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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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I will have no deployement reduction cost by having derelict operation or the final tier fleet skills. So my fleet will always be severly outnumbered, more than usual.

Most people I've seen neither use Derelict Operations nor Support Doctrine and they win battles just fine.

If you wanna go Combat and Technology, get yourself a very good player piloted ship that heavily benefits from being piloted by a somone with a brain (like a SO Aurora, an Odyssey, a Retribution or even an Onslaught with a very aggressive loadout) and then just build a regular fleet around it (1-2 capital ships, some frigates, either good destroyers with Escort Package or a couple of good cruisers that can help your capital ships if you don't wanna get Wolfpack Tactics) and you are good to go.

You don't need 3 S-mods and/or level 6 officers to beat the game. As long as your ships are built """"correctly"""", you will beat 2-3 stacked Ordos just fine.

General Discussion / Re: Is Thumper good now?
« on: June 18, 2024, 03:37:02 PM »
Yes, I think it's good (but niche).

It's not for every ship or every build (which is totally fine !), but now instead of ditching every Thumper I find, I keep them around. It shreds the hull of all ships except the heaviest ones (and there's not a lot of them, most capitals and 99% of the cruisers don't have enough residual armor to neutered too much its damages). It's got great flux efficiency and its DPS is further increased by Expanded Magazines. And despite having fragmentation damages, it's good enough against frigates and destroyers shields and also good enough against frigates and destroyers armors except the heaviest ones (like the Manticore and the Enforcer). It also regenerates enough ammo/sec that you don't even need Expanded Magazine to use them to a satisfying degree.

The combination of Mining Blaster + Thumpers with Expanded Magazines is really, really strong on aggressive ships, but not just them. Unironically, I now like to put one on medium range Eradicators and Enforcers and I was pleasantly surprised by them on Dominators armed with Hellbores and small kinetics.

And it's absolutely insane on a player-piloted Onslaught with Expanded Magazines, one Storm Needler upfront and 3 Thumpers. But the Onslaught is a special case since Expanded Magazines also buffs its very strong TPCs.

TL;DR : previously it was a niche weapon that didn't achieve its niche well. Now it's a niche weapon that works. I'm happy.

General Discussion / Re: Omega Weapon Tier List
« on: June 16, 2024, 11:33:01 AM »
My problem with disintegrators are that they are only effective against armor (not even hull, as most weapons are) and despite being specialized they're still slow. There is simply other ways to deal with armor that are not only faster but also viable against hull. I honestly believe Mining Blaster is better, it delivers very heavy armor damage and even some reasonable hull damage in roughly one second. Heavy Mauler destroys armor roughly as fast with much better range and accuracy. The only situation I see disintegrator being actually a good choice is if you were to engage a modded ship that has like 10K armor, absurd PD and no albative armor or anything similar.

Yeah, I get where you're coming from. They definitely aren't optimal, but I like to use them for RP reasons and they DO work. In a fleet setting, they can do well, but they're inconsistent.  If they had their range and accuracy increased to where flankers could more easily threaten larger ships, then they might be in a good spot.

After thinking about it for a while, something like this would make it more appealing for me to use.

Ordnance points   14
Damage type   High Explosive Fragmentation
Range   700 900
Flux/sec   250
Accuracy   Spread Pattern Cut the barrel offsets by a few degrees to tighten the spread
Damage   100x3 400x3
Damage/sec 125 500
Refire delay 2.4 sec
Each shot deals an additional 500 damage to armor over 20 10 seconds (25dps 50dps). This damage is not reduced by armor.

EDIT : Ignore what I just said, I didn't read correctly what you wrote.

Honestly ? I liked the suggestion to make it bypass shields entirely. Lower its damages on hit to a truly low amount, slightly reduce its spread and make it bypass shields. This way you get a true "poison-like" weapon that obliterates armor, but it will almost never kill you. It would be a potent "debuff" weapon unique to the Sector, which would be neat imo.

I'm suspecting they influence the distribution of those ships among fleets, but do they influence their chances of appearing on markets ?

Yes and yes. For example tankers are more likely to show up for sale on markets that produce a lot of fuel.

2. What does the COMBAT tag do ? I understand how it influences some parameters (like combining the CARRIER and COMBAT tags). But what would it do if I would put in on a ship that also has the FREIGHTER, TANKER or CIVILIAN tag (or any combination of those tags) ? Would they appear more often on markets ? Would the AI deploy them more often ? Would they be more common among fleets ?

It should make non-combat ships act like combat ships, but IIRC there isn't a vanilla use case for this other than carriers, so you'd need to give it a try and see if it actually works.

Thanks for your answer ! Gonna tinker a bit with them :)


I have a question regarding several ship tags :

1. What does the FREIGHTER and TANKER tag does ? I understand that the CIVILIAN tag prevents the AI from deploying (most of the times) civilian ships, but what about those 2 ? I'm suspecting they influence the distribution of those ships among fleets, but do they influence their chances of appearing on markets ?

2. What does the COMBAT tag do ? I understand how it influences some parameters (like combining the CARRIER and COMBAT tags). But what would it do if I would put in on a ship that also has the FREIGHTER, TANKER or CIVILIAN tag (or any combination of those tags) ? Would they appear more often on markets ? Would the AI deploy them more often ? Would they be more common among fleets ?

General Discussion / Re: unnecessary weapon tier list
« on: June 11, 2024, 01:06:23 PM »
Storm Needler/Heavy Needler - it's a anti-shield shotgun with way too high flux use and short range. Range is too short for harrasing and flux usage too high for brawling - I don't understand this weapon and rather go for Hypervelocity Driver instead. Light needler is ok since it's role to overflux or scare off small ships, and it works ok on long-range escort Hammerheads with Heavy maulers.
Storm needler is ridiculously flux efficient and the dps is out of control. Expanded mags lets it dump 150 shots before running out of ammo, 7500 kinetic damage before any modifiers. Gets even more insane if you actually build in mags, jumping up to 270 shots. Very little has the flux capacity to tank that. Stomps shield heavy ships which are going to get in close to you anyway because energy range. Same for heavy needler. HVD is a completely different role and honestly I think HVDs kind of suck. Low dps and bad efficiency which makes them bad at the flux war unless you're fast enough to kite forever.

HVD are great support weapons imo. They bypass residual armor quite easily and their EMP damages massively increases its chances of disabling weapons. And they have perfect accuracy.

It's not a do-it-all weapon, sure, but its good for what it's designed for.

Shield Shunt is fine imo.

It's not a bad hullmod (unlike High Scatter Amplifier which utterly sucks except on 2 ships) and it's not a mandatory hullmod either. It's more powerful on a few ships, but it's good enough on its own that the player is allowed to make fun or thematic fleets and still clear all current content ([SUPER ALABASTER] will be a bit more of a challenge, but they are still doable).

Mods / Re: [0.97 / 0.96] Indies Expansion Pack v1.92
« on: June 09, 2024, 05:11:07 AM »

It's a very interesting mod. I'm always interested in mods that add ragtag ships or militarized versions of civilian ships. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. You have a gift for making such ships ! I especially like what you did with the drones/frigates carriers. Quite a refreshing idea !

However, after playing a bit with it and looking at your mod's files :

1. Lots of Engrish and typos. English isn't my native language either, but I would advise you to get help from someone that could do some proof reading if possible ;

2. The Foederati doesn't spawn on markets. At all. It's because it's not listed in the default_ship_roles.json file. Adding it to CombatLarge and CombatFreighterLarge fixes it entirely ;

3. About default_ship_roles.json : the combined value of all listed variants for a ship should be equal to 10 or less in general. If a ship has only one listed variant, it should be set to 10. Example below :


4. The Chain Thumper and Mega Thumper make my ears bleed when firing. How ? Because they have 2 sets of sound : one sound for spinning the barrels and one sound for the actual shot. Both weapons fire so quickly that the game spams the first sound (the "spin the barrels" shot). I advise you to disable the first sound for both weapons to avoid this issue (this is what vanilla does for the Storm Needler for example) ;

5. The Lasguns and Lascannons are treated as Ballistic weapons instead of Energy weapons. The result is that those weapons are buffed by things like Accelerated Ammo Feeder or Ballistic Mastery. I don't think that should be the case, but it's just my opinion ;

6. The Phaeton MK.II has a better, more aggressive ship system than its pirate version the Phaeton MK.IV (Raider Lunge on MK.II vs Skirmisher Lunge on MK.IV). Shouldn't it be the other way around ?

7. Your ships are spammed on the black market. A lot. To the point they almost entirely replaced all the other ships. I think it would be better to reduce their frequency (by modifying the HullFrequency line in the factions files) and to better distribute them between Scavengers / Pirates / Independants ;

8. Taking a look at the weapons_data.csv, many weapons have weird tags. For example, the Chain Thumper and Mega Thumper have the "heX" tag when they are fragmentation type weapon. Doing tags and hints for weapons (and ships) is a pain in the ass, but I would advise you to take some time and clean them a bit because it makes the AI fleets using some very very weird loadouts ;

8. Balance :

I know that balance is subjective, but many of your ships and weapons are, frankly, totally overpowered. Your ships tend to have, in combination, high hullpoints, high armor, high number of ordnance points with a low amounts of weapons mounts (meaning lots of Ordnance Points for vents / hullmods), high base flux capacity and dissipation (especially on your destroyers) and quality weapons mounts (lots of Universal or Composite mounts leading to missiles spam) and they are on the lower end DP wise (6 DP for the Ripense for example). As for your weapons, some of them are basically perfect : long range, extremely high flux efficiency, good accuracy, good damage. They overshadow all other weapons in their category ...

- Ships : for example, the Comitatenses sports high hullpoints that is better fitting of a cruiser, good weapon mounts, high armor and good/very good base flux dissipation/capacity and on top of that it has an extremely powerful ship system (Lancer Lunge) that lasts a lot of time (even more with an Officer with System Expertise) and further increases its defensive and offensive power ... Another example is the Foederati. It only costs 20 DP when the Shivari (which is far less strong but it's still good) costs 25 DP ?

A very good example is the Onslaught (P). It should cost 60 DP (!) at least. It can aim all of its Large Weapons forward meaning it has 5 Large Weapons that can fire at the same target. And you gave it a ship system that fixes its poor mobility. I know Pirates are crafty people, but it's way, way too strong for Pirates and in general in my opinion. I know it's inspired by HMI Unique Onslaught (P) which can also fire all of its Large Weapons forward, but the HMI Onslaught (P) has less Ordnance Points and its mobility system has a few downside (biggest being you can't cancel it) and a very long cooldown.

Do note that it's not the case for all of your ships. Some are underpowered in my opinion like the Kerberos (1.4 shield ratio is way too high, especially for a frigate) and the Thanvare (again, 1.5 shield ratio is way too high in Starsector and it kinda breaks the AI since it doesn't have good Flux Capacity to compensate).

- Weapons : for example, the Kothar Assault Gun has 1000 range, an insane flux efficiency (something like 0.43 from memory) and good accuracy. Why would I ever want to use any other High Explosive weapon on the Eradicator ? It overshadows both the Heavy Mauler and the Heavy Mortar ...

To be crystal clear : I really like your mod. It tickles everything I like and it has, imo, very high potential ! But it's a rough diamond that needs some work ;D

Suggestions / Re: Odyssey feels weaker than Aurora
« on: May 25, 2024, 05:53:14 PM »
I don't see why it needs to be 5 DP more expensive than the average capital but I'm still happy with it as my flagship.

Because it is a fast battlecruiser that can mount the most flux hungry and deadly weapons in the game without any problem on top of having a mobility system that synergizes extremely well with its broadside configuration ? (seriously, it can circles around most other capitals like a shark, never be threatened while pounding them with whatever big guns you put on it).

And for whatever reason, it also has a medium missile mount with generous firing arc (= Reaper) and a large synergy mount which can house whatever large guided missile you wish. Oh, it also has 2 fighter bays meaning you can either get good flux free PD with Xyphos or go with more aggressive options.

I actually disagree, it would be fun and very challenging to fight!

Not really.

Don't know if you ever played with the Knights of Ludd mod, but there's a couple of boss-type fights like that, boss ships which use their mobility to their fullest. I managed to beat them by putting my ships in a losange pattern formation by using civilian rally points and letting them come to me because it's impossible to catch them and they pick off your ships one at a time and then retreat. You are powerless against that because their mobility is far superior to yours, at least when compared to vanilla ships. Better castle up.

But it's not "funny" to face. Your ships are not moving at all because that's how civilian rally points work. The battle has no flow, no cinematic feeling or moment. It's just gimmicky :/

Still a great mod. Lots of creativity.

Suggestions / Re: Odyssey feels weaker than Aurora
« on: May 25, 2024, 04:09:01 PM »
Guys let me clarify - I don't pilot it, AI does.
Some of my fingers are barely working.

Anyway, in the hands of AI Odyssey doesn't rip anything in half.

Yes. And I (we) told you the problem is the AI. Not the ship itself.

The Odyssey doesn't need any kind of buff. At all.

Suggestions / Re: Odyssey feels weaker than Aurora
« on: May 25, 2024, 03:10:16 PM »
The Odyssey isn't bad. The AI is bad at piloting the Odyssey. Unless you micro-manage it like crazy.

The Odyssey is probably the most powerful battlecruiser in the hands of the player. It's not weak. It's incredibly good.

The AI isn't good at piloting aggressive battlecruisers in general. Look at the Retribution and the Nova (it's the Odyssey but with an even more clueless AI). Those ships are good/very good, but the AI can hardly pilot them "right". And thank god for that. Fighting an AI that would be as good at kiting and repositioning as the player would not be fun at all.

(literally one of the worst in game atm)

It has a 1.0 flux/damage ratio and a 180 degree omni-shield perfect for covering it's exposed side since it's a broadside ship. Its shield is not terrible and it's not one of the worst shield in the game. By far.

PS : SO is overpowered and dumb and is one day gonna get changed. Don't get use to it.

General Discussion / Re: High tech feels like a wet noodle.
« on: May 17, 2024, 12:22:52 PM »
Assuming the enemy ship drops their shield, doesn't have shields, or the Omen finds an area without shield coverage. It's not as good as it should be as it won't use its system against shielded enemies, which drastically reduces its damage potential. It may accidently use its system against shielded enemies thanks to enemy missiles or fighters coming into range.

The AI is absolutely more conservative when enemy ships have their shields up, but Omens do use their system even when there is no missiles or fighters.

And in battle, there is so much things going on that Omens almost always find an area without coverage anyway. Between ships repositioning themselves, the speed of an Omen, flameouts, ships dropping their shield because of flux level, rarity of 360 degrees shields, I've never find it to be a problem.

Lastly, its system by itself isn't very good as PD, and requires at minimum the SE, PD, TA skills. Some missiles really require IPDAI as well. Even then it has a terrible tendency of just stunning and slightly cooking fighters like broadswords, requiring additional PD from other ships to deal the killing blow.

It's fine that its sytem isn't 100% reliable at killing fighters and missiles. Many times a Flak "failed" me at destroying a reaper torpedo coming at me from long range. It happens. It's still very reliable.

As for the required investment, yeah, it requires an officer and some hullmods. Big deal. But the game already heavily incentivizes the player to build a fleet around the officer cap unless you run Support Doctrine and/or Derelict Operations. And sure, Support Doctrine Omens aren't amazing, but other ships also need an officer to really shine (looking at you, phase ships).

General Discussion / Re: High tech feels like a wet noodle.
« on: May 17, 2024, 06:03:04 AM »
The Omen is overpowered and should be nerfed (8 DP instead of 6). It's not "okay". It's the best frigate in the game (yes it's better than a Glimmer, by far).

System Expertise and Elite Target Analysis turn its EMP Emitter into the best anti-frigate and anti-destroyer weapon in the game (reminder that EMP Emitter deals energy damage too, not just EMP damage). A couple of them will also slaughter any cruiser that doesn't have a 360 degree shield.

It's also tiny (making it suprisingly hard to hit), has more than enough speed (especially since there is no reason to not put Unstable Engine on it), has a great Flux Capacity that can be maxed out for maximum tanking power and a 0.6 flux/damage ratio.

0.6 is not great at all, considering Remnants and Hyperions got 0.3x :(
I will try playing with it, but tbh it's never like "omg enemy has Omens!" but if they have Hyperions, you will quickly feel their presence up your ass.

What are you talking about.

Hyperions and Remnants ships also have a 0.6 shield damage/flux ratio. They get to 0.3 only because you put on them an officer with Field Modulation and the Hardened Shield hullmod.

As for why you don't feel their presence in enemy fleet, it's like most ships : AI autofit builds are kinda bad. You will rarely encounter an efficient Omen build.

General Discussion / Re: High tech feels like a wet noodle.
« on: May 17, 2024, 05:24:31 AM »
Yeah, but you're sacrificing an Officer for it. Automated Ship officers are "free"(and amazing)

Glimmers are Tempests+ and suicidal because of Reckless/Fearless officers.

Omens murder frigates and destroyers, bring free ECM and on top of that also murder fighters and missiles.

Glimmers and AI Core officers are good (even very good because they only cost 5 DP). But I take Omens over them anytime.

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