires this work around to be done for. For example, somewhere in the thread for the Shadowyards faction, someone says you do need to position their system and economy, and then later on the mod's creator says you do not. On the other hand, the Citadel's creator says in a later post in their thread, "Both of lines you need to add are called Citadel." Okay, but what about the coordinates?

What I'd like so much is if each of the modded factions would carry this info in their original post, as I just hate trying to fish through the threads of each of these factions to find the contradictory information!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it, and again, only trying to help.


I am hoping that this thread can serve as a common place for the factional authors to discuss this issue as it seems that everyone is not on the same page. I am noticing from my own ignorant work that trying to update SCY's Acheron and Tartarus through the starmap.json is not working, and leads me to believe that some other .jar is overriding it. The symptom for these two systems are that they are appearing in places on the map where they should not be (afaik) and Tartarus is not accessible, nor hidden as it is supposedly meant to be.

Adding coordinates for the Mayorate's Rasht was succesful, as was the Citadel.

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