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Modding Resources / Making Spaceship from Scratch (Tutorial)
« on: August 21, 2012, 03:15:04 AM »
Before we start, we need couple of things:
1) Photoshop CS5 - I prefer it, because of amount of tools and features.
2) Imagination - You need at least and idea, what do you want to create and how it should look.
3) Patience - You will need a lot of this. And remember the bigger ship, the more time it takes.

As example, I will use IDF Frigate "Hesed", it takes for me about 15~19 layers per ship.

01. Let's start from sketch, or rather I call it Design Layer:

Bear in mind, when you're creating design, you must plan ahead, where you will place turrets, engines, hardpoints, hangars and windows.
First you make approximate sketch of how ship should look. Then you refine it, until you look satisfied. And after that you start add some basic details, that will give this ship basic form.

02. Next thing we need to do is to fill empty space between ships lines, I call it Filling Layer:
+ =
In my case I used gradient tool in Photoshop, but it can be anything, monotonic color, texture & etc. Depends on how you want your ship to look: metallic, bionic & etc.

03. It's important to make ship look more or less seamless, thus I use here Outline Layer:
+ =
In my case I just copied Design Layer, changed it's color in to monotonic Dark Grey, added 50% opacity Outer Glow property of same color with 1 pixels size, then flattened it and removed outer glow part, that passes over original Design Layer. Now we got more or less harmonic ship sprite.

04. If you think that current ship sprite is too bright or too dark, you can add Tone Layer to help with that:
+ =
For me ship was too bright, and thus I fixed it by adding 30% opacity layer with black color.

05. Now its time to give to sprite more realistic looks, it will benefit you in future, in other words Shadows Layer:
+ =
Almost same as Tone Layer, except that you black out only parts of ship that should be more dark due the shadows. I used black color layer with 30% opacity here.

06. So far it looks good enough, but because ship now colorless, it's kinda depressing, so we fix it with Overlay Layer:
+ =
I just took some camouflage texture, cut it to have for of the ship and then turned whole layer in to Overlay Mode with Photoshop. If ship turns out to be too bright or too dark you can change opacity of Tone Layer to fix it.

07. Sometimes Overlay Layer obscures original outlines, thus making it less detailed and this why I use Overline Layer:
+ =
Here I used 30% opacity of main ship's color, for me it was dark green. My opinion that it made ship more detailed.

08. Now we start to add decorations to ship to make it look like a real one. Decorations can consist from multiple Decoration Layers:
+ + + =
I used 3 layers for decorations: windows, lights and danger lines. But it can be anything.

09. Next layer I used to give ship more realistic looks and I called it Plating Layer:
In my case it was dark lines with bright 1 pixel outline. It can symmetric or asymmetric, it can be just dark lines, or lines with pixels that represent rivets, flexible alien alloys & etc. Bear in mind, when you creating Plating Layer it must be in harmony with already predefined hangars, turrets & hardpoints layer, that will be above it. I was satisfied with my IDF Frigate "Hesed" final look :)

10. Now it's time to add to your ship unique sign of you race or civilization, it's called Insignia Layer:
Just place you sign whatever you like, so everybody could see it. Better to place it where it won't be obscured by turret or something else.

11. And the last one set of layers are Equipment Layers:
=> => =>
For me it took 3 layers, one for engines, one for external decorations and one for turrets and hardpoints.

P.S. This is actually first spaceship sprite I ever created from zero, just from my own imagination. I hope it will help other people who want and don't know where to start as it helped me :)

Discussions / Random Discussions in Steam Chat :)
« on: July 19, 2012, 05:34:41 AM »
Quote from: Some random chatting between me and Upgradecap :)
WarStalkeR: Also FYI, same games in steam that sold in Russia cost only 35% of current price you see :)
Upgradecap: :o
WarStalkeR: For example for you whole spore pack will cost 80$
Upgradecap: @#%$ it. I'm moving to Russia. :D
WarStalkeR: For somebody in Russia it costs 22$ :P
WarStalkeR: You better not :)
Upgradecap: ???
Upgradecap: It's a rather big country.
Upgradecap: So, why not?
WarStalkeR: Because If you will move to Russia, you either will be killed by a drunk Russian or @$%&# by drunk Russian bear :P
Upgradecap: ;D
WarStalkeR: Anyway, before taking tour in to Russia, you better to go to some survival courses :)
WarStalkeR: They will help you to survive there :D
Upgradecap: Nah, I'm not going to move there, too cold for my tastes. :P
WarStalkeR: For example how to survive in desert and how to survive in jungle will help you to survive in Russia ;D
Upgradecap: But... There's no jungle/desert in Russia.
WarStalkeR: Ha! That what all naive tourists think :)
Upgradecap: LOL ;D
Upgradecap: There's.... ONE JUNGLE TREE IN RUSSIA!
Upgradecap: ;D
Upgradecap: and one grain of sand.
WarStalkeR: But there are mad drunk Russian bears there :)
Upgradecap: Well, yeah.
Upgradecap: Now, imagine those bears.... with guns
WarStalkeR: As well as mad drunk Russians there )
WarStalkeR: I know :)
WarStalkeR: I've seen them and hunted them :)
Upgradecap: Bear with gun
Upgradecap: also, this, meanwhile in Russia...
WarStalkeR: Also Skeleton Army won't help you against drunk Russian bears, drunk Russians, bear cavalry, bears with guns & etc.
Upgradecap: Pic or it didn't happen. :P
Upgradecap: Putin ;D
WarStalkeR: wait a sec :)
Upgradecap: sure
Upgradecap: also, an huge lol ;D Bunny...
WarStalkeR: Jumpjet Bear Cavalry...
Upgradecap: :o
Upgradecap: I counter that with this: Penguin Army
Upgradecap: Owl Bombs!
Upgradecap: :o ;D
Upgradecap: Also, is this what you meant? Skeleton Army?
WarStalkeR: Yep :)
WarStalkeR: FYI, owl bombs are bears' weapons :)
Upgradecap: yep.
WarStalkeR: so you posted it against yourself :)
Upgradecap: well, yeah.
WarStalkeR: I will post this chat log on StarFarer forum :)
Upgradecap: Hmmm? Why? :D
WarStalkeR: Just for lulz ;D

Modding / Coding Java for Noobs
« on: May 12, 2012, 02:02:37 AM »
Coding Java for Noobs, or rather how to make your scripts optimized, understandable and useful for yourself and for others.
I've started this topic because sometimes when I look though scripts my eyes starting to bleed and my soul starts to scream.

Let's begin, from some basic stupid examples:
This guy will create new array like this:
array[1] = 0;
array[2] = 0;
array[3] = 0;
array[4] = 0;
array[5] = 0;

or even worst:
a1 = 0;
a2 = 0;
a3 = 0;
a4 = 0;
a5 = 0;

And this guy will write it like this:
int[] array = {0,0,0,0,0};

See the difference?

Java Language is easy to learn, easy to start and easy to mess up. My point is try to pack as much code as you can in functions:

Good example is Paul's pardon system:
    if (pvi < 0) {
      boolean haspardon = playercargo.removeItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, "ipardon", 1);
      if (haspardon) {
      player.setRelationship("independent", 0);
      Global.getSectorAPI().addMessage("The Gun Runners explained things to the Independents, they will see you as neutral now.");
      cargo.addItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, "ipardon", 1);
    if (pvt < 0) {
      boolean haspardon = playercargo.removeItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, "tpardon", 1);
      if (haspardon) {
      player.setRelationship("tritachyon", 0);
      Global.getSectorAPI().addMessage("The Gun Runners hacked Tri-Tachyon, you've been erased from their kill list.");
      cargo.addItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, "tpardon", 1);

And my way of using this pardon system:
   PardonCheck(player, playercargo, cargo, "idf", "idf_pardon", "The Negotiators probed their connections with IDF, you now can try to contact them.");
   PardonCheck(player, playercargo, cargo, "hierarchy", "hir_pardon", "The Negotiators bribed main command of Hierarchy in this sector, they will ignore you now.");

   private void PardonCheck(FactionAPI player, CargoAPI playercargo, CargoAPI stationcargo, String side, String pardonitem, String message) {
      if (player.getRelationship(side) < 0) {
         boolean haspardon = playercargo.removeItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, pardonitem, 1);
         if (haspardon) {
            player.setRelationship(side, 0);
            stationcargo.addItems(CargoAPI.CargoItemType.RESOURCES, pardonitem, 1);

If you won't follow this simple rule of coding, sooner or later you will got lost in your own code.
All questions regarding java are welcome :)

Modding / Face Maker (a.k.a. XichtEd)
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:26:12 AM »
I thought lots of people might need it, and it was on my PC :)

Originally designed for game called "Original War", but because its free tool, that comes with non-official patches, there is no,
copyright problems with ripping it off the game directory, but because its still uses Original War in-game content no commercial
use for it if you don't want to be hunted by Altar Games for that, they might remember about it ;D

In this pack you get enough things to create Russians, Americans and Arabs, they can be either males, or females, or apes from
2,000,000 millions years ago (Yeah... Kinda our predecessors), or even officers!!! ;D

With help of Photoshop/GIMP it can be turned in to something awesome.
And in addition to all that it supports custom content, as example use .bmp files :)


Kosher Screenshot:

Mods / Fight For Universe: Sector Xplo (
« on: April 08, 2012, 06:52:50 AM »
Sector Xplo, one of the border systems. With rare binary star and planets abundant with all kinds of
resources including very rare ones, this system is strategic interest of many powerful civilizations...
So, does your civilization posses enough power to join the direct fight? Or maybe you prefer to strike
from shadows? Or maybe you willing not to get in the way of stronger ones, but make them your allies?
Anybody can join the fight... And it's up to you to decide whom it will be...

Download Fight For Universe: Sector Xplo v1.0.1.7 from MediaFire.
Download v1.0.1.7 Compatibility Patch for 0.53.1a from MediaFire.

Important Information:
* When you start new campaign, you have choice to decide what race to play. Just go to the station
"Hall of Meetings" near planet Tyrian and buy/take from there sign of race you want to fight for.
* Take one mission at a time! Otherwise there is a chance you will ruin the game. All mission are
relationship based. You can't escort convoy of enemy side and you can't attack friendly convoys, but
if side is neutral both missions is available. All missions and scripts updated with delay in 1~3 game days,
so if you see for some reason Escort mission on enemy convoy wait 1~3 game days for it to refresh.
* I tried to make this mod as much as possible without bugs, but if you encounter one, post it here with complete log.
* Reverse Engineer scripts at your own responsibility and nerves, it will take a lot of last one =)
* If you really want to feel the role-playing part of this mod, then don't install additional hullmods on IDF and Hierarchy
ships, don't use Hierarchy ships while playing as IDF and vice-versa, don't use Hierarchy weapons on IDF ships and
vice-versa. Try to play game as it should be. When Alex will add more modding options like adding custom engine
exhaust flames, custom shield texture and custom weapon groups/types, you will able to feel role-play fully.

Chart of Sector Xplo:

Race, which activity were detected in Sector Xplo:
Hierarchy (Introduction Video)
Aggressive. Attack Everybody on Sight. Suicidal.
There is nothing you possess that we cannot take away...
Cheap and Low Technology. Tons of Armor. Use of Nuclear Waste.
Complete domination of everything.
WarStalkeR (Built In)
Independent Defense Force
Peaceful. Strong and Wise Sense of Justice. Vengeful.
Per Aspera Ad Astra!
Extreme Technology. Forbidden Weapons use only in serious circumstances.
Exploration, utter obliteration of everything that abuses power.
WarStalkeR (Built In)
Peaceful. Aggresive occasionally. Use brutal force in wars. Respect strength.
Omnes Inimici Peribit Sub Ignis!
Very Advanced Technology. Claim sovereignty over beneficial locations.
Galaxy Conquest, through alliances or brutal force.
Upgradecap (Link)
The Scourge
Random. Amassing near larger Scourge entities, then swarming the system.
You are everything that any life to us - food...
Biological/Mechanical Hybrid. Growth of tissues over assimilated ships.
Unintelligible by common sense.
Uomoz (Link)
Interstellar States of America
Employing large carrier fleets. Loving reconnaissance a lot.
Freedom! To everybody! Liberum Arbitrium!
Cautious. Regroup in dare situations. Prefer to fight from long range.
Spreading the Galactic Democracy.
Okim (Link)
Antediluvians of Atlantis
Calculative. Plotting. Insidious.
Memento Ostium Athena!
Innovative, Resourceful, Swift and Practical.
Defense of Atlantis. Acquisition of knowledge.
Erick Doe (Link)

Participation Requirements:
* Race Badge/Sign, 150x150 pixels (I can help with that).
* At least one Battleship-size Vessel, 550~800 pixels.
* At least one Battlecruiser-size Vessel, 350~550 pixels.
* At least one Cruiser-size Vessel, 250~350 pixels.
* At least one Destroyer-size Vessel, 100~250 pixels.
* At least one Frigate-size Vessel, 50~100 pixels.
* At least one Fighter or Bomber Wing (can be combined).
* At least 3 weapons, one for each size.
* Additional Ships/Weapons/Portraits are optional.
* Freighters needed only if you want to launch convoys.

Additional Notes:
* In order to keep some kind of balance, I've put in to requirement all these ship classes.
* Mod will go as standalone, without other mod requirements, this is only way to keep scripts working.
* I will try to implement my ideas of convoy assault and trading systems, but it will take time.
* Player will be able to join side of choice, but it will come with... consequences... so be careful...
* If somebody wants to implement their own scripts of their race, I don't have problems with that.
* If you want some special scripts to persist in this mod for you race, but you can't do or have hard time doing them, tell me, I will try to help.
* Creators are welcome to design their own fleet, they know better which ships better work in groups. Don't forget about epic scales though.
* Some description of some items/ships still not full, but will be completed later on. Laziness detected.
* Other sides will be implemented later on. It takes time and a lot of it.
* Warning! Spikes still ahead and Large Enemy still approaching! ;D

1) Unpack and copy "Fight_For_Universe_Sector_Xplo" to the .\Starfarer\mods\ directory
2) Activate "Fight For Universe: Sector Xplo" (it's total conversion and you can activate only it)
3) In Main Menu, go to Settings, Gameplay tab and set Damage Taken by Your Ship to "Full"
4) Enjoy!

* Completely new map with dual star.
* Implemented Side Choice System.
* Implemented Reward System.
* Implemented Convoy Escort System.
* Implemented Convoy Hunt System.
* Implemented Station Raid System.
* Implemented Bounty Hunt System.
* Implemented and Improved Paul's Pardon System.
* Implemented Enlistment System.
* Completely implemented Independent Defense Force in to campaign.
* Completely implemented Hierarchy in to campaign.

* IDF Convoy spawns now every 5 game days.
* Hierarchy Convoy spawns now every 6 game days.
* Increased shipment amount of ships in both convoys.
* IDF Convoy brings lesser amount of ships, but flies faster.
* Hierarchy Convoy brings bigger amount of ships, but flies slower.

* Tried to fix bugs, tell me later if it worked, some bugs weren't even related to mod ;)
* Hierarchy got new weapon, that allows to deal with those little pesky IDF frigates ;D
* Hierarchy's Fleets reworked in order to give them same chance of victory against IDF fleet of same size.

* Hierarchy's weapon got rebalanced (don't get too close to them).
* Added awesome music for Main Menu, Campaign and Battles.
* IDF and Hierarchy got right prefixes, ship names and commander names.
* All hull modifications (for this mod) now have relevant picture.
* Fleet Points cost of all ships was decreased to 1/10 of original.
* For now FP hard-coded, but can cause accidents if going overboard.
* Now the mod acts as Total Conversion. Deal with it 8)

Ship Sizes and Classes:
In order to keep scaling and size balance in line, I will post table of sizes, which I assume more
legit then any other, because it used in EVE Online and have most realistic looks, then any other
relative sizes of space ships I've seen. 1 pixel = 1 meter, Starfarer uses this method perfectly.
* Fighter, approximate long axis is 10~15 meters.
* Bomber, approximate long axis is 20~30 meters.
* Gunship, approximate long axis is 35~50 meters.
* Corvette, approximate long axis is 55~90 meters.
* Frigate, approximate long axis is 100~160 meters.
* Destroyer, approximate long axis is 180~230 meters.
* Cruiser, approximate long axis is 240~340 meters.
* Battlecruiser, approximate long axis is 360~540 meters.
* Battleship, approximate long axis is 560~960 meters.
* Dreadnought, approximate long axis is 1,080~1,860 meters.
* Mothership, approximate long axis is 2,200~5,200 meters.
* Titan, approximate long axis is 8,000~16,000 meters.
* Flagship, approximate long axis is 86,000~126,000 meters.
* Arkship, approximate long axis is 2,240,000~8,860,000 meters.
For information, carrier is not a ship size, its modification of original class. Almost any ship class,
from Frigate and higher can be a carrier, or have carriers' capabilities. For somebody who doesn't
know, long axis doesn't mean ship must be long but tiny, it can be wide but short or even ships'
width and length can be equal, like of flying disc. Personally, I think Battleship size is more then
enough for epic battles in Strafarer, well the maximum might be Dreadnought (are we need this?).
But forget about adding such ship sizes as Mothership, Titan, Flagship or Arkship, because, either
Starfarer will crush or won't load... Or free space at your Hard Drive will be used up... Completely...
P.S. You don't have to go according this table, because in the end for each race size is relative.

Modding / Specific Music or Soundtacks in mission?
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:19:29 AM »
Is this possible to add special music or soundtrack to play during a mission?
(Its question more for you Alex)

Mods / Independent Defense Force
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:56:44 AM »

It was a while from when I bought game when it was only 0.35a till now, and now I've decided to mod it. Step by step Starfarer goes more and more into epic scales. Yesterday it was only skirmishes, today we have whole solar system to mess up and who knows, maybe tomorrow we will get whole galaxy/universe/universes to destroy, dominate, obliterate, subjugate, assimilate, conquer, unite for the greater good & etc. Real recoil of turrets and actual missiles fly-off launcher was enough to capture my heart as of modmaker and fan of old-school style games and push me to start working on my own mod. And here I am representing Independent Defense Force mod. Now IDF is part of Fight For Universe: Sector Xplo.

Known IDF Ships, which been encountered so far:
Class: Samekh
Type: Complex Battleship
Long Axis: ~640 meters
* Resistance Suppression
* Interstellar Warfare
* Fighter Maintenance
* Long Range Support
* Locations Defense
Class: Jerusalem
Type: Invasion Battlecruiser
Long Axis: ~400 meters
* Defense Penetration
* Spaceship Boarding
* Perimeter Control
* Long Range Support
Class: Negev
Type: Strike Cruiser
Long Axis: ~280 meters
* Suppressive Support
* Fighter Maintenance
* Frontline Strike Ship
Class: Malkhut
Type: Pursuit Destroyer
Long Axis: ~220 meters
* Fleeing Forces Pursuit
* Small Ships Interception
* Rapid Deployment
Class: Hesed
Type: Interceptor Frigate
Long Axis: ~120 meters
* Fighters Interception
* Bombers Interception
* Gunships Interception
* Frigates Interception
Class: Akko
Type: Battle Freighter
Long Axis: ~320 meters
* Main Fleet Support
* Resource Containing
* Resource Transportation
Class: Keter
Type: Strike Gunship
Long Axis: ~40 meters
* Precise/Heavy Fire Support
* Troops Deployment
Class: Shiry
Type: Strike Bomber
Long Axis: ~25 meters
* Capital Ships Hunter
* Planetary Bombardment
Class: Nesher
Type: Strike Fighter
Long Axis: ~15 meters
* Rapid Target Interception
* Advanced Perimeter Control

Little Lore Information about IDF Race:
* They are technologically very advanced. Enough advanced to travel between universes.
* Ships are crew and fuel efficient, only 1 IDF pilot/driver required per ship/vehicle and fuel automatically synthesizes over time.
* Hulls and Armors of any IDF vehicle consist from Biotrinium Composites, that can regenerate and adapt to any kind of damage.
* Ships of IDF not just constructed, but more like "grown" in special production facilities, like any IDF vehicles.
* Modular basis of all IDF vehicles allows easy and cheap repairing as "evolution" in to another ship class when ship and pilot ready.
* Weapons have built-in Ammo Replication Facility, but requires immense amounts of energy.
* All IDF ships and vehicles equipped with Einsof Power Generators, which produce immense amounts of energy.
* Weapons they using are: PPCA Railguns, Multipurpose Guided Rockets, Missile and Torpedoes.
* PPCA Railguns is very different from normal Railgun you've seen in Quake, or in Wikipedia.
* All ships equipped with Main Caliber Weapon, which function and firepower are unknown.
* All ships have Multiphased Temporal Shields, which also requires immense amounts of energy.
* All weapons hardly usable on any standard ships, due their compatibility requirements.

* Some of my textures based on original awesome textures from Gratious Space Battles.
* Thanks to Trylobot and his Ship Editor, it made creating of new ships easier.

Version 0.7:
* Initial Release.

Version 0.71:
* Added "Artificial Planetoid" in sector Corvus, for future purposes.
* Independent Defense Force ships rebalanced a little.

Version 0.78:
* Player don't start with Samekh-class Battleship.
* Over some time IDF might come to sector and build station.
* Added Negotiators, they can help you... with connections...
* Or even get you an actual enlisting pass... But it comes with a price...
* You think you're cool? Try to take down IDF Outpost Defense Fleet.
* Added new awesome Icons.

Version 1.0:
* Now IDF is part of Fight For Universe: Sector Xplo.

Modding / Creating new Engine Exhaust Flames, Shield Colors, etc?
« on: March 24, 2012, 01:49:51 AM »
Is there any way to add new Engine Exhaust Flames or/and Shield Colors?

Modding / Fleet Points in System Defense Fleet
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:33:42 AM »
So, here is the question:
Why Hegemony System Defense Fleet give you only 43 Fleet Points for deployment? Is there any way to change it?
Because if from start you want to deploy Battleship, that costs you 80 Fleet Points... You can't deploy it.

Suggestions / Unique way of Multiplayer realization for Starfarer.
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:03:01 AM »
Developers, you said this game will be sandbox, but won't have multiplayer. But because Starfarer is still far from over (it's alpha isn't it?) it has great chance to become multiplayer, or semi-multiplayer. Now i will explain what did I meant:

When player begins new game, galaxy/universe generates randomly. And it's saved in to a file.
Let's say player have character (pilot/commander/etc.) and he connects to this world on it's own computer.
*.character file - holds all info about character you've playing including fleet, researched technologies & etc, thus player can have more then one character.
*.world file - holds all info about generated galaxy/universe including locations of current ships, fleets, stations, current objectives for player X & etc.
Every Y minutes/hours *.world saves and overwrites itself with up to 3~5 backups of current world's previous saves.
In addition if *.world file didn't opened on dedicated server, every time player quits game, it saves (because this world is played in singleplayer mode with only one player). But if *.world runs on dedicated server, it saves only every Y time or when servers closes.

Thus every player if want, will be able to share his sandbox with other players for cooperation, competition or full scale warfare.
Devs, I'm interested to hear out what you think about this half crazy idea ;D

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