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Suggestions / Re: Multiple drones per ship
« on: January 22, 2013, 09:03:38 PM »
Sounds good. I can't see any problems with the coding (That may be because I have no idea how to code :P)
The only issue that I can see is the carriers becoming unbalanced. The drones that you suggested (while being very helpful) could serve to make the carriers rather powerful for their class. However, to balance this, the drones could be made slightly weaker in attack and hull capacity.
I could be wrong, though.

Suggestions / Re: Higher Capacity shouldn't increase venting
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:55:00 PM »
I think that capacitors adding a ~1-2% vent speed is a pretty good idea. (For me, at least :P)
My tactics usually involve getting in, taking small hits, getting out and venting in a flash. When I decide to add capacitors, it takes more time to vent (less vents + higher capacity), which makes my attack runs take longer to complete. If the capacitors added a slight vent bonus (it doesn't even have to be 1%) I might consider using them more often. However, if I get a capital ship, knowing me, I'll max out the capacitors for a high capacity and high vent bonus.
A way to stop this problem is to cap the vent bonus from capacitors at a certain percentage. Something like 1%/2%/4%/8% or similar. This would increase the capacity and venting speed for each capacitor, while also keeping the capacitors balanced.
Just a thought.

Suggestions / Re: New ship systems and hull mods. Post your ideas here!
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:09:00 AM »
Not good at coming up with names.

A hull mod that increases kinetic damage while reducing HE damage for all ballistic weapons (and another hull mod that does the opposite).
A hull mod that increases beam length (and maybe a slight damage boost) in exchange for energy projectile weapons having a much slower projectile speed.
A hull mod that increases the amount of bonus damage you get from having a high flux buildup.
A hull mod that increases the amount of flight decks a carrier has by 1, but doesn't allow the ship to mount any weapons in medium or large slots.
A hull mod that increases a ship's max speed, acceleration, and maneuverability in exchange for lowering the efficiency of the shield.

I'll give it a crack. Maybe people can refine the descriptions and values for the mods.

High Impact Projectiles
By forcing projectiles out of a gun at a higher velocity (via a detonation in the chamber), the damage output of Kinetic rounds is increased. However the detonation is provided at the cost of explosive powder from High Explosive rounds. Kinetic +20% DPS, HE -20%D DPS

Improved Explosive Formula
By refining the compounds involved in the High Explosive rounds, it is possible to increase the strength of High Explosive weapons. The power to launch these new rounds is re-routed from the Kinetic weapons. HE +20% DPS, Kinetic -20% DPS

Larger Beam Projection
By passing less flux through the burst laser systems and more flux through the Beam weapons, it is possible to extend the range of Beam weapons to 25% of their original range. As a side effect, Energy Projectile systems lose 25% of their rate of fire. Beam range +25%, EP Rate of Fire -25%

Improved Flux Harvesters
By improving a ship's ability to harness the power of excess flux, it is now possible to gain more bonus damage to all energy weapons. However, by improving the flux harnessing ability, it becomes harder to vent the stored flux. Flux supercharge now 2X stronger, Vent Time +50%

Larger Flight Decks
By removing the medium and large weapon mounts from a carrier, more space in the flight decks can be created. Flight Decks +1, Weapon placement restricted to small mounts. (Only available to carriers with medium and large weapon mounts)

Increased Engine Intake
By diverting power from the shield generator to the engines, a ship's max speed, acceleration, and maneuverability can be improved. However, this boost comes at the cost of shield efficiency. Max Speed, Acceleration, and Maneuverability +25%, Shield Efficiency -25% (also affects travel speed)

And now for some of my own

Can be activated once per battle.
When the hull is almost depleted, the crew can place the ship in lockdown. Immediately, all flux is diverted from all systems, with the exception of shields, and placed into the shields. The shields retract until the hull is covered, until it is repaired. Once the hull is repaired, the ship drifts through the battlefield, impervious to damage. This comes at the cost of the crew's life. Hull Repairs +100/s, Damage Received -100%, All Crew Sacrificed.

Improved Life-Support
(Hull Mod)
Through careful refining of the life-support systems, the perfect mix of chemicals in the air for concentration and reflexes has been found. Target Leading (autofire) +20%, Accuracy +20%

Self Destruct
Because no ship is complete without a big red button. by diverting full power to the engines and setting them to overload, A ship can charge at excessive speeds at an enemy before exploding after a short period of time Because of the increase in power, the engines become extremely powerful. The explosion given off by the dying ship is significantly larger than it would normally be. Max Speed, Acceleration, and Maneuverability +200%, Status set to "Self Destruct", 10 seconds until ship blows up, Shields deactivated, Ship Explosion Power +100%. (best used with escape pods)

Escape Pods
(Hull mod)
An essential on every ship, escape pods can be used to evacuate all of the crew besides half of the skeleton crew during a battle. Survivors = all crew except for 50% of skeleton crew, Priority given to higher class crew, all systems -50% during remainder of battle.

Well, that should be it. :D

Suggestions / Re: Painting
« on: January 20, 2013, 07:46:20 AM »
Isn't it easier to just have an customly made badge on the ships? That seems a lot easier to me than making a completely new paint layer.

I agree with that suggestion. Maybe some sort of badge designer when you create a character (choose from presets, make your own pattern, choose a color, etc.) the Pirates, Hegemony and Tri-Tach only have simple ones, to save some time on the Dev's part.

Suggestions / Re: Just a few ideas about gameplay (starsector)
« on: January 20, 2013, 07:26:25 AM »
Ah, thanks for that info.    :)
I had a feeling that there was going to be a lot more features coming our way soon. It's good to know that I'm thinking along the same wavelength as the creators. :D

Suggestions / Just a few ideas about gameplay (starsector)
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:09:37 PM »
As I was playing the newest version of Starfarer (sorry, Starsector) I had a few ideas about possible features for gameplay.
1. Mining resources from asteroids and planets to use in terraforming (see point 2)
2. Terraforming planets to increase denizens, allowing the planet to produce resources on the nearest outpost. (Terraforming another faction's planet will decrease relationship with that planet)
3. Building outposts with a set amount of resources ad placing them in space or next to a planet.
4. Assigning officers to certain ships in your fleet to allow them to control those ships seperately.
5. Allowing the player to split up/conglomerate their fleet among the officers and outposts (i.e, the player could be attacking the pirates on Corvus III, whilst a detachment of frigates, fighter, etc. defend the abandoned storage facility and the planet.)(However, the player needs officers to supervise the detachment.)
6. Missions (such as courier/delivery, escort, search&destroy, etc. from factions to improve relationships)
7. Relationship with faction determines the price (i.e better relationship=cheaper, worse relationship=more expensive)
Those were just a few ideas that I had. I'm not sure if anybody else likes the sound of these ideas, but they seemed pretty cool to me.

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