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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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When a fleet catches you in their territory, even if you're mortal enemies, they give you the whole "turn your transponder on" spiel with rep loss for being found and then for refusing to enable the transponder and THEN you get the option to open fire at them. Seems kinda odd to get dinged for two transponder related things before you then proceed to murder the entire patrol force (which of course dings you again). Can't we just respond to that query by immediately proceeding into combat?

Getting marines from the Military tab requires quite a bit of rank, not just a basic commission, even though you can just buy an equal amount on the open market and unless you've really antagonized the whole sector you can just visit a few different places to buy some open market marines. So maybe have Military marines start out with some experience? Not much but to give that "unlock" some value.

General Discussion / Is Light Industry only really for Free Ports?
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:24:44 AM »
Light Industry produces pretty low value exports unless you flip on the free port mode and it starts making drugs which then make you a LOT of money. The markets for domestic and luxury goods are pretty small, even with the upgrade item you're not getting a lot of money from them. Is there a significant value to a legal light industry operation or should you only ever build it on free ports?

Does anyone intentionally use the ability to go over the limits for cargo, fuel or crew at a cost of 0.1 supplies per day per item? I only ever use that on accident, when I don't notice that I'm slightly over the limit (as the red part of the bar is barely visible then). It's just so extremely expensive that it doesn't seem ever worth it. My current fleet has 5.2 thousand points of cargo space and costs 4.2 supplies per day, going 10% over my limit would cost 52 supplies per day, more than 12 times my fleet's maintenance.

General Discussion / Does Pather interest above 10 matter?
« on: April 21, 2021, 11:01:51 PM »
Pather cells seem to go active at 10 interest, is there any effect to raising their interest even more, like a higher frequency of sabotage attempts?

Suggestions / Make Longbow's missile faster
« on: April 21, 2021, 10:53:30 PM »
The Longbow's Sabot missile will usually arrive after the torpedo volleys from the other bombers on the carrier. It's longer range and much slower than the torpedoes. Carriers can't stagger the bomber attacks so the Longbows attack first. I think you can somewhat force them to arrive at the same time by moving the carrier REAL close to the target but that's obviously not what carriers are supposed to do.

I know that'll make them even harder to intercept but I have no other idea for making the Longbows work together with other bombers.

I have Auxiliary Support in my game just for some messing around, my flagship is a Prometheus Mk2 with MilSub and Assault Package. I have no other MilSub ships in my fleet. When I get into a fight my ship's hull starts at 22000 which would indicate a bonus of 100% that Aux Sup should only give with at most 5 DP of MilSub ships. However the ship loadout screen shows the correct value of ~13k and if I use the Simulator with that ship it spawns at that 13k hull value.

I'm not sure if stats besides hull are affected but that's the easiest to read. It's still not crazy powerful since civilian hull ships are generally not THAT awesome but probably still needs fixing (and then maybe a rebalance to the Auxiliary Support concept).

With a Hegemony commission I'm effectively a member of the Hegemony, right? Seems like their relays and buoys should affect me too and I should be able to claim enemy relays and buoys in their name (obviously not in ways that would cause a war).

Suggestions / More ways for Alpha cores to go rogue
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:54:44 PM »
The whole sector is built around the fear of AI but for the player AI is almost a universal benefit with the main drawback that other factions may hate you out of fear. That makes them come across as wrong and narrow-minded while the enlightened player has nothing to fear. Alpha Cores may go rogue if you try to remove them from a colony administration role but why would you do that anyway besides trying to move the core to another colony where it would do better work or maybe trying to dodge a Hegemony inspection?

Alpha core admins make the tier 5 skills of the industry and leadership paths completely pointless (except for the raid bonus on ground ops), they make hiring administrators doubly undesirable as you get better performance without paying wages and they are the only way to go past 5 colonies without penalties. The prevailing wisdom is pretty much just "use alpha cores for all colonies"

It would be interesting if alpha cores had more potential consequences, e.g. if a colony with military or heavy industry buildings could sometimes produce Remnant fleets to terrorize their system. Or embezzling money for its own purposes. I don't think outright stealing a colony would be a good idea, that sounds like frustration central (though maybe it could "occupy" a colony, disabling it entirely until you raid it or defeat some sort of defense fleet).

Just some more ways for AI cores to screw with you and demonstrate that AI use is an actual risk, not just something the luddites fear for no reason.

Although it would be highly fitting thematically I'm not sure captured Remnant ships should go rogue since you need an expensive and limited skill to use them. Thematically they should have loads of drawbacks, including other factions reacting to you blatantly flying illegal ships in your fleet but the skill's value is already questionable enough as-is.

Suggestions / List DP and hull size in ship tooltip
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:32:28 AM »
I know DP match the stats for maintenance and recovery but both of those can be modified so it can be annoying to read, plus new players may not know that those stats always match.

The hull size can be difficult to guess with a newly encountered ship, especially non-combat ones.

In theory the Auxiliary Support skill could be powerful with something low DP though it's unlikely that you get more than one ship or maybe 2 shuttles with any decent sort of bonus.

There are some relatively large ships available with pretty low DP that have civ hull and you don't have to stay strictly below 5 DP, it doesn't drop off THAT fast. I've experimented with a Colossus MK2 (pather cruiser), it still gets 6x bonuses from the skill provided you have only it and no other militarized ships (which may be too restrictive). So with assault package it has +60% flux capacity, +30% armor, +60% hull. You can get rid of Ill-Advised Modifications like any other d-mod so you got a basic hull with SO and a hammer barrage built in. Sadly there's not a lot of OP for any real potential left tho. Militarizing AND sticking a package on top costs 24 OP already so s-modding something is practically mandatory to make this ship worth anything. Sticking dual MGs and vulcans on the front makes a decent shield buster since it takes next to no flux and SO does let you get fairly close, once the shields get lowered it's hammer time.

Not sure a 9 DP self-propelled hammer barrage is worth that much effort though.

For reference, the Prometheus Mk2 has a 2.4x bonus and the Atlas Mk2 a 2.9x one

The CR system tries to send us one message: Bring spares, swap out your tired ships for new ones. But the way supplies and skills work we're strongly discouraged from bringing more than what's absolutely necessary so we're more likely to stick peak time boosters on our ships to negate the effects of the CR system instead of bringing spare ships.

That wouldn't fix the logistical drain of spare ships but I hope it would at least help?

Suggestions / Recover as mothballed
« on: April 10, 2021, 03:14:21 PM »
Often when recovering ships I find that I don't have enough crew to staff them so I'll immediately pause and mothball them before they can cause a CR decay for the rest of my fleet. I'd like to have them marked as mothballed after recovery. Or am I missing some key combo?

With skills no longer buffing rare item finds I haven't seen a single Pristine Nanoforge drop from anywhere in my current playthrough and I only have a few token systems left to explore (mostly due to high Remnant threat). In the previous version they may have been a bit too common but this seems excessive too. Especially with Industry skills making d-mods pretty close to a non-issue so the quality boost is no longer a huge selling point. Other industry +3 boosters aren't THAT rare but Heavy Industry is the one market segment you can't easily get a large share on.

The most I've found on gas giants by exploration was abundant volatiles (+1). There are ones with plentiful volatiles (+2) in the core systems but procedurally generated ones seem to be capped at +1, other planet types seem capable of +2 though. I'm looking for a place to use that gas giant mining device.

Seems odd if the core worlds let gas giants have traits they can't have in the wild, these don't seem like they're relevant to the way the core worlds work.

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