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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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they told me the undoOOocumented API was haunted and unstable
but I didn't listen

General Discussion / Re: Help Required: 1 HP Challenge
« on: February 01, 2024, 10:58:05 PM »
Do doritos clump up into a solo phase frigate flagship? Do they continue clumping during split?

If so might be able to abuse that with a capital/carrier fleet that outranges them.

Flagship Eagle gets to do the iconic Starsector triangle dodge! Rotate nose towards incoming missile and stern away. Voila you've effectively strafed a little bit harder.

If modded ships are anything to judge by, souped-up Eagles with a large energy, or wings, or extra mobility (that red one from that one bounty) are a ton of fun as playerbait. Heck, even in Vanilla you can do fun stuff like this:

I'll admit it's not sufficiently Committing To The Bit by dropping down to a mere 2 IR Autolances, but there's nowhere to spend flux so the Heavy Blaster gets to steal the show from Breaches. There's enough weapon slots to do a bit of everything, even anti-Salamander PD. (Elite PD skill makes mining lasers sufficient.) Could also go AMBs + Ion Pulser instead.
"some sim results of 2x vs 3x IR autolance"

It's a good ship :)

Does anyone actually feel comfortable interpreting its results?

I know some of the birdies are supposed to be from nearby neutron stars, and the planet ones make sense, but I've never gotten comfortable with it to the point of separating noise from signal.

If Persean missiles are a problem for frigates, presumably everyone's Salamander spam is a worse problem?

Ordo-specialization is a bit of a problem. CapnHector stated fleets that can crush Ordos can crush everything else, but I'm not sure that's true in the base game and definitely not modded ones.

In particular Ordos require surviving getting dived by a capital, endurance to fight capitals after surviving a deadly frigate/DD gauntlet, and heavy kinetic damage. Anything that can do all that is pretty darn good but isn't guaranteed to deal with retreats, carrier spam, or Luddic SO waves. Plus actual playthroughs tend to have weapon and hull sourcing problems so anything that uses Mining Blasters or other common pirate drops is nifty!

Princess_of_Evil that PD-less KE energy HE ballistic (?) Eagle is glorious. Empty slots, mixed ranges, no PD, but still makes sense - I love it!

It's worth noting that interlocking beam-grid ships provide a level of safety and mutual support that isn't very visible in the battle stats mod. It also synergizes well with Salamanders.

IR Autolance has also been a miraculous godsend to interlocking beam fleets. Frag damage is amazing if you can gather enough KE and armor stripping together.

p.s. Falcon costs as much DP as a Venture but is better. And the Venture's already pretty good!

General Discussion / Re: What da Harbinger doin'?
« on: January 24, 2024, 06:14:21 PM »
Phase anchor Afflictor is good for overwhelming firepower when serving as the hammer of your fleet's anvil.

Adaptive phase coil Afflictor is for picking off target after target 1vX, with no anvil needing support and limiting your mobility.

In other words coils exploits total control of positioning to apply 100% of its damage. Phase anchor sacrifices positioning to just get more damage, even if you're forced to brute force your way through shields or pick bad targets.

General Discussion / Re: What da Harbinger doin'?
« on: January 23, 2024, 01:56:44 PM »
I rather use Neural Link on a more powerful human ship that can use skill power of an Alpha core or better (like on Onslaught).
A phased 18dp Phase Anchored Harbinger is venting more soft flux than a 60dp Radiant. And that's before you take into account having two.

You're not going to be able to micro them to turn *all* that flux into damage, and have to miss out on high impact HSA/Energy Weapon Mastery builds. But Harbinger's paper DPS is nuts and practical DPS is good if you build your fleet for heavy kinetic pressure, frag hull removal, and close-in assault that can crush enemy ships that got their weapons nuked by elite Target Analysis.

General Discussion / Re: What da Harbinger doin'?
« on: January 22, 2024, 11:07:02 PM »
Phase (L/D)ance max range Harbinger is quite fun and outputs very serious real-time DPS. Problem is it's a late-game ship. You need a ton of elite skills (weapon disabling, extra range, ECM...) and a strong fleet to make it work.

If you have *maxed* skills, there's a really strange and powerful variant with Neural Link. Subsystem resetting too slow? Get double the subsystems to control! And reset their cooldowns every time you swap ships. Needs some hotkey swaps to be comfortable and is quite a lot to manage, but the DPS output and enemy ship lockdown is extreme.

General Discussion / Re: Dominator and Dragonfire fun
« on: January 21, 2024, 03:02:47 AM »
It's cool to see high tech frigates serve as the complementary escorts a low tech battle line needs.

General Discussion / Re: How to make my fleet more aggressive?
« on: January 07, 2024, 02:04:14 AM »
I already had my aggression set to max! :(
The AI can be overly scared of missiles and fighters if your ships lack PD, and it gets worse the more missiles and fighters there are.
Looking at your fleets I see very little PD.

Reckless is supposed to ignore that, because it's reckless, but I still see enemy reckless officers stalling and avoiding missiles from time to time.
This and maxing out ECM to reduce threat from weapon arcs has a large effect. The same battle with 10% enemy ECM advantage vs 10% friendly ECM advantage is utterly different in how AI behaves.

Somewhat more subtle is using large ships to anchor smaller ones against enemy capitals and cruisers. Not entirely sure how that works, whether it's hardcoded or emergent. But a swarm of Enforcers with a Legion behind it is far more confident than just adding a Legion's worth of Enforcers.

General Discussion / Re: Help satisfy my urge to maximize Pilums
« on: December 20, 2023, 04:22:55 PM »
Basically the same thing.

General Discussion / Re: Atlas and Prometheus (mk.I)are gods.
« on: December 17, 2023, 07:07:06 AM »
It's not that logistics ships are gods it's that military ships are resource hogs. If every exploration mission didn't need to be bristling with guns to fend off the ******* scavengers turned pirates we'd be flying nothing but pristine Shuttle(S) and Apogees!

Getting 5 logistic mods with s-mods might honestly be a bit much.

General Discussion / Re: Help satisfy my urge to maximize Pilums
« on: December 17, 2023, 07:02:05 AM »
2 pages and no correct info?

Void Ganymede's Guide to Lethal Pilum Carpets

Pilums are hyper-specialized. They're basically area denial landmines. They take space and threaten angles without risking a ship.

Launching more takes more space. It doesn't make them more lethal. To increase lethality you need stationary targets.
  • Salamander hits on engines.
  • Claw and Thunder hits on engines.
  • Wolfpack flanker hits on engines.
  • Phase flagship hits on engines.
But - Salamanders are hyper-specialized! To get Salamander hits you need to bypass omni shields and PD.
  • Broadswords to drive up flux with kinetics and spew flares.
  • Ion Beams and HILs to keep omni shields pointed forward.
  • Artillery with EM or explosive loads to do the same.
  • Pilum or Locust spam to confuse PD.
  • Strong fighters/interceptors to defang enemy carriers.
So you see, Pilums are a combined arms weapon. They take some setup for the payoff. You need to dedicate a chunk of your fleet's OP to things that synergize with them to make them shine.

Fortunately, they (1) can be run from a "backline" that reinforces your frontline (2) provide a ton of value by threatening enemy AI even before they start dealing damage. Running Salamanders in your frontline's smalls makes those ships weaker but that's compensated for by a backline that's directly engaged in combat, and by far less flanking and pursuit by enemies.

Herons Condors don't bring much Pilum regen per DP, but with Fast Missile Racks maximize carpet deployment speed and bring Broadswords. Gryphons maximize Pilum regen *and* bring Salamanders, but have to act as more of a midline ship to get the Salamanders in range. An Ion Beam Vigilance is kind of questionable but has ridiculous value for carpet deployment. Herons aren't great at spamming Pilums but can form ridiculous interlocking beam grids and with systems expertise/elite PD officers give peak fighter wing performance.

In short Pilums are great in slow carrier and artillery fleets that can secure hits with EMP and Salamanders. They're okay in fast wolfpack fleets that can secure hits with EMP and flanks. They're bad by themselves unless you're using them to pressure phase ships, then they're funny.

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