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Modding / Since we got nyan cat mod....
« on: May 11, 2012, 02:31:38 AM »
I was wondering if anyone would think about making a Touhou mod ?

I know there's QUITE A BUNCH of peoples who'd LOVE to see that happen

Plus the sprites used in the original touhou games could be used to make weapons and "ships"


Why touhou ?

Cuz Touhou is harder

Ability to move around in system map, right now this map is being the BANE of my sanity

I SWEAR the inability of moving this map around to target certain fleets/stations is making me FOAM like a mad mongrel....

Suggestions / Re: About new patch and other suggestion
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:14:12 PM »
Though you may have some points; your presentation needs a lot of work.

What is it with the cussing?

English IS NOT my native language

Also when I post on this forum my brain tends to turn off and I basically get "the dumb" and I can't "brain" anymore...

Don't ask me WHY but I always end up typing stuff in a very...."odd" manner to say the least....Perhaps the hype related to the game in the making...

BTW what the hell is "cussing" ?

General Discussion / Re: Should I attack the independents...
« on: May 06, 2012, 09:57:13 AM »
Plus the repairing.

And the cheap escort

General Discussion / Re: Tachyon Lance vs. High Intensity Laser
« on: May 06, 2012, 09:55:46 AM »
I'm talking of what I know from 0.51.a here cuz I couldn't get a tachyon lance for the life o' me

Tachyon lance


-Bloody cheap when it comes to Flux
-A possible range of 5000...Is nuts
-Damage per salvo is 1300~


-Very slow turning rate
-Needs to recharge after each shot
-Costs A TON of credits to aquire

Meanwhile on HIL the only time I used it it felt like an overgrown Graviton Beam, only costing more OP

Suggestions / About new patch and other suggestion
« on: May 06, 2012, 09:42:03 AM »
Overall the patch really DID do much good to this game but there's one or two little details that kinda get on my nerves...

Call it OCD or paranoia, same crap to me...

1:Some text

"X supplies used to for fighter repairs"

(I know thats being picky but it still gets on my nerves when I see that)

2:The AI

Okay let me explain here

Some ships are blindingly obvious with their strategies while others act completely stupid, here are examples

Hound, so yeah he's gonna try and attack only when reaching a certain arc,he's just gonna be an idiot and try to get behind my Eagle class to hit it, so all I do is just do a full turn and BAM dumbass's gonna try to take a swing at me, this DOESN'T make him a threat OR smart, it just makes it a stupid frigate thats gonna try to take on a cruiser and get horribly mutilated by 3 Graviton/Phase beams

Lasher, gonna go right at yah try to spam his shields on and off, hit his engines: he keeps shields up for half a second before overloading, if anything thoses guys are zerglings....only not as plentyful

Allies, WHY do they run to the frontline WHEN THEY ARE IN A DAMN CARRIER ?! SERIOUSLY ?!

also I don't get why PIRATES, wich are nothing more but douchebag civilians with a bunch of guns, use the same strategies than trained officiers of the hegemony or Tri tachyon fleets, besides, aren't they supposed to be the bottom feeders of the game ?
The "easy kills", so to speak, for the player to train on ?
I understand the big armies to have good captains but civilians are NOT trained combat officiers, just a bunch of random douchebags, it just makes no sense story wise, HELL they even actually believe someone's gonna believe them to be merchants !

3:Retreating fleets

Right now fleets just run away from the side they spawn, is there even a f*cking point in chasing thoses god-damn bastards if they can just run away so easily ?

4:spawning location

being picky again here but WHAT is fun in being bum-rushed by 7 different fleets right at the start of the game when you hardly get your first frigate ?
Not that its hard or anything, its just real tedious, plus beginners will just don't know what the hell they are supposed to do...

And thats it for my complaints/rant, now for my suggestions


The idea here would be to basically follow a much larger fleet and participate in engagements this fleet gets into, the fleet would let you get payment/loot depending on the ships you shot down yourself, this could also be used later on to make super armadas by basically "stacking fleets" one atop the other

2: new shield type idea

Would work like the following

Cannot be triggered manually
-will automatically trigger when about to be hit

Shield raising would be instantaneous
-will only stay up for 3 to 7 seconds

Uses energy cells
-cells needs to be recharged manually
-Recharging raises flux
-during recharge weapons and shields are off

mainly thought up for thoses hit-and-run fighters/frigates/destroyers

3:Comandeerable fighters

I mean...COME ON the AI fleets can survive with only fighters left and WE can't ?
Plus I always wanted to fly a broadsword/piranha

4:tactical weapons

To raise chances of having bordable ships
because right now supply convoys are ridiculously stingy when it comes to bringing new ships for sale...

4b:Ordering ships

If we can't get tactical weaps can we AT LEAST order some ships to be built ?
Costs like 50% more money but comes in with weaponry and hullmods you choose...
PLUS building the actual ships take time (the bigger the ship the longer)

5:Ordering Weapons

Same as 4b, only for weapons
Because getting weapons can be as ridiculously hard to get as new ships

Suggestions / Re: Transformer hulls
« on: May 01, 2012, 12:41:29 AM »
....Why not bring up broadside ships turning into "frontside" ships ?

Suggestions / Re: Shield locking
« on: April 29, 2012, 07:44:29 AM »
Why not simply a hull mod that automatically turns on and off your shields to intercept the closest projectile ?

The drawback being that the A.I. will have full control of your shields and you wouldn't be able to manually turn on or off your shields, only able of turning on or off the automated emergency shielding....

Suggestions / New ship concepts !
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:34:28 PM »
So yeah here's the idea, Tech levels all show a sort of "gimmick" of somesort

Stronger PD potential, Higher Flux handling, Greater mobility....Blah blah blah list goes on for f*cking ever....

But there is ONE thing that I havent seen yet in this game and it could make the game SO much more epic in some ways

***BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER*** anyone can input their own idea of concept let it be written down OR actual sketches/graphics/sprites

MY idea is:

Hull based weapons Ships: now some of yous may be wondering "the hell does that even mean ?!", well its fairly simple really, some capital ships/Cruisers would basically be FLYING GUNS

The idea would be that a ship is dotated with one un-switchable/non-moveable weapon built in its very hull

The weapon would be so insanely massive that the whole ship is basicly BUILT AROUND the weapon, to protect it, aim it and move it ultimately making it a massive space cannon of DOOOOOOM

-And to peoples who are going to argue with me its "unrealistic"

Hitler DID order super mortar cannon for just a SINGLE BATTLE, and YES he won the f*cking fight using it (took less than 20 shells of thoses to bring his ennemies to their knees) SO YES it makes LOADS of sense, history prooves it...

-To peoples who say its "OverPowered" or "HAXX" or other kinds of bullsh*t I DON'T care to hear

Its not THAT bad considering a Sunder is currently the most obscenely overpowered ship in its class
(a simple DESTROYER with a fire power rivaling that of a Cruiser or HELL even capital ships ?!)
Consider thoses as the equivalants of the Sunder only in the Capital Ship class

-To peoples who say "noobs and their deathstar beams" here's to you

Considering the way I see thoses ships being made they'd only have small slots available for PD and be pretty much free kills to anything that gets too close
(save for frigates wich universaly suck for anything else outside point capping considering they risk getting gutted in less than 5 seconds, them things don't know how to take a bullet)
Plus their weapons being so massive they'd have low ammo AND take quite some time to reload, however thoses main guns WOULD pack un-matchable firepower by any other ship class

Suggestions / Strafing Runs
« on: April 27, 2012, 01:38:37 AM »
So my idea concerns ships that just sit on their ass doin' nothing to help during battles

The idea is, certain weapons once put on ships can be used from outside the main battlefield to strike specific targets you and your ships have sighted...

See it as a "Space Artillery Strike"

Because ships simply sitting on their ass when the fight starts just feels REALLY dumb...

Suggestions / Re: Conquest armor buff or shield unnerf & buff
« on: April 27, 2012, 01:31:41 AM »
IMO the conquest's shields and armors are fine...

I mean:frigates can hardly scratch the paint on that thing and since it gets a buff to flux maximums AND dissipation only thing you'd really want is for it to have its shields become directional...that would be GREAT to deal with em pesky annoyances like bombers and hounds ....Again just fit good ol' raepsticks on thoses Large hardpoint and you're pretty much set, can just one-hit about most things out there...given you've got good timing that is...

Suggestions / Re: Betrayal
« on: April 27, 2012, 01:26:24 AM »
...Is it just me or peoples will simply just not use officers just so they don't have to deal with em *** ?

Hammerhead: increased arc of medium hardpoints to 10 degrees (up from 5)

GOOD GOD ....I've been waiting for this...At last I can finally use BOTH thoses hardpoints at the same time without being able of fitting a damn lasher class in the gap between them things...Well hopefully...

Suggestions / Asteroid Storms
« on: April 23, 2012, 06:54:44 AM »
A'ight everyone here plays the game, mind their business blowin' fleets up and all that shazz...

But it would be neat as all hell to have natural hazards such as Asteroid storms

In MY head here is how I see it happen

Asteroid Storms would behave like any fleet only thoses would have not a single form of "tracking"
(or maybe perhaps allow them to curve their trajectories when coming close to a planet due to the whole "GRAVTITATION PIT B*TCH" thing).

If a fleet comes into contact with it, it would force a sort of "engagement" with no choices at all.

The idea would be that at the start of the engagement you get a countdown, when countdown reaches zero, hundreds of rocks are hurled at your fleet from one angle of the map and basically the only thing your fleet could do would be to outlast the storm by either dodging the rocks or or blowing the living sh*t out of it.

Now I'm not saying to do that just so some big fleets get screwed over just by a bunch of dumb rocks, but also as a sort of "Mining minigame"

See, I can see the whole "farming rocks to victory" become QUITE boring...

But lets say the f*cking rocks are hurled at you from across the map , forcing you to either shoot em to bits (and thus liberating whatever's inside of em) or just not give a crap and dodge right through em without a care in the world, Then YEAH I'd be game, it would also make a good trainning as to what your ship CAN and CANNOT do...

Also PLEASE....For GOD'S SAKE give us a sorta vault where we can store up the ships and ressources we don't need....That would just go hand-in-hand with that....

Suggestions / Re: Dragging disabled ships with you?
« on: April 20, 2012, 06:41:17 AM »
I hate to say it but it looks like the current dev teams attitude is to make it even harder to aquire vessels through salvage  8). The current In-Dev patch notes show several notes on making free vessel much more unlikely. I dont think they like the mechanic of people getting easy access to free ships so they are increasing the sabotage rates of surrendered vessels by alot. This includes sabotaging to destroy occuring at roughly 70% of the time.

I think they are trying to make a succesful boarding a rare and epic event instead of a valid path to fleet aquisition.

How about weapons made specifically to kill a ship's crew ?

Lets say you'd need to land the last hit with that one weapon to secure the ship and increase the recovery rate of that ship ?

Like viral weapons, hacking beams....You know that sort of stuff...

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