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Suggestions / Your Fleet "Sprinting" on the Overworld/System Map
« on: July 30, 2012, 06:43:51 PM »
Just a rather basic idea, based on my recent gameplay. As your fleet gets bigger and bigger, and heavier ships join in, your overworld speed slows down considerably. So much so, that even trying to catch a fleet traveling the same speed as you is a question of dumb luck (i.e. they happen to be running right towards you and you manage to 'tag' them before they can turn away). So I was wondering if one of the following two features might be considered:

1.) "Fleet Travel Speed" character skill: Fitting with Starfarer's almost Mount-and-Blade feel, this would probably be the more likely of the options. Sacrifice some of your hard-earned skillpoints to give your fleet the edge on the overworld map.
2.) "Sprint" feature while in overworld: This is what I had in mind before I remembered the RP features still to be added, but... The fast-forwarding on the map gave me this idea. What if you could make your fleet 'sprint' (let's say 150% speed bonus) for momentary bursts? This would allow you to close the gap on an enemy fleet that is JUST out of reach. The downside would be excessive fuel and supply consumption (Double? Triple? What's a reasonable amount?) and maaaaybe, to discourage having tankers loaded up for the sole purpose of sprinting around, maybe damaging the hulls of the fleet's ships a bit?

I am sure this has been asked, so forgive my repetition. What is the story about missiles? What I mean is, while I was fitting my ship, a tooltip appeared, something like '"shift+click" (or maybe it was "control+click", since shift+click uninstalls modules) to add missiles'. I took this to mean I could place more missiles on a hardpoint, as I was installing single-missile racks from a station, I did whatever the tooltip said and there were interface noises... but then when I looked at my missile hardpoints, they were all single-missile racks, and had "ammo: 1". I know increasing missile count is what Extended Missile Racks does, but I could have sworn that it said something about "to add more missiles"... anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I'm going to quickly try to recreate it in the meantime.

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