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Ran out of fuel and started drifting, patrol shows up to scan which I accept but while scanning my fleet drifts beyond range and scan fails with normal penalties.   Bug, or WAD?

Bug Reports & Support / View Target: Bug/WAD?
« on: January 08, 2014, 11:09:23 AM »
Did some searching and couldn't find a thread on this, so here is my question/bug report.  I specifically noticed this in the Vacuum Mod but I'm nearly certain it works in Vanilla.

When an enemy is targeted by the player, and then the player loses sight of the enemy; upon re-entering sight range the targeting lock is still applied.  This means missiles still track, etc.

However, when the player goes into 'follow target view' mode (Z-key) and then the player loses sight, the targeting lock is lost and even upon re-entering sight range it is not applied. 

This is particularly annoying if you are bombarding from a long range using missiles, relying upon allied fighter wings to provide sight, and using Z to gauge effectiveness of your bombardment; but overall it seems that the targeting lock system works differently when it should be the same regardless of what screen you're focused on at the moment of sight loss.

Bug Reports & Support / Buying Ship Dialog screen
« on: December 02, 2013, 03:18:54 PM »
Not a very large or important bug, but I noticed that the scroll-bar for browsing ships (Purchasing at a station, but everywhere?) disappears when there are not enough ships in inventory to need to scroll down.   This would be fine except that I scrolled down, purchased the only ship on the 3rd row, and was stuck unable to scroll up and see the top row.  Easily solved by switching to another dialog screen and back, but not a smooth GUI experience.

This was with Uumoz's Sector Journey 1.0 and Lazy Lib 1.6 mods active.

Suggestions / Additional variables for explosion size
« on: July 18, 2013, 05:25:31 PM »
So this is something that's been bugging me for a little while.  Every time I take out a Dram I expect a massive explosion as those lovely fuel tanks are breached.  Sadly, all I see is the standard tiny frigate sized explosion :(

My suggestion:  Make explosion size dependent on a few more variables in addition to ship size.  My list would include:
-current fuel
-current supplies (i.e. ammo)

Some other ideas I'm not wedded to but could be fun:
-armor (more armor = smaller explosion as it would be contained, this would add to the 'pop' of civilian vessels)
-flux capacity (more flux = more boom)
-burn speed (more engines = more boom???)

There should be some probability function to modify the original explosion size for each of these, so sometimes you get a big boom, sometimes the normal or smaller.

Suggestions / Guardian PD
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:36:51 AM »
Taking an idea I had from the patch notes thread;
Quote from: Alex on January 06, 2013, 11:52:29 AM
Re: Guardian - right. Hmm. That's a tough one because you can manually turn off autofire when there's a danger of that, but it's awkward, and not always practical - especially if it's in a group with other PD that you still want firing. But I don't think making it only target missiles would work well, either - there are cases when you *do* want beam PD to fire at shields.

I see... yeah, sometimes i use burst lasers to give some extra soft flux to the enemy, but to use the Guardian i give up a large slot, so it's irritating to see it take a shot at an enemy shield, then take down a Mirv, then a Pilum volley, then take another shot at the shield, then kill some Annihilators and then see that missiles go past it because it used its charges on the shield, which in the meantime is perfectly holding... The problem is that if i want to use it to overload an enemy I need to concentrate only on his ship, otherwise it's pretty much only a waste of charges for little gain.  Sad
Damn, it's really tough. Maybe with the new on-hit effects something can be done... I'll try something and open a suggestion thread as soon as i come up with a valid idea.  Smiley

By the way, i noticed that hitting a missile with a EMP weapon like the Ion cannon doesn't shut it down like the EMP emitter does... Is this intended?  Smiley

It sounds like the logic we would like Guardian PD to use is:
For Charges <=5 only fire at missiles
Else fire as normal

That way it keeps a 'reserve' of 5 charges (or however many) to use on incoming missiles while still using it's base rate DPS plus a smaller burst reservoir on shields, fighters, etc.  If charges go below 5, then it holds off on firing at shields until they recharge above but would still be used on more incoming missiles.

This could be handy code to keep for all PD weapons with charges.

Bug Reports & Support / Fleet Point Exploit
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:34:51 AM »
Well, I really hate to post this as it's so fun to use right now, but...

When leveling up the character, you can exploit the reset feature to gain FP for free (and possibly all other perks from the different trees? haven't tested.)

To duplicate this, you:
1) Select leadership tree and the 5 FP skill

2) Reset your choices

3) Select any other tree and whatever skills you want.

You now have a higher FP cap even though you do not have the leadership or skill points.

This also works going from any level of leadership not just 0 ->1 -> 0

Suggestions / Change how ships are damaged upon retreating
« on: November 28, 2012, 08:49:31 AM »
I hadn't noticed this until now but as I re-engaged a pirate fleet after some ships retreated, I noticed that the damaged armor cells were scattered randomly across the ships, so they all had a "checkerboard" pattern of damage.

My suggestion is to change where the damage is applied.   I'd love to see the ships have damage applied across only two or three points (angles from the center) to simulate battle damage (perhaps usually to the rear, since they were retreating?)

It would add to the game immersion (when I re-engage, i notice that there's a large gaping hole in their starboard armor.. hmm my fleet must have gotten some good hits in on this one as it fled.)  In addition, it would bring a degree of tactical decision making to the next fight while not making the enemy uniformly weakened  (target the starboard side to take it down quicker, but now they can cover with their shield at the risk of opening up the armored port side.)

Suggestions / Ship Icons on the tactical map
« on: July 23, 2012, 12:03:36 PM »
A small suggestion.  In the tactical map the ship icons are displayed either all facing down (enemy) or up (ally) and two separate arrows, blue and red, denote ship vector and ship orientation.

Instead of two separate arrows, could instead the ship icon be rotated to display either vector or orientation and then only one arrow remain to denote the other?  I'm not sure which I'd prefer... I think probably ship orientation with an arrow for vector.

Currently the up/down orientation seems to be there so you could say quickly 'oh, that ship is an enemy' but we also have orange or green glows to show that which do a better job.  The up/down orientation is sometimes confusing when you're glancing at the map and an enemy ship that is retreating is shown pointing "down".  Often the arrows are hard to read quickly.

General Discussion / Hello
« on: May 20, 2012, 07:41:29 PM »
Hi everyone. 
Long(ish?  since 0.50) time lurker, first time poster! 
What a wonderful game and a fun group of devotees to it.  Looking forward to giving my .02 to the discussion.

 Just wanted to say hello and nice to meet you all, and ofc ballistics > energy, the Conquest is such a fun flagship to fly!

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