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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Modding / [0.97a] Support Ships Pack 0.8.0
« on: August 22, 2022, 01:34:35 PM »
Support Ships Pack

A collection of mostly kitbashed ships that fill vaguely supportive roles.
Currently contains 2 capitals, 4 cruisers, 8 destroyers, and 8 frigates.
Balance may be a little off, so feedback is appreciated.

And I don't just mean stuff that is OP, tell me about stuff that is too weak.

Download Link


Revoker-Class Fast Battleship
A hard-hitting frontline capital with twin Ion Pulse Cannons.

Geoid-Class Voyage Ship
A modification of the Atlas perfect for long-haul exploration.


Parabola-Class Cruiser
A faster and smaller alternative to the Astral, perfect for giving wolfpacks fighter cover.

Ossifrage-Class Cruiser
Jack of all trades, master of none taken to the logical extreme.

Aspirant-Class Fire Support Cruiser
Long ranged fire on a budget.

Hospice-Class Hospital Ship
A medical support ship that can be run legally... or less so.


Lammergeier-Class Destroyer
A generalist destroyer with a special heavy-duty combat vent system.

Lammergeier-Class Destroyer (Lion's Guard)
Andrada's wet dream.

Nebulae-Class Converted Transport
A gun platform masquerading as a cruise liner.

Gemini-Class Combat Freighter (Luddic Church)
MORE PERDITION BOMBERS, but less storage.

Apsis-Class Destroyer
The Apogee's small friend.

Tercio-Class Destroyer
An unshielded brick with an ablative front armor plate.

Tercio-Class Destroyer (XIV)
An unshielded brick with an ablative front armor plate.
Now with even more armor.

Sidebar-Class Escort Destroyer
A durable High-tech escort craft with a powerful built-in fighter wing.


Dram MK-II Class Modified Tanker
Hammer torpedoes, bolted on armor, Safety Overrides, and a dream.

Faraday-Class Support Frigate
A Heavy Ion Cannon with a ship built around it.

Maunder-Class Frigate
A common gunship perfect for adding firepower to any fleet.

Maunder-Class Frigate (Pirate)
But what if missiles instead of guns?

Maunder-Class Transport (Stock)
The original Maunder, a fairly useless luxury craft with no known surviving blueprints.

Carton-Class Wing Carrier
One fighter wing in a tiny box.

Carton-Class Missile Frigate (Pirate)
One giant missile launcher in a tiny box.

Carton(TT)-Class Electronic Warfare Frigate
One oversized EWAR package in a tiny box.

Gardener-Class Courier
A fast little cargo ship with a converted mass driver.

Future Plans:
1: ? ? ? ? ?.

G-Man, for his amazing kitbash sheet.
Pyrophage, for his silhouette sheet.
Tomatopaste, for help making the Rhea's new hangar unique.
YuiTheModder, for help in the coding hell that is basic hullmods that should not have taken nearly as long as they did to make.
And of course, the entire unofficial discord, for their overall help.

Modding / [0.95.1a-RC6] Luddic Path Dram MK.II V1.0.0 (Legacy)
« on: July 12, 2022, 07:25:59 PM »
Luddic Path Dram MK.II
V1.0.0 (Legacy)

This mod adds a single ship, the titular Dram MK.II
It is a Luddic Path modification of the Dram tanker, in line with the Promethius MK.II.

This mod is my intro to the modding tools, and as such only contains a single ship for simplicity.
This mod has no dependencies.

Download Link (Google Drive)

Ship Description
The Dram MK.II is a ship that follows the design of the Prometheus MK.II, albeit at a much smaller scale.
It is a very quick ship, with a burn drive and built-in safety overrides, allowing it to easily flank around any foe larger than itself.
The ship has 1 medium ballistic, 1 medium missile, and 2 small ballistic slots.
As for protection, it has a decent amount of armor allowing it to absorb hits, but the shield is still the same one from the base model dram, limiting the ship's effectiveness in a straight fight.
The balancing may be a bit out of whack, so please give me your feedback

This mod is now legacy and will not be updated.
 A more recent version of this ship can be found in my Support Ships Pack. 

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