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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Modding / [0.95.1] Appro-Light Plus 0.6.3 (Authorized Translation)
« on: May 10, 2023, 11:22:06 AM »
Appro-Light Plus
Mod by: Originem (Original Fossic Post)
English Version Download Link: Google Drive

Requires 0.95.1 versions ofLazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib (and Appro-Light, of course)

An expansion for the Appro-Light mod. Contains a number of new ships and weapons for the Appro-Light faction, as well as the following pieces of content:

Ancient Secrets
A line of quite literally mythical "low tech" ships that are occasionally used by the Appro-Light faction, and can still utilize Appro-Light's hullmods: as well as the addition of two new Built-In Coordination Devices of their design. It's said that a particular person on an Appro-Light planet could be contacted about them...

Knights Arbiter
A "boss faction" which will spawn in a random system on the edges of the Sector after some time has passed. They utilize Remnant ships in their fleets: their actual ships cannot be recovered when spawned in Arbiters fleets, but instead can drop the blueprints for both their ships and weapons (the weapons can be normally acquired as drops from their fleets).

And more...?

Translation Credits:
DeepL: Machine translation software
Unofficial Starsector Chat (Discord): For letting me bounce my ideas off of them and/or giving useful suggestions
Special mentions to: Ansari and Avanitia for spotting my mistakes

And of course:

Originem for making the mod
Proof of authorization:


0.6.3 (requires ApproLight 1.2.0):
-Three new MagicBounties with unique ship rewards: Sevengate, Almera(improved Phasing Chimera), and Zhao Huoya(improved Bifang)
-Related to the above: the Sevengate is no longer able to be found as a blueprint, and its DP has been increased to 49. However, the 1% chance per month to appear in Gilbert's Requisitions still exists.
-Optimized variants accordingly with ApproLight 1.2.0

Archimedes buff: weapons firing the same type of missile as what is mounted in the boosted medium slot gain an additional 100% ammo (same as expanded missile racks)
Nine-Headed Phoenix buff: shield efficiency 1.0->0.8


Modding / [0.96a/"0.97"] Appro-Light 1.3.3 (Authorized Translation)
« on: May 01, 2023, 02:24:10 PM »
The Appro-Light Council

Mod by: Originem (Original Fossic Post)
English Version Download Link: Google Drive

(Note: while technically an 0.96 version of the mod, changing the version number works fine for 0.97).

RequiresLazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Adds the high-tech Appro-Light Council faction to the core worlds, located in the Agustin system located approximately near Duzahk. Their ships have an incredible variety of unique systems, hullmods, and weapons - to the extent that trying to describe it here would be a veritable wall of text (Ludd knows I already have a wall of text in the "Main Content" section...)
Faction lore:
After the Collapse, at the end of the First AI War, a small group of Tri-Tachyon employees accidentally discovered a technological black box during an expedition towards the Orion-Perseus Abyss, the main content of which was the specifications for a "Deuterium-Antideuterium Reactor"; in addition to some conceptual technical data with mysterious alien technology that was seemingly incompatible with this universe's laws of physics. The employees agreed that none of them would report the discovery to their superiors, and formed the "Illuminati" to begin parsing it in cooperation with some of the artificial intelligences that had secretly and illegally left the corporation's network. Their progress was extraordinarily slow at first, but after decades, the "original man", Truth Originem, joined and gave a major boost to their research - behind the scenes, of course.

During this long period of time, some of the members of the Illuminati rose in their careers, became rising stars among Tri-Tachyon's employees, and even took to the political arena. By coincidence, Truth Originem, who was caught in the political upheaval, ending up becoming the CEO of the Danae Project, which was the ostensible leader of the Libra Accord Committee, transferring all of the Illuminati's resources to the Agustin system. But Truth Originem's ambition went beyond Tri-Tachyon's imagination: with the assistance of some Tri-Tachyon insurrectionists, he colluded with Ouroboros, the former governor of a Hegemony colony. Taking advantage of the Second AI war, he severed the superior-subordinate relationship with Tri-Tachyon. The terrible regime known as the Appro-Light Council was quietly created overnight, and with the support of their allies, the Foundation of Borken, became a truly powerful dictatorship with highly sophisticated technology.

Ship Preview(large image warning):

Main Content(wall of text Warning):

Unos Station
-Must be commissioned/allied with Appro-Light and have at least Friendly relations to access.
-If you have less than 50 supplies, once a month you can request a small amount (100) of supplies.
-On the 7th of every month, you can meet with the Speaker and improve your relations with him by bribe- err, donating credits to him.
--At 30 relations, you can get missions to hunt the Immortal-Light Front, with rewards including, but not limited to, Prime Blueprints, Prime Parts, AI Cores, in addition to Gil.
--At 100 relations, you are rewarded with a special clone officer with an additional skill for free.

Clone Officers
-All Appro-Light officers have a ~33% chance of being replaced by a clone. They come in various "models", affecting their special (free) skill, Thread Synchronization, which improves their ship's flux performance.

Gilbert's Requisitions
-Can be contacted via the comms directory at any Appro-Light colony.
-After applying for a card, purchase Prime parts, AI cores, high-grade weapons, etc. with Gil, exchanged for credits or earned by doing missions for Truth Originem.
-The relationship with Truth Originem also determines the level of the card, which in turn gives you a discount: at the maximum relation level, you are given a level 5 card, with a 20% discount.
-The (ordinary) exchange rate of credits to Gil is 1000:1

Chaos Rift
-Located in the upper-left corner of the Agustin system, guarded by Immortal-Light's fleets.
-Visiting the rift allows you to construct Prime ships from Prime blueprints and the requisite Prime parts.
-Immortal-Light's fleets will scale with the player's strength and over time infinitely.

Blade of Conviction
-The forces of Keel Higgs, will continually refresh Advance Sin-Cleanser fleets to attack Immortal-Light at the Chaos Rift, provided the Higgs fleet still exists. Their doctrine is (almost) identical to Immortal-Light's.
-Immortal-Light fleets will drop Contaminated Wreckage, which can be sold to Keel for credits and to gain relations.
-At Cooperative relations with Keel, they can "purify" the Immortal-Light Isomery of a ship in your fleet once per month.

Dynasty Seeker
-After acquiring any Prime part by any means, obtain the mission "Invitation from the Dynasty".
-After completing that mission, on every odd month a Secret Prime Meeting will occur on a random non-hidden market, where you can contact the Seeker to trade your Prime parts for AI cores, blueprints, or other Prime parts.

Mysterious Lockbox
-Purchased for an exorbitant sum at an Appro-Light bar, finding the password and unlocking this strange thing rewards you with the blueprint for the Doctorate-class battleship.

Mist Broadcast Bombs
-Once you are neutral or higher to Appro-Light, you can spend a few story points at the abandoned Breaking Mist Generator to acquire a factory which lets you produce bombs which take effect on the campaign level.

Laplace Conversion
-Requires Diable Avionics.
-At a Diable bar, you can convert a Pandemonium-class dreadnought (and 800,000 credits) into an Appro-Light version.

Spectre Pioneers
-Every 15 days, if the Spectre Pioneers do not exist (or have been destroyed), they are spawned to patrol the Agustin system.
-This fleet has some special variants it can use, and provided its flagship has not been salvaged, it will always be captained by the same person, with a special flagship: Tenshi, and the unique Scholar of Iniquity.

Exile Outpost
-A silent fleet orbiting Imhotep.
-Inspired by a certain Appro-Light fanfic (Fossic link)

Cyberpunk Bartender Action
-Located in the bar at Spectre Nest, Jill somehow arrived in the Sector. You can talk to her to learn more about Appro-Light.
-The crossover was authorized.

For the 0.96 update:
-several balance changes
-imported all approlightplus content not tied to Ancient Secrets or Knights Arbiter
(Check the Changelog_EN file for the actual changelog)

Proof of Authorization:

Additional Important Notes:
On AI content:

Some may remember that Appro-Light had crash code contained with if the "Fairy Empire" mod (or other mods by the same author) are installed. However, that is removed (with permission) from the translated version.

DeepL: machine translation software
The Unofficial Starsector Discord for letting me bounce their ideas off of them and offering suggestions

And of course:

Originem for making the mod (and also offering helpful advice too, for that matter)

Loulan Industries

Original mod by Komeiji Satori/IMustRegroupMyForces (Original Fossic post)

Download links for translated versions: Google Drive 0.95.1 0.96

"Loulan Industries: pummeling enemies into space dust with high-precision weaponry since cycle 127."

Requires the appropriate versions of LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Faction blurb:
127 years after the collapse, Mirage SouthWind, CEO of SouthWind Metals Corporation, which controls Adenium Obesum, found that staying in the Persean League would only allow corrupt warlords and dictators to drain them of value till there was nothing left, and only leaving the Persean League could allow them a chance to survive in the chaotic post-Collapse Sector. So he united a great deal of arms dealers, factory owners, smugglers, and even pirates to establish LouLan Industries and announced their secession from the Persean League. Although the official law within the Persean League states that no Persean League members may force any other member to stay in the League, LouLan has been sanctioned by more than a few of their former partners as well as the League's ally, the Tri-Tachyon Corporation.

Although Loulan ships all look similar, they cover a variety of different design philosophies: however, almost all of their ships can utilize beams to great effect thanks to the Beam Mode Conversion hullmod, which the special built-in hullmods on their ships boosts considerably. You can use their hullmods to either engage in a risk-reward playstyle, or perform some simple yet effective buffs. They also possess a number of highly specialized weapons (though also some generalists).
Ship catalogue preview(large image warning):

Decaying Armory changed to increase weapon flux generation instead of reducing weapon damage, accordingly point bonus has been changed from 4 to 3 (still a very big downside on ships with lots of weapon slots)
Hopefully fixed Synergistic Fleet (AGAIN)

Hotfix to hopefully make Synergistic Fleet work properly

Fixed the issue where Loulan fighters did not require crew (besides the Mist)
(Hopefully) fixed the issue where the Mist was not able to be installed on automated ships
[Ship Systems]
Phase Splinter (aka Gonggong system): energy damage reduced by 75%, additional self knockback, but now deals EMP damage equal to the energy damage

Added and adjusted UNGP rules
Tweaked the two main LLI Protocols
A round of nerfs to destroyers/frigates due to hullmod buffs
River:                         Speed 120>100, Dissipation 120>100 (it's a survey ship, shouldn't be that strong in combat anyways)
Cascade:                       Speed 75>60, Shield eff. 0.8>1.0, Shield upkeep 0.4>0.5, shield arc 180>120, capacity 4750>4000 (too strong for 9 DP destroyer, especially shield)
Wildfire(formerly Fireburn)    Speed 120>105, Capacity 4500>3500 (capacity was too good for a 7 DP destroyer)
Wave:                          Speed 60>50
Wave(M):                       Speed 60>50
Volcano:                       Speed 80>75
Heatwave(formerly Warmfront):  Speed 90>85
Tide:                          Armor 700>500, hull 8000>6500       
Tide(T):                       Armor 700>500, hull 8000>6500 (flux, maneuverability, and speed are same as the base Tide; other attributes simply match its lower DP)
Magma:                         Capacity 7000>6000
Hanba:                         Shield eff. 0.6>0.7
Fog:                           # of fighters 4>3
Cliff System                   Base mode overall effects increased by 50%; buff to missile speed/maneuver changed into debuff
LLI Rifleman Protocol          Zero-flux speed boost will be increased by an amount equal to the speed debuff, range boost 75/150/225/300>100/200/300/400
LLI Commando Protocol          Zero-flux speed boost will be reduced by an amount equal to the speed buff (nobody uses it, anyways)
Altered the "questline" to allow some limited exchange with the NPC. More will be added in the future
New UNGP rule: Synergistic Fleet, having multiple copies of the flagship in a fleet will reduce the DP of those ships (including the flagship itself)
Added some new VFX

Lop Nur line:
   Damage 3000>2500
   Hull 1000>600
   Shield 500>400
   Top Speed 120>100
Spotter Multibeam:
   Burst DPS 750>450 (flux efficiency remains 1.0)
   Ammo capacity 40>20
   Ammo regenerated 10>20
   Ammo recovery rate increased by 33%
Chaos Armament: Damage of each type of munition reduced by 1/3

Wave(M): No longer spawns in NPC fleets, nor is it a part of the Loulan package: instead is its own special BP. Also added some additional description text
Seaquake: Top speed 50>60, Flux capacity 10,000>11,000,OPs 145>160
Gonggong:Ship system replaced with "Splinter Burst", dealing energy damage to the target and pushing both ships away from each other. High-Density Shield conversion efficiency 50%>75%, Flux dissipation 150>200,Shield upkeep ratio 3.0>2.4
Tornado: DP 55>60
El Nino: DP 40>45,top speed 60>50
Flood: DP 45>40, Shield arc 120>150
Karni:DP 50>55
Naga: DP 20>22, shield arc 150>120, modular hangar replaced with built-in Mist wing

Mercury Lake: 4 Burst PD Lasers removed, instead has a Quad Vulcan (the Transmission Beam is retained)
Mist: Light Transmission Beam DPS 75>50, range 1000>800 (also applies to Mudslide). Number of fighters 6>5, OP cost 4>6, replacement time 5>8s

[Ship Systems]
Quantum Recursion: Projectiles are now fired over a period of 2s rather than all at once
   Fixed the bugs, now you can surely copy special projectiles to your heart's content (though I would still reccomend saving before experimenting)
Thunder Charge: Duration 4>3s, arc damage 100>80 fragmentation, alteration/optimization text adjusted for clarification
Eruption Vector: Renamed to "Transient Vector", reworked effect, added new visual effects

Fixed a very edge case bug
[Ship Systems]
Catastrophe Beacon no longer applies acceleration, simply rotating the missile(s).
   Consequently, it is much more likely to actually attract missiles to the target.

DeepL: Machine translation software

The Unofficial Starsector Discord in general for letting me bounce my thoughts off of them
Special mention to Lortus for working on the translation before passing it on to me

And of course:
Komeiji Satori/IMustRegroupMyForces for making the mod

Proof of authorization:

If you have any feedback, I'll do my best to share it with the mod author provided it's constructive and/or detailed enough. And provided they haven't changed the relevant thing already.

Mods / [0.97] Goathead Aviation Bureau - EN Edition [v. 1.8.9]
« on: February 08, 2023, 04:08:21 PM »
Goathead Aviation Bureau

Original mod by Mimeio(Original Fossic post)

"The friction between speed and firepower makes sparks in the shining Sector. Welcome to the Goathead Aviation Bureau."

Download link for translated ver:Google Drive

Requires LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Faction blurb:
After a lengthy evacuation process, the Aviation Bureau eventually settled in two restored orbital stations, located in the Taivassija system south-west of the Core Worlds. Their ships are roughly analogous to "midline" design philosophy: tending towards high firepower and/or speed, but most ships lack solid armor and shields (there are exceptions, of course).


2024 3 2
Updated for 0.97a

#Content adjustments
Improved visuals for Storm Surge
Improved visuals for Phase Lunge
Improved visuals for some weapons' projectiles
Improved some descriptions
Improved ship lighting maps

Reworked Pounder Compact Cannon

Reduced cooldowns for a few ship systems
Temporal Weapon Mounts repair increased to 150/400/1400
Pressurized Thrusters now increases the speed of Escort Package destroyers but reduces their hull by 15%
Chrono-Oscillation Shields cost increased, feedback damage adjusted to 15% energy and 85% EMP.

2023 12 30
#Content adjustments
Bluebell-class frigate sprite redone

updated some weapon sprites

#Balance adjustments
Sunset-class cruiser DP 22->18, hull 5500->4500
Stub-class cruiser DP 18->16
Desolation-class battleship DP 50->43

Bombard Cannon: now fires a 4-shot burst.
Howler Breach Cannon: now fires a 2-shot burst.
Gnaw Clustergun: range 500->400, flux efficiency 1.15->1.0, dps increased, effects updated
Powerfist Autocannon: changed to fire a 4-shot burst, dps 130->160, flux efficiency 0.9->1.1
Thunderfist HVAC: flux efficiency 1.25->1.0
Light Oilgun: now fires a 6-shot burst, flux efficiency 1.25->1.0, reduced accuracy.
Heavy Oilgun: range 650->900, flux efficiency 0.8->1.1, increased accuracy.

2023 12 30
redid modular hullmod sprites and effects

#bugfixes & optimizations
added the missing small slot sprites to the Falcon/Eagle(GP)

#balance adjustments
Dazzle MRM Pod ammo 7->13
Shattercannon base range 500>600
2023 12 5
Hullmods reworked, moved smod bonuses to regular

2023 12 3
#Content changes
Goatbell renamed to Flametongue
#bugfixes and optimizations
fixed the issue that the Grandeur cannot install Converted Hangar
fixed the issue where Pressurized Thrusters had double effect.
fixed the bug that the medium Gloom's submunitions last too long.
#balancing adjustments
Missiles have been adjusted to be more realistic
Hellgiver Torpedo Launcher: dph 6000>6660, burst size 3>2, HP 666>66
Powerfist Autocannon: dph 100>130, dps 200>130, turn speed reduced

Illwind: DP 6>9
Hurdle: top speed 300>100, burn speed 12>15
Butcherbird: DP 3>6, monthly supply cost different
Drunkard: Armor 1100>700, reduced maneuverability
Shadowcast: Hull 7500>5000, armor 1350>1050
Overtuned tracking: no longer decreases weapon durability.
Overloaded circuits: no longer decreases weapon durability.

2023 10 6

Removed the Saxton blueprint package which was not meant to be found yet people/NPCs got a hold of it anyways
fixed some text errors

Constellation-class frigate: system changed to Flare fortress
Dragonfist-class destroyer: flares are now tracking

Noon-class Deconstructivist Frigate hull/armor 1700/800->2700/1000
Starlight-class Deconstructivist Frigate speed 80->95

DeepL: Machine translation software

The Unofficial Starsector Discord in general for letting me bounce my thoughts off of them
   Special mentions to:
   Ansari: Giving me the idea to search things in the chinese text online
   Avanitia: Giving good feedback both on translation and the mod in general
        Wisp: Being a genuinely talented writer and thus offering good advice in that field

And of course:
Mimeio for making the mod

Proof of authorization:

On AI generated content:

If there are any issues with the mod and/or translation, feel free to report them: if it's the former, I'll pass the feedback on to Mimeio the best that I can.

Modding / [0.96a] Gudalanmu | EN Edition (v. 0.25.3)
« on: December 28, 2022, 10:13:20 AM »

Original mod by Linskentry/fire_turtle(Original Fossic post)

Download link for translated ver: Google Drive
Save compatible

Requires  LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib

Faction blurb:
Aliens from a distant galaxy, the Gudalanmu's homeworlds had been completely destroyed by an unknown enemy. They formed three wandering fleets, which each fled to a different direction; the second of those fleets was destined for the safety of the Persean Sector. The second fleet finally arrived in the Sector after a voyage of dozens of centuries. In order to get a firm foothold in the Sector, the Gudalanmu began to have dealings with humans, but it became clear that humanity is not unified; so the conflicts with the Gudalanmu are still ongoing.

Gudalanmu are best described as a high-tech faction, making extensive use of energy weapons and some missiles, with few ballistic-capable mounts and fewer in-faction ballistic weapons. You can find them in the Mosta system, north-east of the Core Worlds.

Static Image Previews(Large Image Warnings):


GIF previews:
With the GIFs taken directly from the mod's Fossic post, the text in these will still be in Chinese.


DeepL: Being the machine translation software I used
Discord Folks: Proofreading from an outside perspective (special mention to Nightly#2967)
And of course:
Linskentry/fire_turtle for making this mod


Added new small missile wep, Light Smartcannon
Modified the guidance of the twin smartcannon, damage 200>250
Removed the trails from the Smartcannons
Added emp to all smartcannon

Mass projector: damage 30>35, flux/shot 30>28
Metal crusher: flux/shot 100>90
OP cost of jetstream mrm, lr smartcannon, and twin smartcannon 12>10
DPS of PD Tri-laser 135>225
Flux/shot Micro Pulse Beam 175>135
Focused Pulse beam: burst/beam dps 350/500>490/700
fixed wrong version number in mod_info
fixed incorrect mount locations on Harbor
increased the Memoriam's top speed 60>85
increased Bruteforce armor 600>700
Increased Alignment dp 13>15
increased Shrill OP cost 10>12
Reduced tri-light OP cost 12>10

Modified engine graphics on the arrowhead

Spine: pair of small energy changed to small hybrid
new kinetic MRM: Jetstream
New medium energy PD: PD Tri-laser
Revival: now only has 1 charge for pulse accel
Tripwire OP cost 12>10
Gudalanmu Autopulse Cannon RPM 15>25
Twin Smartcannon OP cost 13>12
Clusterstorm Blasters have 50 points of emp added to each projectile
Tungsten Bar Torpedo Launcher range 1400>1600
Modified color for Solar Lance

Built-in weapons have been strengthened:
   Spinal Supernova Cannon DPH 500->800
   Starbreaker Mining Pulser DPH 170->255, range 700->800
   Starbreaker Mining Pulser (C) range 700->800
Pickaxe-class cruiser:
   Deployment points 23->20
   Slot changes:
      2 medium energies to small missiles
      other mediums changed to hybrid
Spine deployment points 22 -> 20
Bruteforce deployment points 25->22
Gudalanmu Autopulse Cannon:
   Refire delay 0.3->0.25s
   Projectile speed 1100->1500
   Flux/shot 125->120
        Mindfulness renamed Memoriam
        Ironhead renamed Steelhead
        Blunt renamed Bruteforce
Added a new NPC-only portrait
LR Smart Fusion Cannon:
   Ammo regen rate reduced
   Projectile durability 300->250
Pulse acceleration duration 3->5s
Spinal Supernova Cannon pierces missiles
Solar Lance color altered
More simulator variants


Proof of authorization:

P.S. If there are any notable translation issues, please notify me. As far as bugs and other issues: I already fixed the default_ship_roles.json file (and notified the original mod author), but anything else is either unknown to me or beyond my ability to fix.

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