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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Mods / Re: [0.95a] Forge Production v1.0.3
« on: February 24, 2022, 01:14:36 AM »
I'm honestly asking for this mod's localization and drainage to our community( text will be proofreaded and tested during the whole process(including this topic), and Original author name, pages URL and authorization will be quoted when posting out.You can withdraw this localization at anytime.

Are you still there?

Still waiting for your permission to drainage this mod to

Great.Now I'll report the progress here.

All texts in the \data folder(except strings/tips.json) haved been localized and adjusted recently. Strings.json is under translation - it's a little bit hard to find out where these texts are displayed.

The following source code (.java) in \jar folder has been localized: [About Ambassdor, Template and VPC , 100%] [Texts showed in planetary main menu and market conditions, display pattern has been adjusted] [Simply translated , not tested yet.]

The current progress of localization is at 50%(or might be 40%? It depends on the amount of texts in the JAR)
-devmode and console will be used for further tests.

By the way, IndEvo.jar just got sucessfully complied last morning...I struggled for imports from shadowyards for hours, only to find some "work in progress" project that should be deleted. Stupid be me.XD

[Filted & Re-write]
# "Paperclip Maximizers" are explained as "Strong - but seems to be harmless - artificial intelligence".
# "Von Neumann automaton" is quoted at introduction text of Salvage Drone Replicator.
# Effect description text of ComArray. and AdInfra. in Colony interface is re-writed based on translator's playing experience. The original English text is a bit hard to comprehend ("The maximum bonus production"?It took me a while to find out that this has nothing to do with the number of production type, but just about the quantity)
# Edict: Trade Incentives and Edict: Forced Labour are redirected into a more subtle version to minimize the risk of disturbing readers.For historical reasons.

? Not found"C____  P_____"meme yet.Guess it has been removed before.

[Bug report]
! Edict: Hard Deadlines and Edict: Exact Clearances won't effect ScrapYards' hull production ,but they're still providing quality bonuses when the hull production >1.Addtional texts are added to emphasize this in this version.

?  cond.getName().contains() is very interesting.Are there any other functions that might break when something's name is changed? "Decivilized Subpopulation"condition in the original game was translated in our SS version, and "ubpopulation" won't work.How do I fix it?

?  "Ambassador" ranks and misc like "shortage"/"colonies" are noted "Might cause issues when traslated" in code comments. Just wondering why...

I do not wish for an apology or a clarification post on Fossic - the ones who caused this problem in the first place are not the people that are seeking dialogue now.

I can see a way to give permission - if, and only if - any translation work is done not directly, but interpreted. I don't care if the texts are perfectly accurate, the only thing I care about is that they can not be misunderstood and do not cause issues.

If there ever is another incident that ends with my ideology or motives questioned, with me being called racist, sexist or anything else -ist, if I am accused of anti-something behaviour, the mod is temporarily removed on fossic, and I notice it happening because people ask me about it in chats, I will rescind permission and have the mod taken down permanently.

This does not mean that no one can criticize me or the mod.
I do like feedback, and the Chinese community does bring up good points that I had not accounted for, simply by having another perspective. I also know that the tone and culture is rougher over there than it is here, and take no issue with it. Avoid politics, and everything will be fine.
Much appreciate, really. It's not a easy decision to make.

Being informed of such risks frightens a bit.Is that also easy to be questioned - and even cyberbullied - in your community?Normally I'd get rid of those *** social software and lay down for a while.

To protect the Mod-maker and contain the risk in a single environment, I'll declare this on the publish post - but it needs your additional consent:

"Interpretive translation:

Translators are additionally authorized to adjust the text and display pattern, add detailed information to make it more vivid and suited into local vocabulary/reading habits.

Memes and quotes should be wikied on the spot and fully explained to avoid disturbing the readers; Curt memes, complains, political metaphor and any other things that might be misunderstood and cause issues will be filted, and reported to the author.

If the author wishes, the localized semi-product can be provided to a trusted person for pre-release inspection.
Translator has the right of final text interpretation, and takes responsibility for all possible issues from it."

And plus, just mention it again:Original author name, pages URL and authorization screenshot will be quoted when posting out.You can withdraw the localized product at anytime.

Will you authorize this and give the permission to translate your mod?

Now, for this.

[texts posted before that went under edits]

Thank you for understanding.

Got it, and I understand. No need to say sorry, just feel free to complain,even venting out.

As your previous post mentions, now any progress is mothballed and will no longer be touched until something turn around. Later I'll contact Fucifa, telling him to make his own version.
(delayed until further reply)
Our community owes you a apology.Shall I set up a post and clarify this misinterpretation in Only a few veteran members still remember, and many players have long forgotten this.

And...emm, thank you for pointing out. I'll consider interpretive translation and searching beyond all my products (quotes like "Paperclip maximizer" should be wikied and fully-explained on the spot, without disturbing the readers).Curt memes and complains will be filt out.

There's no need to rush to reply.Before the final decision I'll wait there and respect whatever it is.

Just some chatting at there.
Guess foreign producers are really can be sensitive about this , right?

Getting antagonized is very common in our chatting groups - mostly just for some tiny, unimportant things - people just can get into quarrels in stand of their face and burn their mind for a whole day.Strangely most of us are still chatting with each other, hiding those conficts.

In any kind of community there's always some airheads, spilting their words everywhere and soonly forgot about the consequences. Some of our producers also fell into victims, they do not care anymore as they cannot actually get harmed except beating themselves up, in mood.

My suggestion is :Don't care about them, laugh at them. Just relax, things' not become that serious, normal players didn't change attitudes to you, and time will fade their memory.

If you have any other requests or worries, just write it down.

Sir,may I ask for your permission to translate your mod into Chinese and upload it to a Chinese Starsector forum?
Your mod is interesting.The embassy is exactly what the game lacks now.
Here's it's address:
Would appreciate it if you agree ;D
Fine, so I find this quote where @Fucifa had asked for the localization authorization.

This mod is actually amazing.Plentiful buildings and mechanisms greatly enhanced the whole-gaming experience,plus the new colonial items drawing players into a great pursuit of ...ehh.Nvidia GTX 470080 TI - Is that can really, exactly, possibly be published without any domainic issue?I hope my computer has that kind XD.

Nevermind~So here come's the serious part:

I've been in contact with @Fucifa recently. and actually -- there's no fully translated product yet, as he just "got dumped into the fking infinite academic papers" and cannot move a single cursor.Now I'm honestly re-asking for your permission.

Would you like translating your mod and drain it to our community(

The text will be proofreaded and tested during the whole process(including the text under this topic). Original author name, pages URL and authorization screenshot will be quoted when posting out.You can withdraw this localization at anytime - Just contact with me, or you can set up a date/update beyond which we should ask for permission again.

Now the semi-product has been nullified and I'm reconstructing the text, without exception the localized version can be published several days later.

Gonna appreciate it if you nod a head.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Forge Production v1.0.3
« on: December 24, 2021, 08:23:57 AM »
Awesome idea.An industry model within a ship could significantly extend the sustainability for fleets outside of the coresector, making long-term exploration possible(as you can get ores/volatile from planets,in Nexerelin).

insteresting that import-process-export cycle now seems to be a little bit profitable.

I'm honestly asking for this mod's localization and drainage to our community( text will be proofreaded and tested during the whole process(including this topic), and Original author name, pages URL and authorization will be quoted when posting out.You can withdraw this localization at anytime.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Supply Forging 1.41
« on: December 22, 2021, 12:53:38 AM »
Nice mod and I like it.
@PureDesire had just stuck at the source code compiling and the whole localization process stopped for a couple of,maybe months.May I take over his work and post it to our community?( Original author name, pages URL and Authorization will be quoted,and you can cancel this at anytime.

ps:Of course not google translation;)
com the .jar has been complied and transfered to pre-translator,it's just a matter of time for him to complete and post the localized version.

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