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Personal theory: There were no ships of the actual expedition force left by the time the pursuit happened so the pursuit counted as a battle against the regular forces?

Was going to guess that, yeah. And actually - I'm not sure without checking - but just fighting against another fleet pulled into the battle would probably also cause the full reputation hit. The message is confusing in this case, though. I mean, it's technically correct - engaging that fleet won't cause any changes to your standing! - but other fleets are involved. So, yeah, confusing. Let me make an note, thank you for the report!
The previous two battles also involved a lot of "bystander" fleets (including the Battlestation defending the planet) and didn't cause any rep loss.

In this game Sindria declared an expedition with a saturation bombardment over fuel export market shares (is that even a vanilla thing? I've never had that happen before) at a starting rep of around +40. Because I was offended by that I parked in orbit of Sindria with the intention of annihilating as many of their fleets in the skirmish as possible. I fought the two fleets of the expedition separately since they trundled in there one by one. After the second fleet plus a lot of other guards were defeated the remains (like 1-2 ships) of the expedition fleet engaged me again, I wiped the floor with them and everybody they ever loved again but after the battle and the pursuit I get the rep penalty as if I had declared war. Even though the start of the battle told me there would be no rep penalty and it didn't ask me about declaring war either.

Personal theory: There were no ships of the actual expedition force left by the time the pursuit happened so the pursuit counted as a battle against the regular forces?

While this game is modded I think this was a result of the base game's mechanics.

The log doesn't seem to contain anything useful.

Suggestions / Re: combat boarding
« on: July 29, 2021, 03:07:25 AM »
ya know, the vulcan is extraemely powerful at finishing off a ship whose shields & armor are deleted. Not accounting for the PD, you could change the vulcan to fire boarding pods & nothing else & it would work as a boarding thing. The "frag" damage it deals is just an abstraction of the damage the boarders can do to the damaged ship before the defenders stop that boarder

Is that still the case? Frag damage feels pretty weak now that residual armor is a thing.

then let it go trough the chain with only alpha cores again
Printed ships cannot be deconstructed (or reverse engineered I believe, so no copying that rare ship to get enough for a blueprint). That also means that when you find a ship as a forge template you can't make copies of it.

regarding this:
so a random thought

Can i disassemble a zigg for more ziggs?

That's not blacklisted?


Quick question, I've been reading the last few posts here about forging ships with S mods and all that good stuff, but in the last implementation of the mod I played with (I believe it was 1.8c) going through the whole chain of deconstructing to template making to rebuilding from template, there was 3 degree of "automated ship construction" penalty hullmod of varying severity and even under best case scenario you ended up with hull which had random breakdowns mid fight.

Is this changed in the newest 2.2f build? If you AI core/otherwise buff industries can you end up with hulls that don't have random breakdowns?

I tried to track back in the changelog as far as it dates back in the main post but I didn't find anything about that.

Printing Defects is a regular d-mod and can be removed with a Restore, the restoration dock or just the Field Repairs skill and some waiting.

Suggestions / Re: Asteroid navigation sensor hullmod
« on: July 27, 2021, 10:58:05 PM »
Personally I always go sensor first since I do a lot of exploring and spotting hostiles before they spot me is pretty useful, also faster sneaking...

Suggestions / Re: Asteroid navigation sensor hullmod
« on: July 27, 2021, 09:35:37 AM »
Sensor skill makes it possible to move “slowly” at burn 8 which is not slow at all, thus I don’t think any hullmod should be able to mitigate the asteroid impact completely especially regarding knocking off course effect.

You can do the same through hyperspace storms but solar shielding still reduces that.

General Discussion / Re: Story points
« on: July 27, 2021, 07:30:50 AM »
Early on I'd suggest using them fairly liberally even on things like avoiding battles since the bonus experience isn't just for getting the next story point but also the next skill point and you want those skill points. Also I'm not sure but is the commission salary based on your character level? Even more reason to make sure you have a lot of bonus XP early on.

General Discussion / Re: May have soft-locked one of my saves
« on: July 27, 2021, 07:28:31 AM »
I guess the plot armor should be expanded to tutorial quest steps too?

Suggestions / Re: Asteroid navigation sensor hullmod
« on: July 27, 2021, 07:25:45 AM »
Or just do the opposite, give heavy armor the ability to reduce asteroid impact damage.

Might be good too but would leave out all the ships you don't want to stick that on, plus you still get bounced around by the impact.

Suggestions / Asteroid navigation sensor hullmod
« on: July 27, 2021, 03:38:49 AM »
Decreases the odds of an asteroid strike while in an asteroid belt based on how many of your total DP are equipped with the hull mod. Should probably top out at something like 1/10th of the DP since it should be enough to outfit the logistics ships of the fleet with such a sensor. Though realistically I expect people will demand more benefits than just asteroid avoidance from a hull mod, like how solar shielding also gives -20% energy damage in combat?

I wish that I could have a pool of a dozen or so LP kites with hammers to send out in batches as the enemy deploys certain ships.
however it is really hard to justify the fleet spot for a ship that will probably last less than a minute...

I think at some point the intended approach for getting that many torpedo bombers would be fielding a carrier.

Suggestions / Re: why can i dock at stations under siege?
« on: July 26, 2021, 02:36:33 PM »
This only begs a larger question... why can't fleets blockade ports/space stations in the game?  Game already literally has an accessibility stat to measure a colony's access to the sector, so why is there no blockade behavior (besides the obvious answer that it will be added later, prolly around the same time a player's colonies can finally start sending attack fleets out).

The station is dominating the orbit, I don't think a blockade fleet would be able to operate within the station's area of influence and the area immediately outside of the station's range is too large for a single fleet to effectively cover. The closest thing to a blockade is hanging around and raiding convoys.

So wait, that's worth using?
I kinda just viewed it as an inferior reverse engineering...
If you install alpha cores in the forge and disassembler the produced ships will have additional s-mods (which don't take up your manual s-mod slots, you can even get a third logistics hull mod this way) at the cost of a bunch of d-mods that you can get rid of the normal way. One of the d-mods is particularly nasty since it makes all your weapons and engines get malfunctions so you'll likely want to clear that one out before sending the ship into serious battles. The process will also duplicate all s and d-mods on the ship you disassembled so doing the s-modding first and then copying the ship will save you a few more SP.

Mind you, it IS a lot of fuss and money for often relatively minor bonuses but if you want to squeeze every last bit of performance out of a ship it can be worth doing.

Huh, I just got Safety Overrides s-modded into a frigate by the Hull Forge. Dunno if you want that to happen as a special bonus for running the Forge pipeline but it seems unlikely.
intentional, nothing's off limits for the forge since it's a real hassle to get it to work

what the hell is the forge pipeline? this sounds like some sort of industry allowing me to have even more S mods in my hulls. do i just build it or what is it?

also how can i change up what my ships get? expanded missile racks for the omen are kind of useless tbh

That's how I refer to the chain of disassembler -> forge -> laboratory since it's a production pipeline you can use to make fancier ships.

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