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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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General Discussion / How many units of heavy machinery do you carry?
« on: August 09, 2021, 10:44:58 PM »
Some tasks just require you to have a stock of heavy machinery, dunno why since that's not difficult to get past the first hour or so and doesn't take up that much space in anything except a pure frigate fleet with no freighters but it means you can't just sell your whole stack of HM, you gotta split it and keep some.

Personally I carry 200 units with me at all times but I forgot how I arrived at that number. Could probably drop that to 100 or so?

That would produce genuinely AI-designed ships rather than having humans guess what an AI might make.

In this game Sindria declared an expedition with a saturation bombardment over fuel export market shares (is that even a vanilla thing? I've never had that happen before) at a starting rep of around +40. Because I was offended by that I parked in orbit of Sindria with the intention of annihilating as many of their fleets in the skirmish as possible. I fought the two fleets of the expedition separately since they trundled in there one by one. After the second fleet plus a lot of other guards were defeated the remains (like 1-2 ships) of the expedition fleet engaged me again, I wiped the floor with them and everybody they ever loved again but after the battle and the pursuit I get the rep penalty as if I had declared war. Even though the start of the battle told me there would be no rep penalty and it didn't ask me about declaring war either.

Personal theory: There were no ships of the actual expedition force left by the time the pursuit happened so the pursuit counted as a battle against the regular forces?

While this game is modded I think this was a result of the base game's mechanics.

The log doesn't seem to contain anything useful.

Suggestions / Asteroid navigation sensor hullmod
« on: July 27, 2021, 03:38:49 AM »
Decreases the odds of an asteroid strike while in an asteroid belt based on how many of your total DP are equipped with the hull mod. Should probably top out at something like 1/10th of the DP since it should be enough to outfit the logistics ships of the fleet with such a sensor. Though realistically I expect people will demand more benefits than just asteroid avoidance from a hull mod, like how solar shielding also gives -20% energy damage in combat?

When you pick a place inside the system it's pretty clear, the one closest to the target but when you're selecting the star from the sector map (e.g. because you haven't explored the system yet) I have no idea how it decides on one, doesn't seem to be either the closest to the star or the closest to your fleet. Is there real logic there or just "pick the first from an unordered list"?

It's rare but the sudden declaration of war from your commissioned faction could leave you in the middle of a bunch of previously friendly fleets suddenly turning hostile, it'd be good if your faction gave you a heads up (maybe a few days or so) before declaring war so you can make sure you're not caught out of position when things kick off.

Probably more for a crazy ship in a mod or something: Generates a temporary pocket dimension for flux storage. Removes the ship's flux storage limit while active but when the activation timer (should probably be tens of seconds) runs out the pocket dimension collapses and everts all the stored flux into the ship's systems. If this exceeds the ship's capacity it immediately overloads and stays overloaded until its normal dissipation manages to purge all that surplus flux, even if it takes minutes. So the pilot should vent before that timer expires. Probably should penalize mobility on high overloads too, many ships are still decent at running away while overloaded and that just. won't. do. Add further downsides as necessary, perhaps even EMP lightning arcing to nearby allies once the overload is on.

Basically go berserk for a while, with guns blazing and limitless shields but get really punished if you don't manage to kill everything before the timer is up.

Suggestions / Commissioned factions should offer you some blueprints
« on: July 07, 2021, 07:02:56 AM »
It feels a bit silly that you have easier access to the blueprints of hostile factions via raiding than your own faction. Maybe have your faction offer you their basic blueprint package after proving yourself somewhat? Doesn't have to be all the fancy stuff that you'd need a high rank to buy on the military market but a starter pack would be nice. Even if we consider that the player should theoretically buy ships from the military market that won't help for player faction patrol fleets and such.

I tried installing Starsector on my GPD Win 3, that's a laptop shaped roughly like a Switch. The problem is that its screen reports only 1280x720 and 1280x600 as available resolutions, Starsector complains that it can't find 1024x768 and thus won't start. Is there any way to make that work?

Looking at the resolution list on my desktop it seems that the game won't accept any vertical resolution below 768?

I have way too many ISS-something ships in my fleet despite having my own faction prefix.

Currently the behavior for allies to a station in a battle is to wait behind the station, somewhat preventing the enemy from surrounding it but mostly just waiting for the station to die before joining the battle (or more likely retreating) with only a few ships occasionally flying out towards the fight. I think they should at least position themselves to the side of the station, narrowing the enemy attack arc and getting more opportunities to shoot. Going in front may be counterproductive since it would block the station's lines of fire but the sides or slightly ahead of the sides should work?

What's the reasoning behind the current positioning?

General Discussion / Your second in command seems absurdly good
« on: May 28, 2021, 12:41:53 AM »
It feels like the second in command gets results you could never get in an actual engagement, send a tempest and a scarab after a whole fleet and only a few token ships will make it out alive. Send an Astral after an escaping force of destroyers and frigates, again most of them dead when playing it out would just see the Astral slowly limping after them, doing nothing. Now I understand that losing ships would be frustrating so sending an underpowered force in pursuit shouldn't lose you those ships but it does feel odd that the second in command is so effective at wiping out what would otherwise be pretty evasive ships or enough firepower to simply destroy your pursuit force. Guess it's necessary to let the player clean up pirate raiders without endless ineffective pursuits?

The after battle recovery option should be green like other story point options if there are only difficult recoveries available (unless of course it would be yellow to indicate recovery of your own lost ships) to save us the click when we don't plan on using story points.

Suggestions / Paying the tithe should improve your reputation
« on: May 15, 2021, 02:41:59 PM »
I know pathers asking for a tithe is a shakedown but it feels like someone paying that regularly should look enough like a devout believer that they should be considered less of an enemy. I mean, it shows a lot of friendliness to not just open fire on the pathers without even listening to their spiel...

Suggestions / Make Cryosleeper increase the maximum colony size?
« on: May 13, 2021, 07:33:35 AM »
With the size 6 cap the cryosleepers just don't seem as valuable in 0.95 as they were before. Sizes above 6-7 are really hard to reach without a cryosleeper but when you cap out at size 6 the need is quite limited and the colony's growth phase relatively short. Given that you'll have at least a somewhat significant force already to kill the boss guarding the sleeper it's likely that you have a relatively large colony already by the time you can access the sleeper. It makes for a nice bonus if you happen to find a sleeper covering places you'd want to colonize anyway but it's no longer the case that you want to grab a colony just because a sleeper is available.

So allowing a colony with sleeper access to grow to size 7 would be a nice reward for settling near one of them.

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